Job in Ukiah: Must Have All Or Most Of Your Teeth

Craigslist Ad

Amateur Exotic Dancer Needed (Ukiah)

We are looking for an amateur exotic dancer in the Ukiah area to entertain at a bachelor party. This is a one time paid position that may lead to further work depending on the talent provided.

Preferably looking for female dancers, CURRENT! head and body pics and or video will be needed to make final decision. Payment for services rendered will be determined based on dancing ability and eagerness to please others. Will need to also have all or most of your teeth, own boombox, transportation, and any possible references. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Compensation: TBD

This is an internship job


Things I’m eager to ask the poster:

What constitutes most of your teeth?  Over 16 of them?  Are front ones more important than back ones?…Or Vice Versa?

Eagerness to please others is a euphemism for what exactly?

What qualifies this job as an internship?  Do you graduate to professional at some point? Does a mugshot come as part of the graduation package?



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