Gun Violence: One Teacher’s Opinion

Dixie Miller Goode is an author and Del Norte County teacher. 

I don’t advocate ending the right for American citizens to own guns. I do live in a small town where my husband and I have worked with children in the schools for 29 years. We haven’t had a school shooting here, YET, but we have seen a lot of gun violence impacting our students…

1. I’ve been outdoors at a book picnic when a call came that there was a person with a gun in the woods bordering the school and we’ve all had to get up and go lock ourselves in, except the kindergarten teacher I shared a classroom with who was handed a walkie talkie and told to walk the perimeter.
2. My principal had a student’s father point a gun at her head and threaten her because he didn’t like the special ed. recommendations.
3. I’ve had two different, unrelated students who were in the home when a parent shot the other parent to death.
4. I’ve had to stay locked in a class with junior high severely handicapped students all day long after a 12 year old girl was discovered and shot dead while here in the witness protection program. The same time her mom was shot in the head and the man finally killed himself before the lockdown was lifted.
5. A girl at my husband’s school was shot and killed by her brother.
6. Another student was shot and his body dragged and hidden even before he was dead.
7. A third grade, emotional  student, told me of his plans to shoot me in the head, and when police went to talk to his parents they discovered several loaded shotguns leaning against the kitchen cabinets, “Ah, don’t worry. It’s duck season.”

I could keep going but you get the idea. I don’t like taking away rights.  I loved guns as a child and dreamed of being another Annie Oakley. One of the only times I got seriously mad at my Dad was when he wouldn’t let his friend, and amazing marksman, Bob Edgar shoot a balloon out of my mouth. But what is happening with American kids and guns isn’t ok to just ignore. We need to listen and we need to talk and we need to stop being so afraid of each other that we won’t work together for the children.

I wish I had THE one magic answer… I have a lot of feelings and ideas but the main one is why I don’t delete people from my list of [Facebook] friends when we don’t agree. We need to listen, to listen to those we disagree with even more than to those we agree with. To listen to the kids, especially the ones who might be feeling angry and hopeless and disconnected is a priority, not just so that we can help them, or just so that we can report them, but because we are all human, and this world is so crowded that what impacts one of us, impacts us all. There are so many sides and so many pointing fingers, but in the end those advocating vigilante justice and martial law and those advocating taking all guns are the same, they are taking their fears and blinding and deafening themselves to anyone but the narrow band they consider to be like them.  I think the real solutions lie somewhere in admitting our fears, and realizing they might be exaggerated by those who profit in keeping us separated and fearful of each other. There is a lot of power and money invested in keeping the general population at war and uneasy. If we can convince one side everyone wants to shoot up their schools and the other side that big bad government wants to steal their guns and then herd them into the gas chambers, we can sell a lot of security systems and weapons.

Dixie Dawn Miller Goode



    • Less guns , and keep taking more drugs,legal ,illegal all the same, when are we going to address the real issue, Oh, nevermind it can’t be the drugs, because the majority of the population is on them, so it has to be ok, bull , lose the drugs and that will end the violence, quit blaming guns,cars, bombs,knives, shovels, etc, just stupid

    • Aquaman knows the answers

      She went Godlin’s Law on herself and not even in an argument with another party.

    • Don’t Give Away Your Rights Without a Fight!

      Whether you are a leftist hippy or a libertarian cowboy, statism is not the answer.

  • Sounds like a ppl problem, not a gun problem, i got a bunch of guns, non have ever started shooting on their own. ( I guess they were raised right. ). Criminals don’t obey laws… our born right SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

    • Yeah, I got it. I own guns, too. I used to believe your position. No longer.

      I now think we need to address the issue of gun violence with some reasonable measures. Just read the news lately. Read the above. Do you see what’s been happening? It’s off the hook, it’s out of hand, it’s ugly. Everywhere, across the nation.

      I value kids and schools and lives over nuts having guns and killing people on the scale we’re seeing. Sure, I believe in the 2nd amendment. I also believe in common sense. Both of these doesn’t mean that anything goes for the love of guns. And as far as the NRA goes, they are all about the money and protecting more and more gun sales and profits, even if kids and other innocents die.

      (ps– Ms. Goode, good opinion and observation of your experience. Thank you for educating us.)

      • So you take take both views w respect, what do we come up w?.. securing schools, my school had security guard and metal detector at the entrance. No “children” were afraid, infact felt secure that way.

      • Well said sir!!! Sadly it’s all true it IS getting worse, too many people have a “Monkey See, Monkey Do type of attitude!!! They see someone shooting up a school & getting LOTS of attention, so they decide they want to try it & get their “15 minutes of Fame”!!!!

      • Yes, and eventually you’ll call for the dismantling of the Constitution, because the shrillness in your statement comes from fear, not calm and intellectual consideration. The framers spent years inventing this republic (no, it is not mob rule, not a “democracy”) and now the leftists want to take it apart piece by piece by piece. Soon, there will be gun-free zones coast to coast and a veritable shooting gallery for nutjobs and terrorists (much, much worse than now – think of Detroit, Chicago, the Somalia’s of America, but in every town from sea to shining sea). No one ever got more safe from instigating limitations on liberty. The moment we sacrifice our hard fought freedoms for a false sense of security is the end of our republic.

        • No, he didn’t call for any dismantling of the Constitution, but you just did.
          He called for ‘reasonable measures.’ He didn’t call for taking guns away whatsoever. But you just did, and erroneously so.

          He called for nuts not having guns. And you disagree with that? Why is that?
          It has nothing to do with ‘leftists,’ either. Yet you wrap it up in the flag as if to be patriotic?

          You are exaggerating, overreaching, and overreacting. Please read clearly, and state rationally.
          Thank you. Clear heads and open minds should prevail.

        • You do realize this country is not now, not ever was,a democracy. It was designed to be, and still is, a Constitutional Republic.

        • triniboldticino

          Weak minded argument. Nobody WANTS to “take it apart piece by piece.” That’s an imbecilic fabrication. And I have a closet full of guns. Capped the deer last year with a Mini 14. But the problem has to be addressed. Somehow. I don’t have the answers. I would, however, posit that the facist regime attempting to completely take over America would just as soon you NOT have any weapons. Including the nutbag at the top of the dung heap. So blaming “the leftists” is pretty dense reasoning.

    • As someone said, if people are the problem why give them the guns.
      Mr. Nino, what did you think of the post, other than it provoked your fear of someone taking your gun?
      Are you unable to recognize the human/gun link in each paragraph of the author’s post?

      • I see the link you are trying to point out, but how come everyone is so quick to want to throw out guns, why not remove humans as even you have to admit they are at the root of every point in the paragraph? Many other species besides our own would benefit much more from the removal of humans than the removal of guns.

  • Veteran's Friend

    I once was put in the unenviable position of having to defend myself with a firearm. And I STILL didn’t shoot anyone. When no one has a gun (except of course the police) will we be safe?
    I believe the constitution, the part that defines who “the people” are, and the part that says their right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • Yes.
    I would like to note that our only born ‘right’ is that someday we will die.
    We have no ‘right’ to live, love, hate, be safe, own guns, own homes, nothing… these are constructs. And as a group we have agreed that it is better to be kind than be cruel, and that taking a life is wrong, that restricting others from responsible activities is wrong.
    For all of it, all of it, as noted in the opinion piece above, we must work to find compromise that works the best. No one wins everything, everyone wins something.

  • Your last sentence …

    “If we can convince one side everyone wants to shoot up their schools and the other side that big bad government wants to steal their guns and then herd them into the gas chambers, we can sell a lot of security systems and weapons.”

    What an awful analogy.

    With all the horrendous stories you relate about your experiences as a teacher, I am surprised you aren’t coming out more strongly for stricter gun control. And I’m not saying take everyone’s guns away, and neither are the kids from Parkland and their allies. They are saying take the weapons of war out of civilian hands, like the AR 15 that was used to kill 17 people at the Parkland High School in 6 minutes. Of the 10 deadliest shootings over the last decade, seven involved the use of assault weapons. They want to prohibit the sale of high-capacity magazines such as the ones the shooter used at the Parkland school. They are also lobbying for stricter background checks. That’s it. NOT doing away with the 2nd amendment, which is so archaic it needs to be re-written anyway.

    For more information visit

    • Any modern rifle can shoot at that speed. Outlawing one make or model would be inefficient and not helpful.

    • What is it with people like “enough” they try to convince us they don’t want to take our 2nd amendment. We all know what you helpless babies are trying to do

  • Kym! Approximately a thousand people march in Arcata for gun control, led by high school students and you report NOTHING?

  • Thank you Dixie!!!
    I very much appreciate it.
    You hit on the main point, that keeping us divided is very profitable for many. The fear mongering is so big right now and the blame game in full effect as an answer to major issues rather than helpful discussions.
    Our common ground is that we want safe places for our families to go.

    I think most people can agree that we need responsible gun ownership.
    We need to develop within ourselves the skill of stepping back and hearing what someone else is saying rather than immediately have an emotional reaction, one that is usually fear driven.

    As a white middle class teen I didn’t deal with school shootings in the 80’s.
    I phrase it that way as the lower income teens of every color at that time were dealing with school shootings constantly. Inner city high schools had metal detectors and bullet proof glass for teachers to teach behind.
    Kids now are growing up with this as a reality everywhere, & hearing their voices is important as they are telling us what that experience feels like for them.

    Lets all attempt to hear each other, to set an example our kids can be proud of.
    Lets look at bullying, violent video games, the long term affects of drugs like ritalin, the lack of help for teens who lose their parents (the last two apply to the florida shooter) as well as other major emotional issues, the black markets where guns have become a commodity for gangs, & on and on.
    Lets not live in the fear BS that all guns are evil nor that all our gun rights will be taken away. Lets try being a little more accepting of one another. Lets support freedom of expression thru protest, they made it the FIRST amendment for a reason!

    Lets also remember that our second amendment was so important to founding fathers because where they came from only the rich upper class were allowed to have guns. Thus they were the only ones allowed to hunt and eat good meat. Guns represented the freedom of being able to feed your family and defend yourself.
    The 2nd says “A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State”
    as a main part of why citizens are allowed to have guns.
    What right now is the well regulated militia to all of you who blindly support any kind of gun ownership? I dont want to live where only police and military have guns, but do we need automatic assault rifles in homes??

    • Poster formerly known as Matt

      Your information about the 2nd amendment is historically inaccurate. It was to protect the state militias from being disbanded and having a federal military take their place. This was especially important to the southern states who needed their militias to protect against slave revolts.

      It didn’t really have anything to do with wealthy people hunting meat to eat.

      • Veteran's Friend

        Thanks FKAMatt.
        Guns were for holding down the lower classes, indentured servants (white) and slaves(black) as much as for the prevention of tyranny😊

  • Everyone go watch the movie Lord of War. Its all about the $$$$.

  • Good conversation.. the extremists haven’t discovered it yet.. I agree completely, I think guns are a right we have in this country. A couple points though.. we have to use common sense; when a ‘right’ is abused it should be taken away. The use of high powered high magazine auto rifles, designed for war, were not imagined by the framers of the constitution.
    The second ‘amendment’ was just that, an amendment that could also be re-amended to fit the times. That’s the point of the constitution, it’s a living document that can and should be changed throughout time. That’s the way it was imagined by our founders.
    My opinion, and the opinion of most sane people I believe, is that we should have guns for utility reasons, that is, self defense (a revolver perhaps) hunting (a couple shotguns or rifles- bolt action or single shot or something along those lines).. nothing wrong with making noise when a bear is in your trash or shooting your food. But get rid of the people killing war toys that the gun nuts love so much. They are the guns that are causing the big problems, and causing problems for responsible gun owners like myself.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Aren’t you the same nut all over the TD with no plan of action other than taking people’s guns? That is not a plan of action, that is a pipe dream!

    • So you are ok with revolvers and bolt actions? The Florida shooter killed 17 in 6 plus minutes. Anyone can fire 17 rounds from a revolver or bolt action rifle in that time. FYI most bolt guns fire much more powerful bullets than AR 15s.

      • You forget that he fired just over 100 rounds in less than those 6 minutes. That time frame was from entering to exiting the building. Actual firing time was much less as he walked to different floors of the building. Plus, because it was an AR 15, he was able to fire into the smoke bombs he threw into the halls killing people he couldn’t even see. Kinda hard to be that exact with a revolver or bolt action when you have to aim each shot at your target.

        • You are mistaking an ar-15 with the call-of-duty spray and pray guns. The ar-15 is popular with people of all ages, genders, races, and strength because they’re more accurate on sights which prevents more stray bullets, they’re lightweight, and they’re one bullet per pull of the trigger.
          Spray and pray guns are hated even by the military, and most use the 3 shot spurt, even in call-of-duty video game. Spray and pray just wastes bullets and is more accident prone.
          An ar-15 is not a spray and pray gun by any stretch of the imagination.

          • I understand the AR. I’m just saying that it is the choice of weapon by people in these mass shootings because it is capable of having a magazine with 100 rounds and is the weapon that can kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. The Sandy Hook shooter admitted that was his reason for using the AR 15. Quote “…….aware of how many shots it could get out in the shortest amount of time, how lethal it was, the way it was designed and it served his objective of killing the most people in the shortest amount of time.” My point was being able to fire that amount of shots in a matter of seconds, you don’t have to be accurate on every shot and still kill many. It was designed for military ‘to kill mass amounts of people with maximum efficiency.’ Assault rifles, incl Ar 15, were banned in 1994, but Congress didn’t renew the ban, so they became legal again in 2004. We are now finding out why they were banned from public sales for so many years.

            • I see where you’re coming from, because you’re stuck in the vision of the sitting duck gun free zone vision with an evil insane criminal on the prowl. But I am stuck in another vision. I see a school with 20 trained armed staff with 20 shot clips each, plus a security guard with a 100 round drum at the ready, taking down the 100 bulky drum evil person within a minute. “No sitting ducks here” in my vision.

              • Teachers get their degree to teach, not become armed guards. A first grader should not go out to recess knowing their teacher has a gun in their waistband. As adults and parents, we, and our politicians, need to find a better way. We owe that to our kids and the people of this country. I don’t think there is a way to make anywhere 100% safe. There are other options to explore before we turn our schools into multiple armed teacher facilities.

                • Your vision separates teachers and staff from people. Your vision doesn’t equip them with personal training and knowledge they’ve acquired previously or are about to acquire, for defending self, others and country. Your vision supports the unarmed, unprepared kindergarten teachers to approach and secure an armed psycho.
                  My vision is the opposite. My vision portrays teachers and staff as human beings first and foremost, with their rights secured by the constitution and BOR. They are smart, capable, and lovingly take every precaution to secure their areas from harm. They are not assailants of others or of the constitution. They respect others, their country and most of all, their safety and the safety of others.
                  Which of us is correct?

              • That’s a sad reality that u want to live in.. for how much you trump people love the 1950’s it’s surprising you would want a school environment resembling something more like a sci-fi/horror flick.

                • Emily, when a poster relies upon insults and accusations in order to try to convey a wayward opinion, that’s the first clue that their opinion is made up of emotion rather than logic and fact.
                  I got the impression from the letter that this thread is intended to stir discussion, not irrational emotions.

            • Adam Lanza sot himself Quote”

        • An AR15 is not some magic rifle that can see thru smoke. It has no extra capabilities over any other modern rifle, whether black plastic stock or wood..

          • An AR15 with a bump stock and 100 mag has way more killing capabilities in a short amount of time than a pistol or common ‘modern’ rifle.

            • According to the videos and articles I’ve read, most of the target practice people despise the bump stock. The only ones who benefit from them are the handicapped, because they are helpful to them.
              Because they are not a hot ticket item, like investors hoped they’d be, the investors in the bump stock stocks are hoping that by raising a ‘ban fear’ about them, that everyone will rush out and purchase one, which will help the investors recover their losses.
              This is why it’s important to listen to your local range buddies and shooting instructors.
              Don’t fall for the omg they’re going to be banned so I better get mine while I still can BS.

      • Despite the main social media groups taking down & deleting the videos that provide testimonies that Cruz was walking in the hallway with a classmate when the shooting began, was arrested at the burger joint a mile or so away, and that there were at least 3 different shooters there, and that the kids were confused because they were under the impression there was going to be a drill that day, there are still videos and articles under discreet titles and in other platforms that haven’t yet been banned.
        There are a lot of questions surrounding the Florida tragedy that are being squelched. The saddest squelch, is from the masses who believe everything the MSM tells them to think. Question everything, especially the MSM.

    • You live in ca you already can’t have any of those legally.

      • Bu we have unsecured borders with other states. Similar to Chicago’s gun problem, fueled by neighboring states.

      • Veteran's Friend

        Boy are you living in a state of delusion!!

      • You can have AR15 and AK47 rifles in California if they are set up to the laws here.They are legal with 10 round mags and either set up as ‘featureless’ , or with specific grips, etc. Go down to RMI on Broadway in Eureka and look at the racks full of AR rifles. Even Ace hardware stores here have AR rifles..

    • But those “war toys” are not america’s gun problem. Handguns are the problem. Handguns are used to commit crimes over 23 times more often than any type of rifle. IF we are going to ban any type of firearm, it should be handguns.

      If all firearms were simply required to be locked in an appropriate safe, or on the owners person, at all times, criminals would have an extremely hard time acquiring them.

      • My guess would be that, statistically, most handgun shooting deaths are single victim deaths. One AR 15 with a bump stock can kill more people in a minute than 50 handgun shootings put together, without even have to aim the gun. I don’t see a way to stop a shooting if someone really wants to do it, but we can eliminate the amount of people killed in those shootings. As to your second sentence, I haven’t heard of any of these shootings where the guns were found to be stolen. Nor can I remember one of the mass shootings where the person was a previous criminal. I think all of them were because the shooter was legally allowed to buy the guns used. Many criminals are caught with stolen guns, but are back on the street the next day. Consequences need to start being strict and enforced.

        • What about a Glock pistol with an illegal 30 round pistol mag? Can shoot as fast if not faster than an AR…The pistol is legal, the mag not hard to get..

          • You gave the perfect answer/reply. ‘an illegal 30 round pistol mag’. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. An AR with a bump stock has been legal, and easily bought by anyone; which is what the Las Vegas shooter used.

          • Ask Stephen paddock what his preference was in Las vegas….

            • That fat guy must have been on speed or something. There’s no way he otherwise could have ran from one room into the next room (especially with his projector on a cart blocking the door), and fired out the windows.
              It was a gun running deal gone bad.
              Explain the helicopter circling the building better than the conspiracy ‘theorists’ people do, and you might win a trip to the Mandalay Bay!

    • Is “gun nut” a useful slur? It seems to me no better than “libtard” or any of the other useless terms some like to spit to devalue people and opinions that don’t match their own.

    • Wow, where to begin? Line by line I suppose.

      Emily: “I think guns are a right we have in this country. A couple points though.. we have to use common sense; when a ‘right’ is abused it should be taken away.”
      Me: ##### <polite cuss word. Rights are not granted, given, tapered, infringed, or denied in any way. The amendments in no way grant or deny or infringe on ANY inalienable right of the people. It merely lists examples of what SOME of our individual inalienable rights are, which means that even if it's NOT listed as an example, it's still a right. The constitution SECURES our rights.

      Emily: “The use of high powered high magazine auto rifles, designed for war, were not imagined by the framers of the constitution.”
      Me: ##### LOL, the Founding Fathers had every intent of making sure the people (whom the govt is to PROTECT), were always equally matched. If you think the war was fought with slingshots against ball and muskets, you're the life of the party, let me tell ya. Hear ye, Hear ye! Only the king's men shall use muskets, all common people peasants are limited to wet noodles! This is the law of the land! ROFLMAO.

      Emily: “The second ‘amendment’ was just that, an amendment that could also be re-amended to fit the times. That’s the point of the constitution, it’s a living document that can and should be changed throughout time. That’s the way it was imagined by our founders.”
      Me: ##### Good grief! It is a COMPACT, which is a CONTRACT between States to keep the federal government REINED in so the people can be FREE. It is NOT a living breathing piece of paper aka document. The Founding Fathers gave us the key to amend any errors, they did not give us the key to change the clarifications or directions. The government is NOT a party of the compact, the govt is a creation the people created to SECURE the compact.

      Emily: “My opinion, and the opinion of most sane people I believe, is that we should have guns for utility reasons, that is, self defense (a revolver perhaps) hunting (a couple shotguns or rifles- bolt action or single shot or something along those lines)..”
      Me: ##### Self defense against any and tyrants domestic or foreign that are assaulting us. This is why it's important for the individual to decide whether a one shot is needed or a 100 round drum is needed. When enemies are assaulting your town, person, family, .. it is up to the individual to decide how many rounds is needed. Any govt that steps in to limit the individual's right to defend self or others, is not a constitutional government.

      Emily: “nothing wrong with making noise when a bear is in your trash or shooting your food. But get rid of the people killing war toys that the gun nuts love so much. They are the guns that are causing the big problems, and causing problems for responsible gun owners like myself.”
      Me: ##### Guns are not toys. They are not killing war toys. Responsible gun owners would never say guns are toys. Gun nuts are collectors, competitive marksmen, self defense guru's, and huge respecters of the gun's and the 2A. They do not harbor fugitives, they do not harbor criminals, they do not reverse the laws that doubled the sentencing time of violent criminals, and they do not demand for the rights of good people to be destroyed. Second amendment and gun nuts actually push for criminal control, not gun control. They know the difference between criminal and innocent. They fight for longer sentences for violent criminals.
      Anti-2A-fear nuts push the opposite. Hence, our revolving door court system, all for the love of mj instead of sanity and liberty.

      (edited to highlight who was speaking, and to add the proper quotation marks.) and to add:
      That’s why they took all our airplanes and air travel away after 911 lol.

    • So exactly what are these “people killing war machines” ?

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    The answer is to dig our schools into deep underground bunkers, use razor wire, anti tank ditches, minefields, and berms set with artillery zeroed on zones.

    How else are we going to stay safe?

    Everyone was safe in the movie, Logan’s Run and that worked pretty good, what exactly is stopping us from utopia, bunch of Libs?

  • i agree that something needs to be done with the haters in the world that try to take lives by any means using guns , knives , trucks or cars and explosives .
    but did you know that the second amendment is the only amendment that has the words : SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED
    we all enjoy our first amendment rights to free speech and every one does a great job . we love those freedoms .
    i am willing to give up part of my SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED rights if some of you give up your first amendment rights .

  • All that power & money keeping the general population at war & uneasy is created & enhanced by the liberal agenda & media giving unlimited exposure to the crazies.

    The “system” failed to do anything about the crazy Florida guy after dozens of law enforcement visits,tips to the FBI hotline & the crazy persons own rants. Nobody did anything!

    All the “paid for” and encouraged demonstrations do nothing to solve the violence problems! Its a well financed push to power up the Democrats ongoing plan to ban this or that gun & eventually get their way.

    Look at all the laws against guns in Chicago & the murder rate is unreal. All the gun laws & gun bans in Chicago are ignored by the criminal element just like they are here in California with all the restrictive gun & even ammo laws.

    My guns never jumped up & shot at anyone!

  • There are many various reasons that cause people to go on shooting rampages. Figuring out how to recognize the signs of someone who is a potential shooter can be very difficult. This part of the problem is separate from the marches to regulate the types of guns available to the general public, more extensive background regulations and the age at which guns can be purchased. I own guns myself and support the NRA, but I still don’t see a need for the general public to own a weapon that can kill a mass amount of people in a matter of seconds. My Amedeo Rossi 38 SP can protect me and my family just fine. The 17 year old involved in the Maryland shooting had a hand gun, and got 7 shots off with one person killed. If he was holding an AR 15, or other mass firing gun, many, many more could have been killed. I would bet the Parkland shooter couldn’t hit a basketball at 50′ with a hand gun; but with an AR 15, could hit 10 of them with his eyes closed. We will never stop the possibility of a shooting anywhere because people kill people not guns, but the amount of people killed within a matter of seconds can be greatly reduced. These types of weapons need to be banned from sales or possession, and anyone caught with one should face severe penalties. They are military weapons designed for military use. These marches are NOT demanding to take away our 2nd amendment rights or all our guns, but a desire to eliminate the sale of weapons that can possibly kill 50+ people in a matter of seconds; and strengthen background check regulations.

    • You keep mentioning how the ar-15 is some kind of specialty gun for evil people. I hardly think the NRA instructor who used an ar-15 to stop the church shooter in Tx is evil.
      I recommend learning more about the ar-15 at your local store, gun club, target range, and video instructors. It’s not a machine gun. I’m surprised to learn this too, and never would have, had I of not taken the challenge to learn it by going to YT. Naturally, YT is now on some strange political agenda against learning, which is detrimental for learning safety and handling tips, but you’ll still find important helpful videos on the other video sites.

      Also, just as aside. The amount of ammo a gun can hold is only important to the person who is defending self and others. Unless the govt can guarantee the individual that no more than 10 killing spree rioter felons will ever emerge on any individual, or they’ll be zapped by space lazer policemen, I in no way would ever feel right in declaring how much ammo any one individual can have in his self defense weapon.

  • “in the end those advocating vigilante justice and martial law and those advocating taking all guns are the same”

    But those are not the positions of either side on this issue. Those are very rare, fringe positions.

  • I think it should be a better case by case thing. In my instance, I am, due to childish decisions, a convicted felon. But then I moved to the farm, and live off the land, and a gun became a very worthwhile almost nessesary tool.. so should I because of my past, not ever be able to own a gun when I am responsibile citizen, a local business owner, a father, and a farmer (not weed). Where is the line drawn… Because if you want to know what I really had to do to get my rights restored, think with your wallet. Opinions?

    • Was there a firearm involved in the commission of the crime?

      • Veteran's Friend

        I am in the same position as “Sold out”, a felon. No violence, no property crime, no weapon of any kind involved in my “crime”. In fact my conviction was dismissed and all my rights restored….except for my right to defend myself with a firearm.

        • Under those circumstances I would support restoration of your right to keep and bear arms.

        • That’s why they keep creating more and more laws that make “felons” out of us all. What is needed is a good honest representative to get this nonsense off the books. It’s up to us, to inform our reps what needs to fixed in order to protect our inalienable rights.

          Your stories bring to mind another worrisome part of that omnibus spending bill that just passed. Census is now forbidden from including the incarcerated in the housing needs census. This is bad, and needs to be addressed separately and fought. Where are the released going to live, supposing they even find a job that allows them to rent or buy? Not all who are released are of criminal mentality. Many innocents await their day in court, while behind bars for years. The system has become too corrupt in too many districts.

      • Nope. No violent charges

        • And believe me, only of you have money can escape the thumb of the criminal justice system from keeping you down, and even then it’s a long haul. My own choices, as are everyone who breaks the law and gets caught.. but felonies don’t leave you, even if you leave behind the whatever state you were in while.committing the felonies. Sometimes good people.make.mistakes, and our system doesn’t give a shit about that or if you actually need a weapon or not. Well…

          • I have learned that the system isn’t there to decide who “is good” and making mistakes vs. who “is bad” and acting an ass.

            What you say is a mistake now was likely you being an ass then. We live with our past.

            The system ain’t perfect, and the more money you have the better off you are.


  • As I read the local news I frequently see convicted felons caught with firearms and then released. It will be difficult to convince me of the need for more firearm restrictions until the many already existing are enforced.

  • Violent crime rates have been in steady decline for more than a generation. Gun ownership has remained fairly constant. The hype pushed by fear simply doesn’t hold water when compared to real facts.

  • That was well said Teacher Goode. Thank you for providing an atmosphere of discussion over such an important topic as self defense vs evil.

    The NRA is in full support of curbing violence. Security at schools, instead of kindergarten teachers to search the perimeters, for instance, is one of their pushes we can read here:
    (NRA applauds stop school violence act of 2018)

    • REALLY?

      If the NRA response to Philando Castile doesn’t raise a red flag for you, what would?


      • No, it doesn’t raise a flag. They’ve always promoted common sense laws, such as keeping violent criminals behind bars, doubling the sentencing for any criminal that uses a weapon during a crime, etc.
        You’ll have to use common sense clarification of your strange to me remark, in order for me to understand what you’re trying to say. So far, you just sound … trollish with a racist bent… to me. The NRA is not a corporation, it is a club where Americans mingle and help each other learn safety and the constitution. They have spokespeople, to relay the concerns of the people. They were formed, to help protect the people against vigilantes that were nasty mean, such as the KKK. I have no gripes with the NRA, but I do wonder about those who constantly attack the NRA, considering all they’ve done for every minority, including the smallest minority of all, the individual.

        • Wait, you think Philando Castille was a criminal ilusing a weapon in a crime?

          For Christ’s sake, he was a Conceal carry permit holder killed by police too quickly for a traffic violation that the NRA didn’t speak up for because he was black.

          Really? I guess it’s hard to keep track.

          • You want the spokesmen to drop their busy schedule of defending all individuals and pick up a banner for one of the individuals and drop all the others?
            You’re boring me Brian. Have a nice day.

            • What’s boring is you always claiming to seek truth, and imploring others to do the same while you peddle false info and propaganda, as well as not being able to correctly ID Philando Castille, which would be a simple matter if your browser wasn’t stuck on infowhores.

  • Ted Kennedys car killed more people than my guns.

  • There are a bunch of contributory factors to school shootings.

    1) Facebook and other forms of social media.
    2) Lack of parental guidance.
    3) Peer pressure and/or bullying.
    4) Violent video games.
    5) Violent music and movies.
    6) Mental health issues.
    7) Drugs, both illegal and legal.
    8) Lack of respect for others.
    9) Lack of discipline at home and school.
    10) Revolving doors for all criminals, juvenile and adult.
    11) Gun Free zones.
    12) Various child welfare issues.

    I can come up with a lot more but these are enough to begin working on.

    • Re: Huffington Post, clearly a one sided narrow minded opinion. Another common myth delineated by anti Second Amendment supporters, is that the State National Guards are the “Well Regulated Militia”envisioned by our founding fathers. That concept holds no water, in that the State National Guards are under the direct command and control of the Federal Govt. If you doubt that, ask the California National Guard soldiers that have been sent to Iraq, and Afghanistan for peacekeeping missions!

      • Well regulated militia, according to our Founding Fathers, was every able bodied wo/man that was well trained, armed and at the ready.
        It was the responsibility of every household to teach their children how to safely handle not only their weapons, but their emotions. They were homeschooled because there was no such thing as the unconstitutional government education system.

        • In New England, Wikipedia says, “The Puritans valued education, both for the sake of religious study (they demanded a great deal of Bible reading) and for the sake of citizens who could participate better in town meetings. A 1647 Massachusetts law mandated that every town of 50 or more families support a ‘petty’ (elementary) school and every town of 100 or more families support a Latin, or grammar, school where a few boys could learn Latin in preparation for college and the ministry or law. In practice, virtually all New England towns made an effort to provide some schooling for their children. Both boys and girls attended the elementary schools, and there they learned to read, write, cipher, and they also learned religion. In the mid-Atlantic region, private and sectarian schools filled the same niche as the New England common schools.[Axtell, James. The school upon a hill: Education and society in colonial New England. Yale University Press. (1974).]

          • Fascinating history right there. Yes, they were responsible for their own communities education.
            Later, the 1A, secured the right for each state (and their people) to follow their own branch of belief, much to the chagrin of the King who demanded for only his chosen doctrine to be used by all.
            The constitution restricts the government.
            The BOR secures the rights of the people, confirms the governments restrictions, and mentions the state’s duty of filling in the gap between the two.
            The 1A was so important to the Founding Fathers, it included 5 different secured rights.
            All states were finally free to enjoy all liberties of speech, beliefs, education (free to read what we wish, not mandated to), with the only catch being that we always respect the main values of the bible which were laid out in the 10 commandments. America’s value system (don’t lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc) is different from some countries, the same as some other countries, and is touted as being the most cheered beacon on the hill experiment ever known. There are more foreigners who wish for it to succeed than who hope it to fail.
            It’s up to the people who value their values, to hold themselves and their employees (govt officials, either local, state or fed), accountable. A lazy and blind people fail America. A falsely educated people fail America.
            The right to protest will disappear if we don’t respect every person’s right to protest whatever it is they take a notion to protest. Like they say, we don’t agree with anything you say, but we fully support your right to say it.
            My apologies for rambling on. There’s something in my heart that is pestering to be let out?

            • adding: Funny isn’t it, that the protesters today, are fighting mad to go back to the one size fits all type of King’s reign? Guilty until proven innocent. Collective thought.
              Then: “One of the first people to be executed in the colony was Dorothy Talbye, who was apparently delusional. She was hanged in 1638 for murdering her daughter, as the common law of Massachusetts made no distinction at the time between insanity (or mental illness) and criminal behavior.”
              BOR: Secures the right of every individual to due process, self responsibility, belief system, education material, speech, privacy, travel, and so much more. Innocent until proven guilty. Individual thought.

          • Be careful with using Wikipedia as a gospel source.
            They are edited with bias.
            There are teams who edit out the bias, who provide non-political-agenda facts who are then edited out. Back and forth they go.
            It all depends on which edit is seen at the time of reading, as to which information will reign as the king of the day.

            • Did you see where I included the citation of where the information was gathered?

              • Yes, it seems to be a good source, but I’ll admit I haven’t verified it as of yet. I mainly wanted to alert you, & remind self, that it is not always a reliable source of information, & the reason behind that observation.

                @Kym, could you please tell that Brian poster dude to stop attacking and accusing your posters who have different views than s/he. He can oppose the view, which is always welcome, but not the viewee.

                • You’re the one spreading BS propaganda bro!

                • I’m attacking your bad info that you post as truth.

                  I am your friend, you just don’t see it yet.

                  Please, try to handle it. If you put up bunk links with bunk info I will be there.

                  If not for you, than others who are reading.

                  It’s important to counter bad info with correct info, something that you claim to do to.

    • “A militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves…and include, according to the past and general usuage of the states, all men capable of bearing arms… “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”
      – Richard Henry Lee, Federal Farmer No. 18, January 25, 1788

      “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…. The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun.”
      – Patrick Henry, Speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1778

      • ULLR, I just don’t see what the relevance here is?

        There’s no way to defeat the US military with our “militias”.

        How do these comments impact the contemporary reality of America?

        What is the big deal if the US restricted semi-auto long barrel purchases to 21 an over?

        Are the militias made up of only 18-20 year olds?

        • The point of the quotes I posted is to counter the erroneous HuffPo opinion piece posted by “Enough!”.

          Because the US military are US citizens I don’t see there ever being a large scale conflict between the military and civilians. If it came to that the US military would revolt rather than slaughter their brethren.

          But, there are 100 million gun owners in the USA with 300 million small arms. Despite human “advancements” in ways to kill each other, wars are fought, won and lost by people, on the ground, with small arms.

          We don’t know what the world conditions will be in 20, 50, 100 years from now. If the military dominance of the USA wanes and a foreign military tries to invade the USA they would fail because of the shear number of “militia”. This is the point of the 2nd Amendment. A citizen militia with more arms than any standing army willing and able to defend the Republic.

          This isn’t going to happen tomorrow, but no one can say it won’t happen to our great-grandchildren.

          • Ok. But, if we were invaded, and we were lucky enough to see an enemy as opposed to being bombed, droned, vaporized, apache-d than don’t you think a draft, weapon distribution, forced enlistment would happen?

            I didn’t read the huff article. The post is too one-sided for me.

            • There has never been a war won where an invading military has not put “boots on the ground”. Short of being nuked there is no way an invading army could take the United States without an invasion. And there is no army in the world that has the numbers to take out the “militia” of US citizens if the call to arms is heeded.

              The largest army (by numbers) in the world is China with about 10 million soldiers. The USA is about half that. With armed US citizens the militia is, potentially, more than 100 million. The US military does not have the resources to arm that many people… and why would it? We the People are already armed.

              Look at Afghanistan; the US has been in-country for 15 years and an armed country with 35 million people (population of California ) have not been routed.

              • I agree, though “storming Norman” tried and did well with air attacks in the first Gulf invasion.

                Afghanistan wasn’t taken by the soviets either. We never should have gone there anyway.

                So, I’m with you, but I guess what your saying still hasn’t convinced me that we can’t restrict semi auto long barrels to 21 plus.

                Because what your saying seems to be an arguement for the 2nd completely, of which I don’t want to see taken away.

                Thanks for the good and healthy discourse too. Not all of us can practice it

                • Storming Norman wanted to invade Baghdad. If he did Bush Jr never would had another go at him (Saddam )…. which took troops on the ground… still on the ground.

                  And we should be out of Afghanistan.

                  As for the 21 year old question it is a matter of adulthood. Are they an adult at 18 or not? If not then none of the other privileges and responsibilities should be placed on them either, but, if we are going to allow 18 year olds into the military and vote they should have the full responsibilities of adulthood: alcohol, tobacco and firearms. We are treating 18 year olds as less than full citizens otherwise and there is no place in the Constitution to do so.

                • Yes, what you say is true.

                  However, my generation was not my grandfather’s generation, and this new generation of youngsters is worse off than mine.

                  18 years of age being an adult is just another piece of legislation. Kind of like the changing ages of consensual sex in different states.

                  Should no one be allowed to have sex until 18? I think we both agree that should not be the case.

                  In that sense, age really is just a number and we can do what we want, legislatively speaking.

                  The Constitution also says nothing of “adult” or “child” nor does it distinguish the differences of age, nor does it define an age that is “adult.”

                  Perhaps 1-18 year olds should be allowed to have semi-autos too?

                  I would further counter that the Constitution allows me to fill 40 acres of forest with 40 acres of pot. Cut the trees, level the land, use carbofuran for fun and piss and shit in the waterways.

                  Yet, I don’t. I wouldn’t want to do that first off. But we have laws and legislation preventing that.

                  Again, maybe loggers should have no restrictons either – if they own the land. Future generations be damned.

                  Where would it stop?

                  Love the Constitution as a framework, but it’s not all that we have to work with as a society trying to make a good place for our youngins.

          • Excellent posts, ULLR.
            The Colonists (militia) (the Continental Army) was the first ever military in America, long before the congress was created, and long before the congress created the official military that unified the states for fighting against foreign enemies.
            The militia is the military, the people’s military. The unified military is also the people’s military.
            The Govt cannot have a standing army against the people. The people ARE the military. (did I get this right?)

            • The Constitution doesn’t use the term “military”, but it treats Armies and Navy very different from Militia. The militia were to be used when there was a call to arms. The “armies” and “navy” were reserved for regular use by the federal government, but any standing army was only supposed to be funded for 2 years at a time.

              Article 1, Section 8:

              “The Congress shall have Power To…

              To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

              To provide and maintain a Navy;

              To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;
              To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

              To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress…”

  • As I vividly recall, the National Guard of Ohio murdered 4 unarmed students peacefully protesting the war in Viet Nam. The murders commenced upon the orders of their Commander.

    I learned a lot that day, and I will never forget the lesson.

    • Remember also, the day DC used the army tanks to destroy the Veterans tents who were camped on the WH lawns protesting for their pay.
      Remember also, the day the ATF and FBI used tanks to destroy a religious compound in Waco, Tx, which killed men, women and children who respected their 1A, 2A, while respecting the entire constitution and BOR. They were a threat to the govt.

      The only laws that are constitutional, are the laws that are in pursuance of the constitution.

      • Thanks. Also “Ruby Ridge,” and one can only imagine other examples of which we will never know.

        • Ruby Ridge was so sad. Randy has finally written a book about it, I hope to purchase this year.
          There’s a young man who decided to run for office and secure the 2A for his state. Schaffer Cox? He was sent to prison for not acquiring a permit to saw off a barrel of a shotgun that an FBI agent requested for him to saw off.
          Too many to mention, like you said. But there they are, if we search.
          SEARX is non-biased search engine to date.

          • added: I don’t think tanks were involved at RR though. They did use snipers against the American family, and the family’s dog though.

      • The bonus army that was attacked by rolling tanks in DC.

        I haven’t researched further and am in the dark about the whole ordeal, but …

    • The problem there, and in every other case of US government tyranny is the failure of the US public to prosecute the criminals in our Government.

      Shit, 4 people at Kent State was a cool down. I mean, wasnt the Gulf of Tonkin fabricated?

  • Speaking of genocide, the JFPO site has a chart of the timelines between disarming the peoples and when genocides happened afterwards.

    Fact: genocides happened after the disarmament of the peoples.
    Fact: school shootings drastically increased after the gun free signs became a ‘thing’.
    Fact: Chicago is proof positive that gun free towns are not safe.
    Fact: 97% of criminal acts were stopped by an armed victim, with zero harm to either victim or perpetrator.

  • And still no one is upset about the prescription drugs they children are on when they commit these acts. Keep drugging your children, that’s working out great…

  • And for the record Arcata protesting isnt news worthy because they would protest for ridding the world of oxygen if someone at HSU told them it would be good for the environment

  • I love all civil rights- from the first through the unenumerated.

    • I wish could take credit for the following quote i found as it expresses my sentiments perfectly. I dont know where i found it (some forum somewhere) and google isn’t helping, the poster’s name was something like “dave”:
      It is a core foundational value of the American political system that legitimate power is derived from the consent of the governed. A lot of nations pay lip service to this idea, but the US is fairly unique in actually giving it teeth, by protecting the right of citizens to maintain arms sufficient to resist illegitimate government. However, we should not expect any member of the ruling class to actually like this idea. We should expect it to be regarded by them, pretty universally, with anything from skeptical disdain to outright horror. It’s a philosophy that that implies the people ultimately rule, that the ruling class is not inherently better or special, and we should expect them to take to that notion no better than a mother would, upon being told her offspring were neither better nor special.

      So, politicians may make a show of supporting gun rights if it brings them votes, or money. They may refrain from attacking gun rights for those same reasons, or perhaps because they fear an armed populace bringing their whole system crashing down. But to look for principled friends among them is like looking for vegetarian wolves.”
      Love it.

  • I really don’t get how changing gun laws are gonna help prevent gun violence. There is already a surplus supply of black market weapons, and people who intend to use these guns really dont care about breaking the law, especially if they are trying to go on a murderous rampage. Also our reputation for being gun nuts has worked to our advantage in the past.

  • Brian-
    For some reason I can’t respond to you directly.

    Your examples, although extreme, can all be addressed by state and local regulations and most are. The 9th and 10th amendments are very clear on the limits of the federal government to impose restrictions on the states and the People.

    I agree that the current generation (and past couple) seem to lack any sense of self-responsibility and maturity. Instilling those ideals shouldn’t start at 18, rather through their life, but that is a cultural and social issue not a legal one. If, legally, the standard is 18 as a legal adult then all the legal responsibilities and rights should go with it.

    • Ullr,

      Thanks for the good discussion.

      I don’t have more to add. I’ll virtually shake hands with you and wish you a great day.

      I appreciate your position and how you hold it.

    • Shoot, Ullr, I do have a point of clarification if you would spare me one more response.

      Regarding the 10th, and State rights, your position would be against the Federal Government putting any further restricons on the 2nd, but, if 50 states voted for the same restrictions (like raising purchase age of semi longs) individually that’s OK.

      Is that correct?

      And, I’ll take your answer in silence. Thanks again

      • Well, not an easy answer. I feel the 9th and 10th amendments are the most overlooked and a couple of the most important amendments in that they attempt to make it clear that the federal government has definitive limits to its power.

        But, the rights enumerated to the individual reign supreme over any government intrusion. What are the boundaries of those rights? Can a local government force people to have a permit to hold a peaceable gathering on public grounds? Well, they do, even though I think that is an attempt to supercede individual rights.

        So, in general, I’d say “yes” individual states have the authority, under the power given to it by the People, to establish standards that are in line with the People of the respective state. If the People of a state choose to establish definitive boundaries as to where our rights extend then it is up to the state supreme court and SCOTUS to determine if the state authority is overstepping their authority. When power finds its grip it’s tough to force it to let go.

        “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…” -Patrick Henry


        • Are you forgetting that the BOR and the Constitution were created from the (5?) documents the Founding Fathers knew previously, through experience and through historical research?

          The 2A is the fine print, the bottom line. It is never to be infringed.

          The word “arms” holds the same definition in all the dictionaries and Lexicon’s of the times the compact was created. It is any weapon of defense, including body armor.

          The Laws mandating defense weapons are historical.
          Children as young as 7 were mandated to master archery. Their lives depended on it. Today child trafficking is as rampant as it was back then, but instead of teaching the children self defense & confidence, they are taught to fear self defense, & their safety is stripped by gun (self defense) free zone laws.

          All states must adhere to the Constitution and the laws that were made in pursuance to the constitution. Laws that do not adhere to the Constitution are repugnant to the Constitution and are to be considered null and void.
          Stripping the people of their right to defense is repugnant.

          The size of arms common laws were updated through the years to include more protection. The last update was 1903 when freed black men were included into the self defense laws.

          Assize of Arms 1181
          Assize of Arms 1252
          Assize of Arms 1285
          Assize of Arms 1903
          are just a few of the important documents that our Founding Fathers secured in our Constitution.

          “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” (Richard Henry Lee, Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress, initiator of the Declaration of Independence, and member of the first Senate, which passed the Bill of Rights.)

          “The great object is that every man be armed … Everyone who is able may have a gun.” (Patrick Henry, in the Virginia Convention on the ratification of the Constitution.)

          “The advantage of being armed … the Americans possess over the people of all other nations … Notwithstanding the military establishments in the several Kingdoms of Europe, which are carried as far as the public resources will bear, the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” (James Madison, author of the Bill of Rights, in his Federalist Paper No. 26.)

          “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Second Amendment to the Constitution.)

          The 2A does not say “A well regulated communist, being necessary to the security of a Communist State, the right of the Communists to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed while we strip away the rights of the non communists”.

          The USA is a Constitutional Republic that secures the rights of each individual. It is not, nor has it ever been, a mob ruled democracy.

          The ‘arguments’ taking place today, are phoney balogney right-left bull pucky.
          When all the ‘concern fluff’ is off the table, the table is bare except for one GOTCHA that both party’s tried to hide.
          The GOTCHA? Stripping away the Due Process of Law.
          In one fell swoop, Congress is no longer the lawmakers of the country and the people lose their rights to due process in a court of law.

          Those who rave on and on that Trump is Hitler, then demand for him to act like Hitler, don’t have a screw lose, they have a long awaited plan.

          • Shak, you and I are are on the same side. I understand the history that led to the BOR and Constitution and that ALL government agencies are limited by that contract. There are no exceptions. …

            Except that We the People have allowed exceptions.

            “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
            “A Republic, if you can keep it.” -B.Franklin.

            “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” -John Adams

            • Thank you for your calm response to my jump. Had I of reread your post before reminding you of a thing or two, I wouldn’t have needed to remind you. I’ve always held your posts in high regards, and I was thrown off balance quite hastily. My apologies.

              I agree, that we seem to have allowed exceptions, through deception. Through the deception our powers were stolen. They are using stolen power of authority to deceive us even more each day.
              Had the deception not of occurred, the power would still remain with the rightful owners, the people.
              A car thief does not own the car. The owner of the car does not have to purchase it back from the thief in order to retain title of ownership. The car was never the thief’s rightful property.

              “In a word, as a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights. … Government is instituted to protect property of every sort; as well that which lies in the various rights of individuals,” -James Madison

          • Does “concern fluff” include you thinking that Crisis Actors were the real enemy at Parkland?

          • Children as young as 7 are still mastering archery. Shooting too.

            It simply is not relevant to every parent.

            To bring your analysis to the 21st century, we should give and teach 7 year olds how to conduct drone warfare. Child soldiers of Somalia wold be jealous.

            But wait.

            What does the Constitution say for consensual sex between a 7 year old and 40 year old?

            Remember, it’s “consensual”, so no assault on the 7 year olds “life, liberty, happiness”.

            • To bring your analysis to the 21st century, the mandates would have been for every 7 yr old to learn how to load and fire a cannon, catapults, muskets and fire cocktails.
              Pardon my yawning. I’ll put a call in for Mighty Mouse to bring a huge pot of coffee. Oh wait, I don’t drink coffee.
              Have a nice day.

              • I’m sorry, Do you mean to advocate teaching 7 year olds to fire cannons and load muskets?

                This would be practical and relevant for fighting in contemporary militia?

                Against what?

  • Despite what the ignorant profess, the Constitution does not allow individuals to harm others without consequences. Harming another’s right to life, liberty and property holds repercussions. If the found guilty by a court of law harmful individual does not repair, amend, reimburse, take full responsibility, then the state has the power of authority through the courts to incarcerate for said offenses.
    What the Constitution does NOT do, is treat everyone guilty until proven innocent. It is unconstitutional to treat individuals as guilty until proven innocent.
    The Constitution secures the individual’s right to be free from oppression. Treating people as guilty until proven innocent, taxing them heavily, forcing people to pay for permission papers before taking shelter in their rights, is completely unconstitutional and tyrannical.

  • Perfect summary of deceptions used for stealing powers away from Y O U the individual.

    • 2 things about this video:

      1)Didn’t see Tucker, Bill O’, Friends crew, or Hannity saying those exact words in the clips of all left wing journalists.

      If it had, well than I would thank you for sharing it. Unfortunately it in itself falls into its own bias. As I think you do:

      2) Just days ago (in this comment section) you shared a link to question David Hoggs time line of events at Parkland, and in the same breaths you gave links to crisis actors. Your implications were clear, and I know the outlets that spread that shit.

      Your information sources are more biased and full of propaganda than you are willing to see as of yet.

      • Deflect much?
        Fox is shown throughout the video. I don’t think I’m the one who is bias, but then again, I am biased against being biased against self.

        Have a nice day.

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