20 Year Old McKinleyville Woman Killed in Crash North of Leggett

Last night’s crash just north of Leggett that closed 101 for a short time left a 20 year old McKinleyville woman, Amanda Sue Klemm, dead. According to the Ukiah Daily Journal, the vehicle Klemm was a passenger in plunged over the road a quarter mile south of Jitney Gulch Bridge about 10:30 last night in heavy rain. The truck rolled over and landed submerged in the South Fork of the Eel River.  The driver, Noah Joseph Carter, 19, of Eureka, escaped and managed to flag down help. But Klemm was unable to escape.  It is unknown if she died of injuries or as the result of drowning.

The UDJ story states the accident happened about 10:30 last night, that the road was closed for around 45 minutes and that the road was reopened at 3:45 am (presumably it closed around 3am then.)   The Twitter for  the local CHP shows the call coming in somewhere around 11 with Coast Guard, CalFire, ambulance, and Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue called to assist.


Photo from SHTR facebook site at another river rescue.



  • laurapainecarr

    Ohh. I am so sorry to read this. Blessing all hearts.

  • Oh, Kym, that’s a heartwrencher.

    • Jen, If I didn’t already know you were the mother of young adults, I’d know by your response here. God, my heart clenched when I heard. Those families, that young man–they are in for a terrible time.

  • So sad, every mother’s greatest fear.

  • so sad lives just gone heart breaking

  • I bet that young man is in a dark place right now…

  • You have no freakin clue. My brother rolled down a 400 ft cliff into freezing waters where he sank in that truck. He couldn’t get his seatbelt free and when he finally did, he was 20 feet below water. He finally got out, tried multiple times to rescue Amanda, to no avail. He climbed that cliff and tried to flag down over 10 cars who ignored him as he lay in the middle of the road freezing from hypothermia. Thank God for that man that stopped for him.
    May God comfort the families of both Amanda and Noah.

    • Shaye, I’m sorry for your brother’s pain and for the pain of Amanda’s friends and family. What a terrible day for you all.

    • My heart goes out to all of those involved and effected. Please tell your brother that Brandee is very sorry and wishes she could speak with him. This has been a very tragic accident. I appreciate to know that Noah is such a very brave young man. Thank you to all of those who were able to help with the rescue. My deepest and most sincere condolences. I love you Amanda and miss you terrible already.

  • So tragic in so many ways. There are times when there are just no comforting words or things that can be done to bring peace and comfort. The grief can only be handled one minute at a time. I hope that all of the folks in grief will find that time will ease their pain.

    Something that I should say to the rest of us locals in southern Humboldt and northern Mendocino is how very lucky we are to have a technical rescue team. Difficult over the bank rescues in places like the bluff that this vehicle went over would be impossible without them. They can put themselves on scene, with rappelling ropes, at the river, with relative ease and swiftness. If that poor young lady would have been alive, the tech rescue team would have been her main hope for survival.

    The tech rescue team is the cream of the best of the southern Humboldt Fire departments. They are the standard by which others are judged. We are so lucky to have them.

  • Sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to the young man, he gave a valiant effort im sure.

  • I was in the CNA class with Noah and Amanda that we all just finished. She was always smiling in class and we all had a lot of fun as a group. It breaks my heart to hear of something like this. Im very glad Noah made it out okay and im sure he did everything he could to help. This is such a tragic event, i still cant believe it. Both of their families are going to be filled with prayers.

  • that was my cuz

  • i miss her

  • I Amanda’s mom want to say thank you for posts. It is a hard ROAD and being mamma duck to her friends is a blessing while still hard seeing there lives continue with what my daughter was wanting in life. Either one can let it bring them into a bad spot in life or look at her purpose was obtainable at a young age looking at all the foot steps that are left.

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