Sheriff’s Office Seeking Victims of Couple Suspected of Impersonating an Officer in the Course of Attempted Robberies in SoHum

Sheriff items possessed by suspects

Items possessed by suspects. [Image from HCSO]

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Nov. 23, 2020, at about 1:40 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the 8500 block of Wilder Ridge Road in Honeydew for the report of suspicious individuals driving a U-Haul truck and attempting to unlawfully access properties in the area.

Deputies responded to the area and with the help of community members were able to locate the truck on Ettersburg Road. Deputies conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and detained the occupants of the truck, later identified as 27-year-old Nolan Lewis of Anderson, CA, and 32-year-old Monique Solorio of Redding, CA.

Inside the truck deputies located a large number of items used to impersonate peace officers including, Sheriff vehicle decals, patrol uniforms, handcuffs, radios and similar items. Additionally, deputies located pepper spray, airsoft guns, a garbage bag of dried, unprocessed cannabis and burglary tools.

Lewis and Solorio were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility in Eureka where they were cited and released on charges of impersonating a police officer (PC 538D), possession of burglary tools (PC 466), possession of drug paraphernalia (HS 11364), felon in possession of pepper spray (PC 22810(a)) and conspiracy to commit a crime (PC 182(A)(1)).

An additional suspect vehicle is still outstanding at this time and is described as a red or maroon pickup truck with a light bar over the windshield and a front bumper hitch. A tall, bald male suspect wearing a green and tan military-type camouflage outfit and possibly another individual are believed to be associated with this vehicle.

This case is still actively being investigated.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office urges the community to come forward if you have information about this case. Sheriff’s deputies rely on victim and first-hand witness statements in order to successfully investigate alleged crimes and request criminal charges be filed.

Anyone who may have witnessed these individuals unlawfully accessing properties in the Honeydew/Ettersburg area or who may have been a victim of a crime possibly involving these suspects should contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Earlier Chapter with photos and video: Two Arrested After Attempting Multiple Robberies; Deputies Find Weapons, Handcuffs, Zipties, SWAT Type Vests and Uniforms



  • Site release how comforting! Impersonating cops and the cops let them go to continue they’re attempted robberies… they had all the signs of wanting to commit violence but hey they might get sick in jail!

    • But go out after 10 and they may lock you up?

    • I agree. Cite & release for this is crazy. I sure hope Sheriff & DA don’t run unopposed next time.

    • If you’re gonna cite and release, at least require them to wear those ankle bracelets so we all know where these people are at all times!

    • At what point do we hold the sheriff responsible for letting criminals this serious out of jail . If these people commit another crime within a year charge the sheriff with criminal charges . Now i see why people are saying to get rid of law enforcement we can handle this better ourselves. Which i never thought id say honestly. Sickening!

  • California Condor

    Sited and released? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sited and released… wow that’s it right there ladies and gentlemen. Right now they are sitting in some crack motel laughing about how they got released calling their buddy in the red truck. And the sheriff wants information from us??? You just let the information go! There’s the green light for thugs to go ahead and keep doing this. It’s a joke. It’s a screwed up joke. But now, there is no calling the police in my eyes, they aren’t helping me, so I’m strapped up and waiting to handle it my own way and you’d better be too or you’ll be sitting there on the ground with your wife beaten and tied up with zip ties and the sheriff will probably treat you more like a criminal than the thieves because you are the one with the weed. But thank god no one will get COVID during all this. Good luck America. Protect your family, protect your neighbors because no one else is helping you

  • Must be on a sick one to think is police issue!!!


  • They let them go? Fuck me running!

  • Releasing desperate and dangerous people who were in the process of committing a violent and felonious crime does not seem to be a good public safety strategy.

  • Police brutality

  • Well it seemed to work out very well for the person involved in the Wade Harris case. Just disappeared from the limelight. So obviously they did a better job at removing a clear and present threat to the community than the county is willing to do…just saying…

  • They didn’t get released they were deported.
    Build the wall.

  • Cited and released….This is why you do not bother calling the police. Clean it up yourselves and solve the problem.

  • WTF? This goes far beyond a simple robbery. To think they can walk is mind numbing. I guess it’s either treat these parasites like WH or they get to walk and continue their crime spree. No in between.

  • We need each other to stay safe

    The prisons are releasing a lot of people because for covid. We should expect a lot more of this in our neighborhood. Time to contact neighbors and set up phone trees so we can block roads so these people do not get away as they run. It is like old times where we need to depend on each other for our safety.

  • Cited and Released. You cops have failed, you are not doing your job. The governor of our great State has no jurisdiction to tell the police to catch and release due to Covid bullshit. YOU CANNOT overturn laws without due legal process. So you interviewed them and gave them a ride home…..Shame on all of you police officers. No wonder why trash and garbage humans are robbing so many people. NOW the cops are promoting criminals. So many assaults. So many robberies. Maybe you can give them a gift-basket of goodies while “interviewing” them.

    Citizens, get your concealed carry permits. You are on your own here. Cant trust the police, can’t trust the fake police. LOL maybe you can tell a real cop because they will act like they will interview you. If the person in front of you tells you they are arresting you, they actually are robbing you and you’ll know they are the fake cops.

    Since the cops refused to arrest people like this, I won’t speak to a police officer anymore unless I see Photo ID and call the Sheriffs Department and confirm identity. What a fucking shame on us.

    Looking at the “Flex Cuffs” for tying up victims, these assholes should be in prison or worse… Nope ! They are now PROTECTED by the LAW ?

  • I think people here are being very insensitive to criminals, for all you people know they may have bruises on their wrists from them being slapped. Some of these people may have been bruised previously on their wrists, at what point do we rein in court brutality. I think they need a half-way house for that sensitive time after when people have been traumatized and threatened with going to jail for jailable crimes only to be released. How terrifying it must be for them, when is the law enforcement/court system going to consider criminal’s feelings?!!

  • Maybe these fine upstanding folks can contract for the County, as they are already geared up and familiar with the narrative. LOL After all, they just need to see your PAPERS! Which side is the County on? The answer is obvious.

  • I am assuming that the Sheriff is also interested in hearing any stories from folks who WILL be robbed, in the coming days, by these dangerous and crazy assholes, who have been released back into the allowance of their crazy and dangerous assholeish ways???!!

  • Cite & release implies no cash bail was required so these people have no incentive to show up for a court date (which will be delayed anyway into the indefinite future because of covid). No bondsman will pursue them.
    This is seriously flawed public policy.

  • A Simple google search of her name shows many failure to appear charges resulting in warrants in many Nor cal counties…as as many drug, theft, guns, and robbery charges. Good luck getting them to return to court. These scum were trying home invasions. Their rights to not catch covid in jail are NOT more important than the community’s rights to keep them locked up until trial. If the sheriff wont do his job than maybe we need to find these dangerous tweaker scum and give them some good old fashioned Humboldt street kinda surprised the cops got called at all…in the old days growers handled things like this themselves…

  • Odd that among all this paraphernalia there weren’t any real firearms. If they ran into someone who was packing the airsoft gun could have got them shot.

    • Puts cannabis farmers who can’t have fire arms on property in a bad spot. Can you imagine if you got pulled up on while just enjoying post harvest break down and having a gun pointed at you? What are we supposed to do, get zip tied, possibly assaulted or worse AND lose our percentage? I would rather have a firearm and be able to defend myself. Hope the red Toyota is found soon

  • NeighborsNotEnemies

    The suspects were smoking outside the uhaul on hwy 36 at 5:20 at the one way guided section heading west on November 23rd.

    Looks like a larger Hispanic male with a Humboldt sweatshirt. Uhaul is parked on opposite side of road facing west. Approximately 34′ from light towers.

    Satellite shows them pull off next at dinsmore store.

    In case you were wondering…

    Source: DOD (LE use 41xeo data relay from DOD)

  • Fax, just the fax ma'am

    I think catch & release is great for fishing, but not for crooks

    Mendocino County had a couple doing the same thing in the Redwood valley area

    The cite & release rules ARE NOT generated by the locals but come from SACRAMENTO by the state judicial council… THAT IS TO WHOM YOU NEED TO COMPLAIN TO… THEY’RE WHO CRAFTED & ENACTED THIS EMERGENCY COVID RISK REDUCTION ORDER.

  • These 2 are still in Eureka as of 2pm today. I saw a uhaul on 5th st near mcdonalds, and pulled up next to it. She is driving, he is passenger. Saw them clearly. They noticed me looking and turned south on H st. off of 5th. Someone should find them before they hit again, and deal with thwm, as they sure as hell didnt go home to Redding..

  • I like the California License plate photocopy. Just tape it over your real one !

  • Cited and released?

    Is this a joke?

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