Two New Positive Tests in Humboldt County on July 2

Press release from Humboldt County COVID-19 – Joint Information Center:

Humboldt County’s confirmed COVID-19 case count rose to 138 after two additional cases were reported today.

Of the 138 residents who have tested positive, more than 60 percent contracted the virus through contact with a known case. The upcoming Fourth of July weekend is traditionally a time when friends, families and communities come together in celebration, but gatherings of any size that bring people together outside of their household groups continue to increase spread of COVID-19, both in our county and statewide.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich today joined state health officials in urging residents to avoid gatherings and help slow the spread of the virus. “I think we can all agree that spending time with friends and family in-person would be great, but we’re just not there yet,” she said.

“Any time two households get together, there’s an increased risk of exposure. In fact, we are currently seeing a significant increase in cases due to visiting occurring between extended family members. We are also seeing cases related to individuals visiting households in other counties,” Frankovich said. “Again, we are at a crossroads. If we do not adhere to prevention practices, we are soon going to see increasing cases locally. We can keep each other safe by staying local and staying within our household groups.”

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Earlier test results:

  • No Additional Cases Today, June 30
  • Three New Cases Today, July 1


    • 🕯🌳Tic,Toc,Knock, Knock. 👁👁

    • Don’t worry. When this gets under control Faucci already has his next pandemic scare lined up. Here comes the swine flu. Run, hide.

    • But its clearly not that deadly of a disease.. The death rate is declining.. So i guess only time will tell… Take your antiviral herbs and drink water and be happy and healthy. We got this. Be afraid of the system and the man.. Not a virus

      • 🕯🌳The death is not declining it’s increasing, pay attention. 👁👁

        • Maybe over all yes 1 plus 1 is 2 but the rate is declining. Go over to worldometers.. Even your overlord ms kemp checks that website. The amount of people dying “with covid” (sic not “of covid”) per day is declining steadily as the amount of cased “increases.” You should pay attention and then youll see the problem…

          • Overlord? Do you have a problem with a businesswoman having some measure of control of her business or you similar to the drunk guy at the end of the night harassing the bartender for enforcing the 2 a.m. closing time?

            Worldometers is a great site though. And the amount of people dying of COVID-19 worldwide has dropped off steadily. (I’m not sure that will hold true in the US but it is currently true.)

          • The Real Brian

            Is this, besides Infowars, the only website that lets you comment?

            Because FOX doesn’t even allow your type to type.


            How about gracious host.

            And some respect?

            If you have a criticism of her, tell it to her straight and respectfully.

            Like this:

            Hi Kym, I would say your comment moderation policy is naive and tolerant of too many obvious and overt bullshitters.

            But thanks for all your efforts nonetheless

            That’s my 2 cents.

            • What “discussion/ conversation ” can you have and learn from those comments? None. We get the point yet we are hit over the head with it every day. Might as well publish articles from InfoWars, FOX and Breitbart here also, what the hell, lets represent every wacko conspiracy theory for the sake of “conversation ” .

        • SMH , the death rate IS decreasing.

    • Do we have ECMO at our local hospitals?

      Also what about dextromethasone and remdesivir?

    • Not very many cases here locally, and only one hospitalized, pretty low for being open. Does anyone know when in and out is opening?

      • Yeah, you’re right Lone Ranger.

        4 deaths, so far. A single nursing home flame-up.
        1 in a thousand confirmed cases. Everybody recovers.

        For crying out loud panic mongers, study the stats. This is Humboldt.

        • The Real Brian

          Everybody recovers.

          This is so obviously false, that me asking you to provide information to back it up would be joke worthy of any group.

          • Either they’re ill informed or repeating lies on purpose. Why? Good god damn question. It’s not like we can’t research the truth ourselves. So why spread bullshit here? Because they can.
            It’s like Trump and his constant pathological lying, we know he’s lying, he knows he’s lying yet he does it anyways. What’s the point?

            • Everyone lies. At least as you define “lies.” Everyone’s grandmother doesn’t die if people object to mass health orders either. Where’s your outrage at that “lie”?

    • My son moved to Texas 5 years ago and turned in to a trumup fan. Two weeks ago he wouldn’t go into a business of any kind if they had a mask policy.
      He has changed his tune ever since a friend of his caught this virus. He’s young but still needed oxygen and thought he was gonna die

    • Do we have ECMO at our local hospitals?
      Local hospitals are not on this list ,it shows UCSF does have capabilities . .Hard decisions for doctors on who to choose $$$$.

      ECMO is very expensive, available only in certain centers and not standard therapy, making it just the kind of care that causes geographic disparity in medical costs.3 The mean estimated cost for an ECMO procedure is $73,122. The mean estimated total hospital costs, including pre- and post-ECMO procedures, is $213,246.4
      1 ELSO Center ID List of Hospitals with ECMO access can be found at In total, there are 702 centers, located in the U.S. and internationally. The total number of registered centers in the U.S. is 236.

    • What the hell is wrong with you sheeple? The larger majority of you act as though you were never educated in basic math. The numbers, even though cooked, don’t support the oppressive actions enacted by both elected and non elected idiots across the country as well as locally. It’s obvious this virus can not be contained by hiding in place, it will only be delayed. Yes the cases are rising, however, as the case count rises, the death rate continues to decline.

      • Yes, yes, yes.

      • lol silly kids

        The numbers are low (for now) because of the “the oppressive actions enacted by both elected and non elected idiots across the country as well as locally”. I feel like a person would have to be quite dim to not get that. Deaths lag 2-3 weeks behind cases, you must know this.

        • Imagine that! An infectious disease that stops spreading when everyone stays in their own home! Who knew! Actually almost everyone knows but they also know that driving cars leads to fatal accidents yet the stupid people keep insisting on driving. Maybe everyone should immediately be mandated to stop driving. Yup. That’s the solution…

          • Science deniers like those above who clamored for opening up everything-look at the surge! Close to 60k new cases a day, soon to be 100k. Even the governors and mayors who wanted to open everything up are changing their tune.
            If you dare to have your uninformed opinions challenged, check out what goes on on the front lines by the brave souls who don’t have time to opine from the safety of their keyboards.
            “ABC News was given guided access inside Maimonides Medical Center, where its chair of emergency medicine, Dr. John Marshall, said the coronavirus is unlike anything he’s treated before.”

            • Of course it’s not like anything seen before. Duh. It’s called the novel corona virus for that reason. Of course the herky-jerky mass health orders have never been seen before either. Of course the each of the series of flu pandemics in the 20th century were something not seen before. Doesn’t mean that bad policy is acceptable because a disease is new. What we have is a massive bureaucracy that failed to be ready and has wobbled all over the place substituting rules for research for all the noises made about science. Modeling is no cheap substitute for rationality.

     and even then, with a population of half the level of today and a vaccine produced in advance, a hundred thousand people in the US died.

              • The Trump administration blew it. Other countries got it under control while DT was busy denying there was a problem through all of March, failing to mobilize PPE, dismantling existing pandemic structures, and firing anyone around him who disagreed with his ‘see no evil’ views. And here we are. He is still foolishly and selfishly crowding people into enclosed spaces so he can pretend he’s some kind of a rock star. SAD!

                • Whoa, we just went from science to political science. Take a deep breath tallone or you’ll be one of the 2700 that die every day from a heart problem. Why so worked up over Trump? Something he said ? Crack my self up, shit been going on for decades . Remember tricky Dick, Monica and Bill, no weapons of destruction, was there ever a politician that retired with less than 50 mil. Chill out bro, there will be a new dummy in the White House sooner or later, and it won’t change shit.

      • How Social Distancing Rules Are Created

        • Yes Ullr,
          Instead of talking and working toward more effectiveness (and deciding what effectiveness we are wanting) everyone seems to be arguing to win for their team. It’s what we do in America. It has resulted in the best possible society of humans in the history of the planet.

          • Part of it is our dear leaders don’t give us their best information, including lack of information, and don’t have faith that we’ll act in our own best interest. Instead it’s pandering to one party message or the other.

    • Wait, we’re back on coronavirus? Are we not doing race riots anymore?

    • The death rate (CFR) has slowly been going down in some countries because of increased testing. However, those countries hardest hit are still extremely high 10% to 16%. But the bottom line is the virus a) CFR should have come down everywhere much more than it has for this length time b) should have slowed down as far as infected goes for this time of year and c) is still going up in countries like the UK where it was initially in the 5 range and has grown to the 15.5 range.

      Do not fall asleep becuase numbers in some areas are coming down. This virus is deadly and will remain so. Why do you think Fauci is so concerned.

      • For the people who deny the seriousness of this virus, and that claim because we aren’t a virus hotspot we don’t need to be as concerned and can be more lax, the Spanish Flu had a serious lesson you can’t ignore. In mountainous countries like Switzerland, one community would be destroyed with off the charts death rate while another communtiy a few miles away was mostly spared. The reason those communities were spared was because they closed their borders and isolated themselves from the infected communities. What they didn’t do was say that what was happening on the other side of the mountain didn’t concern them and they could go about with life as usual. They were smarter than that, and if this bug does the same thing next fall then we may be forced to take similar measures.

        • This isn’t the Spanish flu, and that’s no lie. Like comparing Trump to Obama, give it a rest .

          • You’re absolutely right. Its not the Spanish Flu. What it is however, you, nor anyone else knows for sure. Thats why they call it a novel virus. And the only thing that we can compare it with is the last great pandemic. Will this one prove as deadly? Dont know. Should we ignore the lessons of the SF. Dont know that either until it happens. What I do know is that we are faced with something that could prove as deadly and we need to be aware of that.

            Don’t know what you mean about Trump and Obama and give it a rest. I’m comparing the damages from a previous pandemic with the damages this one has the potential to produce. No relation to trump and obama. And as long as this virus has that potential, or anything serious, I dont intend to rest. But I wish you well and pray you dont get the bug. Or me or anyone else, especially Willie Bray cause this place would be boring without him

            • What do you suggest for a country that has no effective ability to cut off the outside world until the pandemic dies out? Each household can already isolate themselves in their homes as long as they can manage to keep getting food and water. However, few people in the modern age are self sufficient enough to do that for long. They depend on the the majority going to work to provide them with necessities. So the virus just slowly spreads among those working. And as those isolated households either run out of needs and are forced out, an ever constant trickle of fresh victims keeps the virus circulating. And the longer the time frame for circulation, the more people are forced out. And that doesn’t even address the gradual accumulation of incompetence that irrational regulations force on those who do work.

    • Remember, the stats are based on those who have testing accessible. The number is likely higher. Stay safe, wear a mask.

    • this song reminds me of the times.

    • I love the comments about everyone fully recovers. I guess it’s based on people’s personal experiences or lack of. 4 months later after infection I still use an inhaler daily for breathing issues. Previously I’d never had lung issues in my life. I go to work daily, I manage, but my quality of life is not the same. I’ve never had an illness’s effects linger like this. Previously, I was healthy, in my mid thirties, I worked out daily. Now I can’t walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded. I was never hospitalized, I suppose I’m one of the fully recovered? I would say you shouldn’t be scared, but you should be cautious and considerate of others. It is not just the flu. A
      In my experience, the flu like symptoms were the easy part, the cough and pneumonia are the hard part. You won’t know how your body will react to this virus until you acquire it. We should all be so blessed with a very mild or asymptomatic case, but not everyone will have one. Just because it doesn’t kill you doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect it. It humbled the hell out of me.

      • There is a middle road of respecting the damage an illness does and wanting to avoid it or being so afraid getting sick that every other thing of importance is sacrificed to avoid it. What is really offensive is the lack of admitting that both sides of that dilemma have valid points.

        Frankly, wearing a mask seems like a small sacrifice even if it doesn’t seem that useful. Worse is the damage done by the very fearful demanding that everyone follow all the guidelines that are based on catastrophic “scientific modeling” that was confused with predicting how it would absolutely be when it was just a worse case scenario of making assumptions based on all the worse possible ideas the modelers could come up with.

        There are other equally scientific assumptions – “”Imagine I had a confirmed case of COVID. Unbeknownst to me, a declared case, I’ve also infected my friends, my kids, people near me. And this means on the first day, I can infect people, but then the next day, I can’t find people so easily to infect,” ” which is part of the basis of the Swedish governments analysis that the anti-health order advocates mention and the pro-health order advocates decry. According to this linked article , the answer should be clearer in another couple of weeks. The point it makes is that, barring mass gatherings where “super spreader” events happen, the virus finds a natural limit on spread.

        As is clear the “science” is not so clear and top experts on the issue disagree. That people, who don’t understand the complexities in the first place, feel free to abuse others of differing ideas is embarassing.

      • Sorry, but I don’t believe you. You have been posting for months on this website under this moniker on all the corona virus threads, but have not previously stated that you were sick until now?

        I think you’re making this up to bolster your opinion that this virus has lasting/continuing effects beyond the initial symptoms. Can we see a picture of the inhaler you use every day or any form of proof that your anecdotal statement is true? I think you owe it to our community to provide evidence of your claims. Otherwise, you’re promoting misinformation.

      • Thanks for sharing that, Fogdog! A little first hand experience for all us pontificators.

    • Look out ravers! Sounds like corona is about to hit the party scene. Stop sharing balloons and straws. Whomp whomp

    • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

      The economic damage to our country, despair, suicides, ODs, failed businesses, bankruptcy, all are far too great a price to have spared a small fraction of one percent of our population with preexisting comorbidity conditions. The cure was worse than the illness. Our great nation has been sacraficed to TDS panic.

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