Funnel Cloud (Tornado?) Touches Down Just Off San Francisco

[youtube=]   According to the person, known as Neorick who posted this on YouTube,”This video was taken this morning 03/18/11 9:24 am. I was looking outside my window. There was a very dark cloud and there it was.”  Then he added, “A Small Funnel was developing and touched down at ocean beach. Thank goodness it hit the water instead of

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Logs on the Eel River: What do they say about Logging Practices?

The Humboldt Standard January 31, 1958 Fifty years Ago Today The rain pouring down outside melting several inches of snow reminds me of the floods we used to have here in Humboldt in the Sixties and Seventies. And the logs that floated down those raging waters. They were huge and there were lots of them. Two of our best sources

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Storm Damage

Unfortunately, the beautiful Miranda Gardens Motel had a Redwood tree fall on it crushing the awning and the office. I hope that their insurance covers the damage. Although I don’t know the owners, friends have spoken highly of them. I hear rains and high winds are going to continue through the weekend. On their blog, Carol and Greg are reminding

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