Waterlily in Pink


Daily Photo

Here is another beautiful lily across the canyon.



  • Is this water lily in your pond? It’s lovely.

    That reminds me, Mike found a great big fat toad in the flower bed today. Not one of the little green froggies, but a big warty thing.

  • That is an absolutely beautiful picture! I’m looking forward to finally moving to that area and seeing that kind of beauty every day.

  • Gorgeous – so perfect it doesn’t look real. I wish our pond was a year round pond so I could have water lilies.

    Bluelaker4 – speaking of toads and frogs – we have been underseige by the small, sticky green frogs. We catch two or three a day in our shower. We always have them but not so many and seldom before September. We have never figured out how they get into the shower. But for the 36 years we have lived here one or two a year have stopped by for a visit on a regular basis but this year they have invited the whole frog family.

  • I’ll comment when my mouth decides to close again – that is absolute perfection! That slight blush really sets it off. Oh, and I finally got a butterfly 🙂

  • Glorious picture! Like you can almost taste it. Does that sound weird?

  • Man, I love that.

    Beautiful dainty pink, and the texture is great too. I want to eat cake now.

  • The water lily is on another pond with a weeping willow and coy–an incredibly peaceful place.

    I know what you mean about tasting it. The petals look like a 5 year old girl’s birthday cake.

  • mjean, better frogs in the shower than slugs like we had in our shower when we lived in Benbow. I don’t know how they get in unless there is an opening in the drain pipe under the house.

  • It reminds me of a perfect little wax candle. So pretty, you just can’t beat that shade of pink.

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