Wildfire Update: July 11

Natural Suncatcher

A teasel makes a beautiful cage for this morning’s smoky sun.

The Fires are still with us but the firefighters are managing to bring them under control. Evacuation warnings have been lifted for the Cummings and the Leggett area today, July 11. The Paradise fire here in Humboldt is 85% contained. Thank you, firefighters!

Today, Governor Schwarzenegger ordered 2000 more National Guard to complete firefighter training. And, he has accepted help from other countries– Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand– according to the Calfire website.

Some great links to fire news are

Cal Fire home

Wildfire Today Thank you, Rose

Chopper Chick She hasn’t posted in a week but has some interesting photos and perspective on the Mendocino fires.

The New York Times Article about Mendocino Firefighters. This has already been linked by AnonRmous and Willits Daily Photo (offers addresses for contributions to the local VFD’s) but I think it is a great piece that deserves a read by everybody who has benefited from our local firefighters’ dedication to their volunteer job.



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