Mother Accepts Diploma for Daughter Who Died Under Suspicious Circumstances

Jennika’s photo is held by her dad, Kevin Suazo, and her mom, Jennie Seipp.

On June 14th, Jennika Suazo would have graduated but on December 9 she was found dead in her P Street home by roommates. Eureka Police have said her death was suspicious in the past but will only say now that the investigation into the 18-year-old’s death is “ongoing and active.”

When Jennika’s class of 2017 graduated, another student, Makayla Thomas, carried Jennika’s photo which had been altered so that Jennika was wearing a cap and gown like her classmates. In a way, she walked with her friends much like she would have if she were still alive. When Thomas arrived at her seat, she placed Jennika’s photo in the empty chair beside her.

Later, when Jennika’s name was called, her mother, Jennie Seipp, accepted Jennika’s diploma in her memory. Jennika’s father, Kevin Suazo, came from Yuba City to be part of his daughter’s posthumous graduation.

She was planning on being a nurse; her future was very bright,” Seipp said. “I felt her presence today. [S]he definitely was there with me….I felt happy and sad and very proud.”

Jennika Lee Suazo

Jennika’s mom accepted her graduation diploma.

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  • Hope investigators are able to provide some answers soon. Terribly sad 😢

  • REST IN LOVE, BABY GIRL!!!!!! Many blessings going up

  • what about her friend that died shortly after at the bestwestern by the mall…. cops had to force entry and the statement was foul play was not suspected, she was a minor it was the middle of the night and she wasn’t there with her parents. what the actual fuck is going on around here . . .

    • I am Alyssa’s mom…the girl who you are referring to. The no foul play statement was issued prematurely. One day my daughter will get her justice…the same as Jennika. This county definitely has changed in my lifetime here. Please remember that the parents of these beautiful angels read the comments.

  • Jennika will always be loved and very missed. She was a loving, smart and beautiful young lady. Jennika will never be forgotten! #justiceforjennika

  • Our sweet Jennika, why did it have to be you? We have never had this happen in our family before and I hope it never happens again. You were a bright and shining star with so much to offer this world. We want the person who took you from us held responsible. #justice4jennika

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