Caught in the Act–Hacker Creek

Caught in the Act

Daily Photo

Hacker Creek flowing over a log.

I got this on Today’s Hacker Creek Hike.

And Here are some links to other pieces about the Hacker Creek spill.

Willits News 5/21/2008

Eureka Reporter 5/22/2008

Topix Ukiah 5/21/2008

Times Standard opinion piece 5/22/2008

Topix 5/17/2008

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  • Kym,
    I am not sure how else to send this to you… and I think if I am lucky, you will read this. Your information and article writing concerning the Hacker Creek spill has been fantastic. I have used your web site for the most up-to-date information. I have worked for the State for 25 years. Sometimes I get discouraged (to say the least!) But I also see the goodness in humans. You are the web master of your site. I suggest that you review the posts before they are uploaded or let them continue and others will let you know when things get out of hand. Please think about the good work you are doing for your community. We would be a better society if some of our news-people would be more like you. Believe me, I know that one!!! Anyway, please know that I use your site as my “eyes” when I am not in the area over-seeing the cleanup. Please contact me at my Email address or you can contact me at my office.

  • Thank you. Please let me know if there is any information you would like to get out to the neighbors. I’m glad to help.

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