Mendocino County Resident Publicly ‘Outs’ Her Positive COVID-19 Test Result

Kristin Hills

Kristin Hills

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mendocino County resident Kristin Hills worked remotely, wore a mask, and practiced social distancing seriously. In the interest of utilizing Mendocino’s County’s virus testing apparatus, Hills volunteered to be tested in June and, within one week, she got notice she had tested positive for the virus. What transpired from there, from the quarantining to the contact tracing to publicly outing herself as having the virus, provides insight into a rural public health agency’s efforts to build a bulwark against the advancing tide of the global COVID-19 pandemic lapping at the county’s shores.

Hills rigidly followed pandemic protocols working towards “protecting others more than myself.” She described wearing masks in public settings, maintaining a distance of six feet from others, and utilizing hand sanitizer and handwashing after venturing into public places. Hills generally refrained from public gatherings other than small, outdoor, one-on-one visits with friends and two Ukiah Black Lives Matter events. She carried herself with Public Health’s mantra in mind: “act like you have it and could potentially infect others.”

Hills identified pandemic protocols that were hard to manage: maintaining consistent home/social/work bubbles. She described her spouse and children working hard to keep their physical interactions with a select few but found their stable home grouping soon expanded to 15 people.

On June 7, Hills attended one of Ukiah’s Black Lives Matter rallies. Later that week, acting out of “good health practice and good civil duty”, she registered for a testing appointment. The earliest appointment that she could attend was on June 23. With the test nearly two weeks away, Hills carried on working remotely and helping run her household. Around June 15, she described having a mild sore throat throughout that week. She said, “my symptoms were so mild that I honestly didn’t even notice the slight numbing of taste/smell until I found out I was positive on June 30.” Upon learning of testing positive for the virus, Hills said, “I was retroactively trying to reconstruct my symptoms.”

Test Results are pendingHills feels “fairly certain that I did not contract it at the Black Lives Matter events due to the timing of the onset of symptoms, the date of the event (6/7) and the date of my test (6/23), and my other actions that have been in line with public health order.” She surmises that “I contracted it by shopping, but potentially could have gotten it from someone in my home pod (although I was the first to experience any symptoms), particularly as one of our members was working in customer service. For that to be plausible, though, they would have had to have been asymptomatic.”

Seven days after getting a swab inserted deep into her sinus cavity inside an ad-hoc medical facility housed in a fairground multipurpose room, Hills received an email informing her she tested positive for the virus. When she got the news, she described being “surprised” and feeling “concern for my family and anyone else I had been in contact with.”

Hills contacted Mendocino County Public Health before they contacted her. While checking her email on the early morning of June 30, she noticed an email from LHI/OptumServe with her positive test result. By 9:00 am that morning, Hills contacted her employer and Public Health to inform them of the positive test.

positive test results

[The email Hills received]

Immediately, Hills said Public Health “worked with me on my symptoms and contact tracing and gathered the information of all of my friends and family.” Hills described “there are 6 other people who live with me (three part-time by staying overnight) and a total of 15 people on our ‘quaran-team’, which includes the families of three teenagers and young adults who have been here overnight.”

After consulting with Public Health to assist in contact tracing, Hills was directed to isolate from July 1-3, for a total of 10 days after her positive test. Hills said her immediate family was directed to quarantine until July 7, 14 days after her positive test, “and therefore, 14 days after they had known contact with a positive COVID case.” Mendocino County Public Health asked that all of the members of Hills’s quaran-team be tested.

Public Health also ordered Hills family to undergo testing at Ukiah’s OptumServe site on June 30. Hills said they just “showed up” and personnel at the testing site said the tests would be processed through the University of California San Francisco because “results were expected faster” in approximately five days. Hill said that Mendocino County Public Health “did nothing to facilitate” the testing. After nine days and being “incredibly persistent,” they were contacted and told all results were negative except one was “lost.” While waiting for the test, Hills said her family chose “to remain under quarantine as a precautionary measure to protect our community at this point, without direction from Public Health.”

Reflecting on her experience within Mendocino County’s Public Health apparatus, she described the county’s public health personnel as “patient, kind and interested in my experience.” Hills ended up talking with “officials from Ukiah and also with folks from LHI/OptumServe in Ukiah, and even Wisconsin and Florida while they followed up and tried to get to the bottom of the results from my family’s tests through UCSF.”



  • Kym- nasty nonsense post.

    • it’s not nasty at all that is a significant risk factor

      • It’s not a risk for catching the virus. It’s a risk for complication from the virus. Which apparently doesn’t apply. Yes. It’s a nonsense nasty post. Skinny does not make you immune.

  • Good Grief more lions tigers and bears

    Read this entire article expecting some point or conclusion, there is none….. what is the point, it is wasting readers time. More lions and tigers and bears.. . All this nonsense over a sore throat. . Good grief, is this just to keep the focus on covid sore throat,……
    wasted internet space!

  • What are you implying? Only over weight people get Covid 19? Are you serious?? You are rude!!

  • Amazing to me. People like this that are supposedly following the mantra, “act like you have it and could potentially infect others,” and are on “quaran-teams,” are also, by their own admission, willfully exposing themselves many times over more than I am. And I don’t give a shit about any of this. Hypocrites.

    This person caught a mild cold. Happy they are okay. But is this what this whole thing is about now? Why am I supposed to be worried about this?

    • Pretty sure I caught coronavirus, and was super lucky to have a mild case.
      My family has 5 people. My partner, myself and three kids. After a month of SIP, we allowed each child to have one friend over, a couple times a week. The people interacting in my home has only numbered 8.

      The thing is, if you are accurately counting your pod, you have to include the families of the other kids (also small, following PH orders, and only one of our kids goes to their friend’s house). So when you add those 7 folks, who I never hung out with, then that’s 15.

      It’s confusing for people, I know.

      • Since 80% of people apparently have mild cases, then it was statically likely. But I’m leery of this virus and would be resting as much as I could to allow my body the energy to recover thoroughly.

      • Thank you Kristin for sharing. Very brave of you!

        Kym deleted my previous message thanking you for bravely sharing your story that I posted yesterday?!? I posted again now so you would be aware of the fact that a lot of people appreciate you sharing.

        Thank you for protesting police brutality as well!

    • “This person caught a mild cold.”

      No, she specifically tested positive for Covid-19, which has a current death rate in the United States of OVER 50 TIMES the mortality rate of standard yearly influenzas per case contracted. [edit]

  • Bet you wouldn’t say that to her face. Looks like she could kick your a**. You need to watch Thelma & Louise!

  • No testing of the other BLM protesters? Looks like the people of Covelo were wise to make them cancel their rally there.

    • There was a rally in Covelo last Friday, along with a farmer’s market. People behaved with consideration for others at both.

      • I wasn’t at the Covelo events, but that was my experience at the Ukiah 6/7 #BlackLivesMatter event, as well.
        Thank you for going!

    • Dinky, I also attended the BLM event in Ukiah. I also took precautions and was tested after. I was negative. Plus, everyone I saw at the event was masked and taking safety precautions. Not so at those grad parties.

    • Many of my friends who were there were tested. No one I know has tested positive.

  • Thanks Kristin!
    Not just for the reporting, but also being a good citizen. A world pandemic with no national leadership does not make it any easier.

    • A good citizen who violated the public health order?

      • Please do your homework. I followed guidance, nearly to the letter. Mendo was recommending home pods of up to 12, work pods of 10, school/childcare pod of 10, plus extracurricular activities for children pods of 10.

        My partner and I work from home. One of my kids worked in retail (no longer, as they are going back to college in a few weeks). Our # of folx in our home is 8…and is 15 when you include our 3 guests’s own home/family members.

        • Nearly to the letter…. You have a group of 15 people in your life, they all have contact with others. You have kids not in your family staying at your home. You attend small social gatherings……. BS you follow the guidelines…..

          • I followed public health orders. The social/work/school pods Mendocino County PH was recommending had the potential for far more folx in one’s life than 15. Easily verifiable fact.

  • I love the blind thinking, there’s no way I got it from the black lives matter protests…some people are just sheep. Cancel weddings and graduations but let thousands protest and do nothing in the name of a misguided cause…something is off here…

    • I love how she brushes off the single most obvious source of transmission by orders of magnitude. You can be quite sure she has massaged her story to support that case, too.

      • Three to five days incubation, most common time window. Of course she probably researched that and can add and subtract.

        • However many people test positive for weeks so she could have been infected earlier than she thinks. Also symptoms take on average about 5-6 days to show up but may take 14 days. In other words, she simply does not know.

          • Except I didn’t have symptoms until the week of 6/15. It’s theoretically possible, I guess. If so, isn’t it strange that there wasn’t a huge bump in cases after Mendocino County’s largest protests? 🤔

            We’re ordering a lot more food online these days. I know that every. single. time I go into a stores, *plenty* of people are wearing masks under their

            • If people were even somewhat careful, no. The average infection rate is two so it doesn’t have to be a “super spreader” event. If a person came from another county and became or was already infected, then they would be counted there. If they got tested at all. But the same could be said for the grocery store. If the owner was responsible, then a cluster would be known there. Most likely the trackers do have an idea of how it is spread but it’s not often they will say.

              There real takeaway is that it is could have come from anywhere. No one come with a Scarlet “C” on their forehead to let you know they are infected. I just read of a mink farm (who knew people still raised minks) in the Netherlands was ordered to cull thousands of their animals who tested positive, so I suppose it’s possible that infections can be spread even from animals. Very few are able to totally isolate themselves and every contact has a small chance of infection at least. The more contacts,the more chances.

            • Just keep sticking to your story. You dont know where you contacted it. Quit making uneducated guesses.

      • Tell me why it’s the single most obvious source? Science? Or you just don’t like that gathering?

      • Read between the lines

        She is a good story teller after all.

        And how many people in her quaran”team” (isn’t that cute)? And what was their ripple effect?

        Sounds like a rationalization of guilt.

        • Are you a Ukiah community theater fan? Why yes! I *am* a good story teller! I particularly like telling stories that help people understand complicated social issues! 💜

          See above for a description of my family/quaranteam (…and yes…so cute!). ✌🏻

          Sounds like transparency to me! 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • The only thing I am currently massaging is my temples. These comments are, for the most part, disheartening.

        • The whole pandemic is disheartening. Frankly it’s a national pastime at the moment to assign blame when we already object to something. Don’t like the mask wearing method of store owner? Blame him. Don’t like BLM protests? Blame them. Me? I’ve always looked at children as walking Petri dishes of disease. But then that’s the nature of society or life in general that there are always trade offs for human nature- good and bad- not in our control.

          • I didn’t…I blamed myself for continuing to patronize his business. People need to be more compassionate and understanding of the complexities.

            • In my 1911 I trust

              If you participated in a contact tracing program, wouldn’t the contact have been traced back to the store owner and a cluster of infections have been discovered there? Did that happen? If not it probably wasn’t the business owner. Did contact tracing identify who you possibly contracted the virus from? If not, it doesn’t sound like contact tracing works that well. All honest questions.

              • My case is still processing…they called me this afternoon. Rural county, too few resources. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been kind.

      • Thanks Kristin for sharing your experience. It is so challenging for everyone to try to contain the spread, and you and your family members, did take the guidelines seriously, and follow precautions. And we are still learning, and testing availability has been a factor. I guess that yours would be considered community spread when you don’t know where you caught it? I’m glad you weren’t seriously ill. One hopes that an incidental exposure (like at a grocery store) won’t have enough viral load to get it, but you can’t be sure. I have become a hand sanitizer fiend- just whenever I touch handles, store keypads… etc, lol, my trusty little bottle in my pocket.

    • It’s science. Incubation period. Symptoms. Testing. Contract tracing is not just gossip.

    • People drink and get careless at weddings, graduations and parties…especially when they are celebrating special occasions with people they love.
      Not so at protests. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • So people at a Black Life Matters protest have never attended a wedding or party in the days before they protested, shoulder to shoulder, shouting, wearing masks under their noses or not at all? The photo below shows otherwise.

        • I didn’t, no. And I was back behind this group, on the platform between the city police offices and the street scene (pictured). And folks were masked. And this was 5/23…this first of three Ukiah events was less physically distant, for sure. People were fired up. The horror of police violence against Black folx is real, and visceral, and not even mine, as a white woman.

          But not much worse than trying to grocery shop around here…and for a much nobler cause.

          • There are both people wearing masks under their noses and a bunch not wearing them at all at that Ukiah protest. It bothers me to read you mention you suspect a store owner, taking risks to provide necessities- seems pretty noble to me, of spreading infection but not protestors doing worse simply because of you perceive the one as you doing him a favor and the other as “a noble cause” that you think is an excuse for what you condemn in others. Honesty would require admitting that you apply totally different judgements of acceptability based on internal emotional criteria.

            • Ok. I think I can agree with that. I do. I’m ok with that. I don’t claim perfection. I’m willing to examine my mistakes. I want others to learn from my mistakes.

              The photo you are showing is the 5/23 rally, however…and not the 6/7 one discussed in the article. They were quite different, as I’ve acknowledged elsewhere.

          • So now your spinning off the main storyline and trying to start disarray on Black Lives Matter
            What are you seeking?
            Praise for both
            Stick to one story
            And that story has so many holes in it it’s sad

        • A few masks and no social distancing.

    • “misguided cause” ???!!! I’m sorry but that type of thinking is truly very sad .

  • Thank you Ms. Hills for putting your story out there for the public to consider. It took courage to stick up your hand and say “ over here! And this is how it happened…”

    • A concerned citizen

      Nobody mentioned that she didn’t suffer much, less than a common flu case.

      • There are many possible long term effects, even for people with mild symptons. They include heart damage and nuerological damage. Dismissing a mild appearing case shows a lack of awareness.

        • A concerned citizen

          Awareness might include observing that her symptoms were mild, this is real data. Possibilities are another, less tangible dimension.

        • Pharmstheproblem

          And how do you know that, the virus has only been around for 7months? For seeing the future?

    • Ridgy: Thank you for your support; I consider it a public service for those who wish to know more, first-hand, of how the system worked for me and my family in rural NorCal.

      A Concerned citizen – actually…I said that myself?

      Doggie: True! I am still waking/hiking with no ill effects yet. I will do surveillance testing again if I can find it, and get a physical at some point this year. I have no underlying health conditions, fortunately.

  • swab deep into her sinus cavity?

    “Seven days after getting a swab inserted deep into her sinus cavity inside an ad-hoc medical facility housed in a fairground multipurpose room……..”

    If the virus is so damn contagious, why does the swab need to go deep?
    This is not a rhetorical question…….It does not make sense.

    Not to mention the fact that PCR test inventor Kary Mullis has stated unequivocally that the PCR test cannot be used for diagnosis………yet the whole hysteria revolves around “cases” detected by these faulty tests.

    • Yes! I’ve wondered that. Why can’t they just test by having you cough onto or sing into, or at most lick or drool on, some medium– a cloth or screen? Or go just a little way in, grab and smear some nasal matter. Ha! Supposedly those water droplets are precisely where the virus hangs out.

  • The photo shows a healthy looking woman. Not obese at all. Obesity is a major factor in ones reaction to covid. Not clear at all that the commenter was implying the pictured woman is obese. If that is what you were implying you’re a douchebag. Thanks to the brave woman for sharing!

  • …or it could be one of many false positives…

  • Interested party

    Come on! Who’s kidding who here. If this person really did as she said she did, the only credible source of infection is the BLM rally. This is another attempt to downplay the fact that our current surge nationally started within two weeks of the first BLM protests and rallies. Instead let’s blame it on “shopping” and “opening too soon”.

    • Actually, there is a neighborhood market that I frequented, blocks from my house, where I have never seen the proprietor wearing his mask properly. Additionally, people coming into the store without masks or incorrectly masked are not stopped or corrected. I’ve seen neighborhood kids (around 9-10?), come in without parents and try to sort of hold their tee shirts over their noses. That kind of thing.

      So this was my biggest mistake.
      Because the proprietor is a kind man, and it is a neighborhood market,
      because I try to frequent local businesses in the interest of my local economy (because I am privileged enough to pay a little more),
      because even though I can be assertive at times, I was raised to be a good girl/nice lady (I’ll be 50 next year),
      I continued to frequent that store.

      A week or two before my test, I was at this store, doing my usual hand sanitizer routine in the car, put on my mask, and started across the parking lot. At the same time, a young Fedex driver got out of their van, without a mask, smirked at me, and followed me into the store. I purchased my items, and took a picture of the license plate, fully intending to send it to Fedex. I was pissed off…I could have easily forgotten to use my hand sanitizer when I got back in my car. I wash my hands when I get home, but I also might have touched my mask or something else that I picked it up from again later.

      When I consulted my family about sending the pic to Fedex, they thought I was overreacting…and I let it go. And frankly, “Karens Gone Wild” made me second guess myself, since I fit the demographic. But I did stop going there. I just think I stopped going there too late.

      Telling this story (and others) was part of my contact tracing interviews. I also finally made a complaint against this store during my interviews. 😞

      • This is qualitative data and is an important part of contact tracing science. 👍🏻 🤓✌🏻

  • Since we have all been quibbling about the efficacy of masks, let’s all take a step back and consider this well done video by Ben Swann going over many peer reviewed, double blind studies.

    • Sigh. And here, fellow humans, is the attitude that is causing our surge.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Or the fact that this surge has coincided with the BLM protests. The fact that you went to a BLM protest and then came down with Covid-19 symptoms during the correct amount of incubation time. The timing is perfect, hundreds of people gathered and yelling and chanting. Remember all the data about how covid spreads 3-5 times farther in aerosols when people are singing or yelling? Thats why they shut down all the churches is because of the choir groups. I would say this constant virtue signaling and the refusal to say “Yeah I fucked up, probably shouldn’t have gone to that mass gathering to chant and yell,” is whats causing this current surge.

        • it takes 4 to 6 days to show symptoms and, if you are lucky, you will beat the virus in about 14 days after symptoms begin, so in this case the BLM protests is a very good candidate for how she got the virus.

          Our current surge can be directly linked with a previous surge that began with highschool graduation parties which spread the virus into the community – planting the seed, and then the BLM protests which watered that seed but the real surge today (it is only just now beginning) came from the July 4th holiday – basically a massive fertilizer event leading to a bumper crop – it takes 6 days for symptoms and then another 5-8 days for test results.

          without any social distancing or masks each person infected will infect 3.5 people on average. (an exponential growth) With strong social distancing and mask wearing in the community this number drops to .25 on average – which gets rid of the virus in the community in about a month – like they did in New Zealand.

        • Source, please?

      • Kristen- i thank you and respect your courage to go public with your story… I sincerely hope that doing it doesn’t ruin your compassion and good heart. I have a feeling that if you continue to read and respond to anymore of the negative trolls on social media (i appreciate & admire; but there are a lot of people online in general, that love to argue, stir the pot, and otherwise make brave people uncomfortable, and people post things online that they would never say to that person to their face….) i basically want to wish you well, and hope you can continue to have a positive attitude… ( and think about taking a break from social media if it gets to be depressing!)

  • Got it shopping LOL.

    She blatantly admits violating the local health order by have family friends over for visits and participating in BLM assemblages.

    She should be charged and jailed for the crimes she admits.

  • It sounds like surviving the COVID-19 was a real battle, what a joke this virus is if your in fair condition under 75. No one else in her 15 person circle was positive, yeah, real contagious. Lets hear more personal stories of infected people.

    • punkybrewstersmind


    • Lone Ranger: it really wasn’t very difficult for me other than the emotional stress of not knowing what ripples I had inadvertently created by my actions (which, again, were pretty well within PH orders).

      And no one else is positive yet, from us…that we 100% know of. My two outside visitors were negative. My contractor hasn’t let me know his results yet (we had an outdoor 20 minute convo more than 6’feet). Our child’s workplace had an employees case reported two days ago, though. They will no longer be working (again, acknowledging our privilege here).

      • what I don’t understand is how could your family not get infected? You are living with a family indoors and were with them during your pre-symptomatic and symptomatic phases.

        • Not as contagious as the tv tells us i guess , apparently not as deadly either. They are still trying to figure out who all has had it. I’ll say it again, numbers don’t lie, we are no where near 1 percent fatality rate, let alone the 5 percent predicted. Shit be going on for 6 months, where the 15 million deaths, I’m waiting. Don’t think we’re going to pull that number off, not even 3million that all you dramaqueens are screaming.

        • Exactly

  • Yup. Reckon the virus is just a hoax.
    BTW the earth is flat too… an hallucination produced by the chemtrails.

    • No shit, the earth is flat? Sorry bud this virus is no hoax, and you might end up with a really bad sore throat like the lady in the article. COVID-19 did a real number on her throat. Beware ! Run and hide ! You could end up with ” flu like ” illness, according to our county health department director .

    • Not sure you’d call all the refrigerator trucks backing up to Houston hospitals right now, a hoax!

      • Someone hung up on the refrigerator trucks. Were they from all the BLM death and destruction or COVID-19? Try writing something new.

        • You seem hung up on BLM, get something new.

          • Just for you, Lone Ranger. Interesting that you chose such a clearly racist character’s name.

            Might want to get out of the way. More changes are coming.


            • Whoa! I believed your self appraisal as an honest, thoughtful person until now. But to accuse a person of being a racist based on a name commonly used to reflect a solitary justice fighter from American fiction puts you squarely in the most recent other advocates of fiction over reality nicknamed the “cancel culture.” I thought I was having a mutual discussion but now see that was a delusion. Whose delusion is not something that can be resolved to anyone’s satifaction.

            • Usually when I hit on the truth people lose their shit. ” get out of the way”is that a threat? cause I am not going anywhere. I was born in Humboldt and my ancestors are from Humboldt . Here to stay . Now scurry down to in n out and get yourself a cheeseburger and shake, maybe that will calm you down. Have a nice day.

            • Kristin- just for some historical knowledge- “In 1961, author James Baldwin was asked by a radio host about being Black in America. He said:

              To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a state of rage almost, almost all of the time — and in one’s work. And part of the rage is this: It isn’t only what is happening to you. But it’s what’s happening all around you and all of the time in the face of the most extraordinary and criminal indifference, indifference of most white people in this country, and their ignorance.”

     and there were earlier ones.

              1961. 60 years ago. It’s not people’s first rodeo.

            • My grandkids say your statement is Ludacris, they are too funny .

            • A concerned citizen

              If the Lone Ranger was such a racist why was his best buddy from a minority race? Why was his buddy so loyal, to the point of risking his life for him? Seems like I recall the Lone Ranger as one of the more heroic, gallant figures in western culture. More likely the commenter here chose that name as a satire on the mask issue.

              I agree that you’ve lost my sympathy for you illness and experiences. Part of the problem, not the solution.

            • You’re a disgrace
              You’re now attacking people because you have nothing to do
              You should be ashamed of yourself

    • Seriously. To quote the late, great David Bowie: “To be insulted by these Fascists is so degrading.” I am beginning to think that the coronavirus is Earth’s way of correcting an imbalance of too many Rightards by giving them a deathwish ‘Out’ that is akin to a nice bright Flame to a colony of Moths. As though the Nuremberg Rallies had been held in giant vats of acid. We can only hope that as many as possible of them will attend maskless Trump Rallies and Tractor Pulls; I encourage them to open their mouths and scream “Lock her up!” at the top of their lungs. I wonder if there’s any way we could get them to lick each other’s hands as a means of demonstrating how Manly they all are?

  • Stupid churches giving it to mass protesters.

  • So…let’s just take these one at a time.

    1) I am, by the BMI index standard, obese. Personally I prefer the word FAT. I also walk/hike about 15-20 miles a week and love my body. Not concerned about your small-minded opinion or my health, and neither is my actual medical doctor. ✅

    2) I am, also, woman of my word. My father taught me about integrity and my mother taught me about radical honesty. Everything I said for this article is both honest.

    3) I did not violate any health orders Do your homework. Every action I took was approved by Mendocino County public health orders at the time of my activity, with the one exception (here’s the integrity) of having a family/home group of 15 people. Five live in my home full-time, three part-time. That’s 8. The other 7 are people I never have personal contact with…but because I *understand* how a quaranteam works, I know I have to count them. Our risk by increasing from 12 to 15 (so by 3, stay with me), is a risk assumed by the folx in my quaranteam.

    I think that’s it for now. Feel free to keep it coming. I will keep being honest and kind. It’s who I am.

    • Actually, make that honest, kind and also a bit snarky. I’m tired.

      • Not all the comments were bad or insulting. My comment yesterday was very supportive. I said you looked healthy and not obese at all. I also thanked you for your bravery in sharing. Maybe Kym deleted the positive supportive messages and left the insulting ones for a reason. No idea what her reason was???

  • Like the public health officials have been saying, the small, in-door gatherings have been the contributing to the recent spike in cases. Likely was not from the two times she went outdoors to a BLM protest. Most likely was from chumming with family and palls.

    “..but found their stable home grouping soon expanded to 15 people.” There you go!

    • Curious citizen

      You mean the ’quaranteam’ (so cute).

      It should be curious as to the ripple effect that these 15 people caused within the community? And how do you self-quarantine with that many people in a house?

      The biggest question of story spinning is the exposure at a rally (sustain exposure) versus exposure at a grocery store (limited exposure).

      You believe all this rationalization I bet there is a bridge somewhere for sale. This story is hard to believe is all factual.

      • I was super thankful for backpacking gear and a relatively large yard! I went camping at home for 3 days.

        I was surprised by how lonely I got. A relatively small thing of course, but the second night my quarantined family members were playing Yahtzee, and I felt pretty sad. I didn’t mention this in the article, but this all happened during a long-planned “family vacation.” It was more of a stay isolated staycation for me for a few days there. The attached pic is from when I woke up the second morning.

        Again, a tender moment, but pretty damn low on the tragedy scale.

        • I don’t know about y’all, but I can easily spend an hour and a half at Costco, especially with a houseful of people aged 16-20. That’s the same amount of time I spent at the 6/7 protest.

          There is a long story about the neighborhood market I suspect of being the place I picked it up. Story is above in the comments somewhere.

          Also, between 6/9 and 6/23 (so…the day of my test, and back 14 days), I had two instances of social meetups. My neighborhood bestie came over one night and we stayed more than 6’ apart, for about an hour, outside. Another friend dropped off an old futon frame to me: we masked up before she even got out of her truck, we moved the 6’-long futon into my backyard, where we got about 12’ feet apart, took off our masks, and chatted for about 20 minutes. They both got tested the day I got my results and both tested negative.

          Had a contractor over once during that timeframe too, also outside, also more than 6’ apart (the 6/15 week I had symptoms – but still did not suspect I had covid). I hope to hear back from him today. He also got tested the day I got my results.

          All of those contacts were following public health orders even now, with the more strict guidelines. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤓

          • Kristen, you are a person with high ethics, and you’re a good neighbor, and I appreciate you. I hope you realize that all they want here is to crucify you for supporting BLM, cause this is where the KKK hangs out at.

    • But none of them tested positive…..

      • Exactly.

        Well, except there was the one test among my 8 housemates that was lost. They all quarantined for 16 days from my test anyway (7/9), cause that was when we got their negative results. They would have been released 7/7, 14 days from my test date…but in case someone else was positive, we waited until we heard for sure.

  • Not a Medical Doctor

    Please let me clarify. I meant the Letter should include obesity as one of the things that would require seeking medical help. In no way was I implying the lady is obese.

  • punkybrewstersmind

    I think we are ALL glad you a Not a Medical Doctor! What a sad bitter life you must have.

  • Pretty sure everybody’s probably had it by now.

  • “the date of the event (6/7) and the date of my test (6/23),” “While checking her email on the early morning of June 30”

    2 weeks to get a test, another week for results. By the time you get results your quarantine would be over.

    If everyone stayed home for 3 weeks at the same time the virus would just disappear right?? Better than the 7 months of what we’ve been through.

    Or will the virus go away Nov.4th?

    • That’s how we flatten the curve, yes. The trouble is, a lot of our local folx have trouble with the idea of a social contract.

      • If you believe in our social contract, try calling the police during a riot.

      • A concerned citizen

        A concept that liberal/progressives seem never to have heard of or considered, paraphrased from Benjamin Franklin:

        ” Those that would choose security over liberty deserve neither”.

        Lots of folks prefer to live freely and accept the risks of living freely, as other species have done since time began.

  • I’ll just take these one by one:

    1) Not a Medical Doctor: yep! I’m obese according to the BMI. I also walk/hike (alone, with a mask in my possession) about 15 miles a week and have a medical doctor, believe it or not. Thank you for your concern. 😘✅

    2) My last BLM attendance is a matter of public record. Ukiah, 6/7. About 150 people attended. We marched, fully masked, from the courthouse downtown to a park and back again. My positive test was on 6/23. I’m actually quite good at math, yes. That’s 14 days. Highly unlikely that I contracted it there, but scientifically possible. In any case…worth it. Certainly more worth it than going to the local Walmart where folks are not masking properly. ✅

    3) The ONLY way I defied public health orders in any way was by increasing our family pod to 15. Only one of us had a work pod (and since this time, do NOT work in public anymore). At the time of attending, public gatherings, and specifically protests, were protected by free speech laws and specific guidance for attending was included in our public health orders. The only “hangouts” I’ve been to were two one-on-one visits, both an hour or less, outdoors, easily 10 feet apart. I’m a law-abiding citizen. Despite my photo, I’m a bureaucrat by day. I respect rules and I respect the social constructs of our public health orders. ✅

    I might come back later and I might not. In the meantime, anyone who knows me personally (y’all have my photo now, and real name), would vouch for my honesty and integrity. I am a woman of my word, thanks to some great parenting and good personal choices. I am also kind. I will continue to be those things, no matter what a bunch of anonymous people hiding behind fake names say about me. 🤷🏻‍♀️😎❤️

    Peace out!
    Wear a mask!
    Stay home when you can!

  • 🕯🌳We have about 5 major Holidays left in the year let’s see how well we cooperate. 🚁🖖🇺🇸

  • Many parents are balking at back-to-school, choosing instead to home school their children this fall.

    Worth reading here’s a snip

    Indeed, so many parents submitted notices of intent to homeschool in North Carolina last week that it crashed the state’s nonpublic education website.

    Other parents are choosing to delay their children’s school enrollment, with school districts across the country reporting lower than average kindergarten registration numbers this summer.

    School officials are cracking down in response.

    Concerned about declining enrollments and parents reassuming control over their children’s education, some school districts are reportedly trying to block parents from removing their children from school for homeschooling.

    When school officials resort to force in order to ensure compliance, it should prompt parents to look more closely at their child’s overall learning environment. Parents have the utmost interest in ensuring their children’s well-being, both physically and emotionally, and their concerns and choices should be respected and honored.

    I say give the voucher pay to the parents if they home school. Clearly the education they get now that CA. is 48th in education

    Who put CA. in the toilet and forgot to flush??

  • Go jump in a lake, you jerk… ‘ Not a medical doctor’ or a nice person…

  • 🕯🌳A. Instead of addressing the issue that this woman put herself out as being a positive person with the virus heartless people took upon theirselves to pick on her for her weight. Again these are heatless and they are the people you to choose listen to and follow.B. By sending your children to school this fall will lesson the burden on the parents but it will put the teachers and workers at the schools at risk. So far children seem not to be at risk from the virus but have been proven to be carriers. In turn they can transmit it to teachers or workers at the schools. Some who care for the elderly relatives at home. Peace out. 🖖🇺🇸

    • Hi Willie, last I heard Mendocino Co has 31 cases under the age 18. School in mendocino Co will only be by distance learning this fall.

  • What a stupid thing to say.

  • You obviously do not know the difference big and overweight, and what fucking difference would it make anyway. What an idiot!

  • She is just like everyone else claiming that the mass public demonstrations are not linked to the current spike in Covid cases and the spike in deaths that will follow.

    • 🕯🌳So far the recent spick in most covid cases are linked to inside activities. 🖖🇺🇸

      • Really? That’s not an opinion that should be allowed to give comfort to poor choices. If it were true,open air big concerts would certainly be an exception to the closing orders. And open air wedding would be too.

  • Thank you Mrs Hill for being brave enough to share yourself and your experience with all of us. Wish you and your family and friends well. Gotta love brave people who stand up and say ” me”.♥️

  • Third World County

    Boy what an ordeal, testing positive and having to worry that you may have other infected family members and there is the waiting game. Thank You for being so brave and telling your story. Maybe it will bring things down to reality for a lot of people so we can all be more careful for each other and beat this horrible disease.

  • Positively Obliviously Obvious

    15 people? With teenagers part time? Of course you were going to get it. That’s not quarantine at all.

  • Tall, short, fat, skinny, heart issues, breathing issues are partly a matter of heredity, partly eating habits which can be cultural, a matter of calories in & energy out, medications you take, food & supplement budget you can maintain.

    Some folks have issues with all of the above. For many it’s not easy to maintain a balance it depends on if you go to a pharma believing doctor or a holistic doctor
    or no doctor at all.

    All treatments are expensive. Pharma $$$.

    Holistic organic foods and supplements are expensive.
    Treatments usually also consist of cannabis, massages, acupuncture etc.

    Who among us is perfect ???

  • Symptoms can appear within five days of exposure. Testing for the virus is recommended three to five days after exposure.

  • This story just leads me more to believe that a “positive” test is only positive for some type of corona… Or its all 5g.. She was masking distancing etc and still got it?? Yea viruses dont give a hoot about a mask or your 6 feet.. Yes maybe there is a new virus out there and yes some people are dyinfg but people die every day every year and theres going to b more death every year that there are more and more humans.. Go watch the numbers on the human population is def not taking a hit cuz of corona.. Still goin up.. And while this lady may not be obese id wager my left toe that she is about as healtht as most americans.. Which isnt very..

  • Kristin, thank you for sharing your story. I am sure it was a hard thing to do.

  • I am sick unto death with the 25%-35% of this nation who are literally putting us all at risk of being Sick Unto Death. It wasn’t funny when it was Climate Change Denialists going back to the late `70s; it wasn’t funny when it was the Pro-Fracking Morons of the late `90s to the present; and now it’s *super* not-funny when it’s the Trumpoid Plague Zombies of the Latter Days of the Republic.

    Conservatism _kills_. Ask the nearly 60,000 dead from VietNam. Ask the nearly 60,000,000 dead from Fascism and Imperialism between 1928-1945. Ask the Americans who died in greater numbers in Iraq, which did NOT attack us on 9/11, than actually died in the attacks of 9/11. And now ask the over 140,000 who have so far been _counted_ to have died as a direct result of the mishandling of the present pandemic.

    The disease sweeping America isn’t the novel coronavirus – it’s STUPIDITY. Conservatism has three major hallmarks: Stupidity, Evil, and Insanity. The Venn Diagram where the 3 intersect is the sweet spot for all the Stupid, Insane Evil flowing from the top down of this benighted nation. The US is now the laughingstock of the world, and we are hoist by our own petard. You want a Vaccine? GO OUT AND _VOTE_. Your government has *failed* you – the Constitution was never written to protect against Caligula *and* his horse in the Senate! You are left with only one hope for survival: VOTE EVERY CONSERVATIVE OUT OF OFFICE IN NOVEMBER (if you can survive the effects of their Stupid Evil Insanity until then) AND *KEEP* THEM OUT FOREVER. E Pluribus Unum.

    • While I am far from a conservative, blaming conservatism for all the world’s ills is about as sensible as blaming liberalism. Also Trump is not a conservative he’s a corporatist.

    • ILoveMendocinoNorCalGal

      Well said, Fred! Capitalism – the ideology that conservatives support, is responsible for at least 75% or more of the world’s ills. It only benefits the ultra wealthy and it is all about expansion. It requires infinite growth on a finite planet. Laborers work for the system so they can eat, have shelter, and pay medical bills….so they can be healthy enough to be a laborer and work for the system….catch 22.
      Anyway, I digress.
      This is about Covid19 and a Ukiah resident’s personal experience. Thank you Kristen for sharing your experience. I am glad you are better and did not have to have to go through what some people go through. Thank you for practicing all health safety guidelines. The super negative posts are from 2, maybe 3, people who just sign in under different names. Don’t take it personally, they have been spouting their ignorance since January. They also go on the Mendocino Voice trying to be very hostile to anyone who does not subscribe to their rudimentary ideas.

  • Thank you Kritstin Hills for putting you life on the internet chopping block in order to help others. There are those of us that truly appreciate it. Love and peace to you sister. Best wishes.

    • And just what help have you derived from this? That covid-19 is infectious? That people can be surprised that, having “strictly” followed guidelines, they could still get infected? That people excuse their own actions? That people are oblivious? T

      Whatever enlightenment has come from this, which has been front page news for months, except it has been made more personal by attaching a name and face for those unable to absorb abstracts, when everything in it, from political orientation to the nature of a pandemic is just as common as dirt? It’s just… Argh!!!

  • And up to 14 days after exposure.

  • So all of this over this one case of Covid? This was an event in one persons life, why all the commentary . It’s over, she’s alive,get on with your life. Glad to see at least one black guy at your rally!

  • Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I appreciate your honesty and bravery.

    It’s sad how people behind fake names and screens feel emboldened to attack others.

    I’m glad your case was mild.
    Stay healthy!

  • Damn dude. I read all of these comments and all I have to say is wow to all the negativity. Kristen mentioned all of those things to inform and let others know how she thinks she could have gotten it because, no one knows really how she did. For people to just focus on the places she was and attacking her for sharing, is bullshit. Every time she went out, she made sure she was protected and able to protect others, with a mask and sanitization. If everyone was thinking like Kristen, everyone would be helping to protect everyone. Thank you for sharing your story 💙💚 All public outings are a risk right now, especially when everyone isn’t wearing protection; that includes stores and restaurants, as well as rallies. Literally the rest of the world seems to get it. EVERYBODY in the countries that have low numbers, followed proper health safety guidelines and warnings, and wore masks. There’s a clear reason why America is still spiking. People are not giving a shit about health and safety precautions. Our dumbass orange loser of a president does not care about the people, and encourages rioting right now. The only thing he cares about is money and power. Which is the reason as to why he is trying to buy all of the testing facilities vaccines, so he can monopolize the best thing we have to beat this pandemic, and then he’ll have total control of who can receive it and who can’t. Meanwhile, people decide to direct their anger towards someone sharing their recovery story, instead of the real problems and issues in this country. Unbelievable 🙄

  • Palladium Pallisades

    All this social distancing and mask wearing is a waste of time and the whole Covid 19 is a scam of gigantic proportions. Don’t even know why you bothered testing. It just gives Doohan the excuse to do some more oppressive crap on businesses and individuals.

    So tired of this BS.

  • The tests are made in China and many have proven to be inaccurate. Google it.

  • Health officials in England just admitted that they have been drastically over counting deaths.

  • I always have questions …Hmm,

    It stands to reason that the Contact Tracer himself is coming into contact with people known to have been exposed, and has therefore been exposed to, and may be spreading the actual disease.

    What health precautions are these Contact Tracers taking between stops during their daily work? Do they wash their shoes before coming into someone else’s home? Do they change their clothes or wash their hands, face, and hair, between stops? If not, the virus may be on their shoes, on their clothing, on their hair or body when they try to enter YOUR home. Worse, since this new virus is allegedly so contagious, and allegedly so deadly, allowing a Contact Tracer in your presence would, necessarily, endanger your very life.

    One might consider how the arrival of a “Contact Tracer” should be handled. Should they be told to remain outside your home, and if you choose to talk with them, will you require THEY must “social distance?

    • It’s all by phone. I was never able to get an answer from Mendo PH about where my case was counted. Fact remains that while some contact tracing has been successful, most is not, simply due to lack of staff…and the impossibly large task of figuring out who was where when testing is so limited. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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