[UPDATE 6:37 p.m.] Sheriff’s Office Warns Travelers and Residents Along Hwy 36 of Two Hispanic Men That Are Possibly Armed and Dangerous

“Be very very careful out there,” warns Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. At least two Hispanic males fled from an armed robbery and law enforcement around noon today. Their vehicle was stopped by a construction crew while they were being chased by their alleged victim along Hwy 36 about mile marker 38 and four other suspects were detained by a construction crew until law enforcement could arrive. But at least two men fled.

One of the suspects is possibly armed, Fridley said.

“They don’t know the area,” he said. “They’re from down south.” He is worried that they will “pop back on the road” as they don’t have any knowledge of the countryside. “I don’t want anyone picking them up,” he said. “If you see someone suspicious at your house, call 911.”

According to Fridley and other sources, it is believed the suspects stole marijuana and fled after an altercation with the grower in which at least one of the suspects was shot in the ankle receiving minor injuries.

CHP Officers examine the suspect vehicle.

Law enforcement officers examine the suspect vehicle. [Photo provided by a witness]

The suspects then fled in an SUV pulling a trailer with the stolen marijuana, and after attempting to crash through a construction site, they were stopped by the construction crews. Four, including the wounded man, were detained until law enforcement could arrive. But at least one and possibly two other Hispanic males fled on foot. They may have been armed.

Just as we were getting ready to publish, we heard on the scanner that it is possible that two were seen on Burr Valley Road at approximately 4:25 p.m. One subject had a backpack and one without, according to a report that dispatch relayed to officers. Officers are responding reportedly one man has a shaved head and shorts and the other has long hair and long pants. However, these may not be the two sought.

Here’s another description of the two that came over the scanner:

UPDATE 6:37 p.m.: Sheriff’s Department Captures Two Suspects in Marijuana Armed Robbery With Help of Tips From Burr Valley Residents

Earlier Chapter: Fleeing Armed Robbers Stopped by Construction Crew on Hwy 36



  • Nice job construction worker’s

    • Hey biglouie, the word “workers” is already pluralised, meaning more than one worker. Putting a possessive apostrophe on it (worker’s) means: “something that belongs to the ascribed workers”.

  • Was the “victim” permitted (doesn’t sound like it, since he ran)? Otherwise he’s a criminal and who gives a shot what happens between criminals.

  • Nice job.”UP TOP”

  • Those guys are so screwed.

  • Nothing to see here folks move on along to the next post I’m sure they are just a couple of nice wayward Dreamer kids needing some assistance. The Grower they ripped voted for Brown and Hoffman so it is all ok just some hurt feelings peace and Love Ta,ta!!!!!!!!!

  • Asians..not Mexican.
    From Laos
    100 percent its Laotian guys

  • Thanks Kym for the heads-up hubby and I have a trailer up burr valley rd. Was going up there to check on it this week-end, but its opening week-end of rifle season for deer,. Best to stay away from HWY 36 this week-end

  • Between the Growers, rip-offs and those godforsaken Deer hunters you better stay in Fortuna and just watch the tweakers having some stimulating fun teasing the Heroin addicts and drunks.

  • Guns and marijuana again. Oh wait, doesn’t marijuana mellow everyone out?

  • Hey HSCO and Kym, how come we don’t get notifications like this when this type of thing happens in Shelter Cove or SoHum? 3 times this year there has been a BOLO for either an armed suspect or a wanted violent felon and there had been ZERO news release until the next day at the earliest. 2 times in Shelter Cove, one time in China Creek. What gives? How come the HCSO doesn’t notify the public down here when there is a violent suspect on the loose? Seargent Taylor….you have something to say? It is for this reason that I have to install a security system on our house and teach my wife how to shoot a handgun, because I don’t fee safe when there is real violent criminals on the lamb. But you can dump all our tax dollars into cannabis enforcement. Every penny. No money for schools. No money for roads. Just money to cut down weed. F**K you guys.

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