Marijuana Industry facing a Bleak Future?

Omens for the marijuana industry have been increasingly bleak of late. Diesel spills have brought attention to the ugly environmental damage that the industry has yet failed to address. Furthermore, what appears to be the largest FBI raid in Northern California history targeted our area just a month ago.

And, just recently Scott Burns, Dept. Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, came to Arcata and spoke of large crackdowns on everything from cannabis dispensaries to individual grow houses. He said, “…these grow houses are a serious problem and is there a will on behalf of the federal government to have federal, state and local come together and address it? My response was “Yes.'”

Attention is increasingly being brought to Humboldt’s “secret business.” In Burns’ interview he stated, “We’re also here with a CNBC crew. It’s gonna do a one-hour national documentary about this issue and they’ll be flying with…” Then Whorley finished for him, “CAMP, next couple of days.” (Note that Eric Sligh of Humboldt Grow magazine also states that CNBC planned to interview him, too.)

But right now, Medical marijuana and Humboldt’s connection to the business has hit the latest edition of The New Yorker. A comment on the Humboldt Herald by gambleer, pointed out the most recent of in depth stories on the local industry. Though the attention from The New Yorker alone is somewhat disquieting for members of the growing community, the article points out a further danger–when cannabis club owners meet in Los Angeles and discuss law enforcement raids on their businesses, they say that what the Drug Enforcement Agency wants is “They want to know who is in charge and where the medicine comes from,” [an owner] answered. “They want growers.”

UPDATE: Eric gives great advice on how to deal with law enforcement.



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