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As the poppy unfolds, a question mark forms from its pod–as if it were unsure of its beauty.

Similarly, a local writer sold her first story to a new magazine–unfolding her words, offering her vision, hoping it will find readers.  The author, Kisa Rupp, wrote The Bardach while squeezing time from getting her degree, holding down several part time jobs and captaining a Martial Arts Demo Team.  She composes  her fiction while listening to music and envisioning a movie playing out in her head–which makes for vivid storytelling.

The tale appears in the premier edition of Shelter of Daylight, which specializes in Sci-Fi and Fantasy writing.  Here is a bit to whet your appetite.  Order here.  I’ve already ordered mine.

They burst out into the cold night air moments later, both panting as they paused to get their bearings. There was a flash of silver as a Mage stepped from the shadows beside them and once again, time seemed to slow for Amyli. She stood clinging to Calinfar’s back as if he were a shield. She watched as the blade arced through the air in a liquid silver stream, slicing viciously into Calinfar’s side. When the tip of the sword bit into her side as well, the numbness vanished once more. They both cried out, but only Amyli could stumble away, her hand clutched desperately against the flow of blood tarnishing her new robes. “Calinfar! No!” she cried as the Mage raised his sword with lethal intent. Calinfar couldn’t roll away from his impending death, but turned his head towards her with a last desperate plea.

Their eyes locked for one horrible second, and then the sword dropped.



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