To Mask or Not to Mask, That Is the Question: Dr. Hoffman Offers Guidance for Businesses on Signage About Masking and More

To mask or not to mask

To mask or not to mask, that is the question. [Stock image from Can Stock Photo]

The Board of Supervisors was briefed Tuesday morning by Humboldt County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman, and learned that new regulations are being put in place by the state of California, following the direction of CAL-OSHA.  New posters for businesses, new requirements for employers, and ongoing hospitalizations were discussed. 

mask wearing poster

Poster showing one of three masking options signs. The others are below.

New CAL-OSHA rules adopted by the Governor this week require employers to inform the state of their employee’s vaccination status and offered several different options.  Business owners have the option to allow employees who are fully vaxxed to be unmasked.  “There are three options for business owners to inform those who are fully vaccinated what to do in their establishment,” explained Dr. Hoffman.  Local businesses will need to decide how to collect this information from their staff.  Additional details are expected to come soon, in regard to the process of supplying this data to the State of California. 

The three options for businesses in regard to masking are either to “self-attest,” wearing a mask or not – basically choosing the honor system, for an employer to require a person to show proof of vaccination before removing their mask upon entry, or to effectively avoid any declaration as to vaccination status by simply requiring everyone to mask up regardless.

This poster option explains to visitors that proof of vaccination is expected,  if a member of the public wants to enter without a mask. 

This poster option explains to visitors that proof of vaccination is expected, 
if a member of the public wants to enter without a mask.

Employers are being asked to maintain confidential records of vaccination status for any employee not wearing a face covering, and to report vaccination status of employees to the state. 

The three ways of providing employee COVID-19 vaccination data to the state are:

  1. Employees can offer proof of vaccination, and employers maintain a copy. 
  2. Employees offer proof of vaccination, but the employer only maintains a record of the employees who presented proof, not the vaccine record itself.
  3. Employees “self-attest” to vaccination status on a good-faith understanding, and the employer maintains a record of who self-attests.

New signage provided by the county offers three options to business owners, and these posters can be downloaded and printed from a press release issued by the Joint Information Center recently.

The third poster option simply requires masking of all people entering the business or workplace.  

The third poster option simply requires masking of all people entering the business or workplace.

Dr. Hoffman quickly laid out the new points to be aware of in regard to masking and public policy changes locally following the June 15th reopening.  

Some of the more notable adjustments to public policy are as follows: 

  • Only unvaccinated workers are required to wear face coverings inside at work. 
  • Vaccinated employees don’t need to wear face coverings.
  • Nobody is required to wear face coverings outside any longer, but… 
  • When in “high-risk settings such as health care facilities and during workplace outbreaks, all employees must wear face coverings indoors and outdoors when physical distancing cannot be maintained.”
  • Vaccinated workers without symptoms of COVID-19 do not have to be tested, and don’t need to quarantine after an exposure to the virus.
  • Physical distancing and physical barriers like plexiglass are no longer required, unless there’s a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace.
  • On request, employers must provide unvaccinated employees with respirators, for free and voluntary use.
  • Employers have to offer “no cost testing” for COVID-19, during paid time, to unvaccinated employees if they develop symptoms or are exposed to the virus.
  • Employers also have to offer “no cost testing” to vaccinated employees who develop symptoms, unvaccinated employees in an outbreak, and all employees in a major outbreak.  

Dr. Hoffman also noted that many local businesses may be choosing to maintain masking policies, and that new signage is being made by the Joint Information Center to reflect changes in policy, offering a fresh take on masking for businesses.  Still emphasizing the availability of vaccines across the county, the county health officer noted that the rate of hospitalizations locally has slightly slowed, but may be picking up in the coming weeks as a result of increased social activity and long-awaited summer events.  

In regard to the revised CAL-OSHA workplace regulations, the state also now requires that employers provide N95 face masks to employees who decline to be vaccinated, and therefore still need to wear a mask in public spaces and at work. Healthcare spaces, correctional facilities, detention centers, K-12 schools, shelters, and other similar congregate settings will still be required to keep masking regulations in place.  

The only county Supervisor to comment on the weekly report, Supervisor Wlison noted that currently thirteen people are hospitalized with COVID-19, and encouraged community members to “be respectful to local businesses” in regard to their individual masking policies.  

The only county Supervisor to comment on the weekly report, Supervisor Wlison noted that currently thirteen people are hospitalized with COVID-19, and encouraged community members to “be respectful to local businesses” in regard to their individual masking policies.



  • Confused?

    Does your wife insist on wearing a face-rag when the Governor says you don’t have to?

    Concerned about variants?

    Don’t know what to do?

    This is simple! Get vaccinated!

    You live in a county where only half of the residents took the vaccine!

    The Gen Pop in the USA has a vaccine uptake of less than 70%!

    Do what you like, COVID isn’t going away… It looks like the government wants to wash its hands (or sanitize them), but, if we ignore what’s left of a serious Respiratory Infection, we still might get an overwhelming medical problem…

    We hope you are feeling sufficiently guided by missives from Dr Hoffman, but you, are on your own!

    Protect yourself, protect your people. Get tested if you feel sick, wear a face-rag if you want to, and, for more security in daily life, follow recommendations regarding vaccination!

    The COVID Vaccine is a damn miracle! Do the most sensible thing! Get it today!

    • DDT was a damn miracle too.

      Like Glyphosate and Thalidomide.
      Raptiva, Rezulin, Seldane, Meridia, Accutane, Vioxx Ergamisol, Duract, Cylert, Bextra, Lipitor OR Crestor….


      The ridiculous experimental injections have only emergency authorization, and it baffles my mind the real time 3rd stage human trials taking place and the myriad known and yet unknown side effects and death that are the result.

      Some people who lack critical thinking skills assume that an FDA “stamp of approval” means that a product is the last word on safety, BUT about a third of the drugs the FDA approved between just between 2001 and 2010 were involved in some kind of safety event after reaching the market.

      And if you dig deeper in history, the list of dangerous or DEADLY formerly “approved” and touted as gd “miracles” is over 6000 products /medicines.

      Scepticism is HEALTHY.

      • DDT is a chlorinated biphenyl very similar to our local dioxins that were created by burning treated lumber in the conical burners. comparing the Chemical Manufacturing Association to the FDA seems appropriate for you. DDT did get rid of the bedbugs for about 80 years. bedbugs were so bad that every urban dwelling had them and it looks like that will repeat in the near future.

      • Skepticism is healthy indeed! For instance, I tend to be skeptical of ‘news’ sources and individuals who are anti-science, and who have been proven to make things up in the past. (Thats why I’m skeptical right? They’ve lied before!)

        Conspiracies, cannibalistic pedo-societies that have somehow eluded our notice for decades, secret cabals, 5G and Jewish Space Lasers all seem to be favorites now of those ‘skeptical’ of a drug manufactured and studied on a global scale.

        And yet somehow, tens of thousands of researchers, lab technicians, specialists, nurses and doctors have all kept the REAL secret!

        Anon, glad you love that term ‘Critical thinking’ so much. Its a good one!

        …..Perhaps try a bit more?

        • Says you.

          I’ll take my cue from the millions of other critical thinkers who are refusing this ruse.

          There’s a difference between knowing how to think (critically,) and being told what to think.

          But alas, for unknown reasons my comments are now on moderation (?) so like a message in a bottle they may bob your way eventually. . .

          • Insulting other commenters repeatedly.

            • Interesting pov.

              Discrediting ideas are taken as an insult? Doing the best I can over here. I never call names, and that routinely happens unimpeded around here …so like I’ve said before; your rules dance floor seems slippery. Bobbing out . Love, 💜.

    • Correct, the corona has been here for a long time and will remain here for a long time. Do whatever you want, triple mask, wipe down them groceries, buy all the toilet paper you can, shelter in place for another year, these are all life saving techniques. Just more ridiculousness , let it go. If telemarketers, advertisements, celebrities and you haven’t swayed the low risk younger crowd into getting the vaccine I don’t know why? The younger crowd needs to quit thinking for themselves, this is ridiculous.

    • Death rates have been the same average for the last 3 years. There has been no mass covid genocide, only hype and fear campaigns.

      Check the statistics on CDC website and prove me wrong.

    • This is America. I love my freedoms. I will take my money elsewhere!!!! Are we all having voter remorse yet. Get these idiots out of office!!! Why do you need me to be vaccinated if you are vaccinated. Sounds pretty dumb. If you are scared get the shot.

      • Because herd immunity is needed to protect those who cannot vaccinate – currently all children under 12, cancer patients, some with auto immune disorders, etc. there is also preliminary evidence that the vaccine isn’t very effective for organ recipients, so protecting them too. Further, the more the virus has opportunity to transmit the more it can variate, which could be to the point vaccines are no longer effective against it.

        Though this has all been repeated and explained in numerous news releases and backed by numerous studies riddled with data so if you can’t comprehend it by now I don’t know why I’m even trying. “Sounds pretty dumb” really that you don’t get this by now. Don’t get the shot but don’t complain about masks or social distancing if you’re not going to be part of ending this pandemic.

        • So all these children under 12 that die from covid is because we don’t get a new rushed vaccine shot into our bodies?! Btwhow many young children die from covid? It is exactly your form of authoritarian fear-spreading that feeds the conspiracies and keeps vax rates low. Maybe check out your own line of logic before preaching

        • I think you need a refresher on what herd immunity is Lazy.

          Or at least was prior to the big bad.

          The idea’s been around for a while. Long before experimental jabs.

    • Not to MASK!!!!! Self attest!!!!

    • Why a "face rag"?

      Can you not get a mask?

    • Recommendations from WHO.

    • Jim’s Guest Is Someone Else’s Wife

      Not cool to push experimental drugs on people. Do you encourage people to do heroin or fentanyl?

    • The vacciNE is no where near the miracle you think it is.

      Think for yourself, and not for others

  • If a business even asks me about my medical status I will take my money elsewhere and never go there again. Half of the County is the same and most of us are the ones with money to spend.

    Choose wisely before you insult your customers.

    • Agreed. I went to Ramone’s yesterday and they were requiring everyone to continue to mask up and STILL do not allow indoor seating, so I went to Old Town Coffee and Chocolates where I was not required to wear a mask and I was able to sit inside.

  • Anyone who wears a mask still is either an idiot or extremely ugly.

    Prove me wrong.

    • “Anyone”


    • You don’t wear a mask? What are you, some vaccinated, candy-ass Biden-voter?

      • In my 1911 I trust

        No I’m someone who doesn’t mask or get vaccinated. I’m one of the many who survived COVID. Should’ve gone out and gotten it when you had the chance, now no vaccine OR mask necessary for me. Crushed the pandemic, enjoy your way of handling and I’ll enjoy mine

    • I guess ignorance is bliss, why do you care what other people do? It’s their right just like it’s your right to be a dip ship. I could care less what other people do we all watch out for our own person. But your comment is just ignorant

  • HSU grad’s comments are a contributing factor as to why we are still tackling this medical issue after all these months. “Most of us are the ones with money to spend”, so the health and welfare of business owners and the people who work for them should take a back seat to this person’s inflated self worth. Advice- wear a mask, get a shot, and try to look beyond yourself.

    • I’ll wear a mask in local businesses in order to not waste my time in a needless confrontation for a short period of shopping.
      I will not get vaccinated, especially after three of my close friends’ prior medical conditions worsened shortly after being fully vaccinated, and their having to be hospitalized, to much of a coincidence for taste.

      • That’s amazing. I know at least 30 people or more that have been vaccinated , some with serious prior medical conditions that have had no side affects, yet you have three friends that were hospitalized and are in the hospital. What are the odds?????

        • The odds are zero, unless their friends are all major hypochondriacs. I have all kinds of little health issues, and none were exacerbated by the vaxx. In fact, I had no side effects from getting the shot, including no pain on or after administration (kudos to one-shot-and-done J&J vaxx!).

        • Just coincidences…….what this Canadian doctor heard when reporting incidents that occurred to several of his patients after he administered a covid vaccine to them.

          “Hoffe says he asked the vaccine safety specialist in an online meeting, “What is causing all these neurological changes in my patients?” The answer he received “to put it in a nutshell,” he said, was: “These are all coincidences. These are nothing to do with the vaccine. These were just going to happen. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Just like people can have blood clots, people die, people get Bell’s Palsy.”

          “He pointed out to the specialist that his six cases with very similar symptoms and long-term neurological problems, all happened within 72 hours of taking Moderna’s Messenger RNA injection, “To say these are all just coincidences to me makes…you have to have a lot of faith to believe that, I think.”

          “I unfortunately got reprimanded by the local health authority for causing ‘vaccine hesitancy’,” he said. “They told me that they would be reporting me to the College of Physicians and Surgeons [the Provincial licensing body for medical professionals] and that I was not allowed to say anything negative about this vaccine in our health facility.”

          Then this later article about the same doctor.

          “Canadian doctor removed from hospital duty after speaking out about COVID vaccine side effects”

          Dr. Charles Hoffe said he was suspended ‘for the crime of causing ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ for speaking out about my vaccine injured patients.’
          “These were three previously healthy people whose lives have now been ruined by this experiment,” Hoffe emphasized.

          This makes me think more about my three friends who were hospitalized after being fully vaccinated.

          • I mentioned noticing neurological problems in people I have known for years after them talking about getting the vaccine
            long ago.

            It’s real.

            Sorry about your friends.

            Some of mine are no longer the same either.

            Biden got his first jab
            He got his second 1-11-2021.

            Need I say more?

            I will say this though, he did just say goodbye to his beloved German Shepherd.

            A 13 year best friend.

            That’s enough to tear a guy up for a while in itself.

            Anyone with a heart that is.

    • Your advice is why I would never live anywhere near such fear.

      Haven’t seen a mask around here for quite a while.

      Not one at a Party in the Park where hundreds were gathered. Lots of hugs too!

      None required in Redding either.

      But by all means, own your fear.

    • Old Broad is unaware that the virus is not dangerous to our health any more than the annual flu, and that masks do not impact its spread at all.

      These are both facts – widely available from the highest authorities like Harvard and the CDC.

  • I can only see big pharma as the winner in this push to get everyone vaccinated, with a 99.996 percent covid survival rate in Humboldt county, they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Math time! 49 deaths out of 4,508 cases is not 99.996% survival rate. That’s actually pretty close to the survival rate of the vaccines, though!

      • Circling back to the “test” again Geist, which makes your fav numbers worthless.

        Maybe total all-cause deaths could be our only true yardstick. Maybe.

      • It’s actually 99.96% survival rate for Covid19, if you compare the deaths to the entire population of Humboldt.

        Assuming not everyone gets it.

        Dodging the bullet is surviving it.

        The chance in Humboldt of not surviving Covid19 is .0003651648


        The chance of dying from the vaccine plus dying from Covid19 anyway after the vaccine,
        is .00186%

        So the vaccine improves your chances 20 times, average.

        Some it will help much more, some much less.

        It could save some, to be certain.

        Some, it won’t help at all.

        And for others it could surely do more harm than good.

        It must be carefully considered.

        • Getting shot in the face with a 12 gauge would appear to be almost completely harmless if you measured that way.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            It is. I’ve gone over 3 decades on this planet, and although I’ve had a 12 gauge pointed at my face a couple times, never been shot, so like guest said, dodging the bullet is surviving. You would also be surprised how many people survive a 12 gauge to the face, most people load bird shot, and although it will permanently disfigure someone, extremely survivable.

            It seems as though people have started to doubt humans’ ability to survive, even though we are the most dominant species on the planet. We are pretty hard to kill.

        • Thanks Guest.

          And then there’s this.

          May-June 14th 2021

          649 breakthrough fatalities due to covid.

          Jan.-April 2021

          152 breakthrough fatalities due to covid.

          “Hospitalized or fatal COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC as of June 14, 2021
          As of June 14, 2021, more than 144 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

          During the same time, CDC received reports from 47 U.S. states and territories of 3,729 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection who were hospitalized or died.

          Total number of vaccine breakthrough infections reported to CDC
          Hospitalized or fatal vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC 3,729
          Female 1,830 (49%)
          People aged ≥65 years 2,856 (77%)
          Asymptomatic infections 683 (18%)
          Hospitalizations* 3,538 (95%)
          Deaths† 671 (18%)
          *916 (26%) of 3,538 hospitalizations reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19.
          †122 (18%) of 671 fatal cases reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19.

          Previous data on all vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC from January–April 2021 are available.”

          “Jan.-April 2021

          A total of 10,262 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30, 2021. Among these cases, 6,446 (63%) occurred in females, and the median patient age was 58 years (interquartile range = 40–74 years). Based on preliminary data, 2,725 (27%) vaccine breakthrough infections were asymptomatic, 995 (10%) patients were known to be hospitalized, and 160 (2%) patients died. Among the 995 hospitalized patients, 289 (29%) were asymptomatic or hospitalized for a reason unrelated to COVID-19. The median age of patients who died was 82 years (interquartile range = 71–89 years); 28 (18%) decedents were asymptomatic or died from a cause unrelated to COVID-19. ”

          • I remember the second half
            of that info as being from being at the 101 million fully vaxxed mark.

            They leave that out now.

            Because if you look, you’ll see that the fully vaxxed rate went up only 43%,
            (101M to 144M), but the Breakthrough Cases went up 223% (1155 to 3729).

      • If you use CFI more than once after you’ve been informed of how inaccurate it is, your Mathematical opinions are irrelevant. As In not useful to anyone for any reason. I’m getting tired of explaining this . But if you still have a problem understanding how using accurate numbers is important in math equations, even simple ones I can refer you to a tutor.I am a advocate for education. It’s not just people on one side spreading misinformation and blatant lies

        • Deaths to population is based on pretty solid numbers.

          Not sure what CFI even is.

          • Exactly Guest. As the breakthrough infection rate is calculated out of the total population of vaxxed
            instead of the total population of the tested as is the regular infection rate, yours is actually a more true comparison.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            It’s a Case Fatality Infection. So far have been none of those, sounds like an extremely serious disease.

  • i havent been wearing a mask for a few weeks now and neither has anyone else i know. most of the stores i go into these days has only a small fractionof folks still wearing their comfort face thingy. i only know a handful of individuals who got the chemical cocktail in their arms and they are mostly the type to keep wearing it anyway as a symbolic gesture of their ideologies.

    when is the point where i and everyone i care about are supposed to get sick and die? is that before or after the implementation of a digital vaccine social credit score? hopefully before so i dont have to watch everything i love be destroyed by totalitarian loving technocrats and their minions. 🤞

  • But no one has told us how long that the vaccines last . The most common number that I hear is 6 months. How many of you were vaccinated more than 6 months ago ? Are you now “not” fully vaccinated ?!? Here is some more info from an article that I read this morning concerning “fully vaccinated” people Nearly 4,000 Fully Vaccinated People in Massachusetts Test Positive for COVID-19 Epoch News 6/23/21

  • I smell a lawsuit

  • A group of parents in Gainesville, FL, sent 6 face masks to a lab at the University of Florida, requesting an analysis of contaminants found on the masks after they had been worn.

    • Dangerous pathogens can be found on just about any surface. Of course the outside of a mask is not a concerning place to find them.

      • Freshly laundered with one school day of use.

        Deadly pathogens aren’t usually hanging out in a medium I’m breathing through.

    • If you sent used toilet paper to a lab, they would probably find pathogens on that, too.

      • Is that what you wear on your face?

        Because it would probably make you ill.

        • Masks are either washable or disposable, genius.

          • K, genius, had you read the article, the masks were washed.

          • Angela Robinson

            It’s like underwear.

            We have more than one mask, in fact several, just like we have several pairs of underwear.

            The most filthy mask I have ever seen was from an anti-masker. One of those blue cheap masks. He very begrudgingly wore it because the places he need to go required them. He came by the house and I gave him one of our cloth masks, made him take one (straight out of the package it came in, new), because his mask was visibly disgusting. I shudder to think about his underwear.

    • Dangerous pathogens are everywhere.

      One is called Covid.

      Wearing masks reduces transmission.

      University of Tokyo proved it.

      Ullr is scared of something, who cares what.

      Rational Ground is irrational fodder for Covid obfuscators.

      It was A PRIVATE STUDY, by Florida parents.

      We don’t even know if the Floridians even washed their hands before sending the “samples”.

      We don’t even know if the samples weren’t purposefully wiped with pathogens!

      Further, there are no documented case increases in the “pathogens” Ullr is really really scared of.

      It’s all bullshit, really. Trying to find evidence that masks are dangerous is a fools errand.

    • The woman who sent the masks to the private study, Amanda Donoho, is an activist:

      Rational Ground doesn’t get into her background though.

      There is no uptick in any of those diseases reported by the CDC yet, so the risk, if real, is likely minimal to hanging with Covid with no mask.

      Rational Ground is relying on “Private studies” from anti-mask activists for their very red-inked graphs (red for scary, like Covid tiers or terror threats).

      Rational Ground even includes some pictures of other diseases, to really hammer in the anti-mask propaganda they’re trying to sling.

      Sorry, Ullr. The fact is, this activist and 5 of her friends sending in masks from-who-knows-what-really, is hardly evidence of anything.

      Hope you’re well.

  • One of the last times I wore a mask, I put it on as I got to the door of the store and i started coughing and gagging, almost puked, then I had to explain to the people watching in horror that i believe my kid used my mask off of the dashboard to clean up some spilt milk a couple of days ago. And it sat in 85 degree heat. At least that’s what it smelled like. Then I threw it away. Haven’t felt the need to put one on since.

  • Fast adaptation

    Shit even Israel is getting the delta variant .Many countries have reimplemented masks for public transit ,indoor gatherings etc.probably smart to be cautious . From my observations this won’t occur in the USA, as we over it! I hope the virus turns out ok for the kids in long run . Most everyone on the planet is probably going to catch the delta variant .This variant has adapted to spread among humans .

  • AND:

    The new “Director” of HumCo DHHS is the former MAYOR OF ARCATA… She has no medical background, and, has a BA in Communications. That’s it.

    The new director is not qualified to do the job she was hired to do.

    You all are protesting the vaccine, the Pharma Industry, the Government, but nobody is fussing about the most recent hire to the DHHS!

    I’m disappointed in you…

    • Ok, but what are we supposed to do about it? Is that position electable? It seems as if it’s appointed. How would a county citizen respond in opposition to unqualified persons being appointed to said office?

  • Wattslakeyachtclub

    Think for yourself
    Question “authority”

    But,but…I heard it on NPR!
    Kill your TV
    Yeah, this is political 🤙🏼

  • They have Larry The Cable Guy masks at The Boot Barn … With fake stains on’em.

    Made in the USA 🇺🇸

  • The latest case study comes from kooky FL: “A coronavirus outbreak at a Florida government building killed two people and hospitalized several others who were unvaccinated against the virus, a county official said.

    The Manatee County Administration Building reopened Monday after the virus that causes covid-19 spread throughout the county’s IT department and forced the building to shut down last Friday. Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes, an epidemiologist, said six unvaccinated employees, including five in the IT department, tested positive for the virus within a two-week period.

    The two IT employees who died last week were identified in local media and obituaries as Mary Knight, 58, and Alphonso Cox, 53. Hopes said that the one IT employee, 23, exposed to the virus who was vaccinated did not get infected.

    “This particular outbreak demonstrates the effectiveness, I believe, with the vaccine,” he said to reporters Monday. “All of the cases were non-vaccinated.” He added in a news release, “Individual employees in the IT Department who were known to be fully vaccinated and who were in close proximity of those who were infected did not contract covid-19.””

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Excellent, glad to see positive news about the vaccines working! Sucks for the two people that died, such a bummer. They were older, maybe the vaccine would’ve been a good thing for their level of risk, but apparently they thought otherwise or hadn’t yet received it. The level of risk is different for different age groups, just like the level how beneficial the vaccine is vs. the risk associated with it is different for different age groups

  • The vaccine is still considered an experimental drug. Why are vaccinated people not being tested? If you don’t test the vaccinated the the data is Skewed! I would think Dr.’s and Scientist would want all the data that they could get.

  • These comments are the Alex Jones of Scott Baio’s

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    Experimental or not, everyone had plenty of opportunity to get vaccinated so it’s their own damn fault if they get COVID now. They should pay their own damn hospital bills too.

    • Sadly it’s the vaccinated getting sick with the Rona but no one is tracking those infections.

    • And if anything is found off with the vaccine then all those stupid people who got vaccinated should realize it’s THEIR own damn fault too? Screw them all?!! Nice attitude

  • I just came on here to get some good solid advice on how best to handle this vaccine and mask issue. Thank you to all of the doctors and researchers for coming here to post.

  • eugenics holocaust

    🖕 your vaccine

  • ………I’m just here for the comments and I’m never disappointed

  • Funny stuff. STOP reading this crap, listening to 6th grade educated celebreties who’s parents sold them out for $. These bought off worthless California legislators who are bought and paid for by outdated unions don’t have any idea what the real world is about. Wake up people!!! No more incumbents…l. ever!

  • “Not wearing a mask earns me respect from The Good’Ol Boys”

    “If I get Covid and perish, whatever you do don’t say I died from Covid”

    “I didn’t warsh my mask during the Fake Fraudci Flu! Not one time. No Sir’eee”

    “Jefferson State would manage Covid the best”

  • So the anti-vaxxers just lie and “self-attest”….great program! Boot-legged, Photoshopped vax cards are already easily accessible to the anti-vaxxers so what’s the point? Everybody is going to take off the masks, vaccinated or not, because wearing a mask sucks, it’s not normal and people are over it. Let the dumbasses who chose to be a part of the problem and not the solution get sick! And if they do, insurance should not cover any medical expenses incurred as a result of Covid to the unvaccinated!

    • And if they do, insurance should not cover any medical expenses incurred as a result of Covid to the vaccinated, either!

      Fair is fair.

  • Be the solution not the problem

    Y’all know as infants/children you were “innoculated” against a number of things…measles, mumps, rubella, tuberculosis, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, varicella, hep a/b, pertussis, HPV, meningitis, rotavirus … how do you think we keep these diseases from running rampant?

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