Get a Free Sample–High Times Gives High Profile to Humboldt Diesel Grows

High Times, a prominent and well known marijuana magazine, opens the door onto indoor environmental concerns.    An article in the preview of  the May issue grabs the diesel problem up and spotlights it.  On page 46, an anonymous local activist appears discussing Hacker Creek Spill and the effects of diesel and indoor grows on the environment.  The ethics of growing organic outdoor marijuana are discussed as is the “cultural bias that erroneously equates indoor hydro buds with higher potency.”

The piece appears in a free sample download to encourage the readers to subscribe to High Times’ online magazine. The high tech interface with viewers is fun but, more excitingly,  several articles appear to address (not all articles are available), at least peripherally, the serious issue of growing marijuana indoors or out.

Free Sample: Click on the link HERE (it starts loading immediately) and you’ll get a special  sample edition of the May 2009 High Times Special Collectors 400th Issue.  Be sure and read page 46!


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  • Hi again! I dig your blog more and more. I was also liking Humboldt Hillbilly but his blog site is shut down. Any idea? I need to link it and I was able to find this:

    I assume this is the same guy? If you know anything let me know? I thought maybe he was in the middle of moving. Take care…


  • Nothing should surprise me anymore after walking this Earth for over three decades, but a marijuana magazine is new to me.
    On a related note, I once read that cannabis is one of the fastest growing celluloid producing plants and thus one of the most efficient resources for biodiesel. Even Henry Ford knew this, but his death kept us from driving bio-cars for a long time.

  • Polly, I don’t know. It does look like the same guy. I liked his blog but then it disappeared. Maybe he is planning on returning?

    MyPhotoscout, I’ve heard that before. I’m not very knowledgeable about the uses of hemp. Many people up here swear it will save the earth. I am a bit skeptical about that but I think it is underutilized.

  • One of the most efficient resources for biodiesel huh??? Interesting… 😉

  • Hemp is one of the most efficient biodiesel resources for all-around good reasons.

    * Kills weeds by itself, requires little water, easy to grow in general
    * Copious oil production compared to other domesticated crops
    * Has benefit to farmers who raise it beyond oil production (fiber, crop rotation, etc.)

    Elephant grass produces more oil per acre and has a zero carbon dioxide net effect from burning, but doesn’t produce as many good side products as hemp making it potentially less profitable to farm.

    Jatropha produces large amounts of oil and can be grown in wastelands. The problems with jatropha is nobody knows how it will react when cultivated in non-native environments (think pampas grass) and jatropha have never been domesticated to the point of getting a true-breeding strain.

    Algae is easily the best producer of biodiesel, but is not as easy to grow or useful at all in crop rotation. Iceland has excellent algae-based fuel production, but who knows how that is going after the latest economic collapse.

    Hemp, elephant grass, jatropha and algae are the basic big four of biodiesel.

  • could u send me some free mags

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