Woman Receives Serious Injuries, Man Injured Also When Two Dogs Attacked Them

Victim of dog attack

Photo from GoFundMe here.

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Jan. 28, 2021, at about 12:45 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 200 block of Myers Avenue in Myers Flat for the report of a dog attack.

According to the reporting party, the 35-year-old female victim had arrived at the residence to perform housekeeping services. Upon arrival, the victim was reportedly attacked by two pit bulls, which were pets that lived at the residence.

When deputies arrived on scene, the dogs had already been detained in a vehicle by their owner. Deputies located the victim with serious and extensive injuries related to the attack. Deputies performed life-saving efforts on the victim. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

While investigating, deputies learned of a second victim who was being treated for bite-related injuries at a fire station nearby. Upon contacting the male victim, deputies learned that the man had stopped at the property to assist the female victim and dog owner. However, while attempting to assist, the man sustained moderate injuries from the dogs. The man left the property prior to deputy arrival to seek medical treatment.

Animal Control Officers took custody of the dogs and they were transported to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter where they are being held pursuant to Humboldt County Code § 542-13 and § 547-14.

UPDATE: Fiancé of Woman Savaged by Pit Bulls in Myers Flat Details the Attack (Warning: This story is disturbing and should not be read by everyone)

Earlier: Woman Reportedly Attacked by Two Pitbulls



  • This is the saddest , most disturbing news . I can t stop feeling so awful for her and the children and everyone involved . I can t imagine how horrific this attack was. Ever since i learned about it yesterday my empathy
    my love, and my prayerful thoughts go up and out to you Sister .
    All i have left to say is , all of you Dog lovers and pit Bull defenders who sat on your computers and pontificated all day yesterday please use your heart , lets start a FUND and contribute monetarily to help to begin the healing and trauma and pain inflicted on her by these monstrous beasts.
    I ll contribute the first hundred if someone else has the wherewithal to start a campaign .

    • There is a go fund me acct set up. She going to need all the help she can get



      • We shared a fence with this man and his dogs in garberville. After warning the man that his dogs would break through the fence and they did. They attacked us while hanging up wet clothes. We tried & fought hard. I beat one off finally, the other licked down on my aussies neck& would not let go until another neighbor broke through & put the hose up his butt full blast.
        There were 5 adults present.
        This man should NEVER be allowed to own animals again.
        I will be traumatized for the rest of my life

    • Ty she would appreciate your thoughts

  • So she was scheduled to clean the house but the owner wasn’t there? Or didn’t lock the dogs away? Someone definitely screwed up here.

  • Property insurance will cover accidents to others while on the property. It happened to me 40+ years ago. I had a dog try to kill a teenager who hopped the fence to break in. Me dog hospitalized the 17 year old for a month and 7 or so surgeries. I was able to drive the dog across the state line to family to save him from being shot.

    • What is your point? No amount of insurance money will buy her back her legs. No amount of money will fix her mental scarring and possible PTSD! The owners HIRED her to be there, she wasn’t trespassing.

    • there is no current obtainable homeowner’s insurance policy that covers this particular breed of dog. there is a list of dogs that are not insurable. It doesn’t even matter if she was trespassing. These dogs must be kept in a secure enclosure, which would require bars on the windows of the house like down south but for different reasons.

      • Local observer: Not true. State farm insures my house with a pit. I just have to keep a fenced yard with “beware of dog” signs posted.

    • If the 17 year old jumped the fence to break in, the dogs were right. Any injuries sustained were the fault of the criminal. That’s what is wrong in America. Criminals file lawsuits against the people they commit crimes against and lowlife scumbag lawyers and judges award them settlements. As Americans we have the right to protect our property and families any way we see fit. The criminals who sustain injuries or even death as a result of criminal activity get exactly what they deserve.

      That’s not the case in this story. It appears the owner was indeed at fault for not securing the dogs. The owner absolutely has the right to own dogs, but must do so responsibility.

      • Ummmm. No. Last I checked you’d be in a world of shit. You don’t get to kill kids for sneaking in and ringing your doorbell, stealing your garden tools, etc. So where’s the acceptable level for a mauling? Nope. But keep up that notion.

        • Maybe the 17 year-old’s parents should have spent less time on drugs and more time making sure their child wasn’t committing crimes. If there is a fence on private property and anyone any age trespasses, the criminal alone, or the parents if a minor, are solely responsible for whatever happens. It’s expected, but disgusting that anyone would disagree that whatever happens to any criminal committing any crime anywhere is well deserved. Trust me, if a criminal gets past my dogs, it would be no picnic. Self defense is indeed a God-given human right and only liberals and scumbag lowlife attorneys and judges seem to forget that fact. If you don’t get it, stay the hell away from private property or you will learn it quickly.

          • By that logic, the dog owner should now be set upon by killer dogs, partially eaten alive, spend a month in the hospital, and have 7 surgeries.

            He committed several crimes in transporting his dog across state lines to avoid legal consequences. So maybe he shouldn’t get to live at all, given his crime is technically the more severe.

            I can see you’ve thought deeply on this.

      • \what 17 YO ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT??? i READ & re READ THE ARTICLE & THERE IS no MENTION ABOUT any 17 yo!!!!

    • So you hid the weapon from
      Police ? Your part of the problem. And i don’t believe your story he hopped the fence to rob you .

    • …so you broke the law by driving a biter dog out of state?

      I doubt this guy had home insurance and if he did I don’t think the insurance company knew about the aggressive dogs on the property. She’ll probably have to sue the guy personally. I hope she takes every penny he has.

  • My heart is with this woman and I pray for her recovery both physically and mentally. What a horrendous experience to endure.
    My two cents about the Pit Bull. The pit bull was bred to fight. Dog fighting has been illegal for decades now in the United States and a lot of “Pitties”have been bred for gentleness since then. Some however still have a strong fighting gene. I have seen both. I have seen some that are perfect gentle family dogs and some that turn into killers so fast no one sees it coming. And these killer “pitties” were raised in loving and kind families.
    Breeding fighting dogs that kill each other is a human creation. In nature wolves do not kill each other with rare exception (e.g. a wolf that has gone crazy and is a threat to the pack will be taken out.) Dogs don’t normally kill other dogs. Pit bulls were bred to kill other dogs for generations. It is a human created abomination not nature created.
    I just hope this woman is going to be okay.

    • Pit bulls were bred as nanny dogs. Not fighters.

      • Ri-i-i-ght. For working all those kindergarten fighting pits.

      • I’m sorry Pati, but that simply isn’t true. While the name “pitbull” is kind of useless since it can refer to 4 different breeds, some of which aren’t recognized as true breeds by the AKC, the ancestors of the type (Staffordshire bull terrier) were bred for bull baiting — where 2 dogs attempt to kill a bull in a ring. When that was outlawed they were used in rat-baiting (same idea but 1 dog killing a bunch of rats).

        After that they were bred for a variety of jobs as working dogs, often as guard dogs, which is where some folks began to refer to them as “nanny” dogs because of their vigilance. It’s not exactly though, what they were bred for.

        It got complicated again after WWII when underground dog fighting got popular and many were then bred for that activity.

        In the end while many of the breed are perfectly gentle and great dogs, there is a history in the “pitbull” type of being bred for violence. Ignoring that because you happen to love the breed is short-sighted at best.

      • Thank you. I separate my sincere compassion for this woman, a victim of irresponsible people, and a breed of dogs, all as different as each human.

        I will donate to the gofundme. Terrible.

        I am very curious who the dogs responsible party is.

      • That’s just not true…nannying. A friend told me his Pit was totally fine, I offered a treat & it struck me in the face, like a rattlesnake, & I had 18 stitches in my face. I still cringe whenever I think about how things could’ve gone. This poor girl was only being a good neighbor. There’s no sympathy for the dogs here.

      • The myth that pit bulls were bred to be nanny dogs would be a lot more believable if it weren’t placed directly under a story about pit bull dismembering a grown woman.

      • Originally maybe, but now a days they are guard dogs. They can be good sweet dogs when treated as such. But like any animal, never trust the dog! You don’t know what they are thinking. I hopefully she won’t be damaged for life

        • It was never true about nanny dogs- it was a PR ploy started in the 1970s and has become embedded in pit bull owners’s minds as if it was really true. And she’s lost most of her leg so there certainly will be enduring damage.

      • That is untrue

  • Dogs that attack a human being and cause physical harm should be put down and the owner prosecuted for assault or even attempted murder just as if the dog was a knife or a gun or a club or whatever.

    Any dog problem is a people problem. I love dogs because they most are such faithful and loving beings.

    • Absolutely 👍. Bad dog = bad owner.

      Dogs are a clear reflection of there owners.

      Pitbulls are extremely loyal, smart and friendly.

      A good dog can hurt you if the right circumstances are present. Sneaking up, or moving slow or smelling like food or another animal, there is a lot of ways to “spook” a good dog. I am not at all saying these were good or bad dogs, just my opinion on dogs. I love them and trust them more than any human any day.

      That said owning an aggressive dog is a quick way to lose your property or worse a loved one like a child.

    • Since pit bulls are commonly owned by people with little resources or those protecting drug dealing, do you think that jailing or fining people is going to deter them? Make them more responsible? That jailing someone without the resources to pay a fine or the liability is going to happen?
      Any dog problem IS a people problem – people irresponsibly breeding and housing dogs capable of doing great damage without concern for others. That is not going to be fixable after the damage is done. And it is not a problem just with the owners of the ones who do damage. It is a problem made by the breed apologists, the lassie fantacists who think dogs are always good natured, the indiscriminate breeders, the lovers of aggressive dogs even if “their dogs have never got anyone.”

  • First and foremost, my sympathies goes to the human victims.

    Secondly, I also feel sad for the dogs too.

    In that order.

    My sympathies:

    1. Human victims

    2. The dogs

  • The owner has been told multiple times to put these dogs down they have bitten several people and have came after children several times the animals came after me and other people and the owner has been in arguments with neighbors time and time again about those goddamn dogs and his reply has always been oh well he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for raising these pos dogs.lots of people will agree .don you were warned how many times about those dogs and now they almost kill a innocent person .your ignorance is why this happened.dumbass.

  • This was the owner’s fault, not the dogs’. Even Labs and Chihuahuas try to will defend their yard or car. A dog biting a person breaking in to a property is not at fault, even legally speaking, although this beyond a bite.. The dogs had no way of knowing she had permission to be there. Now that this has happened, the dogs may not be safe around people and may have to be put down. But again, it’s the owner’s fault this happened.

    I’m not fond of pits, I consider the them unpredictable and believe there are dogs being bred for fighting and bait in this area who are dumped at shelters and then adopted out. But, this situation is the owner’s fault. If you value your dog’s life, even it it shows no sign of aggression in most circumstances, contain it if there is any doubt whatsoever. If you can not safely handle, contain or firmly rehabilitate your extremely aggressive dog then have it put down. Before this happens or your dog kills another dog.

    • All true. The owners are responsible. But experience has shown that pit bull owners are every bit as negligent as any other dog owner but that their dogs are so much more dangerous. So blaming the owners doesn’t fix squat.

      • Yeah, but I own a Rott mix. He was unusually horrid. My late partner and I took 2 solid years doing behavior modification and training to make him into a safe dog. I also keep a close eye on him. People like us should be able to have guard breeds. Although Pitts aren’t guard breeds, Rotts get thrown in that bad dog pile too..

        It would help if shelters did better behavior assessment as well. With both the dogs and the adopters. I know of 2 different people who got Pitts from local shelters who were obviously fighting dogs. Both dogs tried to kill many other dogs. Their owners had no experience with training. Bad combo. I would hesitate in the future to get any dog from a “no kill” shelter especially after seeing that.

        I see well trained and behaved guard breeds all over town. Maybe if someone has no experience with training or owning dogs that show aggressive behavior outside of their own yard, or if they escape their yard, a basic evaluation should be done and basic training or behavior modification should be required in order to keep the dog. Might eventually cut down on insurance costs for other people too. Otherwise we’d have nothing but Labs and Golden Retrievers. BTW, a friend of mine is rehabilitating a 90 lb “bitey” Golden right now. Major PITA.

        And yeah, if a dog is dangerous and the owner can’t or won’t control it then put it down.

    • The World would be a safer place with more love if there were more beagles. Imagine an alternative World where all the pits were replaced by beagles.

      I do not have an answer for those that live such marginal lives that they feel the need to have aggressive dogs, yet many are even proud of possessing dangerous animals.

      I am not condemning pits, have known and been comfortable around individual pits but pits require a knowing and thoughtful owner and a living situation that makes the chance of disaster as close to zero as possible.

      If someone knows of a slightly used beagle that needs a good home, tell me please.

      • I like Beagles too! I am thinking of getting one. I actually want a True little Rat Terrior.. and a Beagle..if anyone knows were to find them. One of the best all time farm dogs ever..

      • Beagles are scent/blood hounds so unless properly trained will instinctively and obsessively go after a scent nose to the ground. They were bred to be pack hunters in the 1800 to catch rabbits, then later fox hunting (a detestably horrendous and cruel “sport” practiced by pompous prats in the UK). Beagles may be really cute but can also be downright vicious when in pursuit of prey. I had one as a kid named Patches and he would often be gone for hours chasing scents. Patches ended up killing several sheep and in the end a farmer shot him. It was impossible to keep him from running (back then in Spain we didn’t have fenced yards) and if tied up he would howl. As much as I loved Patches I would not choose a Beagle as a pet unless I had a really tightly fenced yard and a lot of patience.

    • Yes it is the caretakers fault. And Yes it absolutely is the Dogs fault too. IMO.. I am fond of Pitties. When they are good..they are wonderful. My Pit has been very Good at keeping bears from my property and protecting my Chickens. General she is a great dog. I bring her to dog parks. She is well socialized, with people and other dogs.. For the most part well behaved..But.. she has had some moments that.. weren’t the greatest.. and it’s definitely her genetic nature. It’s not something that can be trained from her, but it is sometimes that can be dealt with if your a responsible pet person.. to a point..All to often people are not responsible enough to handle such a creature.. but folks are definitely in denial if they don’t think these dogs have the potential to inflict massive damage and Harm.. and are can be Lethal to innocent people, children and/or other Animals!

      Actually I am not sure what I am advocating here, because I don’t want to see bad regulations, breed restrictions or unnecessary euthanizing based on breed.. but I do wish folks would be more aware that this breed can be dangerous.
      To think otherwise is to potentially place others in harms way through ignorance and denial.

      • I think basic training should be mandated for all owners of Pits unless they can demonstrate those skills. Chihuahuas too- good thing they’re not 100 lbs.

        • Maybe. People training classes. Sounds good. Unfortunately I think training with Pitties can generally only go so far with certain Dogs. I’m not really sure what laws would actually help the situation. But I think owners should be held to possible charges if the animal ever attacks a person, unprovoked, Or not in defense of their home or family.

          Incidentally I knew of this guy who had actually breed Chihuahua’s with PITBULLS.. I luv most dogs.. but these were Horrible little Creatures. Seriously Awful. Pretty much just little balls of extremely high pitched barking K9 teeth. According to google people call them Pihuahua or Chipit. Worst idea for dog breeds EVER IMO..

          • That’s awful. Piranhas might be a better name?

            Someone in Lake county is said to be breeding pit wolves. Really really bad idea. I like most wolf hybrids I meet, but no.. just no.

            BTW, rat terriers are awesome (unless you’re a cat maybe). But be careful with Jack Russels. Meet the dog’s parents if you go that route. Most are fine but there are a few breeding lines with severe inherited aggression problems. Like insane. One of those breeding lines is in the general area south of here.

            “Unfortunately I think training with Pitties can generally only go so far with certain Dogs.”

            Agree. Same can be said for dogs from some family lines of aggression within breeds. Bad breeding. Pitties can be a bit more reactive than thoughtful I think. I’ve seen them bite without a thought and then look like “Oops! Why did I do that?”. Maybe because of that the owners sometimes don’t have a clue. Rotties and most guard breeds will usually think of giving warning.

            “But I think owners should be held to possible charges if the animal ever attacks a person, unprovoked, Or not in defense of their home or family.”

            Yes. And I think if the owner can not or will not control and contain their dog then that dog should be put down. It’s not fair to take the dog and adopt it out to unsuspecting people who can’t handle the dog. It’s also not fair to let the situation continue and the dog kills or maims people or other dogs. Some dogs are just spoiled or confused and can be rehabilitated with a lot of effort. & Some individuals are truly aggressive. Not pets. There are plenty of good dogs euthanized every year, why not give one of them a chance instead?

            • Very true. Pitranhas would be very accurate!

              Thanks for the warning on Jack Russels!

              It’s true Pits can be more reactive. Saw a pit play stick and decide that the best way to win was to rip the other dogs nose off, then pretty much feel bad about it when it realized that was a messed up way to go about it! I think a lot of people don’t really understand what they are getting into when they adopt a pit. They are such cute puppies to, something people just don’t really understand what they are about to take on.. especially when they are older coming from a shelter for sure. Folks need to be more aware what they are taking on.. absolutely give the better behaved doggies a chance first.

        • A deep state sandwich

          Can’t even get basic training for humans done right.

  • As a landlord, you need to know the laws. Don’t know if this applies to this situation. Insurance Companies have a list and Pit Bulls are in the top 5 for uninsurable properties, therefore the landlord or homeowner will be on the hook for a huge lawsuit. Insurance Companies can cancel landlord’s policy on the spot. As a community, let’s keep rallying behind this young mother for a swift recovery. Make a donation today. Trust me, good karma will be repaid !!!

  • Seriously this is awful! And I sincerely hope this young mother recovers well! Deepest condolences! So sad this happened!

    I live with a pit bull. Reading some of the comments from the last thread.. Truth be told.. I sincerely luv her. I lucked out and got matched with a super well mannered Pitty.

    However… I think some Pitbull care takers..are just in straight up in complete denial of what these animals are capable of.

    If people are not honest with themselves with what these dogs are capable of.. your not a responsible guardian. Even if they are seemingly sweet and innocent. Make no mistake. These dogs are genetic killers. Sad but true. As much as I luv this Pitty. I’m Calling it as she is. She has the potential to be a killer! She is super old. Right now..When she passes, I won’t be getting another.

    The pit bull as I understand them..These dogs were initially bread as livestock dogs. They were then put into pit rings with Bulls, bears and even rats, and bread to be efficient killers, hence PITBULLS.. Then bread as dog fighting dogs. Sad and true. These dogs are born and bread KILLERS. Make no mistake. The amount of damage they can do in a short amount of time is unreal!

    And some no matter the training and luv u give them they will always have that instinct! Bottom line!

    And some folks encourage aggression against people because they want them as guard dogs. At that point they became an even more uncontrollable liability, than protection. I saw a Pitbull take off half of its humans hand trying to fight another dog they cared for. . And this was a well loved, generally well behaved dog. Soo.. anyway. Please Pitty pet parents, don’t be in denial of the capability of these creatures. Please Take extra extra precautions in securing and raising them.. responsibly! Even if you think they are the sweetest creatures on the planet.. Unfortunately we know this will not be the case all the time..

    Done with the Key Board Lecture for now.. you all got off light compared to the pain this Fam must now endure. Please take your Pitbull Parenting seriously! Friends don’t let other friends PITBULLS eat people! For Shame!

  • Pit bulls are the worst along with wolf hybrids. The case of bites and serious injury from these breeds are legion. There is no reason for them. They have bastardized this county.

  • Put the dogs down at the owner’s expense and sue the owner of the dogs for every dime he’s got or will ever have.

  • I agree with the majority of the commenters above, it seems we are in agreement that Pit Bulls are a bred killing machine long ago. Pit Bulls do not make good dependable pets, they will always have that “switch” they could turn on, they are unpredictable. Pit Bulls can be raised well, and be loving, but they will always have the potential to turn, more so than any other breed.

    lastly, the owner is responsible for this horrible tragic incident and should cover all costs, and should be required to put both dogs down so this does not happen again in our community.

  • Who owns the dogs?
    Surely a name should be made public so it is known who was responsible for this.
    This is another reason why defense tools must be made more legal for all people to carry.
    With a simple gun shot, a machete chop or even impalement with a walking spear, these dogs could have been turned back.
    Prayers to the woman.
    May everybody who goes on casual walks in their neighborhood remember that a savage dog attack can happen at anytime, and to anyone.
    Always carry a defense tool and be ready to brawl if necessary.
    The penalties for these dog attacks need to hobble the owner in same.

  • My two cents
    I hope she is able to make a good recovery from this horrible life altering event may she receive the best medical treatment because she deserves it, she is young and a mother of beautiful children, although her life will never be the same I hope she finds the strength needed.

    Advice if you have a pitbull take caution as to the lethality of the breed and do not have other dogs especially another pitbull they get a pack mentality and become even worse. I’ve been attacked by a pitbull and it was awful but they aren’t all the same I also still have all of my limbs so in my case I was lucky.

  • >”This is another reason why defense tools must be made more legal for all people to carry.”

    Bear spray. Pepper Spray. Dog Spray. Better than carrying around a machete or axe I guess.

  • Sad on so many levels

    Ya pits can be dangerous but Ive seen german and dutch shepherds do some horrendous acts. Thats why the nazis used them and why k9 cops are mainly those breeds.
    Ask yourself, if a pit wil bite and not release why do cops use shepherds instead?
    Dobermans are by far the scariest dogs ive ecountered.

    Im sure the pain the owner will feel for the rest of his life over this incident will top whatever punishment a court will give. The dogs will be put down. He will have to live with this memory as well.

    So sorry to all involved, please let the community know how we can help the family and victim beyond gofundme. Please dont hesitate to ask for help with firewood or yard work or whatever you need.
    May she heal well on all levels.

    • Doberman 42 stitch/staple bite. No doubt the sketchiest breed.

      If I’m not mistaken it has to do with the brain outgrowing the skull? Swells or something of the sort making them irrational, irritable, and sketchy af.

      If that isn’t enough the way they look at kids is just chilling. Unless it’s your dobey then there awesome lol.

      • “brain outgrowing the skull”

        That’s a myth, it’s not true. You can ask any vet. But some Dobies have been over bred and badly bred since the 70’s. Plus, in the 70’s it was common for people to train Dobies as “guard dogs” by chaining them outside or in the basement, under feeding them and being mean to them. Produced really sketchy insane dogs if they weren’t already by bad breeding. Some of those dogs no doubt turned on their owners.

      • Explains why they are so dumb

    • pit bulls are killers

      “if a pit will bite and not release why do cops use shepherds instead”… are you serious?.. maybe because they want an intelligent, stable dog they can train and control, a dog they can call off, that won’t be unpredictable and rip up some innocent animal or child/person or even the cop using them. they use dogs to apprehend people, not kill or maim them.

  • I have two pit bulls and I love them and they love me and are extremely loyal to me. To me they are goofy fat-headed fur-babies. If anyone tried to harm me, I don’t know what they would do. I don’t want anyone to ever get hurt on my property and I definitely don’t want anything to happen to my dogs because I was negligent. So, I am careful about putting them up anytime I am expecting someone to come to my home. I have tall fences with locked gates and the doors to my house are locked so no one can just walk in and surprise my dogs. I treat my dogs the same way I treat my guns – always with the respect they deserve, and with the recognition that they are dangerous if they are not treated, handled, and maintained correctly. If someone gets shot or bitten on my property then they didn’t read all the posted warning signs and they were somewhere they shouldn’t have been, doing something they shouldn’t be doing. I also have a security system and cameras to help prove my dogs’ innocence if anyone should try to claim otherwise. I love my pits and our security, and I will not leave anything to chance.

  • please put them down . Regardless of breed.

    The main issue is Healing Love Energy for Candis .

    May God and all the Goddesses guide and protect her all ways.

    here is a musical offering that may help a little bit https://youtu.be/vW2TpW4gCt8

  • Back in the early 80’s, one of my early local jobs was to walk with people with disabilities to deliver the Tri-City Paper. Among the duties was to protect the clients from harm. So I had many dog bites. One of the worse was an aggressive dog the would come charging us from the backyard, teeth out and barking. EPD would not do anything back then because the dog stayed near the property. Then two weeks there was no dog. The third week the dog was back and the vocal cords were severed, almost silent and aggressive. It tore though my blue jeans and broke skin.
    We restructured the the delivery route to skip that block, plus the ones before and after.

  • A deep state sandwich

    I can’t help but think of the correlation between dogs that kill, and mankind’s nature of building and maintaining weapons of death and destruction. This isn’t a 2 Amendment issue, it’s when people create weapons of defense that kill. We live in a very dangerous world. There is no way to put enough knee pads and helmets on all the people who want safety and security in the world of violence and warfare.

  • The only 2 dogs that have seriously charged me with intent to attack were a very small German Shepherd (actually named Killer) and a very large black full sized poodle. Neither were on private property. Both got a lesson they never forgot. Neither came near me again. So, since the worst dog ever was the poodle, even though they are just over-cared-for show dogs, I say let’s outlaw the poodle. Every breed has bad apples, but the poodle was beyond a bad apple.

    • Expanding a single poodle into a nonsense equivalent to a pit bull is farcical. There have been 4 serious attacks by poodles in many decades. “Looking at data that covers reports of dog attacks on people going back 34 years the Poodle can be found involved in 4 attacks. 2 attacks were on children and 1 attack was considered a maiming. A maiming means that the victim was left with permanent scarring, loss of limb and disfigurement. One of those attacks there was a Pit Bull who instigated the attacks and two Poodles joined in. This average to about 1 attack every 8 years making the Poodle a dog who is very unlikely to attack people.” While in half that time pit bulls racked up almost such 300 attacks. https://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-statistics-multi-year-fatality-report-2005-2017.php

      What was kind of humorous about your allegation is that one of those 4 attacks in 4 decades was when a pit bull started the attack and the poodle joined in. In order to make a sarcastic remark, you need to be aware of what the sarcasm is about lest you feel its sting yourself.

      • Guest, you are so overwhelmingly crazed about you hate for pitbulls that you can’t see reality. Nor can you recognize satire. Take a break from you know-it-all norm and realize you are overreaching to an embarrassing level on this subject, just like most others.

        • Well if your post was satire, it was so badly done that it missed the mark. So no black poodle, no small German Shepherd named Killer and you taught no dogs the lessons of their lives? Or was the satire part just the bit about outlawing poodles? Because that was the only recognisable exaggeration. The rest just sounded like hyperbole, which is not the same thing.

  • My husband, Chris Manspeaker, and I don’t know the victim, but donated to her go fund me, because this is a horrible thing to happen to someone, and she is going to have a long and challenging recovery. I would encourage everyone to help out, if they are able to. Community!

  • OMG YALL. It does not matter. YOUR SITUATION OR THINKING IS YOURS. NOT HER SITUATION. Would any of you be willing to trade places with her? There is no magic wand to wave it all away. No golden words of defense. Cripe if it was another human who did this everyone would be ready with the ropes n pitchforks. This is not a defense of pitpulls story. It is about a woman, a mother, a friend, a daughter that was ambushed violently by 2 dogs. DONATING NOW!

  • We shared a fence with this man and his dogs in garberville. After warning the man that his dogs would break through the fence and they did. They attacked us while hanging up wet clothes. We tried & fought hard. I beat one off finally, the other licked down on my aussies neck& would not let go until another neighbor broke through & put the hose up his butt full blast.
    There were 5 adults present.
    This man should NEVER be allowed to own animals again.
    I will be traumatized for the rest of my life

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