Alarmed by Increasing Crime, Residents of Alderpoint Point to Heavy Drug Use and Lack of Law Enforcement Response

Small Town meeting

At a gathering at the Alderpoint Fire Department yesterday, concerned residents’ discussed the increase in crime in their small town. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

A number of Alderpoint residents worried by increasing crime and, what they say is a lack of law enforcement response to crime in their remote small town, met yesterday.

As the sinking sun cast a warm glow over the rolling hills about a half hour drive east of Garberville, a flurry of cars and trucks wound their way to the old school that serves as the Alderpoint Fire Department. This was the second meeting to try and reclaim the friendly town they remember growing up in.

About 30 adults showed up, the first ones there efficiently grabbing chairs and set them in a circle around an open carport. Small Town meetingA large red tub filled with ice and soda was plunked down in the middle of the group and coffee was served inside the Fire Hall. The talk was of who was having grandbabies mingled with complaints about crime and the rough road until the meeting started. One group of residents related stories of crazy drivers and rough roads. Another group talked about an incident several weeks ago, when a man believed to have fatally shot another man several years ago fired at the deceased man’s son not far from the town’s gas pump. Law enforcement didn’t even show up until the next day, complained one woman.

When the meeting began, the problems listed on a white board quickly filled the space.

Among the problems named were:

  • Abandoned cars
  • Dumping garbage along roads
  • Used needles where kids could play at the beach
  • Crazy driving
  • Raw sewage by a residence
  • Drug hubs or homes
  • Feeling as if they weren’t backed by law enforcement

As they talked about possible solutions, one person noted that they felt that law enforcement just wanted them to “take care of” the problem people themselves, but then, another person noted that times have changed.

“If we are reactive, good people are going to jail,” said a woman.

“There’s nothing you can do without the law backing you up,” a man said.

After some discussion, one person asked what was the root of all the issues. White board notes from meeting“Drugs!” was the consensus.

What are solutions then? someone asked.

The white board again began to fill this time more slowly.

Some of the possible solutions named were:

  • Start a neighborhood watch
  • Raising money to remove abandoned vehicles
  • Figure out who is dumping needles, garbage, cars
  • Refuse or reduce service to problematic people
  • Do a KnockKnock–walk up to the homes of concern and express a willingness to help–help remove unwanted tenants, cars etc.
  • Call County Health on homes with unsanitary conditions.
  • Get Supervisor Estelle Fennell to hear concerns.
  • Get county officials and law enforcement to take their issues seriously
  • Elect a board to keep the group directed
  • Fundraise to clean up messes
  • Make calls to the Sheriff’s Office as needed

“We’ve seen some positive stuff since the last meeting,” one community member said. “We hear some of the [problem] people are leaving.”

After setting items to take action on, the meeting began to close. Then one woman pointed out to murmurs of agreement from the group that the way they were treated by people living out of the area was as if they were all bad people. But they loved their little town. “We’re proud to live here,” said the woman. She mentioned the superior school there and the volunteer fire department. The people who didn’t recognize the good in Alderpoint, she explained, were adding to the problem. “They’re trying to take our pride away.”

Then in the twilight, chatting and laughing with friends, family, and neighbors, almost every person folded their chair and put it away before heading home.






  • Warner Von Braun

    Reminds me of an old western movie where the townspeople get together and hire the “magnificent 7” or Wyatt Earp..

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Here we see good people, surrounded by marijuana growing terrorists that dump sewage, abandon cars, throw garbage around, place needles in ways to harm children, only focused on destruction of all that is good in the world.

    AP definitely needs and armored column with naval and helicopter support to root out the terror groups.

    AP should be searched house to house, the terrorists brought to justice, and a militia set up by the government to man checkpoints, hunt for wanted criminals, and restore the community.

    Anything less will do nothing but encourage terrorism and encourage marijuana growers to plan another 911.

    • Remind me again why I was briefly charmed by you earlier today…

      • The CHUMP is on a slippery slope when it comes to a grasp on reality!!! One foot “Slip Sliding Away” already & the other one resting firmly on a Banana Peel!!!

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Honesty, I was shocked that you were…

        Then again, your blog has put the term The Devil’s Lettuce into Triangle Culture.

        One day I’ll see a grodozer with Devil’s Lettuce written on top the windshield, and I’ll know where exactly that came from, as will you Ms. Kemp.


        • My grodozer says DRTFRMR

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Honeydew Bridge Troll.

        • I say get off of that Marijuana and get these people on opiates, I have been doing methadone for 12 years now and I have noticed it just relaxes me, get off that Marijuana

          • Wow really how about no drugs at all .. to say something this ignorant I’m actually speechless put ppl on opiates your a winner smh.. have you read the newspaper watch the news opiates are the number 1 killer today and is a huge issues .

      • charles engebretson

        I’m glad I wasn’t drinking milk

    • [edit] NO ONE Wants/Needs your crap about this meeting or anything else!!! Not EVERYTHING is related to Cannabis use/sales/cultivation!!!! There ARE a LOT worse things available easily, that do a LOT more harm than Cannabis use!!!!

    • Please just stop. You are in need of help, and obviously don’t know that. Give it a rest. Go for a walk. Get a hobby. O.K?
      Failing that, I will see you at the next MADD meeting, right? Since you ‘care’ so much that is.

    • A lot of those good people are growers themselves, and not many of the people about which they are complaining, have significant or successful grows.

      • Exactly what I was going to say. Not ‘A bunch of good people surrounded by marijuana growers’ – More like ‘a bunch of concerned citizens surrounded by idiot citizens’ that are probably 90% ALL marijuana growers’ … the cannabis culture definately contributes to many of the lifestyle choices that leads to many of the issues identified here. The prevalence of ‘disposable earnings’ enables reckless choices and lavish expenditures and in many cases spoiled/ reckless behaviour.

        It is my hope that our rural communities will come together, tap into the new county camnabis tax and create strong(er) watershed/community relations that will organize/develop programs and infrastructure improvements. Hopefully this will help alleviate and resolve SOME of the issues mentioned here.

        some issues are best left for fate to work it out. Just Sayin

    • Actually the “good people” you speak of have their fingers in the green pie. It’s the meth, heroin, and thieving they are concerned about.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      “CHUMP” for a “handle” is right. Everything else is wrong.

    • Always start with the one preaching the loudest

    • 911 was over opium,not marijuana. C.H.U.M.P.

    • Too bad this problem stems far beyond cannabis.

      Chump.knows all about the harder illicit drugs that do create actual problems within a community. But bridge chump is so protective of meth and heroin that hes blaming cannabis in a way that demonstrates his adolescence, and his bias for supporting hard drugs in our community. Chump has completely lost it and writes behind a false identity that comforts his lost soul. Get a life

    • Wow, that sounds like a real Utopia…for fascists.

  • Deputy Barney Phief


  • Do Not FEED the TROLL!!!

    • I ignore that loser. But I read your posts and am responding to them. I wouldn’t give that CHUMP the time of day let alone read his garbage pig posts for losers.

      • You gotta read HBCHUMP as pure comedy. It’s not tasteful, barely funny, and far from “for the masses.”

        He really makes me laugh tho.

        Sometimes, not as much.

        But “grow bunkers” , “terror grouplings” , etc etc.. . Lol. Oh man, I don’t know why but it’s funny for me after a year now.

        Grow bunkers. 9/11. Lol. (Maybe he is a Saudi prince trying to take the heat off for 9/11)

        Goodluck Alderpoint

  • I can relate to the lack of prompt responses from “Law Enfo(a)rcement when I got a bullet through my window from a “Drive By Shooting” here on Hwy 36!!! It was 2 days after the fact, that our “Resident Deputy for Bridgeville”, who happens to live in Hydesville, took it upon himself to come by & take a report!!! Then about a week later he came by again to take measurements & actually LOOK at the damage done to my window & potted plant NO, not “That” kind of plant that happened to be on the inside from the window that was shot etc!!!! SUCH efficiency… NOT!!!! :-C

  • “…… what was the root of all the issues? “Drugs!’ ”

    So what did the brain dead voters of Calif do? – Legalized drugs! Start talking about government shooting galleries!

    • Stopwithyourlies

      Marijuana isn’t a drug…

      • Lol. Right. If it alters your mind,its a drug. Period. PS. What ever happened to the alderpoint 8? Or was that a legend?

        • Im fine if you want to call weed a drug.

          But so is caffiene, and alcohol, and your cell phone and Facebook accounts.

          Get objective or be ignored.

          If you do without any of these I commend thee and recommend complete separation from commenting so your holy state can continue uninterrupted.

        • They mostly either died grew up or became section 8

      • Cannabis isn’t either & as long as people keep calling it Marijuana it encourages those with the Reefer Madness mindset to become more vocal calling Cannabis a “DRUG”!!!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        People used to say that about alcohol and nicotine and caffeine. They were wrong and you are wrong.

        • You are saying that alcohol is not a drug? Really? Go back to highs school! Any substances that alter your mind are drugs. Yea n “weed” is one of them. Im down with cbd oil for treatment but “dabbing” thats striaght drug use! Maybe you should encourage kids to smoke it if its not…..loser. Sparkelman go play with your unicorns

      • yes it is a drug, not a very harmful drug to the body but a drug none the less. Saying it’s not mutes your point and makes you sound, well, dumb.

      • Is “stupidity” a drug?

  • It’s always amusing when a community that thrives on lawlessness complains about lack of law enforcement. What a joke.

  • The elected official(s) are definitely not doing their job, they are too concerned with cannabis legalization than what is actually going on in our communities. The amount of street creatures (junkies) in the town of Redway these day is of epidemic proportions.

  • I lived in Alderpoint in the seventies. What a cool little town. Sorry to see it come to this.
    I think a lot of the services you want to fundraise for are things the state or county have some responsibikity for…removing junk cars for one.
    I wish you all the very best & if I win the lottery, I might move back. It was one of my favorite places to live.

  • This post gives me hope that positive changes will come to the community that has spiraled down over the last 20 years.
    Being born and raised in Blocksburg and still feeling the pull back to the beauty of home, it has hurt my heart every time I have gone back to visit the area and family, such desecration to the communities.
    Prayers will be sent your way.

  • Don’t blame Law Enforcement, PLEASE. PLEASE do not blame Law Enforcement. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. is understaffed and horribly stretched and stressed. Several years ago an acquaintance who lives up in the hills above Boonville (Anderson Valley) told me the advice for residents there was to get a CCW permit, and basically lock and load. BECAUSE think about the geography of the county, people. By the time law enforcement might be able to get out there to the boondocks any criminal deeds would well have been done. I live in Redwood Valley. Yeah it’s an easy 10 – 15 minutes to Ukiah. But if I want to visit friends in Whitethorn? That’s 2-1/2 hours if no slides. Don’t blame law enforcement unless y’all want to pony up a coupla million USD to build up the department and recruit new hires to oversee our great and glorious now crime-ridden county.

  • Prices of heroin and speed are lowering with drug war.with carfentanyl,criminals will switch to extortion and kidnapping.too late to do anything about it.

  • charles engebretson

    I liked some of the ideas….I’d volunteer cleaning messes and removing abandoned…whats important is everybody talking ..good stuff Maynard

  • It is a slippery slope. You take one drug, and pretty soon you are taking them all! Next thing you know you are blaming EVERYTHING on “The Bulgarians” (Humboldt) or “The Cartel” ( Mendo) or “The Corporate Grows” (everywhere else)… We used to allow “enough to get by” but then everyone got greedy…

    There is an area, roughly bounded by highway 101, highway 5, the Oregon border and Highway 80, which has gotten increasingly wild, and impossible to police. “Innocent” folk living in this area, for whatever reason, are finally made uncomfortable by the stuff going on around them, and now demand “civilization”.

    This makes me laugh SO hard!

    You all thought you were escaping insanity when you fled the cities. Now you find that insanity has encircled you once more! What to do???

    My suggestion, instead of forming the State of Jefferson, the entire area should be abandoned to mob rule. Utter chaos may ensue, but in the end, might will have to make right.

    I honestly believe that the “good people” will win, although it is impossible for me to believe that these folks did not contribute to the downfall of this area by growing and using and dealing!

    Best of luck to all of you. If you want improvement, first build yourself some roads, and some infrastructure! Bye!

    OH! And YOU can HAVE Alderpoint. Intelligent, civilized and thinking persons should JUST not go there!! And not only because the road is nearly non-existent, either!

    • I loved my visit. The sky was the purest, darkest blue. The hills golden. The buckeyes in bloom. The people I met straightforward and decent and, yes, intelligent, civilized and thinking.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Many people consume alcohol, nicotine, caffeine or cannabis and don’t move on to other stuff or just quit. Pop goes the bubble.

  • Sounds like 105-12 needs to ride again!

  • Sheriff needs to put a residemt deputy in AP,but like that’s gonna happen I wish.

  • When we have road crews that are crying about a broken window claiming they cannot do their job due to it, and then moving on and not fixing the roads for an act caused by one individual, when the cops show up only because they have to respond legally, when the cops won’t even patrol the area, why should the residents of AP want anything to do with society? Are there a lot of issues related to meth and speed, coke, etc up there? Yes. Are there issues with poverty? Yes. Does most of the town grow pot? Yes. Why? Because AP will never be a tourist trap, never have large scale businesses set up shop, never have any type of employment or economical income related to legitimate business. If you were born there, weed is the business. If you move up there, weed is the business. It is what it is. Thy are still humans, still need County assistance in forms of law enforcement, road crews, medical aid, all that good stuff. Just because there’s a ton of drug users and pot growers up there, doesn’t mean we can just ignore their needs and let them die. By the county not fixing the roads as planned, and people dui driving and driving like shit, who knows how many deaths will occur moving forwards. How many deaths will occur due to the road crews being bitches and bouncing out before the job is done, leaving collapsed roadsides and divots littered across half the roads? How many people will die due to police not responding in a timely manner, or at all? The last OD I witnessed up there took 2 hours before cops showed up, and when they got there, they were talking about some woman they wanted to fuck. Laughing about how well she did on her tit job.

    • So AP folk, who make a buttload of money but don’t want anyone around, suddenly NEED social assistance and GOVERNMENT!! I have never heard ANYTHING so absurd. You want NO law, but you want lawman to solve your problems? Why should the taxpayers assist you, who pay no tax, besides sales tax and gas tax and vehicle tax and property tax? Hmmmmm?

      [edit] Pave your own goddamn road. Hire somebody to run your town, operate some businesses etc. And guess what? Market forces will soon render “cannabis” valueless, or practically… What chaos will THIS cause.

      Face it. Life as you knew it is OVER. Solve your own problems. That’s what adults who aren’t stoned do…

      • I don’t live there, but when I have friends, family, some with young children that go visit their relatives or friends up there, you’re damn right I want the roads to be safe. [edit]

      • The folks that were there at that meeting weren’t stoned. And they were putting together plans to help themselves but they were also asking for a little backing from the government.

        • Taurus Ballzhoff

          Welllll… I am not skinny, but I AM clean and sober.

          I guess NO one in Humboldt EVER gets high… “Oh, I don’t smoke it, I just pay the pre-school with the money I earn…” It is entertaining that the folks who complain about their grower neighbors, all seem to have an acre or two of Sour Diesel out back of the barn…

          Just sayin… AND, you know, ever since I moved to Humboldt I have been hearing entitled people complain about everything! It amused me at first, but then I realized that some folks here have extremely poor boundaries, a very low tolerance for personal discomfort of ANY kind, AND, they are incapable of dealing with most forms of common adversity. They attack with a hair trigger, and vehemently complain about EVERYTHING!

          Low startle point, too!

          It was, as I stated, amusing at first…

          These traits ALL indicate chronic drug use, to a cop, a doctor, a judge, or a therapist. None of which I am… And please stop insisting that it’s NOT a drug. Please… Don’t call it medicine if it’s not a drug…

          I make a good living from working, wouldn’t touch Indica, and am saddened by the degradation that pot and the attendant drug culture have caused. I certainly hope that life here improves, and I agree that we live in a world-class beautiful place.

          Be careful out there.

          And Kym, thanks for your service!

  • Growers concerned about crime? Really? Its been going on for years, im sure its gotten worse, but its finally a problem. How many cars, trash, bodies?, will you find below the AP bridge? People have been dumping there forever. And yes along with marijuana sales comes heroin and meth. Not everyone but some

  • I know alderpoint has gotten pretty bad over the years. But before u start writing peoples names on a clip board maybe you all should clean up your own back yard and practice what you preach. There are some folks that brought in most of the trash and now want help getting rid of it. LOL

    • I hear that. It builds up year after year. You tolerate the guy down the street, and you and everyone else are amazed he doesn’t get busted year after year. Then it gets more and more ridiculous with people growing huge amounts, leading to, what we call it, ‘more money than brains’ mentality, where these total idiots are driving 50k trucks and trashing the neighborhood and on and on…. it has happened so slowly over the last ten years or so… it’s hard to contain at this point. I’m ready for the page to turn and get this community back to its roots, and let the overinvested greedies go broke and go back to Ohio or wherever they’re from.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff


  • I thought that’s why most people move to AP, to avoid LE. You turned it into a garbage dump and are surprised when rats show up. Now you want LE to come to the rescue? LOL!

  • Please don’t have another town meeting with the Sheriff and Estelle asking for help with your problems, I can’t afford another increase in taxes. And then having to listen to all the excuses of why help still isn’t available and having all the other county departments greedy hands coming forward, and still nothing has changed; that is insult to injury. County roads asked for more money for roads in form of a tax increase and it was voted down, now they get to make us pay in another form.

    • As of January 2017 the Humboldt county supervisors got a 2% pay increase, as well as the one they gave themselves in 2016. People in Southern Humboldt seem to always vote for the Cult of Personality candidates, I dont get it.

  • Alderpoint, and all of rural Humboldt, could use some help from the county – or perhaps I might say they could use some of the services that they pay for thru their taxes. For starters they could use the road to be repaired – the several miles nearest Garberville that the county crew worked on is really pretty useable. Too bad they got spooked by a broken window. That they abandoned hundreds of us who use that road because of something as petty as that is so disgusting that it’s difficult to write civil sentences about it. The county certainly welcomed us when we started signing up for cultivation permits, with the fees and taxation. Now it’s their turn to provide the services we want: decent roads, no burned out hulks of cars by the road, and law enforcement response to attacks on people and their property. I don’ t know what to say about the county hiring people to bust growers instead of thieves and vandals, but it seems that even the best of us lose our way when we get some power. I can’t give enough praise those people who are getting together to try and solve the problems. I am concerned that things might get past talk into some direct action. If people feel like the county has abandoned them, and things continue being bad, well….. So I hope we get some response from Estelle and the Sheriff (and County Roads) while we all still have some faith in them.

    Kym, thanks for coming to visit Alderpoint and your coverage of us.

    • I did it because it needed to be done but the good people and the beautiful land eased the knots in my shoulders and tickled up the corners of my mouth. I was the one who got something out of the trip.

    • Best post I’ve seen. Well said Ed.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yes, Ed. The County better use the wads of money they are ridiculously demanding just to put starts in the ground, etc., to clean up the riffraff and FIX the roads or OUT goes the Board of Supes. Bull Creek Road between 101 and Cuneo Creek Horse Camp is an atrocity in the redwoods. I am in support of reasonable taxes, but if they insist on gouging growers, we better see services. None if this diversion crap into other programs, general fund as we see on the State level. “Pay to play” as Rex Bohn said, I believe. Pay for damn SERVICES.

      • I like this post. Make the Supervisors do their job, or elect new ones. This is what populations should do. Like in Goobsterdam. Can’t run the hospital? Get new board members! New Administrators. New employees! Tax us again? Screw that! You’re fired!

        Government is a trap. Depending on someone else to solve the problems of your frontier town is pretty specious. If you make your living producing and selling drugs, if you repudiate the social convention of paying taxes in return for government services, it is pretty ridiculous for you all to sit around your town on a Thursday afternoon complaining about your neighbor’s behavior. I enjoy that you are trying to work together. Just don’t call on the County of Humboldt to do something about the “awful” problems, as the problems are the same all over Northern CA. From Cedarville to Arcata, we are full up with crazies and druggies, growers and dope smokers. YOU built it: live with it! Drugs are a fucking trap, but government is worse.

        Meanwhile Alderpoint ladies, it is a bit too early in the day for whine. The photos make it all too clear. Go on down to Goobsterdam and see for yourself what letting everyone run amok will do for your town!

        I wish a load of happiness on everyone! Even Willits is a little too crowded for me, but if you live out in the forest, there are animals everywhere! Remember, there are people who get up every day and hit a straight job, so that YOU can use a hospital, access the internet, drive a bitchin pickup… We work, so that you can have a modern life, while manufacturing those special drugs… YOU can always go back to a regular sort of a life, if you can’t survive by your wits and pluck, with your AR-15 and your .44. Hop in that big 4×4 and sample San Francisco or Sacramento. Suddenly you will appreciate your beautiful environment, in SoHum.

  • One word is the issue:

    I say A.P. peeps,
    One of you needs to be deputised, and you all pull your resources together and create a annual fund to take care of the issue.

  • I laugh at the hate thrown at growers from some of these people commenting. They sound like the husband or wife who got cheated on. Now they hate the opposite sex. So you lost your hat at your attempt to grow, get over it. Or is it jealousy? Why not hate on the pharmaceutical reps that make six figures selling poison? Or hate on the oil companies that are riding your backs why they stuff loads of money into their pockets. Or hate on the medical system because as soon as you enter in that arena, you will be forever in debt. Or hate on insurance companies. The list goes on and on. There are bigger problems than growers.

    Just because people want to live rural, away from the hustle and bustle of town, does not make them bad people. People living rural deserve the same services as people living in town. Hell, they pay the same taxes. A good experiment would be to have the supes and law enforcement spend a week in some of these areas as temporary residents. They need to live it so they understand where these people are coming from. For them its out of sight, out of mind.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    I am trying the no wheat, no sugar diet. Hope to see my figure again soon!

  • Well it’s going on all over, heavy traffic on small country roads not meant for the weight or number of vehicle, crumbling infrastructure due to no taxes paid on the biggest source of revenue in the county, people not cleaning up their own messes and expecting someone else to come in and clean it up, then complaining about an EPA, Fish and Wildlife, or County Environmental Department that comes around and cites individuals and grows for messes made. It’s sad that many large growers have been ducking their responsibilities for the past 20-30 years to support their communities in these areas, it’s great to support the local radio stations and selected fun non profits, but the boring projects like roads and clean-ups need funding also, road crews have families to feed and can’t work for free.

    • That road used to see 50-100 loaded log trucks a day. And they were in far better shape than they are now. Use is not the issue. Lack of maintainence is the issue. Lack of maintainence is #1 on the board of supervisors plan.
      No decent public defender, chaos in child protective services, no mental health services, lazy law enforcement…the Humboldt zen.

      • Back in the day the loggers and logging companies used to pay taxes that went to fix roads, also I don’t know about Humboldt but in Mendo several loggers took it upon themselves to maintain some of the smaller country roads they utilized. When logging went away and the underground economy took over there was a big reduction in tax base, unless growers were sneakily paying taxes to fix the roads? a well kept secret?

  • Most cops suck. They only want to frame people and are not there to help. You call the cops it’s like calling the Nazis.

  • Devils Lettuce Crimes

    Umm yeah that’s nice and fuzzy feelings and such but really? We have encouraged people to come here from all around the world for the main reason of blowing up huge weed grows to make tons of cash. Thank yourselves, thank Paul Gallegos publicly-stated “99 plants for medical”, thank the press and thank the sheriff for his inaction but the reality was cultivated and never checked for a second. Many came with no concern for neighbors or community. Many locals slacked off into habits of substance abuse. The money was fast and easy to sustain bad and lazy lifestyles. NOW there will be a sucking away of millions of dollars from our local economy. HOW do you think that things will magically somehow get better?! the sheriff will spend LESS funds out there because he will have much less funding. The roads will get WORSE because less money means less funding. Sure some carpetbagger greedrushers will leave with their money and go home but those without the ability or mental health to get it together will stay right here. Things will get much WORSE. they are already starting to get worse. This isn’t rocket science my friends- this is the obvious result of 15 years of unrestrained runaway criminal economics while you all insisted on looking the other way and covering for the group denial. “It’s all medical- For sick people”. That’s just one lie you told yourselves. NOW you want the sheriff to do something?! You are like children with no common sense who now cry for mommy and daddy to rescue you. But you are not children and this scenario was bound to arrive. It was obvious from a long way back. And it is going to get worse- a lot worse- before we weed out the violent and the desperate leftovers and regain our county. Expect a big uptick in robberies, ripoffs and home invasions. They are coming. I’m sorry to break it to you.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      Yup. Emotional 2 year olds. With lots of dope money.

      Way more people but no more taxpayers!

      Screw you dope growing folk! You made your own problems, deal with it!

  • Whenever I have gone to Ruth I am always blown away by how beautiful the country is there. Honestly the reputation makes me choose other places to swim and that sucks.
    My trepidation is probably unwarranted but the place has huge potential.

  • MendocinoMamma

    A friend is a civil engineer in the road industry. He thinkd what a joke he says that it’s just also the way that we build our roads here. We build them so fast that there’s no integrity. European road bases like the autobahn have an 18 inch base. American roads he claimed have a 8 inch base at best.

  • What a bunch of heartless pricks on here (not all), a community try’s to band together and better their town and all you have to say is fuck them they did it to them selves? You people make me sick. What a shame.

    • Devils Lettuce Crimes

      If you’re referring to me and my comment then I have this to say- It’s hard to face reality. You get frustrated and angry and you want to blame the messenger. BUT- it’s much worse to live in denial, believing the bullshit lies you’ve convinced yourself are true. When times drastically change- and they truly are here- you need to get a grip. I know it’s hard. And the adults that tell us that we need to now give up our fantasy are very mean and heartless. But they are looking out for your best interests. Because they actually love you and the community. It’s a hard concept but when you grow up you should understand better. Everything is not sugar-coated because that would rot out your teeth.

      • I was more refering to Taurus I actually agree with some of your points, but yes you too, recently a family was held hostage in their own home and there truck stolen at gun point, there’s been shootings, bullets passing through homes that children sleep in right in the middle of town, these people are trying to do something about it and all you have is screw them, I don’t care what service you think you are doing by belittling them with your ignorant comments but its fucking shameful. FYI I don’t live in or by alderpoint but we have some of the same issues that we too are working to resolve all over this county

        • If you are scared to live there, don’t live there.

          Druggies took over. Deal with it.

          I would be afraid to live in Sacramento!


          I will be at work today, maintaining the services YOU want to have. I don’t have time to sit around and complain. I pay the taxes you spit on.

          The cops that YOU want to SERVE you, they are BURIED in STUPID FUCKING DRUG CRIME. THEY are afraid to go to work, on an average day, as they are outgunned and over-matched, and disrespected. Invite Jesse Taylor to your next meeting, if you want to feel like there is nothing you can do. HE will advise you to ARM YOURSELF! Go to a “Neighborhood Watch” meeting. Wow.

          Humboldt is what I call DISNEYLAND FOR DRUGGIES! SoHum is degenerating into a mass of chaos!

          Just where the hell you think you live?

          It’s not going to get better, and there is no jail large enough to hold all the knuckleheads, no amount of cops enough to control this!

          30,000 growers growing 1000lbs each = a situation which is not sustainable! Your bud will be worth $100/lb soon. AND there will be pirates: bandits watching you when you go to sell, waiting until you are hauling pot or cash. They will run you off the road, take your cash or your dope, and possibly your life.

          If you think Sinaloa is bad, wait about a month. We will have BODIES all over.

          THEN what will you all do?

          THINK you need SERVICES now? Someone will be BURYING you. THEN you will need a SERVICE!

          QUIT smoking that dope! The hills are full of asshole tweakers from L.A. and guys from Mexico and Laos and Cambodia. What Sheriff can fix THIS?

          • In AP, they don’t need a deputy, they need Martial Law, the Marines. In Goobsterdam – ah jeeze – just forget it. Someone living in a van on Cedar St will probably burn down the whole place this afternoon. Redway – a well armed camp where everyone hides, Bakersfield style, behind a tall fence. In between Redway and the ocean? Wow, an area abandoned by the government! Let’s get craaaaazy!

            Alderpoint Road isn’t even a real road, as I understand it. The folks out there are not people you want for neighbors! Why would the cops GO there?

            Life in Humboldt, and on the North Coast in general, is hard and getting worse. THAT’s if you can get here at all past the slides and trucks full of potting soil and smashed cars.
            Drive on the 101 and hope no one comes across the line! It is still a beautiful place, but managing it? Wow THAT will be a job for something larger than the HCSD!

            Mad respect for LEOS and first responders in Humboldt and Mendo. These guys are BRAVE, and have hearts like lions!

            Housewives of Alderpoint: after the quilting party, hire yourselves some guards until December. OH and check out my “no sugar, no wheat diet” . I hope to see my figure again soon!

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    And gawd, guy, it’s SATIRE! Try to keep up…

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      Meanwhile, down at Bolthouse Farms outside Bako, 5000 acres are being covered with greenhouses. Blackwater has been hired to do security, and an army of farm laborers is being assembled to plant and tend 20,000,000 Indica plants, which are being cloned as we breathe, in a secret laboratory. These plants are bred to grow quickly in the brown polluted air of Kern County and the regular dirt where your Organic Baby Spinach used to thrive. Cannabis trees will soon produce 4-5 pounds of trimmed bud each, right there in the South Valley heat, 4 crops a year, nice and close to I-5 and the market in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colarado and even Utah, not to mention the major markets in California.

      Soon, 230,000,000 Americans, and god knows how many forigners will be able to purchase all the cheap bud they want, right down at Safeway, and no one will remember what a Humboldt County Bud even LOOKS like! High Times indeed!

      SO: If you want a future in Cannabis, there might be a job on a farm crew, or as a truck driver, but NOT if you are high!

      Believe it. It’s happening.

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