[UPDATE] Sheriff’s Department Captures Two Suspects in Marijuana Armed Robbery With Help of Tips From Burr Valley Residents

CHP with stolen vehicle

[Photo by Dottie Simmons]

Two men sought by law enforcement in the area of mile marker 38 on Hwy 36 today have been detained, said Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. He tells us that with the help of tips from residents from Burr Valley, he was able to locate the two men up Burr Valley Road just before 5 p.m.

“They were definitely the guys we were looking for,” Fridley said. “They were from Fresno as were the others [arrested earlier today.]…They had evidence on them that linked them to this crime.”

No weapons were found with the two men, Fridley said.

The two are believed to have been involved in an armed robbery of a grower. They allegedly fled along with four others in an SUV pulling a trailer as the grower chased them. A construction crew along Hwy 36 was able to stop their vehicle and detain four but two men fled and were sought by law enforcement.

Fridley said that he was worried about the people where the incident began. He hopes there was no one injured or possibly dead back where the alleged armed robbery occurred. “If we could only find out…if they are okay,” he said.

UPDATE: Six Arrested Charged With Transporting, Conspiracy in Yesterday’s Alleged Armed Robbery and Chase on Hwy 36

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  • They got lucky.

  • Glad they were caught!

  • HCSO notice from us citizens! You better get them turned loose and quick ICE has already been notified and they are on the way to give them a free ride to somewhere safe with exotic food and warm weather.

  • Hang em high!! Make an example out of them so others don’t come around!!

    • Good luck with that! A tank of gas and some know how and ambition will give you big rewards if you don’t get caught by the Growers. If you dodge that hardship but the law catches you probably will just get a little free ride to the county line, witch ever direction you prefer I’m sure. Don’t want to upset the snowflakes or open border folks with some nasty charges that might draw some unwanted attention from the big bad guys.

    • Wyatt Earp: is that you?

  • Thank you!!! I hope this deters other thieves.

    See, the grower community is glad to assist the police on these things. Our community can benefit so much from the police focus on thieves and ridiculously big grow scenes. We need to tighten up and protect each other.

    Can the sheriffs still deputize a civilian on the spot so that person can legally handcuff and arrest someone like they used to do with loggers to catch earth firsters?

    • Not sure about the deputizing thing, but a private citizen can make a citizen’s arrest. Any law enforcement official is required by law to act on it, once they have been informed of it. Better not tie them up or hand cuff them unless you have evidence they might be dangerous or violent. It would be better if you have someone else with you to collaborate your actions. You could face kidnapping and/or hostage charges if you screw up. The example I was given by a previous CHP officer (and at the time course leader for traffic school) was someone involved at a highway accident site that was apparently DUI. He told me to just tell them they are under citizen’s arrest and for the offender to stay put, but not to interfere if the person left. Take photos, record the scene, note car license number, but let them go if they want to leave and don’t escalate the situation. Remember, a good defense lawyer will tear you a new one in court, even if you are right, so this is a last resort type of action.

  • Wow sounds like six geniuses
    Limited ways in and out of this county highway 36 being a main artery They must not of took into account the road closure as they were so consumed with greed and/or the thought of easy money 💰 lmfao hey maybe they thought they would blend in possibly related to Albert Einstein

  • Good job to the residents of Burr Valley for turning these idiots in. We dont need their type of scum in our valley. Our trailer is safe for another day

  • Fucking idiots! Like they would’ve been able to sell the pounds anyways! Lol!

  • So my brother was one of the equipment operators that stopped them, and he told me that he and my nephew (who was also there as a flagger) talked to the men, and turns out they only took weed from the guy becuse after working on the grow all year the “victim” pulled a gun and told them to leave with no pay…so they went, and got more guns and guys to take what was theirs…..justified? U decide

    • You believe them? Lol

      • I believe my brother…. the guys were up her from Stockton just taking what was theirs … is there really a robbery if the “victim” flees and doesn’t cooperate? Seem like he should be charged with something too, he shot one of them in the foot.

      • I do. Think about it. Greedy grower puts out a ton of money to go bigger this year because the county gave him the idea when he applied for xxxxx sq ft. After a summer of only putting out and nothing coming in, then with the prices falling and the fear of not even being able to sell the stuff. Grower sits down with his calculator and realized he’s loosing time and money this year. His workers only lost there time. ‘I mean he paid for everything.’He decided to convince himself that they don’t deserve anything. This is the beginning of this. It will go on till January.

    • Hard sayin not knowin

    • Just love all the twisted turns of dope stories. They’re all crooked. How can you report a crime yet flee when LEO arrives? Shady stuff this dope is.

    • This happens. And it will happen more. Growers with very poor management skills hire workers and think they will pay them from weed sales. Then the weed doesn’t sell or something else interrupts cash flow. then the grower says he just can’t pay them. Well…that is unacceptable! Then the grower pays for his mortgage, his own bills, his vacation and still doesn’t pay the workers. “Soon” he says. “Soon!”. ..Cue the Jeffrey Settler story out of Laytonville as just one example. Cue the story of Mikal Wilde shooting workers in Kneeland. Expect much more of this to come as growers cannot manage their lack of cash flow and take advantage of their workers. Stay clear of such idiot scenes. And keep requesting federal aid for eradication as we reclaim our county!

      • I am fairly certain my brother did not owe those kids anything but with so many idiots and versions of stories it is hard to say. One version says he owed one guy $200. Another version claims he paid them $500 a piece and asked them to wait around town for a few days so he could finish paying them. Either way, my brother Did have hustle and would’ve got their $$$ and he didn’t own a bunch of anything. That grow was his dream. He wanted to take our mom to a doctor for her alzheimers. He wanted to help people like he always tried to do. I think the guy at least being pinned with the final blow and most of the stabbing didn’t even know him. Believe whatever. I Know my brother and no matter what murder is wrong.

  • And for some reason they have a problem with growers excercising their 2nd amendment rights while extorting them for tax money.
    Jewlers and all other professionals that deal with valuables are allowed to carry concealed and permitted, but for some reason they cant get their brain to comprehend this

  • Nice photo, Dottie. Got any stories to go with it?

  • Strange why guys from gang infested FRESNO would wanna come way up here?

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Well, pirates are everywhere! Please be prepared to defend yourselves, without endangering your neighbors, your family or your people. Catching a bullet is never a good idea, and starting a gunfight, is probably never worth it either. Use good sense, be alert, do business in groups with people you know.

    I hear aged cannabis makes good insomnia medicine, so when you can’t sell, you will at least be able to sleep…

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    The plant of peace and a flood of comments by terrorist marijuana caliphate members.

    Reading things posted by straight up criminals complaining about red on red crime is pretty funny.

    Soon you’ll be faced with $200 a pound, foreclosed on, & gone!

    Go back to your slums.

  • The robbers were brown , Hispanic, and the victim was white. I don’t see a crime I see the Mexicans just getting what was stolen from them by General George Patton, head of the White Americans during the Mexican War, after the treaty of Guadalupe Hilgardo we cant legally take a crap without a Mexican or a liberal approving. This is according to liberal though in which a Mexican can hurt a white person and it is a non – crime. as a matter of fact we should stop every Mexican we see and hand over our pot to them.
    [Sarcasm ]

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