Skull With Flowers

Deer skull o'keefe

Like a Deer in the Headlights

Daily Photo #23

A translation of Georgia O’Keefe–from the dry Southwest to the wet hills of Northern California

Thanks to Headwrapper.



  • A very interesting combination of objects for a picture. Great job!

  • Another deep yellow flower (poppy?). I’ll take it over the skull anyday!

  • Spooky! I like it. Nice contrast of textures and colors.

  • That is pretty enough to steal, Kym.

  • Thanks you all.

    And Max, Photos on my site are like love–you can take them for yourself and I still have them.

  • Oooh! Another very cool picture, and one of our much loved poppies. Looks like it has closed its eyes for a little dreaming.

  • I’ve got a few skulls in my herb garden-I’ve used them as planters
    ( I BUY them from Bucky’s Boneyard )

    Funny how no one steals them.


  • Great compostion! Did you place the flower there or find it there? The wood in the background really hads to the picture and it really interesting against the softness of the flower.

  • I am impressed. The composition brings to mind De Chirico.

  • beautiful photo 🙂

    I saw your letter to the editor in the Journal. Right on!!

  • Definitely Georgia O’Keefe. Is that a poppy or a buttercup? You are very creative to think of recreating a painting in a photo. My hat is off to you.

    I have recently started a photoblog with the new Monotone theme that changes color with each post. You can check it out at Photofilia

  • Elaine, I loved juxtaposing the closed bright poppy with the wide open dark skull eyes.

    AM, No one steals the deer skulls here except the dog–She thinks they’re her toys.

    Maggie, I took a few pics with the flower growing but in the end, the pic meant more with the flower dying too.

    Headwrapper, I was inspired by your comment on the other post and had planned on doing a series but now my camera broke. I’m a bit in despair!

    Muse, Thank you. It was very nice of Hank to print it when I had so exceeded the word count asked for.

    Star, That is a poppy.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the neew Monotone theme in action. I read about it and haven’t yet had a chance to check it out.

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