Accident Slows Traffic By Bayside Cutoff

Scanner traffic


At approximately 11:17 a.m., two vehicles headed northbound collided on Hwy 101 near the Bayside Cutoff. Law enforcement had to create a break in traffic in order to push the damaged vehicles off the roadway. Traffic was able to move slowly northbound in the outside lane.

An ambulance was requested but we don’t know the extent of the injuries or how many were injured at this time.



  • This morning 6:30 to 6:45, people were driving 70 mph according to the speed indicator on 101. I don’t know the circumstances of this accident, just saying 101 “Safety Corridor” isn’t so safe, I drive it 6 days a week, have survived so far, keep hoping between it and Broadway I won’t get killed. Hope everyone involved in this accident is alright.

    • I’ve been tailgated lots of times on that part of highway because I do the speed limit…. Funny though we all get to the light in town at the same time…. Idiots, stop being selfcentered, get out on time so you don’t have to rush and harass…

  • I hope everyone is ok, but we must not call it “Safety Corridor” but the “Un Safety Corridor” Have driven this route for over 25 years and still hoping and praying that nobody else has to die before they finally take care of it and use some of our “Great Tax Dollars” and put a few overpasses there. Also add in the new “Pot Facility” going in the redwood property and you have more vehicles and large delivery trucks crossing daily…
    How many more have to die before they slow down the corridor… Lights? Overpasses? Somethings gotta give!!
    P.S. Just this morning a driver was pulling out onto 101 from Indianola cutoff and they pull out and wait in the middle of the intersection? I was behind them and they stop dead in the middle of the road!!! Seriously? I managed to pull around them to the left and use the merge lane…There is a merge lane there People!!! People have no clue!!!! Again, Dodged a bullet!! Ugggghh!!

  • I got here in the 80’s and the road is much safer now than back then.

  • This mornings, on the safety corridor, somebody blew past everyone at 70 mph at about 10a., dangerous drivers. They should give automatic tickets with a traffic enforcement camera for anyone going over 70 on the safety corridor.

    • I agree, why dont they just put up those cameras????

      Overpasses there are really not feasible as a recent study found that the land there is sinking at a surprisingly fast rate. That new trail will be under water within 5 years.
      Money will have to go towards figuring out how to keep the 101 north of trinidad open, they are planning a bypass and thats gonna take money away from projects here, understandably.
      Plus judging by how poorly people drive i highly doubt overpasses would even cut down on accidents.

      Put up the cameras and make everyone slow down or pay. I bet the costs would be recovered within six months by violation fees generated from the cameras.

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