[[UPDATE Friday] Four Friends From Orange County Last Seen in Mad River; Have You Seen Them?

Lala Sauta and her family have been worried about her brother since May 16th. That’s the day Anesi Sauta’s 11-year-old daughter went to wake him up to say goodbye before she left for school but he wasn’t there. Lala’s brother’s phone was gone but his wallet was still in his pants from the night before. [UPDATE Friday: According to Anesi’s wife, he texted her on the 17th.]

Lala says that on the evening of the 15th, Anesi was with someone when he received a call from Dan Nguyen, his brother-in-law, saying he would pick him up later.

No one has heard from Anesi since. The last call Anesi made was from Orange County where he lives with his oldest daughter. (His other two young children live with his wife, Dan’s sister.)

A friend of Dan’s told Lala’s family that he had rented a silver Jeep Cherokee with license plate 7UGP903 for Dan, Anesi, and the two others. He told them that the men were taking the vehicle to the Mad River, California area. The rental was supposed to last two days.

Lala and other family members of Anesi, Dan, and Johnson went to Mad River on Monday, the 22nd to search for the missing friends. A waitress at the Mad River Burger Bar said she had seen the four men on the 20th. Later, a worker at the post office said that Dan Nguyen had asked to use the phone on the 22nd.

Dan Nguyen reportedly has contacts in the Mad River area but the family has not been able to get in touch.

Anesi Sauta is a 29-year-old Samoan man who is 5’11 and weighs about 190 lbs. He has black hair and dark brown eyes. If you have any information about Anesi or his friends, please contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 623-2611.

Anesi Sauta

Photo with Cheeta filter that shows Anesi’s tattoos.

UPDATE 5:45 p.m.: The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office released the following information:

On May 22, 2017 the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a report of four (4) missing individuals traveling from southern California area to the northern California area.
The four (4) subjects left the southern California area on May 16, 2017 in a rented silver Jeep, license plate number 7UGP903, headed to the northern California area to pick something up from a friend (unknown name) and/or to look for agricultural work, or look at a property to purchase.
The Sheriff’s Office has received information that a friend received a phone call from one (1) of the four (4) subjects stated they were in the Oroville, California area on May 17, 2017.
The Sheriff’s Office also received information that the four (4) subjects were spotted in the Mad River area near the Burger Bar.
The four (4) subjects also have connections to the Humboldt County area and could possibly be there.
Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to call the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 623-2611.




DOB: 05-30-85



HEIGHT: 6’ 0”





DOB: 05-28-87




HEIGHT: 6’ 0”





DOB: 06-19-84



HEIGHT: 5’ 7”





DOB: 11-15-83



HEIGHT: 5’ 7”





  • They rented a car for a two day trip between Orange county and Mad River? That sounds like maybe just enough time to drive up north and turn around to go back home.

    I hope everyone is OK.

  • They might have stayed at the Miranda gardens, I saw 4 guys walking from the cafe to the Miranda gardens that look very much like these 4 yesterday.They were dressed clean and looked to be smiling and enjoying the scenery.The guy named dan is the one I recognize the most,but there was 4.

  • Weird

  • Yes, we all are aware of the large Samoan population and their ‘contacts’ in Mad River. This is a joke right? Maybe ICE should be looking for them anyway.

    • There *is* a large Samoan population in southern California. Ever been to a music show down there?
      I admit that this case seems a little fishy… but i can’t see what Samoan has to do with ICE. Southern California is well-populated with enough ethnicities to make your head spin, especially Pacific Islanders and Southeast Asians; the assumption that because someone is not white there’s a good chance they’re illegal is way off base.

      • The racial/ethnic/cultural composition of Los Angeles as of the 2005-2009 American Community Survey was as follows:
        Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 47.5%
        Non-Hispanic Whites: 29.4%
        Asian: 10.7%
        Black or African American: 9.8%
        Two or more races: 2.8%
        Native American: 0.5%
        Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.2%
        Other: 25.2%

      • FYI Samoans are US Citizens. From American Samoa :/

    • The citizens of American Samoa are US citizens.

    • [edit] Go find an article to post on where your racism is appreciated. This isn’t the one.

  • oriental is the word used to describe a rug. Asian, or south pacific is what you use to describe a person.

    • Yes. Thank you for making that important distinction.


    • This is the new “Politically Correct”. I am old, so I remember when Asian and Oriental were interchangeable. Asia was called The Orient. Then someone had to pick a word to outlaw. Did they flip a coin? The Orient Express is something you might have heard about.

      • You probably remember a few other racial slurs, as well…It isn’t about “political correctness” it is about not being a prejudiced bigot that uses racial slurs to describe their fellow humans. It is called kindness and respect.

    • Persian is the word to describe a rug.

      In the early days of map making the word ‘orient’ was written to describe how to hold the map in the correct position. The map was to be ‘oriented’ to the position of the rising sun. (east) The land to the east became known as “The Orient”, and the people of the east became known as… “Orientals”. Then the Occidentals came along and decided, all upon their own, that “oriental” was derogatory and racist. So now we can’t use it because there is a new, all the rage fad, called “PC”.

      • [edit]

        The only people who complain about “PC” are the ignorant racist fucks who think insulting minorities is a civil right.

        • If you knew Ernie you wouldn’t say that, the only thing ignorant is your comment. Freedom of speech is a civil right, racism sucks racists suck but that’s the world we live in at the moment.

        • Dear “Shut Up Ernie”
          You are ABSOLUTELY wrong about me being a racist. How does one prove that you are not a racist? Why it’s so much fun for people to call other people racist? What kind of a person would make an accusation like that and not even sign their name?

          I am quite comfortable in the life that I have led in working with others, and I enjoy being around other cultures and races. I AM slightly prejudice against cowards though.

          You will be glad to know that you are the one to “Shut Up Ernie”. To bad you didn’t sign your name to take credit. This will be my LAST comment on any blog unless it is the end of the world or it is extremely important.

          To my friends, it was fun. But the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting better results. The results on the blogs are only getting worse.

          To my friends that may have been insulted by my lack of sensitivity to to their ethnic, sexual, racial or other conditions, I am truly sorry, and my FRIENDS know that I mean that.

          Good bye, Ernie Branscomb

          • Right on ernie.

            I heard your comment as matter of fact and quite objective.

            Now, let’s all get along and leave the thread open for the family to get info quicker.

          • Ernie,
            Don’t let the idiots win. There are far more of us that enjoy your perspective than there are trolls.

            Please stick around.

            • Hang in there Ernie. Lots of us value your wisdom, born of years of experience in Humboldt and look forward to your comments. Don’t let your feelings be hurt over some ignorant comment posted by a worthless narcissist. I experienced the same slur once and it really got to me, until my adrenaline subsided and I could rationally consider the source. Voices of truth like yours are needed here. Thanks for what you contribute.

          • Hey Ernie,
            The public sphere can be brutal. I hope you reconsider. The benefit of your perspective is a strong positive part of the public conversation. I’m not implying that I think everything you say is without flaw. But that’s why “free speech” is a better testing ground for ideas than “free action.”
            A long time ago (and for me that’s not quite so long ago as I think it is for you) the older sister of a young woman that I was trying to date screamed at me about “Ten thousand years of oppression.” I was being a bit of an idiot at the time so I saw the reason for her passionate denouncement. So I took some part of her point to heart. I also recognized that I had only been around for the last 21 of those ten thousand years. My first reaction was to yell something clever or angry about that discrepancy.
            Instead I took a look at the fact that every time I or anyone else is included in the terms “racism” or “sexism” or one of those other big bad terms, both people in the conversation are trying to dig out of 10,000 years (or 500 years, or 2000 years) of accumulated pain. I still remind myself that even though I’ve only been around for 58 years of that pain we’re all feeling a lot more than that.
            Give yourself credit for all that you’ve done to try to reduce the harm. Then cut the other person some slack for somehow being caught up in how desperately we’d — most of us — like to live in a world in which that pain didn’t exist. They may have a burden that neither of us understand.
            I hope I get to meet you some time.

          • It’s impossible to have any kind of adult conversation with a Regressive Liberal. They know everything and the rest of us are all ignorant racists, sexists and whatever other names that they can come up with. I’m sorry to see you go (not that I blame you). We have virtually nothing in common (I’m an old-school Liberal) but you’ve always been civil. Peace Out!✌️

          • Ernie, I hope you don’t let someone who doesn’t sign their name to their comments deprive the rest of us of some of the best stories in SoHum.

            • I love hearing about ERINE’S life experience’s!!but your right about insanity!!Let it roll off your back,like a duck in water…

            • Yeah Ernie! ….WE WANT ERNIE…SHUT UP NEEDS TO SHUT UP LOL….ERNIE RULES ERNIE RULES!Signed .. no you shut up. be You’re just jealous of ERNIE and wish you had the guts to be like Ernie! So sorry for you hope you can be nicer

          • Lookin' deeper

            Say it isn’t so! You are The Man of this area & so you shall remain until someone of the next generation rises to the top…We Love You!! Keep posting& don’t read too many comments…positive is way better than its opposite.

          • Four people are missing! Please find a different thread if you want to have a discussion about how racist, or pc y’all are, or aren’t. Four people are missing, and the family needs INFORMATION, not opinions on their ethnicity!!!

          • Ernie you are a man who is anything but racist…. I have had the privilege of knowing you for over 20 years. You are one of the most open minded and accepting Humboldt natives I have ever known. I love you… as for you “shut up ernie” get a life

          • Ernie, please don’t let some idiot get the best of you. I always enjoy reading your comments, you are a long time local, and i respect you. You will be missed…

          • Don’t go Ernie! I love your stories….. I don’t even know you, but i’ll miss your old dog wisdom 🙁

          • Ernie, please don’t let that ignorant SOB run you off. The rest of us need you.

        • “PC” is just fascism pretending to be manners. How do you like name calling now?

        • [edit] just stop ✋

      • who cares.

    • South Pacific refers to a religion, not people.

      • I think you meant REGION not RELIGION!!! I personally in all my 65 years have NEVER heard of a religion called South Pacific!!!!

  • Gather four young tattoed friends, rent a car, leave our ID’s home, drive 12 hours to the middle of the Emerald triangle,…nothing suspicious here.

    • Probably working in a field off the grid somewhere

    • Sleepy Alligator

      If you’re capable of reading the article itself, not ” between the lines”, you would know that there is something suspicious here. It’s suspicious to the family that they haven’t heard from these guys.

      There is nothing suspicious about four people having tattoos in 2017. There is nothing suspicious about renting a car, even if it’s only for two days. There is nothing suspicious about people from L.A. driving to Northern California. It’s odd the guy left his wallet at home, but could simply have been unintended. At this point the one suspicious thing is that the family hasn’t had contact with the men.

      • Ya but it’s something to take in consideration. They could be buyers for all we know. But they could also be in the home invasion business as well. So it’s just something to think about

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Yeah and they could also be on their way to Alaska. Or they could be headed to a rodeo in Texas. Or they could be undercover spies. Or they could be holed up in a sleazy motel smoking crack in the Tenderloin. Or they could be sitting on some property in the hills wondering why it’s taking so long for their guy to get the pounds he said he could get for them. Shall I continue because the list of “could be’s” is endless.

          If they’re “buyers” then hopefully they get what they came for soon so their family can know they’re safe. If they’re home Invaders then hopefully they got what’s coming to them and they’re bodies are somewhere they won’t be discovered for a long time.

          • Okay first off, don’t make speculations about something you don’t know about . Just because you see 4 minority men with tattoos doesn’t mean shit. So for you to say you hope they’re bodies are never found …you’re a keyboard warrior , try saying what you typed to those peoples families , because believe me you wouldn’t have enough balls to say that shit!

            • Sleepy Alligator

              You should try reading it again. And this time maybe read the ones I was responding to first.

              • Maybe you should keep your mouth shut if you have nothing to say that is concerning…..YOU DONT KNOW any of them. So why say something so stupid unless your one of the odd people from Humbolt County as well. To me that whole COUNTY is suspicous! If SO MANY PEOPLE ARE MISSING why aren’t anyone REPORT THIS TO THE FBI? Don’t believe anything these people say from HUMBOLT.

      • In my opinion, tattoos still identify a person as likely being from a low socioeconomic class and I associate tattoos with criminality.

        • hmm,

          Your opinion is invalid. I have 4 tattoos and have a Master’s Degree. I do not engage in criminality or am I from a low socioeconomic class.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Part of the problem with today’s society is the number of people who share your view of things, in my opinion. Personally, I identify a person by his name and judge him based on his character, not his skin color and definitely not by his status on the “class” ladder. Also if everyone who has a tattoo is a criminal then there are lots and lots and lots of criminals these days.

        • Tattoos are part of the South Pacific Islanders culture. Same with the Maoris of New Zealand. There are people with roots in the British Isles who are honoring their own roots with tattoos based on designs popular when it was Celts, Saxons, Norsemen and such. And yes, our own Native Americans have used tattoos for as long as the white man has taken notice of them.
          For centuries sailors have gotten tattoos for various reasons but with all their travels, they were probably influenced by the foreign people and their culture whom they encountered on their trips.
          Dislike ‘tats’ if you will but most criminal tats are pretty ugly and are rooted in gang identity.

      • Agreed! Glad someone is looking deeper into it!
        I don’t believe anything anyone has to say about this town. I know and read on ALL THE DISAPPEARING of People that go thru that town and never found. How many more people are going to come up missing in Humbolt County before they start investigating the people of the towns and the Law Inforcement? Its CRAZY how many are just disappearing and then get random ppl making comments saying they SEEN THEM? Yea OKAY, You mean to tell me these ppl just go up there and never make contact with their families to let them know where they are or anything????? This needs to be turned over to the FBI. There are stories of the police and the town about Sepremisits there and how they work together. There is evil lurking in the area. And it makes no sense. RESEARCH the surrounding towns in Humbolt County. And see how many people since January that came up missing. Just no contact at all with family? There is something going on….

      • there’s nothing suspicious about renting a car with 4 friends leaving your ID’s at home and driving to weed country for a day? That’s super suspicious, and seeing as Humboldt County leads the state in missing persons report, I can almost gaurentee it had something to do with a weed deal gone wrong

    • Yes and they all have such nice mug shots as well, nothing criminal here…

    • Id have to agree, nothing suspicious at all..
      sounds like some gangster shit to me!!

  • Why were they going to mad river from oc? Work? Play? Have they been here before? Should put this info our so we know if they are just working out of service or something more nefarious might have happened. (The two day rental is kind of odd but if they were just driving it up and dropping it off not so much)

    • Anesi’s family did not know that he was going. So the family doesn’t know why they were going to Mad River.

      • thank you Kim, keep up the good work, hoping it’s just a misunderstanding or harmless miss communication, I’ll be keeping any eye out.

      • hi just wondered did these guys come up anywhere? was there any kinda search by law enforcement?

  • Anesi apparently had a cellphone. “went to wake him up…he wasn’t there…phone was gone”

    Curious that Dan Nguyen “had asked to use the phone” at the Post Office, if his friend Anesi, along for the ride, had a phone on him.
    Using a phone that’s not connected to anyone making the call could have several purposes.

    If he used a cellphone at the PO, the number he called can easily be retrieved. If it was a landline, obviously not so easy to check.

    • Most cell carriers that city people use don’t work out here, Metro PCS, Cricket, T-Mobil etc.

      • True. Not sure about cell service availability in Mad River. Verizon works thoughout most of Humboldt now.

        • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

          The Mad River Burger Bar is an oasis of Verizon reception. And their spicy Creole sauce is delicious.

  • Timing is odd. The rental was made by a friend of one of the four; the actual renter isn’t with the vehicle. Vehicle was rented for two days.
    If Dan picked up Anesi on the night of the 15th, seems the vehicle would be due back on the 17th.

    Meanwhile, all four are apparently seen in Mad River on the 20th, and one of the four is seen on the 22nd.

    Some of these guys are married and have kids. Doesn’t seem likely they’d be completely out of touch with their families from the 16th through the 22nd unless they were unable to be in contact. If they were eating in a diner on the 20th, doesn’t seem they would have been unable to contact family; if Dan used the phone at the PO on the 22nd, he could have called family.

    Oddness abounds.

  • You would think the rented car would have a GPS on it

    • I didn’t get what you were saying this morning, just now, so I will clarify for the family. Guesty doesn’t mean the car has GPS but that the car has a GPS locator on it for tracking. The rental car company probably has a way to locate the vehicle, if you haven’t contacted them already.

      • Most new vehicles have telematics systems that include constant GPS tracking. It’s like the “black box” on airplanes. If the Cherokee’s a newer model, it’s trackable.

  • Sounds to me like they are on a mission to get a “box”, it’s a bit early for Deps and a bit late for last years long term, they have to wait a while and are enjoying our scene-ary… just my thought, hope all ends well

    • “a bit late for last years long term”

      Plenty of boxes around. Plenty of people still making runs to-and-fro SoCal.

  • Four young adults with visions of easy money to mule a package back to OC. The fact they never told the family what they were doing shows suspicious intent to commit a crime. Otherwise, their entire itinerary would have been told to the family. The sheriff’s office has the license plate and these youngsters are in for a shock if they manage to reappear on the highway/roads. Yes, I hope for their safety, but if this is a crime in motion-shame shame on them.

  • Guesty, you are smart…

  • Four men take a 24 hour drive for a trip that is to take 48 hrs and they have a fifth person rent the vehicle for them? They make a phone call from the post office as if they have all turned their phones off so they are not tracked. Sounds like the many groups of criminal men who come here and commit home invasions thinking they will hit the mother load of wealth. Do the four men have jobs in Southern California that they have not showed up for or are they all unemployed? It seems the adult family members know they came here to do something dangerous and that is why they became alarmed when they were just one day late. I don’t think the family is giving us the full story. Wasn’t there several robberies committed by four individuals in possibly a gray van in the past week? Maybe they are hiding out.

    • They are more than one day “late.” Anesi disappeared in the middle of the night on the 15th/16th. No one knew he would be gone including his young daughter who lives with him. He left his wallet behind which implies that when he left he expected to be right back. It is now the 25th. 10 days later and no one has heard from him.

      • “which implies that when he left he expected to be right back”

        Not if he knew Dan intended to go to Mad River. That’s not a “right back” round trip journey. Of course, maybe he didn’t know where Dan was headed when he met up with him on the night of 15th (according to the info related in the article).

        “10 days later and no one has heard from him.”

        ^That’s the most important detail. Father with 11-yr old daughter at home doesn’t just drop out of sight for over a week with no contact and no prior warning.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Turning off your phone does not make it untrackable.

    • WELL SAID M..

  • Anesi Sauta’s last facebook post certainly seems heavy now….” Thoughts, beliefs, and actions are molded and your world is flipped upside down Only to find yourself at crossroads. To be or not to be. Freedom comes at a cost”….

  • Same old same old

    Could have run off the road somewhere, something no one has considered?

    • Maybe, but they were apparently seen five days after disappearing, on the 20th at the diner, and Dan was seen at the PO on the 22nd.
      If they drove off of the road after that, it still leaves the huge question of why they weren’t in touch with family for so long.

    • I did. Even mentioned this 2 days after there first post

  • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheStory

    Wow, a family is distraught, searching for their loved one, and people get hung up on semantics. To the sister, the posters rarely, if ever, have any real information. They just like to kick up dust. And BTW, Oriental is used in Britain when referring to Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, et al, as Asian refers to inhabitants of the Indian sub-continent. So now you can argue over the use of the word Indian…

    • Just because the word isn’t offensive to you doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive. Doesn’t matter where it’s written or said, what the subject or topic of the piece being respoded to is.

      Oriental is offensive to many Asian-Americans and to many people of Asian descent that live in the UK and elsewhere around the planet.

      Ironically, one of the reasons it’s offensive is what Ernie described above, about the mapping. The sun rises in the east no matter where one is.
      The map was “oriented” that way since the Westerners that made those maps believed they – their people – were the center of the world.

      I know Ernie doesn’t intend any offense and is not a bit racist.
      Lots of people that use the term “Indian giver” aren’t racist and don’t intend offense however their lack of understanding of why it’s offensive doesn’t make it any less so to the rightly offended.

      • Please keep in mind that for a lot of people, especially older people, keeping up with all of the PC crap is virtually impossible. I’m 58 like Ernie (I think that we’re the same age) and over all of this ridiculousness. I’m old-school Liberal, not Regressive Liberal and simply using a wrong word does not make a person an asshole. Calling a person names and acting like a playground bully dipshit for using the wrong word does (this in reference to an earlier comment).

        • Wow, who’s not the regressive liberal? Just listen to yourself, I’m not sure you know who you are!

        • It’s not impossible. When you encounter a new perspective, it’s easy enough to deal with if you’re willing to take a look. A simple change of term that creates a better feeling for another seems well worth the simple effort to keep up with changing perspectives.

          58 isn’t old, not here.

          • Thinking allowed

            Seems that being offended and expressing outrage in the most offensive way possible has become the Great American Collegiate Sport. A sure fire way of making it clear that the speaker knows better than the person corrected. And heaven forbid that the correction takes hold because that will necessitate another revision in order to keep having something to correct in others.

            I suspect the term Oriental became offensive in the days when it was used to classify non Europeans as evil or threats. As in Evil Oriental Fu Man Chu. However that term can not hold a candle to the much more discriptive terms used by Asian nationals in describing non Asians. Now those are much more … well just don’t take Wikipedia’s word for these things.

            BTW I doubt that, at the time Oriental and Occidental came into use, maps were standardized as to direction. The earliest common usage if the term as it is meant these days was referring to the two parts of the broken up Roman Empire, Oriental referring to Greek Constantinople and Occidental referring to Latin Rome, well before map standarization was even considered. At least that is to the best of my memory.

            But feel free to correct me.

      • JustWantToHearTheEndoftheSotry

        OMG, you must have a lot of time on your hands. I’ve never seen so much circular reasoning in one post. Are you an HSU hanger on and don’t have to work during the summer? I refused to change my language to “avoid offending” someone who apparently lives to be offended. There are four families worrying over their loved ones, and you want to lecture strangers on semantics!

        • Those families are as much strangers to you and me are you are to me and I to you. What’s it matter who’s the topic if someone’s offended by the language used therein? If it didn’t matter, Kym wouldn’t censor offensive language.

          There’s no reason your concern for strangers shouldn’t extend to all strangers in all circumstances.

        • AMEN TO THAT!

  • IErnie you are one of the best people I know ,and I to am sick of the cowards ,and to every body that knows me knows who mogtx is .The only reason I use that moniker is because I don’t have a email address I use my wife’s, and because of what she does for a living 25 yrs as a substance abuse counceler I don’t use my real name do to her profession and respect for her ,but I am sorely going to miss. your comments Ernie .I am sick of the cowards who hide behind the avatar well ,and that being said my name is Mark olsen ,to all you cowards now you all know who I am ,and i hope these people in this article are found safe ,and sound with no foul play .buy them our any body else

  • Something is hella fishy with the Asians though. It’s weird that their families aren’t doing anything to “look” for their kids?
    If I were Anesi’s family I would file a police and investigations report on the other men as well and their whereabouts. Something just doesn’t sit right with this story.

    • All the boys families filed a missing persons report. And everyone’s families drove up or flew up from OC to look for them. They passed out the fliers and talked to all the locals in Mad River. There’s so much we can all do. Now we just have to wait to see if anyone else recognizes them and keep calling around.
      Everyone is worried and praying for them to return home safely.
      Please lets stay positive everyone! And focus on providing details of their last whereabouts and keep on praying!

    • They have been looking, posting flyers & using social media. The only thing fishy is your stinky comment.

  • Maybe the family or some in the family knew exactly why they made the trip. My guess and it’s just a guess. Is that the intention was to rob someone of weed. Alot of that going on up here lately. Maybe didn’t turn out too good for them. Hopefully this isn’t the case and they’re innocent of any wrong doing and come home safe. But seems a bit suspicious…..

  • I hope the the families get some good news soon. Being in limbo like this is gut-wrenching. Been there, done that.

  • It is shameful that this post has gone awry with personal comments about race. These people have lost family members. Have some compassion!

  • Why is Anesi’s family the o ly family looking for all these 4. I don’t see this post anywhere else but his family’s FB pages. Just a thought and if I’m wrong don’t bash me for it.

    • Not bashing, just stating, I know for a fact that Johnson’s family and friends have posted/shared on social media and his family has gone to the last known areas to file a missing persons report, investigate, and pass out flyers. They have just returned home since then. It has not been just Anesi’s family. We are praying for ALL 4 of these men to return home safely to their families and friends.


        • I didnt know this was all going on until someone told me about these ridiculous comments. First and foremost, Johnson’s family was the last to know but the first to file. LET THAT SINK IN. Sautas knew about their brother disappearing for how many days and decided to file a report on day 6??? All the while Johnson’s family was concerned immediately when he failed to show up at a funeral, was hid from the fact that he may be missing with “he went up north”, and was kept from that fact that he was expected back after 1 day of departure until it was too concerning to hide. Johnson’s family called 911 that same day, then prepared to travel up to Mad River with Dan’s family while in contact with Sauta’s sister to meet up, WHICH OCCURRED. Johnson’s family finding out the truth, filing a report, buying a plane ticket up to Mad River, all occurred in less than 24 hrs. LET THAT SINK IN. So this whole facade of being the only one concerned and doing something is total BS. It was only Dan’s family and Tony’s that had consistently worked with Johnson’s family to find out what happened to these guys. I really dont understand the animosity between the Sauta’s family and the rest. I am Johnson’s family and I have never met any of the Sauta’s family or spoke to them up until they found out we filed and they deciding to file next, and to meet up a Mad River. After that day, for no apparent reason, we became the enemy. Never seen or spoke with them since. I didn’t bother to ask why as I was too concerned with working with the detective, our family and friends running records and calling hospitals, running the rental tracking, and sharing information with the other families, to get involved. But these accusations are too much. Please make me understand what you are basing it on.

          What I only care for is news regarding these 4 men because news regarding 1 will lead to news regarding all. As for all the assumptions and unanswered questions, I apologize for not being able to answer them myself because I dont know them myself. We can leave that for the guys to address once they are found safely. Thank you everyone for all the tips and possible explanations. They were all helpful. Thank you

        • So you’re saying the Nguyen family isn’t doing anything because they’re not up there with you?

          Everyone is working hard on their own to find these 4 men. You said you don’t need the “negarivity” but started this whole comment with negativity.

          You’re surprised that locals are shocked? Maybe the specific people you spoke to are not the same people that the others spoke to?

          Do you only care about Anesi but not the others? I get it. He’s your brother, but these 4 people were together. The families want them all found safe and sound.

          Chill out with the hate.

          • you should chill guy. a sister trying to find her younger brother may be her only concern at this time.[edit] anyways much love Sauta family and to the rest of the families whos loved ones went missing.

        • Damn all caps?
          Anyway, I don’t see any negativity in that comment. That person was just stating that Johnson’s family is doing something. Maybe you misread it? The negativity I see, is that you’re calling out each of the family members and not knowing what they are really doing about finding their loved ones. I get it’s difficult times for everyone, I hope they all return to their families.

        • Can we all get along?

          You should be ashamed of yourself Sauta’s sisters calling out other people and contradicting yourself that you are the ONLY family looking for the 4 missing guys. You have no leads and continue doing videos as if you have a lead and asking for more money. In the end you dont even tell us what the so call lead you have and the end results. You are lying to yourself and only post what you want people to see or hear. Stop the hate and work together to find the 4 missing guys. Its not about who good/ bad or who family is better. Stop pointing fingers and be humble. Everyone wants the same results. Everyone is working just as hard. Everyone has countlesss sleep and just as tired. Everyone is tired of the trash talking. Put your energy on finding them.

          • I saw her posting a video saying that they are in danger? No idea what that means. Wish they were more clear what kind of danger so people have an idea

    • All the involved families have been worried sick, have shed tears, and are waiting for their dads, brothers, cousins, friends, sons to just come HOME, but this type of behavior is not completely out of the ordinary for any of these four individuals. All the other family members are in fact working with the police and are trying to stay calm and understand the situation until further notice. Since the men were all seen together recently and did not look distressed at a nearby restaurant on the 20th (just 5 days ago mind you), they are waiting to hear more information from the police and letting them conduct their investigation without causing unnecessary confusion and chaos where it is not needed.

      The rest of the families are not acting on irrational emotions and are handling the situation with a better sense of intelligence. All of the families have been worried sick, and the comments that some are making about being the only ones searching for these four are entirely false. Johnson’s sisters and Dan’s brother and cousin all traveled the hundreds of miles to personally search the area and speak with the locals who saw them recently. It is not helping the situation that one of the families involved is pointing fingers at the others.

      DON’T believe everything you read, including this article. It is completely manipulative and is trying to imply that Anesi involuntarily went with his brother in law and friends, when in reality this is the opposite of the truth. Sadly, they are refusing to work together to help the situation and instead are making accusations and threats. We all love the men equally and wish for their safe return as soon as possible. The only phone carrier that is working out there is Verizon, so that may be a reason why they are unreachable, and why Dan was asking to use the phone at the post office. The police are working to locate them, if anyone in the area happens to see any of them please contact the families and the police immediately.

      • Yubnub, I’m the writer. Could you please show where I was “manipulative” and “trying to imply that Anesi involuntarily went with his brother in law and friends?” If I somehow misrepresented the facts, please let me know. If I agree, I will make changes. I don’t have any idea what occurred so I didn’t intend to imply any such thing.

      • You must know these friends personally if you say “but this type of behavior is not completely out of the ordinary for any of these four individuals.” How many times have these grown ADULTS done this before for you to say this is ordinary behavior for them? THEY HAVEN’T REACHED OUT TO FRIENDS OR FAMILIES IN OVER A WEEK! That’s not normal at all.
        They were spotted 5 days ago and Dan made a phone call to his brother maybe or his family member? It’s fishy Dan got his friend to rent a car, picked up his brother in law, and since a missing person was filed it’s been reported Dan has been the only one “seen”. And he knows the area or has contacts there.

        Suata sisters are able to update and what are the chances they have Verizon, “the only carrier that works there?” Does your brother have a wife girlfriend why isn’t his family worried? Wjat about the rest? I been following this story and majority posts Ive seen has shared/started from Sauta side.
        Orange County is miles away from Trinity County and it’s understandable why ppl cant be there to look because of work children etc but it’s obvious one family is concerned enough for them to be the only ones whos been there since Monday DEDICATED TO FIND THEIR LOVED ONES WHILE THE REST HAS BEEN RELYING ON THEM FOR UPDATES
        Do other families know more why or where they’re really at maybe that’s why it’s not much of a concern? If my family has been missing for over a week it would be alarming and definitely not NORMAL.
        Even if illegal activities are involved it’s the fact these guys have disappeared with only “Dan sightings” he brought 3 other guys in a place he’s familiar with and has contacts with there.
        Anesi cared more about having his phone on him than his wallet (if it was not intentionally left) Noone now a days can even take a shit without their phones and there hasn’t been any FB or Snapchat activities from anyone? Theyre not 50 yr old these are young adults and to be completely detached from their electronics???? Dan’s phone call didn’t want to be traced so he used a land line? If it really was Dan who made a call back he would have been aware that everyone’s been looking for them would he have kept it to himself n not told the others?
        The police needs to take this more seriously and look at every individual as a suspect. They can easily get phone records from the PO or even look at surveillance videos if they already haven’t.

        This article is Anesis story and his family has made this public. The other families have been quiet from what can be seen until now and only through comments to “defend” when it was said only Sauta family are ACTIVELY looking.
        Guaranteed they have criminal records possibly why the other families have been quiet. They have to know more than what they’re saying even if they’re “cooperating” with the police.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Geez! Talk about “fueling the fire”! These are real people dealing with a real life situation! It’s not a soap opera! Try thinking before you speak!

        • Getoveryourself

          Do you think that attacking other family members going through the same thing is helping anyone? How about instead of spewing negativity and unfounded accusations you stick to what really matters. Driving people apart is not going to help the cause.

      • That’s funny. Don’t you mean The rest of the families are not acting on irrational emotions and are handling the situation with a better sense of intelligence because they know exactly what is going on?!?!?!?! To me anesis family was kept in the dark…..Don’t you mean the other families know that this is normal for the other guys?!?!?!? And I would like to know where there were threats and accusations being made Because as I recall from reading everything and all the articles it has only been anesi’s family that really showed concern and actually took action and didn’t want to sit by not knowing if their brother is alive. So explain why only anesi’s family and friends flooded social media and the news posts?!?!?! The families of the other guys didnt spread it on social media until anesis friends and family did?!?!?!?! Doesnt that sound like they know something and arent as worried?!?!?! And if you had accurate information you would know that all the men were reported missing the same day. It also states it on the sheriffs flyer. At the end of the day these men are still missing and you all trying to bash anesi’s family for caring and taking action more than the other families is wrong. Im sure anesi’s family is willing to work with the other families but if theyre not sharing information then there’s nothing anesi’s family can do but search for anesi’s the best way they know how.

  • I was also going to say that renting a car for two days means nothing. Some people rent a car, then drop it off if they’re staying somewhere and not going to use it. Then they rent another car to continue the trip.
    I wonder also if part of the trip was to visit “Samoa”….there’s little information on it online so perhaps they wanted to see if Samoan people live there, or had lived there.

    To family members: Since you have the license number, perhaps the car rental company could check the gps in the car to see if they can determine where it is. The rental company might not do it if you haven’t filed a missing person report on the one
    who rented the car, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

    • Again assuming shit!!! Just because anesi is Samoan they visited Samoa county!! Right of course! Unless you know what’s going on please keep your opinions to yourself! Thank you.

    • If you rent a car one-way the renter pays a $200. drop off fee. It doesn’t make sense to drop off a car only to rent a different one in a few days.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        A wise commenter once said “Just because something makes sense to me doesn’t mean it makes sense to others.” I don’t think that’s the exact wording but hopefully you get the point.

  • May the men be located safe and hope they get in contact with their families.

  • All of you need to remember that there are moms, dads, children and family that are broken hearted and worried about these guys!
    Be helpful, show some respect! Help find out what’s going on…..

  • I’m curious about “old school” liberal. Enough labeling. If someone asks me to call them something else because they felt offended, I would get a clue and change and I’m 62. Age has nothing to do with treating someone with respect.

    • “Old School” simply means the era before PC and the perpetually offended crowd started constantly instigating people. I never said that it was ok to insult anyone, I said that it is not always possible to keep up with the constant changes as to what is or isn’t an insult, especially when you don’t live on social media, as many older (note “older,” not “old”) people choose not to do. I myself have been caught off guard, called “racist” and even “homophobic.” Pretty funny considering that I’m a white woman married to a black woman.

  • According to the post below Anesi was stabbed and was in the hospital a couple months ago…. They could be on a revenge road trip…. https://www.pintaram.com/u/halekulani_sauta/1403450606152067385_1694638046

    • There’s plenty of “Maybe’s” but that is most definitely not one of the reasons. That was a hard time for the family and I’m pretty sure revenge was the last thing on his mind. He recovered and moved on with his life. Not everyone goes out and seeks revenge.

  • Robin,
    Excellent example of virtue signaling. Grabbing the moral high ground as you scold everyone for being ignorant and not caring enough. Feel better now?

    • Thinking allowed

      I didn’t know that behavior had a name. Thank you for the insight Uncledave.

      Edited to add- thanks to you I also have to add “empathy patrolling” to “virtue signaling” as new terms to digest. Empathy patrolling refers to those who correct how you are supposed to feel about anything. So ‘virtue signaling’ says ‘I’m so much better than you because I say the right things’ while ’empathy patrolling’ says ‘You must feel a certain way about things otherwise you are deficient and damaging.’

      • Good to know that there are honest intellectuals like you, who stand strong against “virtue” and “empathy.”

        • Full on chuckle. Thank you.

          • Thinking allowed

            Ok – the post was not about having virtue or empathy but claiming to have virtue or empathy to use as a weapon against others. Which is of course neither virtuous nor empathetic. In fact it smacks of the religious leader who uses words like charity and selflessness to get donations enough to buy his mansions and many cars.

            Or, to use that tactic on these responses, this is a subtle difference in expression that should not need explanation.

            See- I have claimed I have superior intelligence, not by showing superior qualities myself but simply by saying you need to stop showing your ignorance. Nasty distortion technique but good enough for laugh huh?

            Boy I keep waiting to be banned from the church.

            • This is Robin’s post:

              “All of you need to remember that there are moms, dads, children and family that are broken hearted and worried about these guys!
              Be helpful, show some respect! Help find out what’s going on…..”

              Literally, s/he makes no claims of virtue except by pointing out a virtuous way to behave.

              Should people never say something that points out a better response? For me, comments like these are small points of light struggling to guide us away from harshly judging others.

              • Thinking allowed

                The better response is to express virtue or empathy, not to attack others posters for not meeting expectations.

                Geesh- I feel just the opposite. That those who write solely to tell other posters what to do are a black hole of spite. I can ignore the poster with an ugly attitude- it’s like holding your nose and walking by. But someone accusing participants, especially me, is harder to let go.

                Look where this has gone for an example of what happens when it is made personal in a public forum. I just never heard the term ‘virtue signaling’ although I have rolled my eyes plenty when reading such posts. So I said so to the person who gave me this new term. I said nothing about Robin, whose post I did not read, although I expect the statement about others posters “needing” to do something would have qualified.

                Then comes the post telling me that I am against virtue and empathy, which you apparently endorsed, and not with any empathy, when anyone not seeking a cheap shot would have understood that they are terms covering misappropriation of the words virtue and empathy, not about empathy or virtue themselves. Cheap shots are cheap shots even if aimed against those disliked.

                I guess I find more virtue in kindness to other participants in a forum than in expressing concern for those not here. At least it makes it sound more sincere.

                But now I have violated my own principles of keeping things to facts and not personal and so can not get out of this hole other than by stopping.

                • Ah, I see. Your statement “the post was not about having virtue or empathy but claiming to have virtue or empathy to use as a weapon against others” wasn’t referring to Robin’s post being a weapon but a general statement about how some people behave. I apologize.

                  In general, I prefer folks leading by example, too. Being kind is vastly preferable than telling others to be kind. However, I thought Robin’s statement expressed my own personal reaction to folks who see someone terrified that a loved one may be dead or injured and their first reaction is to attack them for something.

  • Trinity pines would be a good place to look or put up fliers, semi close to mad river and packed to the hilt with “farmers”, lots of ethnic backgrounds too maybe they met a friend there.

  • It’s a coincidence that another young man in the area went missing just a few months ago. Same situation, moving there for “agricultural needs” then ends up missing! Just mysteriously missing. It seems these cases are related. Someone must have information on the disappearance of these men. Perhaps the locals don’t like new comers in the area, perhaps “someone” believes these are people coming to invade their areas, perhaps it’s been known that a lot of folks are using the area for agricultural needs and doesn’t want the town to be represented that way, who knows! Has the police looked into this? That there is a mysterious coincidence in the 2 cases or maybe even more. Someone has to know something related to this, someone is doing this purposely!

    I didn’t care to read the prior negative comments, just voicing my opinions.

  • These are 4 young men who have family’s who are worried about them! So those of you who choose to continue on about the color of there skin need to respect that!!! If you have no information or anything useful​ for the family then stay off and keep your options about what they may or may not have been doing! I use to work with one of them he’s a good guy, and has a family very worried. I hope these guys are found safe soon and can return to there loved ones!

  • Probably at a ganja farm into the woods where there is NO PHONE SERVICE!
    This happens to a lot of ppl out there.. Maybe car broke down off road and they stuck!!??!!
    I think that they will show up soon or later..

  • mendocino mamma

    Local seen way too much…

    Here is a thought. Unless rental has GPS and tracking.is pinging it is going to be next to impossible to find them.

    Citings at Burger Barn and Post Office mistaken identity.

    Crashed car in extremely remote spot…we all can guess the rest. Very sorry for the families.

  • mendocino mamma


  • these guys or at least a couple of them look guilty af and im 100% sure at least one of them have a criminal record. how does none of their family or friends know why they went there? they know and they just wont tell the authorities because it was most likely for illegal purposes. i think they were either going to buy some mj for selling purposes and the deal went wrong or they were going to rob a stash house.
    i think to catch the medias and general populations attention and sympathy, the families need to provide all the facts and not be so vague so people dont just assume everything. they will also shut all the “profilers” like me up. looks more like a wanted poster or a 4 gangbangers missing poster.

    • Can’t judge a book by its cover. Anesi is a friend of mine for many many years regardless of what the trip was for he is still missing along with the three other men. As his friend I know damn well how much he loves his oldest daughter they had a special bond. I know he was happy and was a family man. I pray for a safe return and I will continue to do my investigation. **************To the people posting shit that is not helping anyone just making it harder to get the the bottom of the article STOP ✋
      There is enough negative in the world 🌎 There is a lot of good people in Oroville just gotta find the right person that saw or heard something.
      So either help or get off this site!!

      • He loved her he wouldnt be ckmmiting what seriously seems to be a crime run.. every bit ive read sence day 1 points at running Marijuana. Any working with large amounts of weed is a safty hazard to all that are involved!

      • what do mean posting shit that is not helping? This guy is telling you the 100% truth. They were going up to Humbolt county (weed country) to buy or dropoff or do something with weed. It’s not a coincidence that Humboldt County leads the state in most missing persons reported yearly , if you really wanna find where they are, you gotta find out who they were meeting up with

      • doesnt look good

  • Dawnice Robinson

    Not too incredibly long ago I read an article in LCOP about a 33(?) yr old male who had crashed on hwy 36, not very far from grizzly creek. He had suffered major injuries as a result but could not climb out because of the severity. He had a phone but could not get a signal. 5 days passed,and he finaly made it up/ out. God forbid these 4 gentleman are in a similar situation. I’ve driven 36 enough to know that going passed the guard rail can be ur undoing. Lord protect them from all forms of enforcement. Amen

  • Here’s what I noticed…

    Johnson’s family’s last facebook post was I think June 2nd. I have commented on some of the shared posts but I got no reply from them. I sent a message and left a comment on “Trinity County Missing 4” fb page but again I got no answer. I wonder why they stopped posting or updating. I’m a friend of Johnson’s. I know him as a good man. He’s polite and respectful. He message me on the 14th of May but I was unable to respond.

    Another, is that Tony’s family doesn’t seem involved? Or maybe I’m wrong. I don’t see any posts. I have tried searching but no luck.

    Then, Anesi’s facebook posts.It seemed weird to me. He posted on May 15, “What seperates heaven and earth?”, then on the 16th, “#As you grow, you start to let go of things and people that don’t serve you anymore. You start to build new habits, and you find yourself doing things you never thought you would! Thoughts, beliefs, and actions are molded and your world is flipped upside down Only to find yourself at crossroads. To be or not to be….. 🙌🏻 #freedom #comesatacost #everyactionhasareaction”. If they knew that the car was rented for 2 days, they should’ve been back by then. But sightings of them on the 20th to the 22nd meant they did it on purpose. They may have planned something and hid it from everyone. But this is just what I noticed. Of course it’s not accurate.

    I am hoping for the safe return of all 4. I’m pretty sure making their family worried is not their intention. God is with them. Never lose faith. I miss my friend, Johnson.

    • If you are a “friend” please leave it to the families to deal with. You obviously have no idea how all 4 families are dealing with the situation. Don’t point out who is or isn’t involved. You are making assumptions. If they are not facts you don’t need to speak. If you are a true friend of Johnson maybe you should reach out to his family and get information. If you were a friend don’t make public accusations. 4 FRIENDS are missing. And their families are still hurting. So be a “friend” and stop..and to answer your question….yes you are wrong.

    • Who of Johnson’s family did you contact? Because I am Johnson’s family and Ive responded to everyone who has reached out to me. Some even offered assistance by sharing screenshots of people who said they have seen them and changed their story after I reached out personally. (Note: i was provided screenshots because unless you directly tag me FB does not notify me. Even if you comment on a repost from someone elses page). I have also rcvd help from a few of his friends and continue to communicate with as late as today. I have not neglected anyone. There are a lot of Nguyens. We are all not related. Dan Nguyen and Johnson Nguyen (the 2 missing guys) are not related. Im sure you have seen all of Johnson’s family posting and being tagged on his page if you are his friend. Please contact Johnson’s sisters and/or cousins directly. We all communicate daily and share contacts of everyone who messages each and every one of us.

      • Don’t waste your time justifying yourself to noise idiots whom call themselves “friend” or people whom don’t have anything nice to say. These are all “assumptions.” Prayers to all the families that everyone returns home safely. My God watch over them and guide them home. May each family find strengthen and closure soon.

  • Gas there been any update..?

  • Apparently Anesi is in danger and his family is the only one once again doing something about it and acting proactive. Where is Dans family or Tonys family? Hiding because they are also involved in illegal.activities?? Seems like drug deal gone bad and they’re being kept hostages or working on a farm. I really hope these boys know how much they are loved that their loved ones are putting themselves in danger and can’t move on with their lives til they get closure

    • How do you know that the other families are not doing anything? How does posting videos or updating people vague update mean proactive. How do you even know they went up North or if they just collecting people’s money? (No pun intented) The point is you dont know $Hit and you cant trust the truth in what you read or hear. Instead of your negative thoughts why don’t you go do something since you are so concern about others not doing enough. You don’t know what each family are going through. Ex: The Johnson just lost someone dear to them and right after news that their brother could be missing. You do not know the struggles or actions that each family is taking. Instead of going on everyone’s facebook/IG pages looking for updates and making assumptions off of it, you should go do something more proactive. Some people put what they “want” people to see where as others are private. I am sure the Sutas family could be more detailed on what they meant by ” in danger.” All of their videos are so vague but that’s obviously ALL they want you to know. Does it mean they are or are not hiding something? Everyone deals with or do things differently. So don’t be discrediting anyone.

  • These are good people? Dan and Johnson were no-goods since they were still in school. It’s a pot deal gone wrong, it is what it is.

    • You seem to know these guys for over 15 years now when these guys haven’t known each other for more than a few years. People commenting and acting like they know these guys personally but don’t want to reveal their identities. Funny how that is. This article has gone from trying to find 4 missing guys to a family and friends bashing everyone else and writing up lies hiding behind a screen…for what? What does that do for you or any one else? If you’re not one of the few purposely aiming to make 1 party appear innocent over the others, then you must have been holding a grudge for a very long time if you knew these two personally somehow and felt the need to comment on here. I hope that made you feel better.

  • Have you done this?

    Has the jeep been found or located? What did Anesi text on 17th to the wife? Who did Dan call at PO? why he called to said he made it to Fortuna? Have they tracked their cellphone or history call log/text? How do you know they are still alive and endanger?

  • in 2015 Humbolt county had reported more than 350+ people missing, more than any other county in california. Def some shady business going on in the emerald triangle

    • Yep read that and all the other articles about so many homicide up there and case become unsolved. People and dogs find bodies and bones left n right while hiking, fishing or swimming. I bet the law enforcement are all involved and get a cut thats why cases goes unsolved and so many get murdered/missing without a trace. These bodies found are always identified as NO FOUL PLAY ( ALL happened to be drowning or suicide). Stepping on someone territory or dealing with wrong people??? Locals are scared so they don’t say much. I heard they made a movie about that area regarding growing population of marijuana and human trafficking but idk what it’s called.

      • Aside from law enforcement in that county, where would one go to above that to report all this? Can’t a higher up enforcement investigate on these?

  • I would ask suggestions from the concern author’s and writer’s that wrote the articles about all these missing people gone without a trace or consider no foul play. See whom they reached out to and what those family did. BECAUSE it’s obvious they are worried family and the writers want to know the truth and let people know whats going on up there.

  • Do you live in that area? What do you know about weed, human trafficking, missing person without a trace and bullshit no foul play (drown or suicide). Why aren’t these people taken seriously. Why are the missing person rate so high? Can you educate us?

  • Kane Zink was he ever found? Geeze it’s seeming awful creepy one missing almost every week. I do live around here…the 4 in the Jeep come on. Or the guy that got into the fight with locals and was hit with a baseball bat and never seen again. There’s a whole hell of a lot of overkill (no pun intended) vigilante justice going on but nobody’s copping to it. Not enough LEOs to even begin.

  • It’s really sad and scary to see how many people go missing/get killed up there. Praying the family finds the answers they’re looking for.

  • It’s funny how Anesi’s sisters especially Lala keeps on acting like a fool. Always so heated and talking crap about other people. Heated yet she cant take the heat. She runs her mouth that her family are the only one working to find her brother and the 3 missing friends. It’s like get over yourself. Get rid of that nasty attitude. Your attitude doesnt help the situation. You are just creating enemies and nonsense drama. Everyone is on the same page about do whatever it takes to find the 4 missing boys. Cut the crap about your family the only one doing this or that. You are so dramatic and love the attention. The attention and focus should be bringing the boys home. So stop the drama, fighting words and attitude. [edit](Breathe and relax girl!)

    • Instead of bashing this girl and her family, start doing something about it instead of running your mouth. I myself don’t know any of these boys and their families but as I’m sharing and following these posts it looks to me as if anesis family is the only family actually taking action and trying their best to find their family member. So you tell me, where is Dan’s family???? Where is Johnsons family???? Where is Tony’s family????? Tell me one thing that any of these families have done or people they have talked to for information besides the sheriffs dept. I live in trinity county. I have seen anesis family out here talking to locals and posting fliers. This family has not said anything wrong only the truth. They were the only family i have seen out here talking to locals, posting fliers, talking to the rangers even the sheriffs dept. The fliers are everywhere and everyone in the community knows about it because this family took their time to come out here and risk their lives. I mean we can all contact the sheriff for updates but I know if it were my family member missing I would be doing anything possible to try and find him. Obviously from reading the story that these guys didn’t just come out here to pick something up. Now if anesis family were told that story from someone and they didn’t believe it then of course they’re going to find out the truth so that they can bring their family member home. So for someone like you to read the family’s posts and updates and have a problem with it, and not have the guts to comment on it directly with all this bs, is beyond me. You come here and hide behind a screen instead of having the decency to say it to the family and talking trash about this girl who is only trying to find her brother. What does that say about you? I have read her post and she was only stating the facts. She was only saying (and she has every right) basically to stop the nonsense rumors. Until you are actually doing something to get information on these boys and their whereabouts, what gives you the right to even say anything at all that is not relevent to the situation. It will only create chaos and confusion and most of all drama. Its funny how some people are stating that johnson was reported missing first… Im good friends with sheriff deputy jake and he says that anesi, dan and johnson were all reported missing on the SAME day. I hope these 4 boys are found safe. To anesis family, please don’t stop searching for your loved one, keep doing what you all have doing and keep the faith. Your family is in my prayers.

  • What is happening? Everything is so vague. People ask questions and no one answers them. We want them to come home but can we at least know some of the questions being asked about the search in itself.

    • According to LaLa’s fb post message and ASK her or MESSAGE her. I doubt they will tell you anything. All they do is act like they are doing MORE than other families and friends. She will polly say there’s no lead but we need more MONEY.

  • GoFundMe page on behalf of the search for Anesi Sauta.

  • One rumor in the grower community is that they came looking for easy money to steal the green and that they were buried using an excavator bucket. The person I heard it from has been a long time trinity county resident. He said this in response to a question about whether or not anyone has done an air search for a car over the bank in southern trinity. He stated firmly that they won’t be coming back.

  • Instead of bashing this girl and her family, start doing something about it instead of running your mouth. I myself don’t know any of these boys and their families but as I’m sharing and following these posts it looks to me as if anesis family is the only family actually taking action and trying their best to find their family member. So you tell me, where is Dan’s family???? Where is Johnsons family???? Where is Tony’s family????? Tell me one thing that any of these families have done or people they have talked to for information besides the sheriffs dept. I live in trinity county. I have seen anesis family out here talking to locals and posting fliers. This family has not said anything wrong only the truth. They were the only family i have seen out here talking to locals, posting fliers, talking to the rangers even the sheriffs dept. The fliers are everywhere and everyone in the community knows about it because this family took their time to come out here and risk their lives. I mean we can all contact the sheriff for updates but I know if it were my family member missing I would be doing anything possible to try and find him. Obviously from reading the story that these guys didn’t just come out here to pick something up. Now if anesis family were told that story from someone and they didn’t believe it then of course they’re going to find out the truth so that they can bring their family member home. So for someone like you to read the family’s posts and updates and have a problem with it, and not have the guts to comment on it directly with all this bs, is beyond me. You come here and hide behind a screen instead of having the decency to say it to the family and talking trash about this girl who is only trying to find her brother. What does that say about you? I have read her post and she was only stating the facts. She was only saying (and she has every right) basically to stop the nonsense rumors. Until you are actually doing something to get information on these boys and their whereabouts, what gives you the right to even say anything at all that is not relevent to the situation. It will only create chaos and confusion and most of all drama. Its funny how some people are stating that johnson was reported missing first… Im good friends with sheriff deputy jake and he says that anesi, dan and johnson were all reported missing on the SAME day. I hope these 4 boys are found safe. To anesis family, please don’t stop searching for your loved one, keep doing what you all have doing and keep the faith. Your family is in my prayers.

    • @Brad- Just out of curiosity. Is there anything else the Sheriff’s Department can do up there? There are many people that are missing in that area (not just the 4 friends), but maybe it’s time to get state locals and FBI to get involved, don’t you think?

    • Tony's Family to Brad

      Brad I am Tony’s family and just because I didn’t go out to the area to search for tony and the rest of the boys doesn’t mean I love or care less. Yes, I do keep in contact with the sheriff’s department for updates and also share every bit of information with them that I know. All the properties that they could possibly be at. Also, Johnson’s family reported him missing the day/night they found out, Dan’s, Anesi called the very next morning as well as I did for Tony. You assume that you know what’s going on just because you talk to the sheriff when you really don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if you feel better about yourself asking where’s this family or that family everyone copes and handles things differently. Just because everyone else isn’t loud abouy everything doesn’t mean we are not doing anything. It’s posts like this and people like you who are focused on the wrong thing and obviously don’t remember our main goal which is to find and bring these guys home.

    • Thank you Brad💙🙏

  • from brad to tonys family

    maybe you’re not loud about everything because you know exactly why these 4 gentlemen came out here. and yes I am following this case because I spoke with anesis family when they were out here and I saw the hurt in their eyes and the pain they are enduring. yes, you’re right every family deals with it a different way but when I’m looking at it from an outsider point of view, the story does not add. You should start telling the real reason why these guys came out here. To me, and it’s my opinion, you (Tonys family) and the other 2 families know why these men came up and have not been truthful. I could care less what who’s doing and what not. I expressed my opinion and you are all bashing this family when they are the only ones actually taking action. so loud?? I would think so given the situation. I’m not putting the other families down I’m just voicing my opinion because it looks like you are all quick to judge this families actions and how they handle the situation but when people express their reactions you are all quick to defend. so as tonys family… “WHAT WAS THE REAL REASON THESE MEN CAME UP HERE?”
    I already know the answer but let’s see how truthful you really are.

    • If you really know, tell it. What were they doing up here?

    • Exactly! Thank you Brad.

    • You think you know everything because your bias. Your team shady family who talk shit about other family. Why dont you say why since you act like you know so much and ya a local. Go spill it. Why?????

  • brad to concerned

    the only thing is for these families to hound the sheriff’s dept out here. if nothing is being done about it and they have enough evidence that there’s foul play going on then these families can take to it to the fbi….BUT these families have to be truthful about everything and tell the fbi what’s really going on. they can’t hide anything or they won’t listen.

    • Tony's Family to Brad

      First of all I’m not bashing anyone so I don’t know where you are getting ur information from!!!! Like I said everyone is doing everything they can with little information we ALL do know. If you think I would sit here and not say anything if I know more information you are clearly wrong. Each family is hurt and dealing with things the best a person can, we don’t need people like you starting up bullshit n pointing fingers. Once again I’m not bashing anyone I’m clearly saying we don’t need anymore negative comments. We should be working to help one another. We are all on the same team and have the same goal. Dont try to compare who is hurting more because we all are.

      • to tonys family

        and yet you DID NOT answer my question. No one is pointing fingers. I asked a simple question and you didn’t answer it. let’s put it out there so everyone knows. and my comment about bashing was towards the coward who posted a comment and named it lala. have some morals. it sounds like you read something on Facebook and probably got butt hurt at the fact that it’s true, and since you didn’t want to make it known to the family who you are, you come on here and post a NEGATIVE comment about this family. so if anyone is posting NEGATIVE comments on here it sure ain’t me. I’m voicing an opinion which we are all entitled to. I sure every family is hurting and I’m sure every family is coping with things differently. but the way you are all talking about this family about the way they’re coping with it is wrong. you yourself said that the other families are not as loud about things like anesis family, well what do you expect them to do? how did you expect for them to react to the situation? if you have a better idea about how to handle the situation then let the family know. just saying.

    • Know it all huh! All talk. Now shut up!

  • to tonys family

    why would you not get loud about this situation? 4 missing guys and Anesi family is the only family getting loud? something is wrong there. if you don’t get loud about this, no one will respond. if Anesi family didn’t post up these fliers and talk to people, no one would have known these men are missing and would not report any sightings. so if you are Tony family, why aren’t you being loud?????? don’t you want to know what happened to your loved one??? from the looks of it, you’re relying on the sheriff, whom I personally don’t believe are doing anything to find these men. so from experience and because I grew up in Humboldt county, Anesi family is doing the right thing. so instead of judging them and how they’re handling things, you should all join them and see what you guys can do to help. people go missing up here like crazy and no one is doing anything about it.

  • Tony's Family to Brad

    Look I have other important things I have going on in my life then to sit here n be a keyboard warrior with you. I’m Tony’s girlfriend!!!! No, I’m not bashing anyone so get that shit straight….However each family wants to handle and deal with things is none of my business, but when people like urself that have nothing better to do sit here and start questioning what the other families are doing and you start with ur opinions and two sense that’s when I’m going to have a problem. If I knew what the truth was myself I think I would have said something, not that I need to explain shit to you. obviously we are all trying to find out the truth and as of now only those four know. My infant son is missing his father and the last thing I need is bullshit like this.

    • to tonys family

      no one is making you stay on this post. you made that choice. like I said, best wishes to anesis family. I hope you all find your family member. prayers to you and your family. don’t let ignorant people get to you all and let them talk because that’s all they’ve done from the beginning.

      • You are ignorant just like their family. What makes you think others families arent searching or trying to find answers. Look in the mirror because you are ignorant and WRONG! So you shut up!

    • Amen Tonys Gf. Im am so fucking tired of hearing Sauta’s family doing so much and other families doing nothing. Its like stfu already. There’s one goal and it’s to find them.

  • Funny how quick Tony’s gf jumps in to defend the other families besides anesis family. Hmmmm… Funny how she didn’t voice her opinion when there was a nasty comment made about anesis family. Which leads me to believe either you both know each other or you all are jealous at the fact that anesis family may be on to you and your lying shady asses. Haha….I think I hit the spot. So now that we cleared that up, why don’t you shady MF just stfu. Excuse my language but this post is supposed to help bring these men home. Yet I see people putting other people down. I’m sorry but brad is right. I grew up out here myself and its a small community with a large amount of land surrounding it. Us locals are baffled at the amount of people going missing and the amount of drug activity going on. If you don’t make noise no one will listen. These men went missing on may 16th and until anesis family made their way out here the following week, we would not have known these men are missing. I’m not here to judge anyone or put the other families down because I know each family has the same goal, but it seems like because anesis family is out there trying to get the word out and making noise that these other families are not agreeing with it. Why would you all not agree when all of you have the same goal? It Just doesn’t make sense to me. Like brad said, be truthful and tell everything you know. Don’t be secretive because its not going to help in getting information. I didn’t speak with anesis family when they were out here but I heard about it and have seen the fliers. I’m still keeping my eyes and ears opened. I pray these men make it home safely. Anesis family, my heart goes out to you all. I know on top of dealing with your brother gone missing you are all trying to deal with the shit talking, the hating and the lying. Keep searching and don’t give up. Don’t mind the negative people for they not know what they say. Anesis family you are all in my prayers as well as these 4 men.

    • Hi Humboldt man,

      Grab a seat, coffee, tea, let’s chat shall we?
      Apparently you know the Sauta sisters well? Especially hundreds of miles away from the terror they have caused all these 4 men’s friends and other 3 families? How would you feel if you weren’t able to make a trip miles from home because of your demanding job that puts food on the table for your families, so to help, you have your family and friends give HUNDREDS of dollars to a family (Sauta) who are able to leave their families and jobs because yes you thought you were all “on the same team”, to then have them return home out of anger because they did not find their brother and start a war with all the other family members. All the other men’s families are just as clueless and are desperate to know any answers as them but they are willing to act like the mafia and physically THREATEN the lives of innocent people. And for what? Vengeance for their brothers “death” that they conjured up in their minds? Dan’s and Johnson’s family came out to Mad River the same week they did, and just by the mere presence of the females, one of the Sauta sisters had the audacity to call them “bitches” for no reason at all. How dare you call a woman who had just experienced a miscarriage of a small baby a few days before and STILL made her way to find her brother to encounter you all and be called a “bitch” without any words exchanged? Or how about when they came back to publicly shame everyone else’s family for not coming out, but backtracks and says “well they were only there for two hours” (also not true. 2 hours really? At least make it 4 to be believable.) They also had the balls to shame the local police publicly in a video, who has now refused to work with the Sauta family because they are outright disrespectful and vile people. Maybe they shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them…

      Tony and Anesi’s significant others are single mothers right now and are not able to leave their young babies at home to search for the guys. If you didn’t know, it costs money to travel from Orange County to Trinity County, and this is the type of money they do not have. And no, they will not start a gofundme nor are they given any from the Sauta’s gofundme. They are more worried about having enough food and diapers for their kids as they patiently work with the police. So for all of you who are shaming them, SHAME on you. These missing men were the sole providers of their family and you are grown men judging these women because it makes you feel better?

      Just because the other families aren’t asking for money or making vague posts and videos, doesn’t mean they aren’t working behind the scenes on actual FACTS with authorities and anyone who may know anything. As you can see, all this nonsense is just causing drama and irrelevant assumptions, just like here in the comments by outsiders (sorry that also includes you Humboldt man) who just assume on what they see on the surface. The TRUTH is for the detectives ears, which everyone was advised to do as for any other missing persons case, not for the public to gossip about. Looking at these comments are disgusting and I will defend and stand up for GOOD people, because it is the right thing to do. This one is for you guys, you ALL know who you are!

      Let’s be real, all they care is that their own brother comes home alive and well and everyone else can burn as they have already threatened. Everyone can see right through you Lala. Friends and families you have been notified, the gofundme stops now, you are now endorsing malicious behavior. The Sauta’s have made this into a competition for some bizarre reason, so if they seem louder than anyone else, it is because they have threatened everyone else into non existence. We have bigger mountains to conquer, we will ALWAYS keep looking for these 4 men, so wherever you guys are, please hang in there, we love you.

  • Nicely said Archangel

    That silence the Asunta’s and their fans real quick. Glad someone with facts justifying how ridiculously they been acting and all that is unnecessary drama/anger. Maybe this will help everyone reflect and move forward with a better attitude. These are grown guys who ALL made the decision to go up there. You can not hold any family accountable for your brother actions or the fact he’s missing. Attitude isn’t going to get you far. Being loud isn’t the correct answer. Together we can and will bring these boys home.