Six Arrested Charged With Transporting, Conspiracy in Alleged Armed Robbery and Chase on Hwy 36

6 arrested

Top row: Xayadeth, Hai Troung, Ha Troung 2nd row: Rathsamy, Say, and Yoeun


This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Friday, September 15, 2017 at about 11:52 a.m. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the area of Highway 36 at MM 39 for a report of an occupied stolen vehicle being blocked in by construction workers.  While enroute, deputies were advised that four subjects, one who had been shot, had been detained by construction workers on scene. Two additional subjects fled from the vehicle.

Upon arrival, witnesses advised deputies the subjects were being chased by the victim of a robbery. The subjects fled eastbound on Highway 36 in a dark SUV towing a black trailer filled with marijuana. They came upon the closure at MM 39 still being pursued by the victim. The SUV went around the line of traffic and almost ran over the flagger. As the SUV continued through the closure, the construction crew blocked the SUV from continuing with heavy equipment vehicles. Two suspects fled from the SUV and four others were detained by the crew until deputies and officers from the California Highway Patrol arrived on scene.

One subject on scene was treated by medical staff for an apparent grazing gunshot wound to his foot and declined further medical treatment. The following subjects were arrested and transported to the Humboldt Correctional Facility.

Somsack Xayadeth -PC 182 Conspiracy, HS 11360 (a) 2 Transporting/Sale Marijuana
PC 148.9- False Identification to a Peace Officer, Burglary Warrant (Santa Clara County)
Hai Troung – PC 182 Conspiracy, HS 11360 (a) 2 Transporting/Sale Marijuana
Ha Troung – PC 182 Conspiracy, HS 11360 (a) 2 Transporting/Sale Marijuana
Sonesay Rathsamy- PC 182 Conspiracy, HS 11360 (a) 2 Transporting/Sale Marijuana , Federal Probation Hold

At approximately 1626 hrs, citizens in the area reported seeing the possible two subjects who fled earlier, near Burr Valley Rd. Deputies responded and located two subjects matching the description given earlier on Highway 36 at Burr Valley Rd. Those two subjects were taken into custody and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Johndy Say- PC 182 Conspiracy, HS 11360 (a) 2 Transporting/Sale Marijuana, HS 11364- Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, HS 11377 (a) Possession of Methamphetamine
Chanrith Yoeun – PC 182 Conspiracy, HS 11360 (a) 2 Transporting/Sale Marijuana

The victim of the robbery has not been identified at this time, however this investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

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  • lol I wouldn’t say these men are Hispanic

    • Neither would I now. But the witnesses were in the midst of an ongoing situation in which there was a vehicle chase and guns involved. Cut them a bit of a break.

      • Maybe the “witnesses” should cut Hispanics a break by not describing every brown skinned criminal as Hispanic…

        • They would look Hispanic from a distance

        • A) you have a point

          B) reality is that folks try to find labels they know to put on things they are trying to grasp. In this case, folks were still trying to make sense of a confusing situation. The witness I spoke to saw the suspects quickly. When Hispanics make up the largest minority in Humboldt County at 11.3% per the last census and Native Americans the next largest at 6.4% and Asians at 2.9%, it isn’t too surprising the label that came to mind is Hispanic.

          Law enforcement also were relying on first reports. That’s why while first reports are helpful in deciding how to react quickly, often the facts differ from the original information when the investigation is complete

  • the names are not hispanic. i would say asian.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Would bet in Vegas the dope grow was illegal, plus a dope grower isn’t allowed a firearm.

    Hope the dope grower is charged for dope growing, possession of a firearm while dope growing, discharge of a firearm while dope growing, and vigilante actions while dope growing.

    The cops can put them all in jail, take the dope grower’s property, and make them all labor building Trump’s Wall.

    Once the wall is complete, we can empty our jails into Mexico and banish criminals instead of housing them.

    Making America great again begins with ending dope growing and the crime it attracts.

    • Why isn’t a dope grower allowed a firearm? Only people who fall under certain laws aren’t allowed to possess a firearm. There may be something I’m not aware of is why I ask.

      • The firearm restriction is part of the law that was voted in by Calif. voters.

        • Actually it is Federal Laws that prohibit having Firearms at a Marijuana Grow. Look at the BATF Form 4473 when buying a firearm which specifies no marijuana and firearms allowed to mix!

          Plus it is prohibited when applying for and having a California License To Carry A Concealed Weapon.

        • Thank you, I wasn’t aware of that. Every business owner should be able to protect themselves and their family, IMO

      • Pot growers or people in possession or not allowed a firearm because it’s still a felony under federal law,

    • That would be cool, then if I get arrested for something I can just chill in Mexico, and after the u.s. falls apart chump will be stuck on the other side of the wall. Win win

    • Why not ignore the peabrain?

    • Mr. CHUMP. Why do you envy marijuana farmers to the degree that you believe they have no rights to defend themselves and/or their property from THIEVES? You need to educate yourself. Cannibas is not considered “dope” and California voters overwhelmingly have made that clear – as have multiple other States. So, if a group of outlaws desire to steal your vehicle and property and you defend yourself can we send you to prison too? Watch your mouth. You don’t get to pick and choose who has the right to defend themselves. Karma is a BIG BITCH and words have a way of backfiring when you are a righteous and judgmental person. Just sayin.

      • No, you can’t shoot people for stealing property, only if you fear for your life. You can defend property but you can’t kill to keep it. I reckon the “victim” will face charges when the investigation is concluded.

        • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

          Let’s hope so! The victim would have been in violation of federal law.

          Hope the feds pick this case up.

    • Nobody likes you here or there…. Bridge Troll ISP tracking

  • How come there are no charges related to the endangerment of the highway workers? Attempted murder of the flagger?

    • Remember the DA can add charges all the way up to their final court dates. They probably haven’t had time to look at the entire case yet..

  • Cut nobody a break, this is how rumors start. get your facts straight before you open your pie hole, a lot of decent folks can be hurt by this type of action.

  • What a lovely looking bunch!
    They would murder you for 5 bucks, stay safe humboldt, dont hire scumfuck like this either ,
    And do no work fot GT in miranda hes a scumbag and burns his workers, grows shit weed

  • Just another Hmong family business being threatened by law enforcement right, better write the la times again.

  • Those look like some Bad Hombres.
    Wonder what True North has to say about this?

  • Guess the loader/excavator operator took offense at the flagger nearly being run over.

  • Whites can’t tell Hispanic from asian….
    Whole new cartel robbing from farmers now days…. keep it locked n loaded!

    • they were trimmers who were being ripped off by the grower who somehow happened to get away.
      Was it because he had a gun or was maybe white or both?

  • Somewhere in this mess there has to be a Toyota involved.

  • Hope LEO knows who the idiot driver was in the mugshots…Bottom row in the middle with goatee. 100 percent certain!!! Lucky no one was killed or seriously injured. Go Mercer Frasier Boys.

  • Do they have the epicanthic fold?….. bookum Danno!

    • ep·i·can·thic
      denoting a fold of skin from the upper eyelid covering the inner angle of the eye, typical in many peoples of eastern Asia and found as a congenital abnormality elsewhere.

  • Don’t they look like a group of humong s finest citizens I wonder if any of them have there papers, and if so the cops probably didn’t check there migration status.

    • their
      all of the above

    • These guys are Laotian for sure. Top left was at a trim I worked. His girlfriend is still up here working in garberville area. Heavy set Americanized Laotian goes by cyndi and is with another girl who goes by the name asia

  • There are three types of people in the world. The Good, Bad and the ugly, Those six are of the last two
    categories.I hope they Hang em high. Yea i’m an Fan of Eastwood .

  • In Vietnam, there was a pervasive rumor that the Hmong were cannibals. I never considered this anything other than a rumor and never met anyone who could confirm or refute. Does anyone out there know anything about this or anything reliable about cannibalism in SE Asia?

    • Check out “The Rape of Nanking.” (book) It’s true. It was one of the ways the Japanese tried to hide the mortality rate of their invasion of China.
      I’m not saying that the Hmong did this; just saying there is history.
      See podcast: “The history of WWII.

    • The Hmong, also known as Montagnards, are the indigenous people of the Central Highlands of the Nam and Eastern Laos. They fought with us during the war and because of that many were allowed to emmigrate here afterwards. They are not Vietnamese and have their own distinct language. Good people with a fascinating culture. But they’re not cannibals. What the Japanese Army did in Nanking was unfathomable. I’ve not heard of cannabalism there but it wouldn’t surprise me. They threw babies in the air for bayonet practice on moving targets.

      • “Good people” I know of someone who would disagree with you 😂

        • I have had a lot of contact with the Hmong over many decades and find them a good people. Sure, like always bad apples can be found in any group.

          They fought with us against Communism and deserve respect for that. The perps here don’t seem to Hmong but more likely Cambodian. What’s your beef with the Hmong?

          • I was referring to the person who got robbed, personally I don’t have any problem with Them, I know a few who are nice and a few who are scumbags, all the older ones I know are really sweet, the majority of the younger generation seem to have an attitude problem, just like any other group.

  • They look super SPUN

  • Why is it that whenever an ethnic minority is mentioned in any article some chump assumes that they are an illegal? First off there are more non whites than whites in California. 62% of California’s population are “minorities”. Only 6% of our population are undocumented immigrants. That means 90% of minorities are here legally. So please keep your racist comments about the wall and deporting people to yourself.

  • Looks like the trimmer chicks are calling their men in.

  • While we’re talking about cases of mistaken identity, I just want to point out that Bulgarians in the Emerald Triangle have gotten a bum rap! I know that a few were rounded up in Round Valley last year, but can anyone tell me when any Bulgarian nationals have been arrested since? Cmon people, Bulgarian Lives Matter!

  • I like zebras 😊

  • All of the hill people in the central highlands were hired to fight by both the French and America. We used to see them up in the mountains, the most remarkable feature is that many of the women went topless. There was a great deal of racism in Vietnam, the Viets, especially those with money, would have nothing to do with the Viets that worked the fields. Ethnic Chinese and the hill people were considered inferior by the aristocrats. Some of the best opiumin the world is grown by these hill people.

  • All white people are racist

  • Tell me there is no such thing as Humong cartel. These guys are criminal scum out robbing.Send them all home.does that sound racist?


  • My fffing Cambodian wife says that they are Thai and Vietnamese.

  • Don’t they eat dogs and cats?

  • So how much fkn weed did they steal?!?!? Gawd, enough about their nationality and the history of Southeast Asia, we get it.

  • Look how is it that the construction workers know that this vehicle was stolen from what I heard is officers responding to a stolen car being blocked in but how is it stolen if no reports. On this car being stolen or no reports on a armed burglury. So it’s all stereo typing and the alleged shooter got away and the person that took the trailer and the car who’s to say it was theirs. All we know is they could be innocent civilians people wrongly accused because their skin color is darker. If u really want to brake it down and raise ur children with raceisum then let me put it like this for all u dumb fools this land belonged to the Mexican Indians u so the only people that should be deported is u white people not Mexican not Indian but u shot talkers and Donald Trump. This dumb was man has money their for u stupid people follow his lead not knowing u look so stupid thinking this is ur country. So if u really want to talk shit smell urs first before u start judging others cause wen ur trial day come may u sit in their shoes and others accuse u that s the day u realise how all human shot the same and u r no one to judge or that humble county is wrongfully accusing people of armed robbery and stolen car but the police dispatch has no reports of any robbery so that I witness stated things that were never report and y don’t they ask were this robbery took place. No location but they state armed robbery that’s funny they running for their lives and this witness knows that they r armed robbers and their in a stolen vehicle. How does this witness conclude this information but don’t know the location. It took place I think it’s just people who r races. What happen to this shooter that great I’m going to say u can drive put life in danger and shoot at people and the ones. Shot at go to jail and the shooter goes free with who knows who stuff. No police report humble is a set up just to burn people who r passing through. But if these people were white it would be diffrent

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