Trinity County Murder Suspect Found Deceased… on July 27th, Sheriff’s Office Finally Releases Information

Scott DiMartino, who was identified last July as a suspect in a homicide and an “active shooter” sought in the Mad River area, was confirmed today, September 10, to have been found deceased on July 27. However, no information on his death had previously been released to the community.

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office confirmed this afternoon that DiMartino, a suspect in the death of Steve Line on July 13th in the Mad River area was found dead by an investigator for the office.

DiMartino’s obituary was published in a Hartford, Connecticut newspaper on August 20th. When that was brought to our attention on September 3, we contacted the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office requesting confirmation of his death. We called several times in the following days. Today, we called and received confirmation that DiMartino was found somewhere in Trinity County on July 27th by an investigator with the Sheriff’s Office. According to Lynn Ward, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, the investigator does not want to release where DiMartino was found. Nor, she said, can they release the cause of death.

When pressed why a community that was worried about having an “active shooter” in their neighborhood was not informed that he was dead, Ward suggested that the Lightning Fires that started on July 30, two days later, might have contributed to the situation.

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Department has only eight patrol deputies to cover 3000 square miles.

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  • Sounds like a beat around the Bush story by the Sheriff’s office to me.

  • If it’s still an open investigation why not just say so.

  • Sounds like friends/family located him before TCSO.

  • Thanks again Kym for your always informative updates! I was wondering what happened to that case.

  • I hope you continue to pressure them for information…

  • This is ridiculous he shoots two people kills one and they tell us as a community what this low life piece of shit died from or where pretty fucked up if u ask me and shady as fuck

    • maybe he was killed by revengeful family or friends… sherifs know what a pos he was so they didn’t want to look to much into it. sounds good to me. justice served

      • That’s how it goes in trinity county. There was a similar POS running a muck last summer. The sheriff told me to do my community a favor and borrow my neighbors excavator. Lol!

      • You dont know the whole story. Only the people involved do. Put yourself in a life threatening situation and what you do, doesn’t automatically make him a peice of shit.[edit] And if you all must know scott took his own life. He too was someone’s son, brother, father even. Shame on all of you.

        • First off, this person was very different at the time of his death than even his family and closest friends knew. He broke many hearts even before his death, stole from everyone, even the people who offered him everything they had. This was definitely his choice all the way down..

          • Paula Kiely - Scott' s mom

            Scott could not be found in the woods, his body was behind a huge tree and the investigators went by this tree 3 times and didn’t see him, he was behind the tree in such a way that no one could see him. But then an investigator went back to the crash site and saw that same tree filled with vultures and knew something was there, it was Scott. Don’t blame the law, they did nothing wrong.

          • Paula Kiely - Scott' s mom

            Melissa: I do know and have heard from many people that Scott was on a very very bad path in life and he did steal from everyone including me and his family, this was going on since he was 12 yrs old. Scott had bad mental illness and drug dependency and people that are in that state of mind just don’t care. He was not raised to be like this, he became this from drug use.

        • Yeah, he was MY brother. Unfortunately, he chose a shitty way to live. Our family was devastated at his lifestyle, if you could even call it that.

        • Paula Kiely - Scott' s mom

          Thank you, William, Scott was once a good good smart boy, but something happened to him and he just gave up on life. Never ever condemn someone because of mental illness, it could be you.

    • Paula Kiely - Scott' s mom

      My son was NOT a piece of shit, he was a very mentally ill man who could not help himself. In truth, this boy had a heart of gold, he went wayward after he and his father could not get along.

      Scott shot himself in the head as I know he felt so guilty and so sad that he took Steven Line’s line, then he took his own. He was homeless, helpless and just couldn’t get back on track.

      We begged and begged him to come home to Connecticut and to get help but he wouldn’t hear of it. Now he is gone and is with the Lord who is a forgiving being.

      • Paula, my name is Chato Ayres I knew your son Scotty when he lived in Red Bluff Ca. and later he came to stay with me in Washington state. Scotty was one of my best friends and we thought of him as part our family. In fact my daughter Victoria (Tori) still refers to him as Uncle Scotty. We both miss him very much. I am sorry for your loss and wanted you to know that I knew your son and I’ll always remember him as my brother.

  • He doesn’t look very alive in that picture.

  • Your reporting is the only way the residents of Mad River know anything from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Dept. Thank you. Keep up the great work.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    What happened to him? If he was a suspect in the shootings, ends up dead, the family is able to bring him home back east, publish an obituary, and there is no official details on his cause of death all appears very odd. Glad you are trying to find the details. Was the investigator on the pay roll of the SO? Or a contract employee? Why hide the details? Does this man go to the grave being accused and no investigation happens to either determine his guilt or innocence? Seems to be a common refrain in our area.

    • Hey, the other guy he shot is alive, so… I think he can verify who did the shooting.

      • Paula Kiely - Scott' s mom

        There were no witnesses to the shooting of Steven Line, it was just Scott and Steven Line in that trailer that day. Scott got caught inside Steven’s trailer and I assume that Steven threatened to have the police arrest Scott, so Scott took Steven’s own gun and shot him dead.

        I truly believe that Scott was temporarily insane at that point, I know my son, he told me point blank, “Mom, if I ever do something that will cost me lots of time in jail, I will kill myself”. And that he did.

  • One can come up with a lot of questions . But somehow I suspect they’ll be few answers …

  • Thank you for following up and confirming that. Now the question is why didn’t the sheriff’s department release that information immediately (or as soon as the family was contacted, no more than a day or two).

    It is not acceptable that the sheriff’s department handles this information in such a irresponsible manner as some people were still concerned that there was a murderer loose in the community. Even after you had contacted them there was an unacceptable delay. An official complaint needs to be filed.

    I’m not going to conjecture what the delay was, but it may involve some action by the sheriff’s department that they are embarrassed about admitting, maybe even some improper action on their part. The community’s right to safety was compromised.

    • I can understand why they wouldn’t release how or where he was found dead. Maybe that would hamper the investigation. At the very least they should have made it known he was found dead. Folks thousands of miles away knew, but not the community he effected? Strange indeed.
      “The community’s right to safety was compromised.” The threat was neutralized. How did that compromise the communities safety?

      • Maybe you’re right, that wasn’t the right term to use (compromise safety). But by withholding that information, many in the community felt a sense of potential threat and and living in a elevated sense of fear that was uncalled for. But how could not releasing that fact that he was found dead hamper the investigation?

        • I was saying not releasing any information, other than the fact that he was found dead, could hamper the investigation. A better word would be compromise, not hamper. I think it was their responsibility to release the fact that he was deceased. Why they wouldn’t do that, I don’t know.

    • Paula Kiely - Scott' s mom

      The sheriff’s department looked for Scott for 2 weeks, they couldn’t find him in that part of the woods where they heard gun shots that day of the shooting and near the crash site. Then one day an investigator went out to the crash site and noticed a HUGE trees with thousands of vultures and crows in it and he knew that there was something dead down there, he went to investigate and found Scott’s body behind this tree, it was decomposed a lot. This is why they didn’t tell the public, they couldn’t find him for 2 weeks and then one day did find him. They should of let the public know. I called the newspaper out there and told them that he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and that everyone has nothing to be afraid of anymore.

  • Something ain’t right

  • Thank you, Kym, for letting the public know.

  • They cannot release where they found the body ? Or how he died? Was there an autopsy? was the body cremated?

    • It took some time for the autopsy and positive identification.

    • Paula Kiely - Scott' s mom

      Scott’s body was cremated and his remains were sent to me here in Connecticut where we had a burial and a memorial service for him. May my son rest in peace in the arms of the Lord.

  • People up around there tend to take care of their own Law Enforcement needs. Sounds like the taxpayers were saved some money.

  • good work Kym. You might check with Trinity D.A., was DiMartino ever on their internet Most-Wanted list? If not, why not? Did THEY know he was dead?

    And “Sheriff’s Office Finally Releases Information”? Doesnt actually sound like they ever did!

  • I am so happy to see an article with an update. I know Scott and have known him since I was in middle school. He had led a very interesting life. I have been in contact with other news outlets in CA since the story broke. I told them weeks and weeks ago he was deceased. Why it was never released until is a giant red flag for me. There are still so many unanswered questions. If he did commit the crime on the 13th, where was he for 2 weeks before his death? And what do wild fires that happened 3 days after his death have to do with anything regarding this case? This whole story is super shady. Police knew something a long time ago and said nothing to the people of trinity county. We in CT knew of his death on July 30. Why is it now coming out out there? I don’t get it.

    • The fires were part of a huge lightning storm that hit several counties so I think you can discount them having anything to do with his death. The rest is certainly unusual.

    • Scott was a friend of mine while he was in red bluff for several years. He had a darkside but was a good guy. We played disc golf many times a week where i coincidentally met him in the first place. He left red bluff for washington last year and he contacted me around june first 2015 and came back to red bluff. He once told me he had marijuana stashed in mad river that was somewhrre around fifty pounds and if tou ask me what he ment was i know where marijuana is being kept and was probably the motivation for this

      • He stayed with us in Washington I’m chatos daughter

      • I saw him shoot both of us

        He had no pounds he was stealing pain pills from a old man he shot me for being a witteness I’m speaking up cause my physical problems are bad and want his family to help and he was also my friend but it didn’t stop him from shooting me for a couple of vicordin

    • He shot himself right after he shot those men. It took them nearly 2 weeks to find him. Any other questions, try to get in touch with me.

  • I know scotty well. And that sounds about right Harvey. He was working previously in the hills but who knows. He was always willing to do a grip and rip. But never me. Glad you got to play disc golf with him tho. He was like a brother to me.

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