Fugitive From Murder Charges in Trinity County Arrested After 20 Years on the Run

On June 6, 1997, David MacLeod, a 68-year-old-rancher, was found dead in his home near the remote town of Kettenpom in western Trinity County. Daniel Clemons and a woman had reportedly visited him on June 4th. Clemons quickly became a suspect and disappeared.

Daniel Clemons in August 2000

Daniel Clemons from August of 2000 when he was arrested in another state. He was eventually let go. [Photo from the Trinity County Most Wanted]

For the next twenty years, he tried to stay off law enforcement’s radar though at least twice he was arrested. “Once in Texas and once in Colorado, [Clemons] gave a false name but by the time the fingerprints came back to say who he really was, he was gone,” explained Deputy U.S. Marshal Billy Banks.

This last Friday, his luck ran out. Clemons was arrested in Okay, Oklahoma where he had lived at least 10 years doing odd jobs.

According to Banks, “We got information from a confidential informant that he was living there under the name of Steven Shade.”

Banks who works in the area said at first they investigated through records. “We tried to do some checking. We couldn’t find an ID or a Social Security number for Steven Shade.” When that didn’t work, Banks said he, “conducted what little surveillance that I could.”

Eventually, the US Marshals showed up at Clemons’ trailer at 6 a.m on Friday, August 25. “He came right to the door,” Banks said. “He immediately admitted he was Daniel Clemons. He said it has been a long run [and] he was glad it was over.”

Banks said that Clemons had been living with a woman for 13 years. “She was very surprised and only knew him as Steven Shade,” he explained. “She was very shocked that morning.”

Right now, Banks said Clemons needs to sign extradition papers before being sent back to Trinity County to face trial. “I don’t think he was wanting to fight it,” Banks said after explaining that Clemons maintained his innocence.







  • Fantastic to arrest him after so long. Let’s hope he did it.

  • When will someone be arrested in the disappearance of Louis Taylor in Kettenpom.
    Or the murder of Stephanie Gawboy in Redway. Or, or, or, way too many unsolved in our little corner of paradise, eh?

    • Lol, no one cares about Louis Taylor,so no ones looking.Besides whatever happen to him it was a long time coming, one could definitely say he had it coming

      • Misty fucking taylor

        Louie will be found.. And there will be justice ! No matter what anyone does they don’t deserve to get murdered! I know my brother wasn’t the nicest person in the world but he didn’t deserve what happened to him ! I would hate to see your family murdered for their sins !

    • Because Louie Taylor was shit. That’s why ..Don’t you know. Bishop always take pawn

    • They need to find Stephanie’s killer that really bothers me, Louie on the other hand well they can take there time on that one good riddance.

  • The article says she was an Okay Okie.

  • he just could not give up that 80% shaven look over the 20 years of hiding.

  • Covelo or busted

    Wow, i have always wondered about this. Now we know. David Macleod was a nice guy all those years ago.

  • I_Heart_Alliteration

    Billy Banks vs Steven Shade. I feel like I’m in a Dick Tracy story.

  • What ever happened to Burl Duncan?

  • Mytruckisahillbeater

    Or gabe !! Lock his shit mom up!!

  • With informants like Rick carrington u would think they would have that co cleaned up

  • Misty fucking taylor

    Louie Taylor is my brother and all u mother fuckers can go fuck off and your comments ! He will be found And the people that did it will be punished.. I wouldn’t wish the pain on anyone of a murdered family member.. And just because he didn’t have a mr Rogers background u all think he deserved it hu. Well I hope your family goes to church and never brakes the law . cause you fucking scum think he deserved it . you are lower than he ever was.. He wasn’t liked by few just cause he didn’t take no shit I’m fine with that.. Jeep on thinking that this case is going no where hahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahhaha right Where evryong needs to be

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