Clematis Close-up

clematisMagic in the Morning Light

Daily Photo

I bought this Clematis and another last year at Redway Feed, one of my favorite gardening supply stores. I loved them so much I bought two more this year (and I have a few others).  The drapery of the vines wrapped around the redwood trellises I also got at  Redway Feed gives the front of my home a fairy tale cottage look to me.  After reading this site. I know these do so well because the roots spend most of the time in the shade.  And I know how to fix the sad looking one in the hot spot out back.



  • When I first bought my house, there was a white clematis growing on the fence. But several years after a really hard freeze, it never came back. I haven’t purchased another one yet but hope to find a spot for one. The blooms were as big as my hand, and bright white that stood out in the shaded spot it grew in.

  • That link I posted suggests protecting the roots in various ways. Check it out.

  • Beautiful capture of the clematis, Kym. I have two purple ones on my back fence, or I did until Buster destroyed them. They are extremely hardy, I’ve found. The roots do love shade and the vine part loves sunshine.

  • Clematis is my new favorite as well. I keep mine in containers with ground cover flowers growing on the surface (california poppies and forget-me-nots mostly) which helps keep the container cool and moist. At the first signs of warmth I put all my clematis pot in a warm spot with a wind break – then come June or July I’ll move them around to the east sign of the house with more shade and morning sun.
    They also get along well at the base of a good tree, I prefer a maple because they have similar timing.

  • Most of my clematis are in such big pots I can’t move them (besides I’m a lazy gardener and minimize the work.) I like the idea though of covering their feet with something like forget me nots–and keeping my dog away from them!

  • that’s a lovely image Kym

  • Why thank you. I’m glad you’re back!

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