Roll-over Accident at Highway 101 and Indianola Cutoff

traffic accidentEmergency vehicles are currently responding to the northbound lane of Highway 101 at the Indianola Cutoff for a two-vehicle accident that includes a vehicle roll-over, according to both the scanner and the CHP incident page.

Personnel can be heard on the scanner setting up traffic control and the CHP incident page lists “one subject possibly still trapped in vehicle.” Scanner is further reporting that the number two lane in partially blocked.



  • When I drove (ver-r-ry slowly) past there a couple of hours ago, a shiny white pickup was neatly upside-down on I think the northish side of the Indianola cutoff, right at 101. Northbound traffic was very slow on the Eureka side but cleared up just north of the cutoff. There were a couple of fire trucks and several law-enforcement vehicles; many flashing lights.

  • I’ll be glad when the Indianola underpass is built, especially with the figure 8 racing, at that intersection, getting more intense every year.

    • 🕯🌳Typical thinking of a crowd member.

      • WTF is that supposed to mean, Willie?

        It’s fine if you’re opposed to the future underpass for whatever reason but there’s certainly no need to get all pretentious about it and/or derogatory towards those that use the intersection daily and are concerned for their safety.

        I have personally witnessed 2 cross-traffic T-bone collisions there and have never seen one happen anywhere else in my 45+ years of driving. That intersection is a death trap. Something needs to be done.

    • Wouldn’t be so bad if people did the speed limit, and others knew how to pass through a gap. People suck at driving more and more each year. That is the real problem. Drivers!

      • I have to agree with you. The ones that are merging from Indianaola going north don’t do a good job either. They don’t look to see if there are cars in the right lane until they are ready to merge or try to merge doing 20 mph.

      • Sometimes it may seem like we are merging at 20 MPH especially for the vehicles who are traveling at 65 MPH in the corridor. Again, having lived nearby and traveled that route on a daily basis either waiting to go Southbound or merging to go Northbound unfortunately, I have seen it all.

  • Indianola and 101 has been a death trap since I have lived nearby. We raised children and had to endure their pulling out onto 101 for many years. Not only have I had a co-worker killed out there My partner and I drive daily and pull out onto 101. I have witnessed many “Near Misses” etc for many years (over 8 years). When I am headed home I set my cruise control to 50 in the so called “Safety Corridor” and drivers have no respect for the speed limit and speed on by. Last evening I drove home, northbound at approximately 5:50pm and even in poor weather drivers were speeding by…Yes, lowering the limit has decreased the number of Fatalities but awaiting the under/over pass has been a long time coming. I can’t wait until it is actually completed which will take a few years. Please abide by the speed limit with respect to your fellow human and yourself. There is a reason for the lower speed limit and reaction time.
    On another note regarding the cut-off last night. PG&E had cones and trucks etc at the northbound corner and beyond and it caused some congestion when I exited the northbound cutoff just minutes before the accident.
    About 20 years ago at a community meeting with Cal-Trans present we were told there has not been enough casualties at the intersection at 101 and Indianola to warrant an overpass. Which my response was, Looking around the room, well who else here has to die? My neighbor? My children???Hmmmmm well 20 years later, wonder if we have finally met their “Quota”

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