COVID-19 Super-Spreader Event Closes the Seascape Restaurant in Trinidad

Seascape restaurant

Seascape Restaurant. [Photo of the Seascape restaurant posted March 2020 on their Facebook page]

Press release from the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community:

The Trinidad Rancheria Tribal Government would like to notify tribal members, employees, customers, and the community that the Seascape Restaurant was affected by a COVID-19 “super-spreader” event in Humboldt County the week of April 18th. As a result, the Seascape Restaurant is closed until further notice. Employees and guests who visited the restaurant between April 19th and April 23rd should be tested and follow CDC recommend precautions – sick/quarantine.html. The restaurant has been disinfected and will reopen as soon as staff have tested negative for COVID-19. Trinidad Rancheria is working closely with Humboldt County Public Health on contact tracing and testing efforts. Employee Testing Plan will also be developed with the County and released soon. Trinidad Rancheria will release more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Clarification Seascape Restaurant Exposure Clarification From Trinidad Rancheria Tribal Government



  • So much fear porn ladies and gentleman.

    Run and hide from the big bad virus,

    But you can’t run from the 2 billion corporate government vaccine hesitancy program.

    • Rat turds will shut you down just as quick so maybe the health department has a few things right
      But I have heard of people that eat cockroaches on purpose.

    • Call me Crazy,..I guess you haven’t had anyone that you know of die from Covid? If that’s your attitude, at least nobody that you love .. Sad to say my sister’s best friend had one of her children die. Even though he’s 43,..I guess that’s still her child. But sad just the same. I don’t know why you call it the big bad Virus?? It has been monstrous to our country especially. Probably because there’s so many people with an attitude like yours that we’ve had so many cases.🙃😞


        Givem hell Tami

      • Well said, I am sorry about your friends son💔

      • “It has been monstrous to our country especially. Probably because there’s so many people with an attitude like yours that we’ve had so many cases.” … the reason the US has been hit so hard has nothing to do with people’s attitude or who’s in the white house or how the pandemic was handled.. it’s because over 42% (as of 2018.. now higher) of americans are obese and two thirds are overweight or obese and countries with the highest rates of overweight/obese population have the most deaths.

        “Researchers found that by the end of 2020, global Covid-19 death rates were more than 10 times higher in countries where more than half the adults are overweight, compared to countries where fewer than half are overweight.” …

        “The vast majority—78%—of U.S. patients hospitalized with COVID-19 were overweight or had obesity. The numbers for intensive care, invasive mechanical ventilation and death were nearly the same.” …

        • So sad that someone really believes that is a simple answer to complex question. It is like they truly believe they are protected if they “eat right.” While it’s likely true that obesity does increase the chances of not responding well if they get sick, they confuse that with the idea that they won’t get sick unless they are overweight or that at least they won’t die from it if they do get sick. That is just silly that they could think a 10% increased rate of death where people are obese means that no one dies unless they are obese.

          • Not really fat, just being old is 80 percent more likely, period, no if ands or buts. If your over 65 you have an 80 percent more chance of dying, and as you drop in age your chances of being fatal keep getting lesser. So the for the young this is NOT a pandemic.

          • What’s just as crazy is people like you that basically refuse to accept this as a fact. When it is. All the data supports it, and no, no one I know has died from it. However more that 10 of my friends and Co workers have got it, NONE with impacts outside the initial virus, and all back to there normal live….. let’s not forget the media makes more selling you twits fear than reality…. SO, there’s that…..

            • You are references are merely anecdotal. Which is scientifically meaningless. The biggest problem with this pandemic is an undereducated population with unlimited access to fake news.

              • Is it the undereducated or the news? Maybe go after the source, since the college education system has proven to very limited , online degrees always make me chuckle, if you can get that tid bit of info out of the so called scholar.

          • The numbers don’t lie.. did you even read the articles I linked? Do a google search on covid and obesity.. there’s plenty more studies that say the same thing. It’s a fact that being overweight and esp obese greatly increases your risks just like being older.. and I most definitely believe what I put in and on my body has major effects on my health and immune system.. I may not have “total protection” like you say but it greatly improves my odds of having nothing more than mild flu like symptoms vs being hospitalized.

            • Tell that to India!!

            • I wasn’t aware that there are so many obese people in India where Covid is raging and the Indian government is begging for us to send vaccine. Their crematoriums can’t keep up with the deaths. But then we all know its about “control”. You deniers are the real pandemic.

              • I was commenting on the obese statement by treehugger!

              • “Covid is raging and the Indian government is begging for us to send vaccine. Their crematoriums can’t keep up with the deaths.”.. sounds like you’ve been gobbling up the media’s fear porn..

                according to this link they currently rank 86th in deaths per million (compared to the US’s 14th).. only 136 deaths per million total (compared to US’s 1,730 per million total) and 8 deaths per million in the last 7 days (compared to US’s 12) ..


                • Too funny, the media got to make a buck, tune in tomorrow to NPR ,used to be cut and dry, but now they are chasing the buck also. News ratings are just too high right now not to. Moms used to watch soap operas all day , now they watch news channels, which is essentially the same.

                  • Anyone besides Treehugger have a link/source to back your claims?

                    It could help.

                    As for npr….used to listen years ago and thought it was fairly….news-ish.

                    But just look at who funds them now.

                    Same NGO’s who are running this crazy power-grabbing show.

                • Oh their sending a vaccine it’s the most banned one astrovenica lol you all have no idea what’s really going on but you will in the next few months

            • I’ve read them…repeatedly. Since you keep repeating it. Yes, obesity makes it harder to survive when very sick. All the extra weight needs to be maintained too when lungs or heart are damaged and not able to function well. However, besides your insistence on “no chemicals” in your food, which is unrealistic as a pandemic control even if true, frankly the alleged 10% difference in survival is not significant enough to account for even a sizable segment of the deaths.

              India is not fully of fat people. What happened was they when into a huge and heavily enforced lockdown. They shut down almost all transportation, offices and schools. Literally forcing workers to leave the cities and go to their families in the countryside to survive. They enforced curfews rigidly.

              Then the populace noticed they were no where near suffering as much as westerners. There were constant stories about some innate quality that kept the disease from their door- their version of fat people don’t die misinformation. Then they celebrated- ” “There have been elections, religious gatherings, reopening of offices, lots of people travelling, attending social functions, not following rules, little mask-wearing in functions like weddings, even on crowded buses and trains,” he told a video conference.” Now, having thrown off restraint so thoroughly, it is unlikely they will be able to reinstate it now. Too many people do not have the resources to survive another lockdown. Hopefully they will be able to test and lockdown localities since they can’t do the whole country again.

              Unfortunately there only a small percentage of India’s population ever got tested. And unrecorded deaths and burials are not uncommon even before the pandemic. So official records in a society of the most unwieldy bureaucracy on the face of the earth are never reliable. Only in a couple of years, when epidemiologists crunch the figures, will they know just how bad this was.

              Our situation is that there isn’t and never has been control over travel. Any American (or non American for that matter) could get in a car and always go to a party or vacation. Without interference. We have almost no border control. And we have a populace who always resists control. We had zero chance of effectively shutting down the spread between states or internationally. And also no sense of community any more and a hyperbolic press making that even less possible. Finding what we could reasonably maintain and keeping to it would have been our best shot- avoiding either what couldn’t be enforced or pretending there was nothing going on. Even worse oscillating between extremes was what were did instead. Good luck with that.

      • It’s a scamdemic. Sorry about people who have died. This won’t go away no matter what we do.

      • Has it really been monstrous? There are way too many people and an overpopulation problem and not enough houses and food….. not enough for all. If you think about it deeply: Doesnt the virus balance this out by picking and choosing who it takes so we do not have to make the adjustments and pick and choose ourselves? The virus helps get a hold of the over population issue. It is a blessing. We can not continue to multiply our human population and cow population; the planet simply cant afford us all to have 2 cars and 2 homes and live the american dream. The planet would be dead if so. So along comes a virus to keep the population in check.

    • Your crazy. Like really crazy.

      • Oh, and you gotta be a lil bit crazy to recognize the madness that has ratcheted up as the new normal.

        I just call it as i see it.

        They’ve poisoned the well.

      • Oh, we’re never going to survive; unless, we get a little crazy…🙃😘

  • Anyone symptomatic? Hospitalized?

  • The only reason that I am on this site at all reading this news about Seascape, is because my daughter and I have both been to the Seascape In this time frame. Her visit was four days ago, mine was day before yesterday… We both have been vaccinated completely. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens, hopefully nothing. Seen too many newscasts of sickness and death due to Covid~19 to not be worried at all🥺 One thing I am glad about,.. we both just was in there long enough to pick up food. Neither of us ate at the restaurant.🤭😰

  • Tell the commies to get out and stay open!

    • Which “Commies is that??? The ones you see in your dreams when you drink too much???!!!

      • the ones that want government to come and save them all from an invisible enemy. the ones that want safety at the end of a government force gun. the ones willing to sell out an entire planet for promises of “safety” from their one true God, government.

    • There are fear filled ppl in this forum. We need to be nice to them. I’m not one of them but I can respect them.

  • I don’t know about everyone else but . I feel allot safer since I received my vaccination card from the internet for 100 dollars.

  • I hate scumbags

    I put the recent spike in cases down to the fact that All the wealthy dope growers just came back from their out of area vacation while the kids were out of school for a week.

    • GOD is the reason and just like all religions they are always killing people and not caring as long as they get their “donation.” Guess it’s easier to believe in something that doesn’t exist and not social distance versus something that does exist and social distance.

    • The grow season is in full swing, vacation time was three months ago. Keep up.

  • A pretty good synopsis:

    “The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”

    Points to the bigger picture/possible future.

    Usual disclaimer applies.

    • Angela Robinson is a well known conspiracy site.

      Throw out any current woo and CRG is right on it.

      Is that the disclaimer you meant?

      • UnflappableJack

        The old “kill the messenger’ tactic Angela? Your post is not a disclaimer, it’s a rant.

      • “Well known” Angela?

        As in facebook/google/cnn “fact-checkers” saying so?

        Did you read the article (I didn’t think you would)? Can you point out where the Good Professor is wrong?

        Did you notice all the references? Check them too?

        Details appreciated.

        Thanks Jack.

    • More horseshit, different day.

  • Has anyone heard of anyone that died from covid that didn’t have serious pre existing conditions? The only deaths I’ve heard of were people who likely wouldn’t have survived a seasonal flu…

    Just wondering

    • Yes. A good friend of mine. 30 year old healthy wildland firefighter. Died of covid 2 months ago. Left a wife and 2 young kids.

      • 40 ish year old paramedic in east Oregon.

        Others, but that’s the younges.

        • Don’t believe u.

          • Angela Robinson


            It must be very important to you to deny these young and healthy people dying.

            A young (to me anyway)45 y/o nurse right across the border from Oregon in Idaho. I hesitate to name her, but as she has been in the news because of her death, I will name her and honor her, Samantha Hickey. She was an Oregon native and a nursing graduate of OHSU.

            Some folks need to get out of their backwoods bubbles.

            • Some people need to accept the gamble of life.

              What kind of creatures on this planet expect all the others to make them feel safe and secure?

              You talk about living completely separated from the environment, this is the the reason why you forgot where you came from.

              • Angela Robinson

                That’s kind of funny really. I have been more connected with my environment this past year. I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods (on a foraging kick lately) and on the water, etc.

                Unless hanging out in bars is your idea of “environment”…or any other artificial area of interaction you care to mention.

                And I do have have to point out that the ones who seem to wail about others needing a “safe space” or whatever the term are the truly fragile and weak because they can not handle any disruption to their lives. You all seem more desperate for some “safe and secure” situation. No adaptability. Buck up!

                • I think that is the silver lining in all this. Connection with our natural world.

                  Hug a tree😊

                • The ones who are truly FEARFUL are the ones who come here blurting out nonsense on every Covid thread, finding excuses why it’s not real, making up reasons why THEY won’t get it ( vitamins, young and fit) and if they do get it they will have experience something like the common cold. Then they spend an inordinate amount of time perusing questionable sites that have answers that fit their mindset and they come charging to these threads to “prove” that everyone’s ( really theirs) fear is unfounded. Then they lay on some heavy doses of ridicule, harassment, derision and mocking comments, post articles from janky sites and congratulate themselves on their epic trolling expedition. Every day.
                  Also, you could name a thousand people who died that didn’t fit their narrative but they really don’t care, it’s all about repeating the same bullshit every article like it’s never been heard before. Just to remind us how dedicated they are to their “cause”.

                  • Still rootin’ for Team Totalitarianism? 🐏

                    • Still rooting for Conspiracy Rabbit Holes? What ya gonna do about the looming Totalitarianism that’s supposedly coming? Keep doing what your doing and running here in fear, right? You guys are scared shitless. You ooze fear, while projecting your fear into everyone else. You guys sound like Alex Jones, it’s really sad to watch. Move to another country if your so scared.

                    • That you can’t see it coming, or rather don’t want to, is revealing.

                      Plenty to read here:


                      Is Event 201 just a “conspiracy theory” or maybe just a heck-of-a coincidence?

                      How about Agenda2030?

                      Do some more reading here:


                      Which directly relates to this: (interesting number for the gate’s patent. Just coincidence though, like luciferase- know what that is?)


                      Looks cool eh? Check out the top, third from the left. Understand it? I can explain if you don’t.

                      Speaking of Luciferase, spend some time here, letting it all sink in:


                      See where we’re headed yet? Did you vote for gates? ‘Ole klaus? Bezos? Etc…

                      Call it what you want. Tyranny? Technocracy? Definitely not Democracy.

                      Who funds all this? Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Facebook, google, amazon, mastercard, visa, cnn? Just to name a few….

                      It’s not about fear Bushy, it IS about critical thinking. The Plan is laid out for all to see. (except for you perhaps)

                      Just moving to another country won’t change much. It’s a global thing. I’m certain you might have noticed?

                      Fwiw, I think in the end it will fail. Too many of us paying attention. They were really hoping for more head-up-arse types.

                  • *~WORD*~

            • I think it’s more than a backwoods bubble. It’s more like choosing to be ignorant or stupid. I have a particularly coarse way of describing it. It’s like people somehow manage to get their heads stuck in their asses and the ‘roids become their only point of reference. And the grossest thing about it is that they like it.

            • She might have been young but being overweight is not healthy.. just because two thirds of americans are overweight and have normalized it in this country does not make it okay. I’m sorry this lady died and I hate to say anything unkind about her but she was overweight which like old age is a huge risk factor for covid (and pretty much every other disease). People need to stop eating nutrientless chemical-laden junk they call food and surrounding themselves with toxic chemicals (scents, perfumes, cleaners, toxic body care etc) and start taking a lot better care of their bodies.

              • No, it’s not a “huge risk.” It’s half the statistical risk that being underweight. And if you really “hated” to say unkind things, you bloody well would not say them. Your obsession on “chemicals in food” is not a magic shield however much you repeat that.

                In Ms. Hickey’s case, she died from myocarditis caused by the virus. It had nothing to do with weight. It had to do with exposure. There are no known risk factors for it except infections.

              • Yes you DO like to say something unkind. Who a do you think you’re bullshitting?

              • Tree hugger, I don’t know if avoiding chemicals in food, or trying to maintain a healthy weight is a cure all, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

          • People can’t admit that people just die!!!

            There was death before covid!!!!!!

            And why all the sad emojis

            Can we embrace life and also rejoice and embrace in death no matter when it comes and what age!!!!

            Be a hippie!

          • Who cares….

        • she in the hills

          I also do not believe you.

        • Two 20 year old top athletes died in a swimming accident last week, make life jackets mandatory please. Someone was spreading a rumor that the custodian at a local school died from covid at age 45, him and his wife supposedly died in November, i talked to them last week.

      • People die everyday from the darndest things.

        It’s the only thing that’s consistent in this world.

        Life and death.

        Accept your place in the bigger picture.

        Have fun while you’re at it.

        There are no guarantees.

      • Ice, I’m so sorry for the loss of your good friend. And the loss to his young family.

    • You don’t think out of the millions of people that have died, none were ‘healthy’? Really? That’s the kind of reality you’re living in. Or how about the 600,000 in the US? Plenty have been healthy.

      • How about 500000 of our fatalities were over 65, they were old an frail with multiple health issues, hanging on with the help of medications.

        • First,65 is not a death sentence- most people that age aren’t “hanging on by a thread.” Second, taking medications is not a death sentence. Third, although most fatalities are over age 65, at least 80,000 people under that have died- .01% of the deaths have been under age 40. Unlike the elderly, the majority of those deaths would not have happened in the next 10 years without the pandemic.

          As previous pandemics have shown, the very old and the very young represent most of the deaths in the first wave. The younger tend to be in subsequent waves. The trouble leaping to claim validation of opinion is that it isn’t over at this point.

          It is possible to find the huge amount of economic and social disruption causes by excessive government restrictions as harmful without being so excessively cavalier about other people’s lives.

          • Case in point regarding the second wave hitting younger adults: Brazil. There’s a nasty variant circulating there and we’re lucky it wasn’t in Central America to be taken north by the hordes of illegal migrants.

            • In my 1911 I trust

              How can you be sure? Nobody is testing any of them. Just being released. It’s the only sure way to keep this pandemic going now that we have vaccines and a multitude of treatments. Lockdown the American public for their “safety” but allow unfettered illegal immigration from central and South American where the Brazilian variant lies in wait. It’s already here, the powers that be just don’t know how to break it to us yet without getting egg on their face. Don’t worry, Kamala and the hosts of cnn, msnbc, and npr are all meeting tomorrow to figure out how to blame YOU for it being brought here. If you disagree with their narrative you will be branded the racist we all know you are

            • Have a link?

          • 65 is old , I’ve known plenty of 50 year olds that have did of cancer or heart attacks, you should feel lucky to reach 65 period. 686000 Americans died of heart disease this year , not a peep. Carry on with the drama. Heart disease is just accepted, along with cancer. 2800 today died of heart disease, 720 died of covid.

    • yes my best friend! Would have not died from the flu !

    • The only ones I’ve heard of are the Healthy ones who received vaccines.

  • Yes, I have heard of people dying from COVID who didn’t have pre-existing conditions and those who have long haul symptoms still, more than 6 months after having COVID.

  • 570,000 and counting Americans have already died in this pandemic. If you believe that is a, “Big Lie”, I wonder what ‘Big Lies’ you do believe. Hum?

  • What exactly WAS the “superspreader” event? Notice that’s not being specified like the other church “superspreader” event where ppl sang out loud and stood next to each other. Did restaurant patrons eat outside? Hmm…they can do that. Eat unmasked? Hmm…they can do that too. Please…🙄 there was more ppl at the CR plant sale yesterday standing next to and around each other than probably showed up here, or at the church…but THAT wasn’t a “superspreader” event. Just like grocery shopping at Winco with 200 of your closest “friends” on the 1st week of the month isn’t a “superspreader” event, especially in the produce aisle. Amazing how this virus is intelligent enough to be so selective ie lying in wait at churches and restaurants, but never in Newsollini’s wine tasting rooms, even during shutdowns.

    It’s all fear-feeding bs. But hey “they’re from the government and they’re here to help!” That alone should make you concerned.


    No link as it’s bitchute, a “known disinformation site”.

    Quite impressive though. Might be some light at the end of the tunnel.

  • RIP to all the people that died from eating at that restaurant that day. for what its worth i hope it was a good meal

  • If mike is a Russian bot, he speaks good English

    • The only thing Russia and I have in common is the love of vodka and kalashnikovs, and I we both think Biden is a demented idiot who can’t even read a teleprompter. You know maybe i should visit Russia…

      • How about move there permanently..

      • Your evident Hero, Humpy tRUMPTY couldn’t read a Teleprompter or anything else for that matter, worth SHIT either!!!

        • So tell me why you think Biden is so great with out mentioning Trump!
          It is a shame that these two assholes are the only ones whe have to vote for. ( with out throwing away our vote)

        • I thought the point of this guy was hes supposed to be better than the last guy? Saying your guy is ok because trump did the same thing sounds kinda stupid doesn’t it?

        • In my 1911 I trust

          Trump didn’t need a teleprompter. He was able to make a great speech off the cuff. He could actually talk to an audience. Something I would love to see Biden try to do.

          • You must, believe me, who
            knew, China, China, China,
            Imagine if I lost to that guy, I’d have to leave the Country,
            I won, there was no collusion,
            they took over the airports,
            be kidding me.

      • That’s true didn’t vote for the guy.

  • Thanks church goers for eating at a restaurant after your superspreader event.

  • No thanks government

    Rip to the people who have lost a loved one during this time ….
    I for one will Not get that vaccine, not now Not ever.
    I can’t think of any reason to at this point, why you ask ? I worked with my co workers and my boss all had it . Am I at risk ? Maybe but it’s been months now . I also don’t wear a mask , why ? I’m not sick folks !!!! I will not visit a place if I must wear one , no thanks I will pass ✅ Call it what you want but I don’t have to ! No one is going to tell me I have to do anything!!!
    Stop watching the news folks , the government only wants you to know what they want you to do…

  • I got my vaccination card for free and it came with a vaccination.

  • I’m curious, how is this a super spreader event? Why that headline?
    Isn’t this a case of a local business that has had a person or persons test positive? What number constitutes SUPER SPREADER EVENT?

    • The tribe called it a “super-spreader”

      • ” …affected by a super spreader event…”

        Maybe a large number of patrons were a part of the aforementioned super spreader event and that affected them?

        That would make them close contacts?

        Closed for cleaning and distancing out of an abundance of caution?

        I how they get the all clear soon, they did the right thing.

    • Great question


    Michigan’s regulatory agencies plan to make COVID-19 rules such as mask wearing, social distancing, daily health screenings, record-keeping, and keeping a “COVID-19 safety coordinator” on-site permanent for Michigan businesses. Businesses would be forced to require their customers wear masks, whether or not they have been vaccinated against the virus.

    i hope all you boomers are real proud of the world you are leaving the next generations with cowards

    • I am confused 600k or so deaths due to Clovis 19 in America , compared to how many deaths last year from missed doctors appointments etc , oh wait what is the average death count due to medicinal mistakes ? How many people die each year simply falling down, how many die do to cars , how many die each year due to so much stress from such bullshit ? Let Darwin do his job, if you threw your health away that was your making, don’t demand that others need to stop living their lives so you can live longer , the planet is over populated as it is. If you truly cared about your fellow humans you would move on so that they might have a chance instead of hanging on consuming resources and not producing anything but rules so that you can feel better .

      • Excellent post, thank you!

        Maybe the planet is or isn’t overpopulated, they just don’t know what to do with all those breeders.

        They speak of replacement migration because of low child births, but that cheap labor ia like crack for business owners.

        Carry on, Darwin.

      • Uri Owen Petard

        You first.

    • “i hope all you boomers are real proud of the world you are leaving the next generations with cowards”

      Yup. Inherit the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen. Reap the benefits of that prosper, due to capitalism, throughout their lives while voting for more government/communism. Call it democracy. Collect “free” health care and social security from people who will never see it. Die before the impacts of said communism completely destroy what was once the most prosperous nation. Blame capitalism. Commie boomers fuck off!

      • Rollin I paid a lot of taxes over the years and nothing I get from the government is free. If I could have earmarked my contribution it would include medicare and social security. Billion dollar contracts with “military industrial complex” ( Ike) ….not so much. I was rapidly losing my vision and thanks to surgery I could not afford medicare restored my sight and I am grateful.

        • “I was rapidly losing my vision and thanks to surgery I could not afford medicare restored my sight and I am grateful.”

          Like I said, you are reaping the benefits that the rest of us will never see; this country is already insolvent. The money confiscated from you years ago was spent years ago. It is younger people’s taxes, along with government borrowing that is paying for your surgery. That borrowing will be paid with interest by young people you don’t know long after you’re dead. They won’t get the same care you did. Thanks for nothing except being ignorant of economics.

          • As you paid for the previous generation, so they now pay for you. It is BTW impossible for a country to actually be insolvent. “Technically almost every country would be insolvent if if was asked to pay all of its debt using its available assets. All governments in practice secure their national debts on their abilities to levy taxes. You can’t really repossess a country, in fairness. When a sovereign borrows too much, it either pushes the debt into the future by rolling over its debt, or failing that, defaults on some or all of the debt. ”

            Countries make the rules so they simply rule themselves as surviving any financial crisis and dare someone to to take their resources. Even Zimbabwe, that world wide example of hyperflation, still exists, has a borders, a military , court system, various agencies, etc. Their citizens can lose everything but the governments- no…

      • Rollin, The [edit] Boomers you speak of includes: GW Bush Jr and Bill Clinton who brought you Fox News (by signing the repeal of 1934 Communications Act). He made China Most Favored Nation Trading Partner, which was a gift to US manufacturing shareholders and a FU to US factory workers). Another [edit] Boomer is Snowflake Trump who isn’t man enough to admit he lost. All of those presidents were uber capitalists who helped usher in the coming fascism in our country. You think wearing masks unmans you, just wait for the next act.
        Our country’s affluence comes in part from the dollar being the linchpin in world trade. China used the dollar for 90% of their trades to all countries. Now it’s down to 50%. Upshot: when the dollar falls , everything we buy will cost way more.

      • The younger generations don’t have the benefit of being able to buy a home with a normal job. Back in the day the milkman could own a home and have a stay-at-home wife. And wayyy back in the day people straight up got land given to them for free (homesteading). Now, jobs have been outsourced and kids are in a mountain of debt before the even enter the real world if they choose attend college. But I’m sure if they were all as resilient as you these things wouldn’t be a problem.

    • Cowards is appropo for the ppl spreading fear.

    • What the hell happened to Bill Maher…
      He murders millennials and progressives for the last two minutes.

      Even Bill knows who the communists are.

  • Why are non mask states far less infected than masked states? I thought masks were 95% effective, more effective than vaccines? 2 CDC studies in the last month say masks do nothing but harm. If you look under a microscope it is kind of like trying to catch a bb with a chain link fence. All fear porn, no substance.

    • The political left is made up of a massive circle jerk of pontificating Karen’s who know only how to blame others for their non existent hardships. The fact that someone eats themselves into a state of diabetic disability or lives a sedentary life on government assistance shouldn’t require that you or I change our ways to protect people unwilling to take care of themselves.

      Conservatives are at least willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work that funds the leftists social programs. I just hope that someday the right decides to quit paying for the left, quit repairing their hondas, quit repairing their refrigerators, fixing their roofs, raising their wheat, corn and soybeans. If the left realized how much they depend upon the hard work of conservatives and were faced with the reality of survival by their own skills they would realize how pathetic their gender studies degree is.

      • Hegelian dialectic in British English. (hɪˈɡeɪlɪan, heɪˈɡiː-) philosophy. an interpretive method in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis)

        He defends Hegel against those who view him as a “dead dog” and then says, “I openly avowed myself as the pupil of that mighty thinker Hegel.”[15] Marx credits Hegel with “being the first to present [dialectic’s] form of working in a comprehensive and conscious manner”.

        Marx’s criticism of Hegel asserts that Hegel’s dialectics go astray by dealing with ideas, with the human mind. Hegel’s dialectic, Marx says, inappropriately concerns “the process of the human brain”; it focuses on ideas. Hegel’s thought is in fact sometimes called dialectical idealism, and Hegel himself is counted among a number of other philosophers known as the German idealists. Marx, on the contrary, believed that dialectics should deal not with the mental world of ideas but with “the material world”, the world of production and other economic activity.[16]

        maybe you should reconsider your blind allegiance to a two party system. just sayin

      • “The political left is made up of a massive circle jerk of pontificating Karen’s”

        Cancel logic two thumbs up

        • Yeah, Rollin, and CancelLogic,

          “…circle jerk of Karen’s…”,

          A perfect lead-in to:

          ” …they would realize how pathetic their gender studies degree is…”

          Makes perfect sense.🤔.

          Projection is so politically right.

          You guys should really get back to the drawing board.

      • Good luck living in a world made up only of those in your right leaning occupations…Doctors, cashiers, software engineers, the self employed (small business owners like me) skew hard left….I appreciate the hard work of the farmers, deputy sheriff’s, dentists, and bankers that generally skew right. I’m glad this country has a mix of ideas.

        • I appreciate all able bodied people who work hard to provide for themselves and their families.
          I do not appreciate able bodied people who shout out progressive/woke demands for “social justice” while expecting a government check or student loan forgiveness. Left or right, I think we should pull our own weight and refrain from restricting the freedoms of others.

          The progressive left has succeeded in reversing all of the hard work and perseverance of people like Martin Luther King jr. and Rosa Parks. They’ve managed to revert to judgment of people primarily by race, gender and sexual orientation/ identity rather than the merit of hard work or stellar character all the while trying to convince everyone who doesn’t agree with them that they are racist and bigoted.

          Was it last year that you wrote an article about the new president of HSU? if I remember correctly, the basis/title of the article was something like “first African American President of HSU,” I can’t imagine the feeling of discredit to all of the hard work that the guy went through. Rather than viewing him as a highly qualified leader and worthy upon merit we as a society are now looking to the race first.
          Now the same people who are judging people by their race under the guise of compassion are dictating to people like me that I must wear a mask or two and get a vaccine for an illness that I’ve yet to see affect anyone without significant pre existing conditions. I’m all for taking off my shoes when visiting someone if that’s the rules of their home but nobody is going to dictate dress code in my home. I feel that the same should be true for a private business, the mask rule should be a choice of the owner not the county or city council.

          Racism is worse than it has been in 40 years thanks to the left. The political group that once stood for freedoms and personal rights like free love now is fighting to restrict our rights. It’s baffling.

          • You’re right, we should stop restricting the freedoms of others. Please stop restricting people’s freedom to love whom they want, to access health care, to not believe in your religion, to have dark skin, to vote without jumping through hoops, to have an equal opportunity in life regardless of whom their parents were, to access education, to make modifications to their own bodies including modifications to their genitals, to form unions, to decide how corporations use their personal information, to decide they don’t want to have a child, to publish factual news, to not be subject to unreasonable searches and seizures, to go about safely in public, and all the other freedoms that republicans try to take away while claiming they’re supporting freedom.

          • Take a look at the factual history of the two current dominant political parties with regard to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Who filibustered?

            Next take a look at which has by far the greater actual verified history of ties to and support for the KKK.

            Biden eulogized Byrd. He couldn’t say enough good about his KKK pal. That was in 2010. Now he’s “woke”? Bullshit. Race is being used as a tool by a group of people who are tools themselves.

        • Wow. I was going to take a pot shot at I Like Stars for the logic stretch in relating regional political party history to civil rights but then to be fair I had to read Kym’s linked article.

          What a hoot! Academics, actors and technology on the left (never mind journalist, who are lefties too). And judges. In other words, those who have to podium to tell the world what to think are lefties.

          So many questions … What is a “founder?” Is that a person who runs a foundry or a person who started a business or created a foundation? And “self-employed?” So no farmers are self employed, or builders or attorneys? And “Government relations?” Are they lobbyists? Are “economists” all a subcategory of academics or businessmen? Have spent years looking at tax return, what a person chooses to list as occupation is more a reflection of what he wants to IRS to call it than what other people would call it. Or, in many cases, euphemism for what they really are and where their self interest lies.

          So now I can’t poke fun at I like stars as this bit of the academic/journalism complex was so much worse.

          • You certainly may poke fun at me if you like.

            Biden’s history with regard to race is well documented. Against school integration because he didn’t want his kids growing up in “racial jungles”. (Look how well Hunter turned out.) His signature crime bill targeting “super predators”. The Byrd eulogy. It goes on and on. Just a few weeks ago he referred to a Japanese golf star as a “boy”. If you can’t see that Biden is a racist, I say to you, “C’mon man!”.

        • You seem a litte to a lot boxed in there

    • Someone pasted a study a couple days ago that found masks were exceptionally effective, more so than distancing and other measures taken.

      As to your question, states with worse infections are more likely to take stronger measures to slow them down. You have the direction of cause and effect backwards.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Yeah except I’ve actually been alive during this pandemic so I have personally experienced the “rules and regulations” of this pandemic myself and read plenty of news about other states and their “rules and regulations” of the pandemic. I call bullshit on you bushy. Cause and effect my ass. Here’s an accurate description of what happened:

        COVID came to the US over a year ago, everywhere locked down, some places eased restrictions while other places didn’t. For some reason case numbers have been falling and are still falling in places that eased restrictions while cases are rising or staying the same in places that still have lockdowns.

      • Have a link?

        I think we can drop the mask argument. Wear one if it does you.

        I won’t.

    • S carter, could you cite that source. Have wondered that. Thanks.

    • Thanks S Carter.

      Michigan is a very good example. Heavy mask/lockdown as well as most fatalities/”cases”.

      Compared to Az, Montana, Mississippi.

  • I wonder what the tribe thinks about the UFC event in Jacksonville last night? Heard it was over 15K people and the place was packed, almost no one wore a mask. Have some friends who went last night and they said it was a good time.

  • “I wonder what the tribe thinks about the UFC event in Jacksonville last night?”

    Maybe Weidman wouldn’t have broke his leg if he was wearing a mask.

  • Some stories of young American kids who died from/with Covid 19.

    • Business insider doesn’t seem like a group committed to health.. more like.. business? Ohbyea medicine in most of the world is just a business that’s right

    • There do appear to be younger Americans who have died with covid.

      That being said, I don’t think it’s common practice whatsoever to put a 21 year-old “with a bad cough” on a ventilator. The chances of making it out of that alive is less than 10%.

      The only 2 people that I know who died apparently with covid were put on ventilators and as with the first young man, their families were not allowed to see them (or prevent the dangerous operation).

      The second young man: “Bryant Boyer-Killion died Monday “from COVID-19 due to complications from asthma,” his family said Tuesday …” Not sure if a ventilator was involved.

      Just for clarity.


      • *pre existing conditions

        • Childhood vaccines might just put you in the previous existing category.

          The gift that keeps on giving.

          Gracias, pero no:)

          • No, they don’t. Not even close. It is always a strange kind of thinking that finds more to object to with a vaccines very, very rare adverse event than the thousands of time worse effects of getting sick.

            • I think we are starting to see the side effects from.multiple generations of vaccine usage
              .. i.e. weakend immune systems and a myriadnofn new diseases and problems and obesity and psychological problems galore… Maybe the side effects are not what science is looking for

              • It’s difficult to see the big picture, some do, many do not.

                The current USRDA does little to prevent the spread of obesity, or heart disease.

                That should be our first clue.

              • Yeah like small pox, typhus, diptheria, yellow fever, polio, etc that would eliminate the susceptible each generation? So that those who survived were the stronger ones? At least until the next new disease comes along and you find the genes that helped the “strong” to survive those diseases makes them much more likely to die from the new.

                Well, it’s sort of true but why not keep going along the path of that thinking? Eliminate automobiles because it allows the slow to keep up with the fastest. Or eliminate computers because it allows the dumber to survive the more intelligent… oh, wait… apparently that has already happened.

                • Didn’t get them, kids didn’t get them.

                  52 years and working good so far.

                  You should stop being such a PR for Big Pharma, Guest and just agree to disagree.

  • Whatever you do don’t let up on that Fear Factor stupid people are buying it!!! The only real super spreader event going on is the bullshit we are being fed!!!

  • What about kids?

    Wokester apocalypse: Public school enrollment plunges in California — and everywhere else


  • The Institute for Responsible Technology

    16 minutes

    Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle powerfully conveys the threat to the human and environmental microbiomes as well as the permanent corruption of nature’s gene pool. Yet it inspires hope, revealing viable solutions to protect nature from this gene-altering technology, sometimes referred to as GMO 2.0.

    The movie inspires powerful emotions and a desire to take action. It presents real-world examples of lab-enhanced GMOs with the capacity to cause catastrophes such as threatening terrestrial plant life, altering weather patterns, or even creating enhanced viruses far more dangerous than COVID-19.

    The film features experts in the field such as Dr. Elaine Ingham, Dr. Jonathan Latham, Claire Robinson, Kiran Krishnan, Jim Thomas and Michelle Perro, M.D.

  • People need to do some research, not available on the mainstream media news sites, to understand that everything that has happened around Covid including the virus itself, is about a very large globalist agenda to take control of all of us. Please stop listening to the mainstream media which is owned and operated by the same elites that have made this whole scam happen.

    People die every year and when we get the full statistics comparing 2020 and 2021 to several years before, people will see that there may actually be less deaths than before Covid, or at least, not very many more. Covid has a very high survival rate, 95% for those over 70 without any treatment and 99+% for people under 70, without any treatment. And there are effective treatments that have been working. The perpetrators of this Covid Crime Against Humanity have had to keep that information under wraps as much as possible to justify the vaccines. The survival rates do not even justify making a vaccine and no other vaccine has been rushed through like these vaccines have been. We have all been lied to by many entities including our medical agencies, big pharma, the WHO, WEF, CDC, NIH, the MSM and just about every entity that has made a fortune off of the rest of us, while claiming Covid to be a deadly virus, when it is only nominally more dangerous that the annual flu virus. The people who are pushing the restrictions and vaccines who are not lying, are either ignorant or afraid to lose their reputations and/or livelihoods, or just following their marching orders, like people did at other times in history, that helped to facilitate this type of government takeover. All of the statistics, of both cases and deaths have been greatly skewed and exaggerated but you will never hear the truth from the mainstream media. When courageous experts who have some integrity are willing to risk their careers stand up to tell the truth, they are censored, ridiculed, and may even lose their jobs and licenses. Just more cancel culture to help keep people afraid to dissent.
    Dr. Fauci has been so deeply in bed with the vaccine industry for many years and his wife has worked in the field human experimentation, which is exactly what all the Covid restrictions and the vaccines are. Everybody who takes the vaccine is a human guinea pig and face masks are a waste of litter and a complete joke.
    Breath through a mask, or even more than one, don’t go outside and get sunshine and fresh air, but instead stay at home in your house, get no exercise and don’t see your loved ones and stay away from people as if they should all be feared. At the same time you may lose your business, cannot work, you go broke, have no purpose, get depressed, escape from this Covid prison using bad food, drugs, alcohol, or addiction of choice, and maybe even get angry and act out, hurting loved ones or others, commit crime or even, commit suicide! Having said all of this, is there anyone who really believes our government and all the people who have forced/coerced us into all of this, have a care for any of us? Wake up!

    We are headed to communism on the Covid road, actually much worse than any communism we have ever heard of, except for maybe North Korea. All they need to implement their sinister New World Order is for everyone to be vaccinated, to have a cell phone, and the new 5G technology, and then we will never have an ounce of freedom again. “They”, will have control over every aspect of our lives, and can even control our money and our assets since they plan on getting rid of all currencies and digitalizing all of those resources. “They” is whoever happens to be in power at the moment, and if there is any dissent, they can do whatever they want to us. The Covid vaccines do something similar to making the body into a human “operating system”, so of course we will have to receive regular vaccine “updates”, whenever they want us to. We will never get to know what the ingredients of the vaccines are or what new technology they will be able to further control us with but already they have very advanced technology to use on us humans. Look up “transhumanism”.

    There are already so many adverse side effects and deaths that have been caused by the vaccines, but again, that information will be repressed and censored as much as possible. It is the job of the media to keep the illusion alive that the vaccines are good for people because once the truth gets out what they are really about, the plans will be ruined. The most important fact is that no person or entity will ever be liable for any side effect, injury or death caused by the vaccines, now or in the future, and of course there are no studies on long term side effects yet, but there will be, thanks to the people who are getting the vaccines now.

    • thanks Audra!

    • Always believe YouTube over scientific journals, university researchers and actual it-never-happens experience … Not to mention frequent non sequitur, you-can’t-get-there-from-here thinking. It’s like a person swimming in the middle of the ocean refusing to grab a life preserver because 1) it was manufactured by -gasp- a commercial interest and 2) having never died by drowning before, thinks their lack of personal experience drowning means they can’t drown.

      Yes, people need to do research but not necessarily the ones who keep telling others to do what they won’t.

      • Some people think they know what’s best for others, and some people can benefit from those who have learned the painful mistakes.

        The rest have no skin in the mistakes of others.

        If someone gets covid Vaccine injured from the reliance on a strangers insistence that they are safe, that person who recommended the vaccine cannot be held liable in a court of law.

        Those person/s just happens to be our government and corporate shills.

        If your immune system sucks, you need to work real hard to stay healthy

        Or you die, so that you don’t pass on that weakened system

        Welcome to the jungle, baby

        • Maybe the smarter ones get vaccinated and therefore don’t die from preventable diseases. While those so fearful of so many hidden conspiracies of superior people planning to control them don’t and they and their children die off at larger numbers and gradually the human race evolves to be less afraid. Hmm… that’s an interesting idea. That vaccination might be the newest test in survival of the fittest. At least in a world where bashing each other with clubs is no longer the test..

          • So, do you have your shots?

          • “Smarter”:

            “Is a Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking Time Bomb?”


            This deals with ADE. Even if you disagree, it describes the process pretty well.

          • Maybe all the brave people that have faced the dangers, have died, therefore leaving only self preserving cowards.

            Or only the scrupulous people choose not to bring children into what can be a terrible world.

            Consequently, leaving only the unscrupulous to multiply.

            Now we are left with all the self preserving, unscrupulous, cowards, to decide whether bravery means facing Covid19 with or without injections.

            What is more courageous, facing Covid19 with, or without injections?

            Isn’t it the fearful that are getting the injections?

            The ones most concerned with only, “Numero Uno”?

            Maybe it will be the vaccinated whose children die off in greater numbers?

            Maybe it will actually be conception that is affected by the vaccine.

            This, and, thus, they cannot even conceive?

            Get the vaccine, and maybe nip yourself in the bud?

            That would be genius.
            So fearless!
            So fit!

            So long, geniuses.

            And the concept that vaccine might be the new test of the survival of the fittest?

            That would be cheating on the test.

            It’s only the answer to the question of survival of the unfittest.

            The difference between the vaccines of the past and the vaccines of the present is a shift in the ethics of those involved.

            Preserving life and limb isn’t necessarily the objective any longer.

            It may be quite the contrary.

            • Excellent questions. I suppose we will all find out in 20 years.

            • It all hinges on what makes you afraid. I do fear an illness that can land me in the hospital or kill me. I fear that a medication or even vaccine could be harmful. Why else would I read everything I can every time on every allegation about vaccinations crops up. ( Although I just ran into one so nonsensical as to make me wonder just how stupid people can be. A school in Florida decided to bar any teacher who gets a covid-19 vaccination because the owner believes that a vaccinated person can spread infertility just by being near students.)

              But whereas I can read a lot of personal accounts of how ill SARS-COV-2 can make some people and how long it took them over it, if they did in the get over it, the very few personal accounts of bad reactions to the vaccines are rare and almost always accompanied by a statement that, even though they had a reaction, they still think most people should get vaccinated. My conclusion is that the dangers of vaccination is much smaller by far than the dangers of getting the disease.

              Then too the utter credulity of most anti vaxxers is extremely off putting. Their ideas are formed out of a web of paranoid ideas that there is a cabal of secret plans to kill off lots of people. Once they have come to believe this, they see everything in that light. And draw the most impossible conclusions from it. And believe how everyone else is being fooled when they, consulting YouTube, see The Truth.

              I on the other hand do not believe there are enough people on the planet capable of even keeping quiet about such ideas much less capable of acting on them. Not in government or in corporations or any other group. Humans are generally simply not that smart . Certainly not that disciplined. I can believe, for example, an inept researcher can accidently release africanized bees but not that there was a plot to do it while the conspiracy theorist thinks it could have never been such an accident so there must have been a plot. For I have worked in a laboratory or two in my youth and they were far from free from ineptitude. Or silent. I can’t think they have improved all that much.

              • You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to know someone paid a lot of money to have the Georgia Guidestones built and hide their name so no one knows who did it.

                Just one of many examples of someone(s) wanting to rid the earth of a few billion people,
                and they seem to have plenty of money and political power to buy what they want.

                It’s not hard to hide a secrete if you don’t tell but a couple people about it. A shipbuilder is not in on the Navy Admiral’s plans for the ship.

                Some things just make some people suspicious.

                • As I said- keeping quiet is not an option. Especially if written in stone. So some people think ridding the world of humans is necessary. Some people look to spreading humanity through the stars. Some people believe in a religious end of the world. Some people believe in mind controlling aliens from a distant planet- a very, very far fetched possibility that is actually more real to a few just because there is no shred of evidence to prove it. The very lack of evidence becomes proof to those who believe it that someone is hiding something and there will never be any convincing them otherwise.

                  It’s the leap without real connection from the idea that some want mass death to some are really creating it that is irrational. Once convinced of the latter, every bit of news gets forced into fitting in there somewhere. It is boggling that someone can believe there are forces who created a virus to reduce the population (which BTW mostly kills those too old to reproduce) can also decide that vaccinations that keep people from dying from that virus are part of the same conspiracy. So, being convinced of the first, they are forced into believing vaccines are part of the plot too. It just makes no sense without a truly torturous twisting of every fact to make it look to fit.

              • ” That vaccination might be the newest test in ‘survival of the fittest’. ”

                More like;

                “Survival of the

                Maybe there is hope for me after all.

              • “the very few personal accounts of bad reactions to the vaccines are rare…”

                Not sure what “personal accounts” refers to but you haven’t checked VAERS lately eh?

                U.S: Over 83,000 injuries, 3500+ deaths following shot.

                In Europe: 330,000 injuries, 7800 deaths following shot, according to EudraVigilance.

                If even 10% were actually reported, what do the numbers look like?

                But yeah Guest…..super rare.

    • Sums up our situation very well. Thanks Audra.

      “will have control over every aspect of our lives, and can even control our money and our assets since they plan on getting rid of all currencies and digitalizing all of those resources. ”

      Again: top row, third from the left:

      Understand it? Think it’s not happening?

  • I smell money.

  • From :

    “1) The vaccines are experimental. Period. Even military personnel cannot be forced to take them.
    2) There is NO long term data or safety data
    3) Most people agree Covid2 came out of the Wuhan lab that was specifically doing gain of function on the spike protein of bat viruses, like covid. That gain of function was to allow the spike protein to bind to the ACE2 receptor in human lung tissue, so it could infect humans – this was referenced by state dept personnel alarmed by the lack of safety in the labs in a cable they sent back to DC in 2018. Let this sink in…the spike protein, which is what the mRNA vaccines code for, is ENGINEERED. It is NOT NATURALLY occurring. This should make everyone VERY uncomfortable.
    4) Vaccinations are occurring without first testing people for previous covid infection. Getting vaccinated for a disease you have already had is a needless immune challenge, and since that spike protein is Engineered, it may well have OTHER gotcha properties like inflammation, clottting effects, you name it. Even if it is only certain populations, we need to know the risks…right now we are clueless…
    5) Latest vaccine data from Dr. Risch, Yale epidemiologist, indicates that vaccines give an individual a 60-90% chance to have a milder infection. DOES NOT STOP INFECTION. Also, he cites data out of Israel showing that 50-60% of NEW cases are in people already vaccinated. So the vaccine is not great at stopping the spread…and I would much rather use HCQ or Ivermectin (each have decades of safety data) to lessen the infection, IF I GET IT, then risk the experimental vaccine.
    6) The spike protein, the genetically engineered spike protein, allegedly can pass through the blood brain barrier…if true, that has profound long term implications that again, we have NO clue about.
    7) The genetically engineered spike protein, the basis for all the mRNA vaccines, really scares the crap out of me, personally. Also, I think if the big pharma companies were honest about the fact that you are getting “immunized” with a non-naturally occurring genetic sequence, one created in a communist chinese lab, people might have a more reasonable picture of the risk involved.
    8) The talking head idiots that are pushing the vaccines the loudest now have been the most wrong about the most issues in the last 5-10 years, including HCQ, which is safer than ibuprofen. The odds they got THIS ONE right are not great, IMO.”

  • I am very concerned about what is happening in our world, especially the possibility of any kind of vaccine passports and more lockdowns. I have compiled a long list of videos over the last year that are very informative of information that has been censored or ignored by the MSM.

    Anyone who is interested in receiving this list may email me at: [email protected]

    Here is an example of the newest one on my list. When Dr. Christiane Northrup is censored, something is very wrong. This video is being heavily censored and is very hard to find. Copy the URL and paste:


    • She’s not censored. She has a website the comes up first in a Google search. But Wikipedia discribed her as “Christiane Northrup is a board certified obstetrics and gynaecology physician and author who has embraced pseudoscientific alternative medicine. She has a history of opposing vaccination and has embraced QAnon ideology during the COVID-19 pandemic. Northrup reaches a significant audience through popular books and multiple social media platforms.”

      One funny thing that was in that article was “She said, in 2016, when asked about her age, “my biological age is 33. My wisdom age is 300″. She recommends regular workouts, such as Pilates, to prevent aches and stiffness common in aging.” And “She believes in astrology, tarot cards, chakras, and regression therapy, all of which have no scientific credibility. Northrup claims that trauma from a past life can cause chronic illness.”

      Oooookaaay- but I’ll give it a pass. Astrology and tarot carding reading are not exactly a science.

      • Guess you don’t know what runs the highest levels of society.

        The priest class.

        It’s a different kind of woo woo, but watching the Satanix worship in many aspects of sports and entertainment, you can assume the same evil intelligence that has killed millions in wars, and nation & empire building, in search of that power and control, is the same that runs the show.

        Same as it ever was.

      • The video I posted is censored. Luckily, her website for her regular business has not been taken down, yet. Give them time. They can always wipe her off of the internet if she is gaining too much traction.

        Wikipedia is a part of the same club as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube. I also read the Wiki on her and it neglected to tell all about her very impressive credentials, and instead focused on things that people such as yourself, might automatically close their mind to, if they read it.

        As long as people do not recognize the game that all of these big tech corporations are playing with all of us, they have the chance of winning the control they desire.

        I suggest watching the video instead of giving it a pass. There should be no fear in having an open mind and hearing opinions that differ than what these autocratic corporations are feeding the public with. The reason the video is being censored is because it is reporting on some side effects from the vaccines that everyone should know about. This information should be being broadcast on the MSM but they want to get everyone vaccinated and if people know the side effects that are occurring, it will deter people, which it should. Information is power.

        • Wait things are getting confusing
          .. things like tarot and astrology have traditionally been in the “left” now are they gonna get lumped in with trump? I remember when it was leftish to have conspiracies about the government.. or maybe that’s just the dying “counter culture” or “alternative lifestyle” that is slowly.being manipulated by the powers that be to see insane when the most grounded people in the world look to the stars

      • Wikipedia Guest?

        I don’t see anyone linking to Alex Jones.

        “I’ll give it a pass”.

        You do that. Always seem to. It’s why you sound like a msm/big pharma/big gov shill.

        • Informed dissent

          Just for the record, Alex Jones doesn’t make news, he just reports on it.

          People don’t like him because he is smarter and more educated than most.

          He might be autistic , and a little annoying but most of what he reports on, is from other journalists

        • Not every who offers an opinion has the nous to be respected. Wikipedia is a handy dandy reader’s digest of information. For one thing it cites sources so they can be checked. I go to the original studies, articles, etc as I want to verify. In fact I frequently do look at the actual research with data quite a bit. As I don’t like just repeating someone’s opinion as it can just echo someone’s bias. There were many critical pieces on this woman but Wikipedia was more civil than most.

          The question to ask, whether is a congenial or uncomfortable idea,is “Is this true?” And not just taking in an opinion just because I want to believe in it.

  • MIT researchers say time spent indoors increases risk of Covid at 6 feet or 60 feet in new study challenging social distancing policies

    Fauci flip-flops again! Doctor expects new mask guidelines soon

    Those experts in science you all keep telling us to trust, sure are confused!

    • Almost every article on covid these days has a link to the original studies. That link is your friend. While even the article says “Masks work in general to prevent transmission by blocking larger droplets, therefore larger droplets aren’t making up the majority of Covid infections when most people are wearing masks.” , it then goes on to discuss infectivity in a room with “well mixed air.” It mostly refers to offices, nursing homes and other places were air is not circulated from outside and people spend long times together.


      “While official quarantine guidelines emphasize the importance of isolating infected persons, our study makes clear the importance of isolating and clearing infected indoor air.

      We note that the use of face masks will have a marked effect on respiratory jets, with the fluxes of both exhaled pathogen and momentum being reduced substantially at their source. Indeed, Chen et al. (42) note that, when masks are worn, the primary respiratory flow may be described in terms of a rising thermal plume, which is of significantly less risk to neighbors. With a population of individuals wearing face masks, the risk posed by respiratory jets will thus be largely eliminated, while that of the well-mixed ambient will remain.”

      So- surprise, surprise- the people claiming face mask wearing is critical are right according to this modeller.

      However, it does not say what you think it says. Which is apparently that distancing doesn’t ever matter. This study is talking about what factors allow spread even when staying 6 feet apart and wearing masks. It’s important to limit how much time is spent in such a “well mixed” if the air is not disinfected as it circulates.

  • So wasn’t it about three weeks ago Fauci was pushing people to double mask?
    Now we have another flip flop. no mask needed outside.
    I guess that MIT report hit a nerve cause the CDC flipped too.

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