As the Smoke Clears: Maps from the Wine County Fires

Redwood Valley Fire Aftermath Mendocino

Redwood Valley Fire Aftermath [Photo by Lynn Harrington]

Eight days after the great fires ravaged Northern California, the communities affected are beginning to emerge from the smoke. One of the hospitals, Sutter, evacuated as flames poured into Santa Rosa is reopening today. Many of the evacuees returned to their neighborhoods over the last couple of days and the firefighters have pushed in containment lines around a good part of each fire: The Nuns Fire is at 68% containment, the Oakmont is the most worrisome at 27%, the Pocket is 58%, the Redwood Complex is 61%, and the Tubbs fire is 82% contained.

Overview of the fires in Lake and Mendocino Counties:

The good news is that firefighters have pushed the flames back and Cal Fire no longer lists any structures as threatened. The bad is that 436 single family homes were destroyed, 21 more were damaged, 7 commercial structures were damaged, and another 245 minor structures were destroyed. A major swath of Mendocino County’s population was affected.

Fire danger is expected to decrease. While today should still be warm and dry, but, starting Wednesday, humidity is expected to rise and temperatures cool through the end of the week which will help quench the flames.

MAPS of the Wine Country Fires:

Below are the most recent maps available as of 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Click on the thumbnail images of each map to be taken to a pdf. Usually, in the lower right-hand corner of each expanded map, you can see the time and date that the information to create each map was collected.

The Mendocino/Lake Complex:

Mendocino/Lake Complex

Mendocino/Lake Complex map

We also have a KMZ file of the Mendocino and Lake fires that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171017_MendocinoLakeComplex_IR

Below is today’s fact sheet on the Sulphur and Redwood Fires:

The Central LNU Complex in Sonoma:

Tubbs Fire

Tubbs, Nuns, and Pocket map

We also have a KMZ file of the entire Central LNU Complex which includes the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171017_CentralLNUComplex_IR_Map

The Southern LNU Complex in Napa County:

Southern LNU Complex

Southern LNU Complex

We also have a KMZ file of the entire Southern LNU Complex which includes the Atlas Fire that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171017_Atlas_IR

Help for those affected by the fires:

Other Useful Links:

More Information on the October Fires–from the earliest story at the top to the most recent at the bottom: Note: the link list was getting too long so we’ve eliminated the earliest stories. However, click on one of the early links below to see a list of stories from the beginning of the fires.



  • Wine and weed prices are going to go up .

    • Doubtful as many wineries had already harvested the majority of their grape crop and only a few were completely destroyed. Also there is very little chance that these fires destroyed enough cannabis to have an effect on the weedconomy. The only possibility for price flux will occur locally because the farms affected are a large portion of the existing “legal” medicinal production for the Bay area.

    • The last I heard over a billion dollars worth of herb is ruined. Time to sell, sell, sell.

  • Theres a new fire in Santa Cruz mountians.Im praying for all these folks,they’re feeling like it’s the ring of hell there. Friends still missing.CAL FIRE THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU,all the law enforcement you rock HUMANKINDNESS IS ALL AROUND. Please folks if you have cloths blankets etc that you don’t need donate please!! PET FOOD.dont forget the fur babies too🐕🐈🐐🐎🐖Humboldt pay it forward

  • No locals? Really?

    1500 is what I’ve heard around town. Family price for family players. Growers set the price. Weed is still illegal. No IRS tax is paid. Have fun with your Rico suits down the road. The dark market absorbs the light. Sorry suits.

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