Humboldt Bay Trail’s Newest Extension is About to Open; City of Arcata Invites You to Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on November 19

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Come join us for the opening of the newest extension of the Humboldt Bay Trail and be one of the very first to experience the trail!

The much awaited ribbon cutting ceremony for the Arcata section of the Humboldt Bay Trail will take place at 10 a.m. on Sunday, November 19th at South I Street, Arcata California.

The project involved construction of approximately 3.0 miles of a Class I, ADA accessible, non-motorized multi-use trail, that runs from the terminus of the Arcata Rails with Trail at State Route 255, through the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.  The trail continues south along the North Coast Railroad Authority’s railroad to the south of Bayside Cutoff along Humboldt Bay.

The project was funded by Caltrans Active Transportation Program (ATP) cycle 1, Caltrans SHOPP Minor Funds, California Coastal Conservancy, and Arcata’s Measure G Streets Fund.

Come ride, roll, run, and walk on this newly constructed multi-use trail!

Updates on ribbon cutting ceremony will be posted on the City’s website,



  • Congratulations Arcata! The Humboldt bay trail in Eureka was replaced with a homeless village.. Special thanks go to Eureka city council, mayor Frank Jager, city manager Greg Sparks, supervisor Rex Bohn and our city hostess Betty Chinn for making Eureka a homeless utopia..

    • I tried to walk back there, it was very scary, I will never go back there again. They were coming out of the bushes and tumbling down the trail the whole time I was on it, disgusting.

  • Trail?!! It is a paved road. No wonder it costs so much to put a “trail” in!!! It even has arrows painted on it so you know that you should keep to the right- the other side is for people going the other direction. Yeah- big painted arrows at some big cost I’m sure….Was all this pavement really necessary? So weird – I had no idea the “trail” they pushed forever was going to be a paved road running right next to the highway. And the same people who pushed it are the ones assuring us it will be covered by the bay due to rising tides from global warming so I must ask again- How much money are we throwing away and who’s money is this? Oh- it’s my taxes! The ones that keep going up. Because we need to overbuild and go cadillac-style on everything all the time always….with my tax money!! I watched many hours of heavy equipment time go into this and then A LOT of expensive asphalt…Really- go check out the stretch of pavement and think about what I just said. I’m getting sick of this spending-my-money-frivolously-and-furiously attitude.

  • The humongous, metal bridge over Butcher’s Slough clangs extremely loud scaring all the wildlife away. The rails are so high you can not see over. Walkers and dogs on leashes are not safe sharing the paved trail as cyclists speed past. It was not designed properly for multi-use. Was there an Environmental Assessment done before the construction? Where is the American Bittern that once lived near the northern bridge at the Marsh Sanctuary? The aesthetics of the new trail is appallingly ugly and thoughtless. The trail is a travesty for the Arcata Marsh.

  • Nice for runners,but not all of us are runners,we needed to spend this money on something we needed to fix. This isn’t a nice as it is for runners,this is foolish way to spend money.we have serious problems in Eureka how does this trail help?come on supervisor’s really?

  • Unbelievable waste of money. Great place to walk & run right next to the exhaust from all the vehicle traffic..

  • Its a triumph! The ultimate connection with the trail at the north end of Eureka–which is in the works now– will transform life in Humboldt.

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