Feeling Sluggish In All This Rain?

The cure for too much winter is a trip to Weott’s Garden show today.  This is an authentic small town experience with BEAUTIFUL plants, local grandmas wearing cute aprons, tiny kids entering their first bouquets, and lovely redwoods all around.  I went early this morning to help enter Salmon Creek School’s kids’ offerings into the show. Every year I fall

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Ready for Planting?

“Teaching you the future now!” 707 Cannabis College Presents: Soil Preparation and Fertilization With Kevin Jodrey The truth about POOP and other earthy topics! Learn the essentials of soil preparation and feeding your garden for the HEALTHIEST results. Class fee $60. Friday March 4th 6:30p – 9:00p Location – Vets Hall 483 Conger, Garberville Foundation Course Class fee $275 (see

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To My Mother on Her Birthday: How Your Lilies Pulled Me Under

Spilling over the hillside Splashing against the asphalt Bright white foam dripping over leafy waves. Scores of lilies rush against the road. Tumbling in the wind, wet from rain, scooping up the sun, tossing light across the glass–dragging me, a reluctant swimmer, from my car into their sea. Drenching me Refreshing me Until revived I pull myself to shore. Behind

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