Are You Tall, Tough-Looking, Dominant, and Country Style? This Craigslist Ad Is Made for You

When a Humboldt Craigslist ad starts, “I know this sounds weird but…,” you know you are probably are going to keep reading to the end…

We did.

Then we thought, “Some other folks might want to read this, too.”

Sooooo….Here’s a photo of the ad:Craig's list ad And, here’s what it says in case the photo is too teeny tiny for you to read:

I know this sounds weird but I have an event coming up this weekend and I know my ex boyfriend will be present and I don’t want to be alone. I’m a good looking girl, you might be surprised I’m single but I don’t want to set up a date and have sex or whatever expected as there will be drinking. My requirements are the following: tall/big, tough looking, dominant, country style preferred but I’ll take what I can get. Preferably good looking. Must be protective but have fun with my friends. In return, I will buy you dinner, drinks and pay you some on top. The better the fit the more you get. Events this Saturday. You will probably have a lot of fun with me and I look forward to meeting you. Send this link to your friends if it seems like a good fit for them. I won’t respond unless you send pictures and stats. Pictures need to be clean. This is not sexual. Thanks!



  • If she’s such a good looking girl where is her picture?

    • Not a rocket surgeon

      Posting a photo of herself might blow her cover a little, don’t you think?

    • Let’s be serious here, if she was a good looking girl she wouldn’t need to be posting on craigslist looking for a date,,,

      • Not really true some good beautiful girls are so hard to deal with

      • Sounds like she might still be carrying a torch for the X. Maybe she just hasn’t felt like dating anyone since the breakup. Some girls are choosy and doesn’t pick a guy just because he is a guy. My daughter lost her boyfriend almost 2 years ago and still hasn’t moved on. He didn’t leave, he died, but she still loves him.

  • Nice. If only I didn’t have this belly.

    • Submit it to her anyway she in fact was looking for someone good-looking she didn’t specify about belly being a deal breaker

  • kym!! how DARE you post this! it is nothing but a sexist bunch of garbage from a very sick and cruel “good looking girl”. damn.
    are you going into match making now, too!!!
    or or OR are you looking for a HOOKUP!!
    oh please just say no!

    what a sweet, cool whiff of fresh air after this long angsty week.
    i thank you for your jocular nature, kym.
    i thank your mom for your jocular nature also. thanks mom!

    y’all are assigned to have some sun fun this weekend…but don’t get spoiled by it.

  • I responded to this ad calling the girl out (yes, she is a girl) for typical postfeminist narcissism.

  • She doesn’t want anyone with brains or class to apply.

  • Alcohol. Jealousy. And a nice big brawl.

    • I guess that she wants a big and tall ‘Alpha Male’ dominant type fellow to maybe thump her Ex, after getting some liquid courage into her ‘date’…

      Then she offers a monetary compensation for the guys time on top of that.

      How could a red blooded outdoorsy type big and tall guy pass on that kind of offer?
      This 6’4″ Marine Corps Vet easily can!

      Oh, I went back and read she posted that ‘He must be protective’. Does that mean, I would have to bring my legal Concealed Weapon? If so, then I would charge her the hourly going rate for a ‘Bodyguard’ then!

    • Sounds like it to me

  • I’m tall, but that’s about the only one of the requirements I meet… I’m not particularly tough looking, owning a strapon doesn’t automatically make me dominant, and I have no idea what “country style” is but I’m pretty sure I’m not it. I was going to say that at least the ad wasn’t sexist and didn’t specify the gender of the person being sought, but then I read the title. Oh, and I don’t like parties, drinking, or total utter stupidity. Especially the last one.

  • Sounds fun, I’m in! Call me! 555-555-5555


  • Victor G. Flashman

    Probably not a good idea to start drama with an old boyfriend, he probably ain’t about shit anyway. If you are truly attractive, have some self respect! You probably should take a break from relationships until you feel better…

  • You dingdongs, she’s not looking for a hookup, she just wants to make her ex jealous. Nothing wrong with that, since she’s upfront about it.

    • So there’s an event you don’t wanna miss and can’t pass up on it knowing there could be trouble?

      There’s a part that seems semi-OK on the surface. In fact, perhaps a person would do it for free just to be nice to her. I’m down for that. But I’m not sure ‘nice’ is part of the character formula required here. It sounds like a gun for hire but without the gun part. Whoever takes up the offer, you’re headed for some big trouble with a capital T, a whole lotta ugly coming at you by a never-ending parade of the stupid. But some folks enjoy their anti-social interactions and drunken brawls.

      Good luck.

    • Sounds like a death wish to me that’s what’s wrong with it

  • The best way to make an ex jealous is to live well and never look back


    “Paladin,Paladin,where do you roam”

    Ouch. I’d bet between CL,news site,word of mouth – The Ex is gonna get word about this. And is gonna laugh his ass off.

    (my wife won’t let me call)

  • ah… she’s clearly a believer in the best way to get over is to get under.. good luck mama

    men tend to evolve a bit slower… albeit with “reason and accountability” on board…

    you outta get in touch with Jack Nicholson

  • So much imagination, yet so little showing of intelligence.
    It is amazing that people invent negative, detailed backstories AND future predictions (most of them utterly, absurdly estranged from the facts presented) on Craigslist ads.
    Wasn’t this behavior called “projection” in Psych 101?

  • Now if we could only get an update on last night’s events.

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