[UPDATE 8:13 p.m.] Day 9: Lightning Fires


Johnson Fire From Forest Road #1 in the Route Complex. [Photo provided by InciWeb]

Since the fires sparked by one of the worst lightning storms to hit Northern California began a week ago yesterday, we’ve been keeping a running post on the situation. Here’s today’s information as we discover it.

First, good news to start the day! Hwy 20 and 16 in Lake Co. are set to reopen at 10 a.m.

Then the bad news: The National Weather Service is predicting a SLIGHT chance of thundershowers this afternoon.

Below is our quick overview of the fires. As we update each incident throughout the day, we’ll note the time the facts were posted so you can quickly see if there is something new on the fires you need to know. (Have you been wondering what is meant by mandatory vs precautionary evacuations. Here’s a video from the Trinity County Sheriff explaining the terms.) (Newest maps of the fires here)

  • Backburning along Hwy 3 [Photo from InciWeb]

    Backburning along Hwy 3 [Photo from InciWeb]

    Fork Complex (Trinty Pines and north to Hayfork):(Current as of 3:46 p.m.) 15,184 acres burned and 9% contained. Total Personnel: 1,349.  “Significant fire behavior observed today was minimal backing, isolated torching, and minimal backing..” (More info here)
  • Gasquet Fire: (Current as of 11 a.m.) 1043 acres burned and 2% containment. “Thunderstorms are predicted to remain well east of the complex today.”(More info here)
  • Humboldt Complex (Alderpoint and surroundings):(Current as of 7:46 p.m.) 4,458 acres burned and 40% contained. Structures Destroyed:  4 outbuildings. Firefighter injuries to date: 7 Total Personnel: 1,496. “Fire growth is not anticipated on the Blocksburg, Bluford, Dobbyn, Wildcat or Winchester Fires.” (More info here)
  • vd2015_08_06-

    Ruth Lake 8/6 [Photo from InciWeb]

    Mad River Complex (Ruth Lake and Surroundings):(Current as of 3 p.m.) 17,041 acres burned and 20% contained. “The low pressure system will bring the chance of thunderstorms and a chance of lightning. If the thunderstorms develop, the outflow winds and lightning associated with them could spread the fire laterally, put the fire into alignment for uphill runs and initiate new fires.” (More info here) Telephone number for the public information officer is 707-574-6289. The meeting on Saturday is at 11:00 a.m. at the Lamb Creek Christian Center in Mad River.
River 2015_08_06-

The Fireline Along The 7n26 Road [Photo from InciWeb]

  • River Complex:(Current as of 7:35 p.m.) 12,524 burned and 8% contained. “Strong inversion over the fire again today limiting visibility and moderating fire behavior..” (More info here) Telephone number for the public information officer 530-276-8559.
  • Rocky Fire (Lake County): (Current as of 8 a.m.) 69,600 acres burned and 50% contained, 43 residences, 53 outbuildings destroyed; 8 structures damaged.  “” (More info here)  Telephone number for the public information officer is (707) 967-4207.

Buck Fire which is part of the Route Complex. [Photo from InciWeb]

  • Route Complex (south and west of Hyampom and Buck Mt. area):(Current as of 8 p.m.) 16,362 acres burned and 10% contained. “Elevated potential for increased fire behavior and fire growth due to increased potential for thunderstorm development, instability, and forecasted higher winds. The potential for crown fire runs exists due to roll out from slope reversal.”(More info here.) The second meeting will start Saturday, August 8, 11:00 a.m., in Mad River at the Lamb Creek Christian Center, located at the junction of Highway 36 and Forest Service Road 1.Telephone number for the public information officer is 707-574-6865.
  • South Complex (north and west of Hyampom):(Current as of 7:30 p.m.) 15,496 acres burned and 9% containment. “A cooling trend is predicted on Saturday and Sunday, but moderate to strong northwest breezes are expected each afternoon.” (More info here)

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And, if you want a reminder of what this is all about, go see the incredible and short video of the Pine Fire raging as Miranda VFD laid hose. [Click here to view.]

night Miranda VFD

Miranda VFD on the frontlines of the Pine Fire last night. [Photo from Miranda VFD]

UPDATE 10:56 a.m.: Smokey day…

UPDATE 10:59 a.m.:

UPDATE 8:11 p.m.: Stories from the fire:

UPDATE 8:17 p.m.: More fire coverage from KMUD News.


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