Jester's Cap


Jester’s Cap

Daily Photo

A quizzical tilt and a jester’s cap hint at this poppy having an unusual sense of humor.



  • I love this too! California poppies are hypnotizing, quite honestly, in all their stages and phases.

  • Such brilliant, vibrant colors! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Hi Kym,
    We love those poppies too. Hard to take my eyes off them even when driving. have you seen any of those “cat’s ears” flowers around? they are quite stunning, we ran into a large patch while hiking above the Salmon River near Somes Bar.

  • Great shot, Kym. The colors in this image are fantastic!

  • I forgot to ask you this, do you watch “In Plain Sight” on USA? Humbolt was part of the storyline on last nights episode. 😉

  • The more I shoot poppies, the more I like our state flower.

  • I have a lot in common with the Poppy, When it is cold and windy I curl up and cower. When it is sunny and warm I soak up as much exposure as I can.

  • That is a very charming lil poppy!

  • Loving your images as always!

  • I enjoy how you worked the blue background into this. I’m assuming it’s sky…

  • Thanks all.

    Mr. T. I love cat’s ears. I went out on purpose to shoot some today but they were very small and cramped–lack of rain probably.

    Toni, I don’t have T.V. so I don’t watch. Was it good? Or did we all come off looking like stoners?

    Forkboy, I know its not sky but I’m not sure. I think it is one of my planters. I know it was in the shade and the sunlight was dappling the shadow but I can’t remember exactly where.

  • The quality of light and the vivid colors are amazing. Excellent work Kym

  • The focus was really just on three guys who were raising it illegally in Humbolt County, one of whom had to go into witness protection with his family, because the other two killed a cop and he didn’t know about it. It was interesting for two reasons, one because the guy in witness protection was definitely non-functioning without the marijuana, which he used with prescription for social anxiety, and two because of the pride he took in raising and curing the marijuana and not wanting to sell it before it was ready – serious quality control.

  • I want to get in there and draw a little face! Interesting image Kym.

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