17-Year-Old Missing From the Cutten Area

Faith Carrick

Faith Carrick with her pet duck Bucky.

Last Saturday, 17-year-old Faith Carrick left her Cutten home about 9:30 p.m. She hasn’t returned.

Her family is very concerned. She has been reported as missing.

Faith is 5’5″ and weighs about 175 pounds.

If you have any information about, Faith’s whereabouts, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 445-7251.

Faith Carrick

UPDATE: Missing Humboldt County Teen Left Cryptic Goodbye Note Before Disappearing



  • No context? With that hair and the boyshorts, my first thought is an argument with closed-minded parents… and wild speculation isn’t very helpful.

    • You are so wrong! Please don’t comment unless you have something to say that will help. This is hard enough on her family

    • Yet there’s the speculation…

    • Bushytails, your bid to be clever serves a mean spirit.

    • Bushytails, The context is none of your business.

    • Hi Bushytails, I think the point people are trying to get across is that at this moment, the reason for Faith’s disappearance is nowhere near as important as finding Faith. Let us all concentrate on that, after Faith is found, make your speculations, ask your questions, satisfy your curiosity. But until Faith is found, all you are doing is taking the spotlight off of Faith and putting it directly on yourself. And by the way, assuming someone’s sexual preference based only upon what they look and dress like is a pretty shitty thing to do. Not to mention possibly outing a person, perhaps you need to get more educated on etiquette and common decency.

      • The problem with that plan is that what I would do if I saw her depends on why she was missing. There is exactly zero chance of my trying to return a youth, of any age where they could care for themselves, to a hateful family, something I consider a perfectly legitimate reason to have nothing to do with them. Having had a hateful bigot of a parent myself, and having seen what it has done to people I know and have known, if there’s any chance of it being the case, I’m not calling anyone.

        As to the assumptions… Part of why I said that is that this site has a really bad assumption problem. For example, every time there’s an accident, people simultaneously assume all involved parties were drunk, speeding, on the phone, senile, speeding, high, speeding, texting, republican, tweaking, democrat, and speeding. Not providing information leads to speculation, and I was using my own first thoughts as an example of where it can lead. You might note I even pointed out that it wasn’t very helpful.

        I didn’t really expect a spotlight. I figured it would be a typical throw-away comment, that wouldn’t even reduce speculation, with people immediately chiming in that it’s some boy’s fault (this gets said virtually every time there’s a missing female teen), she’s a victim of human trafficking, it involves drugs, etc etc. Beginning to regret making it, to be honest… but such is life. I did accomplish one thing – everyone is too busy yelling at me to post the usual crap that shows up on these articles!

        • Again you are making it about you when a vulnerable teen is missing.
          My prayers to help find her and help her family thru this ,and yours would be more appropriate.

        • So you think speculation is bad so then you speculate and get called out and said you were doing it as a demonstration. Give me a break and just shut your piehole when you don’t know anything. That is the example you should provide…

      • Thank you! Well said

    • You have serious issues. You are a parent so you should understand how distraught they must be. Grow up.

  • Faith looks to be a beautiful and loving girl. It sure is hard being 17, I wouldn’t do it again. I hope Faith will come home safe and healthy.

    • I was on my own at 17. Get a job Or go back home.

      • Thank you for your ‘reason’ and ‘compassion’. Sorry about what happened to you!

      • At 17, both my daughter and I’s attitude towards our parents’ changed dramatically, in our deciding to work with our parents, than to continually keep swimming against the current, and to go with the flow until we make a soft landing on some sandy beach of life.

  • Truth!!!!!

  • I pray that they will locate her and she will fine. There are many reasons for a young person to run away from home, (if she did), but the important part of this is to find her. If you see or know Faith please call the police and tell them where you saw her or what you know.

  • Difficult age in the strangest of times, good luck to Faith and hoping she comes home soon.

  • Bushy tail. Your one of a kind. What I wish for you would ban me. Peace to ever else

    • It’s good to be unique!

      As I said above, I know too many people who have been rejected by their families. Or, in some cases, known… Which is why I’m a big supporter of the Trevor Project ( https://www.thetrevorproject.org/ ) and other agencies trying to help youth.

      Do I know that’s the case here? Nope. Do I even think it’s likely? Nope. But it (and associated unpleasant memories) was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that photo, combined with the utter lack of information, suggesting they didn’t want to say why she might have left. Normally these posts mention a no-good boyfriend or such, or things like failing to return from a hike or other things that might point to possible accident, while the complete lack of details leads to me assuming the author may not want to admit to being part of the problem.

      If you wish bad things upon me for being concerned for and sympathetic to a youth in possible distress… Then probably about the only thing I can do is suggest that you think about that harder?

  • All this talk about her being a runaway is premature.
    She’s a beautiful young Lady.
    I’m hoping some creep didn’t entice or kidnap her.

  • My prayer’s gõ out to her and her family. I hope they find her soon and she is ok and safe. God Bless thêm all.

  • Faith: please be well, happy & safe.

  • This was posted by family:
    “I’m Faith’s mom. Faith is our adopted daughter who is struggling with some issues with her traumatic childhood. We need her home so we can continue to help her through this. Any help would be appreciated. Her sister who we also adopted, her dad and I are worried sick.”

    A little bit of background to help Bushytails help rather than blather and distract.

  • There are not just the usual traps and snares of an unwelcoming society awaiting this girl. She also risks falling ill while on her own. Let’s hope this mess is straightened out soon.

  • Humboldt Native

    Thank you Kym for having a venue to post. Hoping someone sees her and reaches out.

  • A little Goog is a wonderful thing. Posted 2 days after Mr. Agenda blathered on. Her letter left.


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