[UPDATE 5:11 p.m.] Vehicle and Motorcyclist Collide on Broadway; One Injured


The motorcycle and the ambulance are in the center divide.

The motorcycle and the ambulance are in the center divide. [Photo by Brenna Nicks]

Just before 5 p.m., a vehicle and a motorcyclist collided in the 4300 block of Broadway near the south end of Eureka.

One person is reported to be injured.

Avoid the area if possible.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 5:11 p.m.: According to Brenna Nicks, who provided the photos above, one lane southbound is closed. please be careful in the area.



  • I sure hope the biker will be OK. Don’t know who’s fault it was, but bikes and cars sure don’t mix.

  • Broadway, Broadway, Broadway. I was talking to a lady waiting in checkout and she said that they avoid it anyway they can. That’s why we were both in McKinleyville shopping.

  • Pretty sure I saw that guy earlier, around 14th st. He was zipping through lines of stopped cars, and almost got creamed when he didn’t notice people had stopped to let another car across. Apparently didn’t learn from that.

    • Bug on a Windshield

      Not sure how you can identify “that guy” from this low res blurry photo of the partial rear end of the bike. Do you have any idea how many bikes in this area look like that? Quite a few. One of mine does.

      Hmmm, how ’bout this? Pretty sure I saw that silver car lane-changing into bikes on Broadway earlier.

      • The guy who passed me was heading the right direction at the right time. I was heading through town at the time, and was stuck behind the accident, at the right timing for it having been the guy who passed me, had he continued dangerously zipping between stopped vehicles. And while I didn’t pay much attention to the guy when he passed me (“oh, look, another idiot on a bike trying to cause an accident.”), the physical appearance seems about right.

        • Emily Guglielmina-McCall

          I don’t know who you saw “zipping” where, but the man riding the bike in this accident had just come into town (from the south) met up with me by the ’76 station, then he was following me (him on his motorcycle and me in my car) across the street to Sunset Cemetery to put flowers on my relatives. I saw the entire thing go down in my rearview mirror, and I assure you, he had not “zipped” anywhere! In such a short distance, we may have gotten up to a whopping 15-20mph (in that 40mph zone), before having to begin slowing to cross the northbound lanes & turn into the cemetery! I appreciate those of you who expressed concern and well wishes, but those who have nothing better to do than make wild speculation or try to place fault on the victim without knowing anything whatsoever about the actual circumstances, should put your skill set to better use writing fiction novels or television drama, rather than inserting yourself where you’re neither appreciated nor wanted.
          Thank you.

        • Emily Guglielmina-McCall

          I would like to know how the “physical appearance” could possibly be right, when the rider of the motorcycle isn’t even shown in this picture…. he is laying on the ground on the opposite side of the ambulance, and not at all visible in the photo for this article.

  • As an older rider, I am amazed at the STUPID riders around here. Maybe not this time, but …..

  • Riding a motorcycle SHOULD make one a super defensive driver. It did for me. But not everyone learns.

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