Mateel Community Center Alive and Moving Forward at April Board Meeting

Photo by Agnes Patak

During April’s Mateel Community Center’s Board meeting, the Board signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Darryl Cherney to begin actively fundraising, announced the headliners for the Summer Arts and Music Festival, and moved forward with raising funds for the Mateel’s general budget through the Mateel Meal Juice Booth.


Barbara Truitt from the Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District told the board the district is looking for the Mateel’s endorsement on the SHCHD ballot Measure F which seeks to continue the current parcel tax at the same rate for another ten years.

Truitt said the SHCHD Board has come to understand that if the district uses Measure F funds to pay for the seismic retrofit on the current building, that the depreciation on those upgrades will free up revenue to substantially offset costs of building the new hospital.

The healthcare district further understands that voters under 45 are most likely to be progressive-minded and fund the hospital but least likely to vote.

And Truitt explained the consequences of not funding the local hospital,

For Southern Humboldt to weather the current economic transition that we are in is challenging. But if we are going to weather it, and be a vibrant and sustainable community long term, we must maintain essential services.

“All over the country, when small, rural, poverty-stricken towns have stopped supporting their local hospitals, and the hospitals close down, the population shrinks, the health of the community members declines, property values plummet and business activities plummet.

“So, we have to look at the long-term and maintain this—if for no other reason, than to protect our property values and our economic sustainability.


The Finance Report included news that the Board is moving forward with renting out its commercial kitchen to food truck vendors. One negotiation is closing, the other is still underway. The revenue from the two businesses will likely be around $3,500 a month.

And the Finance Report revealed the Mateel is generating increased revenue from co-productions. Treasurer Eryn Snodgrass described them as a “lifeblood for the Mateel right now.”

And Snodgrass described the board’s prioritization in spending.

“We just completed an audit in March. These are independent audits.” He quipped dryly, “You may have read about these in the newspaper.”

Snodgrass continued,

They cost us $10,000 [a piece.] We have secured the same auditor for…2016 with $5,000 and the other $5,000 is due by May 7 when he files, which is our deadline with the state, which means the suspension is no more. It already is no more. Its been temporarily lifted.

We are constantly saddled with expenses. Not to mention we try to address some debt here and there with critical vendors, either folks we need to work with for Summer Arts or… companies that may be threatening to sue us.

And then we have payroll. And although we are on “essential hours,” we are starting to see that go up now because we are working on producing Summer Arts.

Back in September when the financial crisis was originally announced, then General Manager Justin Crellin had explained part of the genesis of the problem came from spending event revenue as it came in to fund ongoing operations of the center.

According to Snodgrass’s Financial Report, the revenue from Summer Arts and Music Festival is still being accounted in the profit and loss sheet for the Mateel as a whole, rather than in a separate event budget for Summer Arts and Music Festival.

When asked how the Board was moving to get away from that cycle, Board Treasurer Eryn Snodgrass said, “Yea, we are kinda still stuck a little bit in that cycle just because we are operating in the red so deeply.”

Board President Garth Epling interjected, “We can’t escape the cycle because we have the debt.”

Snodgrass concurred, “Exactly, that’s a fair assessment.”


When asked what their financial consultant had recommended, the Board said members only received the report last week and are working to digest it and to make a report out to the public on it by next week.  Dusty Hughston said the Board’s report will be lifted as entire quotes without editing from the Board.

When prompted for a few examples of his recommendations, Board Member Pleasure Strange began, “Redoing our accounting, different ways of doing it and sub-categorizing.”

Epling added, “He’s recommending selling non-critical assets. He’s recommending trying to partner with another non-profit that might be able to take over that has more money than we do. There is a lot of different directions to head in.”


In the meantime, Summer Arts preparations are well underway. The Headliners will be ORGONE, a funk, soul and afrobeat group from Los Angeles on Saturday and Reggae artist Nkulee Dube on Sunday.


Community member Scott Kender addressed the Board. He had been contacted by Festival Coordinator Alisha Goodrich and asked to coordinate the Mateel Meal Juice Booth. Kender told the Board he is willing to do it and has already paid the produce debt from last year. Kender states he will advance payment for this year’s produce if he can be repaid from the receipts of this year’s sales.  The Board agreed as long as the transaction happens in the accounting trailer.

The Mateel Meal Juice Booth was created to fund the Mateel Meal by Babette Bach. The Mateel Meal sub-account had about $9,000 in it when the Mateel’s financial crisis rose to the surface. That money was largely raised through the Juice Booth. When asked what happened to those funds, Board Member Dusty Houghston said, “[It went] into the general fund to repay the massive debt load incurred by programs like the meal and all the ancillary misspending that happened under our last GM.”

And Board President Garth Epling added, “Pretty much everything the Mateel is doing right now is to pay back creditors to keep the doors open and to maintain minimal staffing, which is pretty much what Scott actually said about our financial state.”


Regarding Reggae on the River 2018, the Board expects to have a full press release within the week. All the Board would say at the meeting is that the Mateel is doing the work to set up the venue and that High Times is using its own business license, not the non-profit business license of the Mateel for the Reggae on the River event.

The Board said the venture is a “Limited Partnership” and High Times is the active partner.


The Board said the Conditional Use Permit is in mid-term review. Hughston explained, “We are in a renewal year which means that we need to follow renewal guidelines that are set forth by the county. And we are hopping right along.”

Hughston said Festival Coordinator Alisha Goodrich is the Mateel’s point person for the CUP update process.

Snodgrass added,

It is definitely happening. It involved getting some approval from neighboring properties, just saying they support the festival and don’t have an issue with it. These are neighboring properties that are either used or impacted by Reggae because we are at the five year mark in the ten year permit, so the Planning Commission is requiring that.

And we had to get a different engineer, site engineer because that changed, and we are basically following our operations manual from last year.


The Board signed an MOU written by Darryl Cherney who will help raise funds to pay down the Mateel’s substantial debts. Cherney was out of town but had submitted a four-page fundraising proposal/MOU.  The only substantive change was deleting Reggae on the River tickets from the Season Pass the Mateel will be offering as part of the fundraising campaign.

Hughston explained why Reggae tickets cannot be included at this time,

For clarity, one of the one of the most difficult points of addressing each of these MOUs with [High Times Production] has been the additional tickets that are allocated to each individual coordinator.

That right there has been the sticking point in every one of these conversations. So we would add a whole other level of complexity to the negotiation [to do this.]



  • Reggae will not work with only 5000 tickets being sold. Even with High Times onboard. They have to sell 10000, just like the old days or they will lose money. Reggae is not that popular and no one needs to go to a gig to have a safe place to smoke herb anymore, it’s legal. Good luck with that.

    • “Even with High Times”, hahaha. Those fools will screw this up for sure.

    • “5000 tickets”? The approved Reggae attendance level was 9000 for the last 5 years, i.e. “6500 ticket holders and additional 2500 staff, performers and others”. Even in the MCC renewal application submitted in December 2017, the MCC is requesting the same attendance level of 9000 for 2018.

      However, like you noted, it will be interesting now that High Times is producing Reggae, if they will be asking to increase their attendance levels, as like Northern Nights Music Festival; asking to increase its attendance level from 6,000 to 8,000, increase newly designated camping areas on the point bars along the western bank of the South Fork Eel River and increase the event from 3 days to 4 days for 2018 thru 2022:

      • McSlurm~Moose~Knuckle

        They only have been back at frenches camp now only 4 yrs, so that whole 6500-2500 for the last 5yrs is bs

    • Another reason to keep attendance high (no pun) at Reggae; if you look at the link below, page 10 (2014 Mateel Audit and Financial Report) it states the Arthur Family Trust receives “$6000.00 plus a fixed amount per ticket” per year. And for 2018, the “fixed amount per ticket” is $9.00. So if the Mateel was allowed to sell 6500 tickets, that’s a nice chunk of change ($58,500) for the Arthur Family Trust, on top of the flat fee of $6000, which totals $64,500. And does the Arthur Family Trust make $9.00 per ticket on vendor, volunteer, SOP, staff or comp tickets? Because that’s another 2000 tickets or more. Too bad the Mateel was not as forthcoming and transparent with this agreement. I’m sure, if the truth were known, there are alot more sweetheart deals like this one for even more private individuals, aka “Friends of the Mateel”.

      I wonder how much the Mateel pays the Assemblies of God Church to use their Campground and RV Park for “Volunteer Village”?

  • Massive debt load from programs like the meal a government-sponsored food program well looks like we’re turning our community into a Move Along Community like a lot of them do we move along the hospital will move along the hungry pretty soon we’ll move along ourselves has nothing to do with mismanagement in a time of global economic failure and global ethological judgement old school rules well apply put your best foot forward as your bad foot will kick you in the ass it might have been nice if somebody step forward and said that it was their fault or even as a group but to blame it on the mateel meal really appreciate to know where all the debt came from maybe you could blame it on Daryl if you lose the community center I hope he has some good strong boots to wear he’s going to be climbing a lot of mountains

    • A period, or even a single comma would have been lovely addition to your rant. 😉

      I think Justin claimed some responsibility and then resigned. Personally, and I believe the MCC knows, that most fault lies within their own leadership. I’m not sure why no board members excused themselves as things are very bad, and they were responsible. No one seems to be blaming the Mateel Meal. It is just a casualty of bad fiscal practices .

  • Veterans friend

    The MATEEL ought to GIVE their building to the Veterans, who ran a true “community center”.
    The hospital does not even have a technician to operate their new million dollar ct machine.
    Vote no on F

    • Just the Facts Please

      Actually, yes they do have a qualified technician.
      Vote YES on F.

    • Veterans for peace great idea but I don’t think they can take on the Mattel’s debt load having a time fixing their own building that the county was supposed to maintain

  • Summer Art and Music headliners are laughable. Definitely an easy pass.

  • “The Board said the venture is a “Limited Partnership” and High Times is the active partner.”,

    So who is “Limited”, the MCC or High Times? As stated to the County Planning Commission to justify Reggae and get approval of the MCC Conditional Use Permit:

    “The event is a world-renowned celebration of Reggae and World music styles and is also a fundraiser for the Mateel Community Center (MCC), a 501c3 non-profit organization that offers art, cultural, educational, youth and social service programs to the rural community of Southern Humboldt”

    So in this case, how does that work, since Reggae will now become a for-profit event, not just a “fundraiser”? And is High Times a “501c3 non-profit organization” like the MCC?

    Snodgrass added: “It is definitely happening. It involved getting some approval from neighboring properties, just saying they support the festival and don’t have an issue with it. These are neighboring properties that are either used or impacted by Reggae because we are at the five year mark in the ten year permit, so the Planning Commission is requiring that.”

    The MCC doesn’t have a “ten year permit”, it had a 5 year Conditional Use Permit with the County! Maybe you mean the MOU agreements the MCC has with “neighboring properties” that are paid by the MCC, is that what you should have said?

    And what about your biggest neighbor at Reggae on the River, its the elephant in the room; what about the South Fork Eel River and its own community of threatened and endangered species, what do you do for them? Besides raise the e-coli level in their home. What is it you do for the river and its “neighboring” wildlife habitat?

    The MCC needs to stop dumping 44,000 gallons of septic wastewater into leach fields below the ordinary high water and floodplain of the South Fork Eel River!

    • So, are you saying it’s a shit show?

      • No, I’m say’n its a bodily fluid shit show. They need to sell “Reggae Water” during the show; market it as a natural, organic and unfiltered beverage with no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. 100% Reggae on the River, take a little something home with you from Reggae, if its good for the river, it must be good for you. Reggae Water is Life…

  • Wait, the same auditor for 2016? What year are we in?

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    More gobble-de-gook from Barbara Truitt Hospital!

    And the item is cleverly buried in a story about the Mateel?

    Why would the MCC endorsing the SHCHD make any difference in ANYTHING?

    One thing for sure, the “hospital-like structure” in Garberville contains people who are dishonest, incompetent, faultlessly selfish and deceptive, and disrespectful of the intelligence of the community.

    If the economy is tanking, how would raising our taxes help, Barbara…

    The incomprehensible logic of SHCHD strikes again! Yes indeed, the sky would fall without “the hospital”, boys and girls, and then the world would end, completely.

    What a load of, well, stupidity! And great idea, to exclude the folks in Blocksburg, since they didn’t support Measure W.

    This is called “Politics”, and the folks at SHCHD are good at nepotism, conflict of interest, and
    dis-ingenuousness, but they suck at serving the public, operating profitably and following their own policies, and they don’t even come close to understanding the temperature of the local voter!

    Don’t buy this! There will never be a new hospital! It is all lies, just as it has been since 2009!

    Here is your chance:


    Also see:

    Barbara may really really want a hospital, but do YOU want to pay for it?

    AND, it probably won’t be too long before the creditors come for that CAT scanner you bought, but can’t afford and don’t need!

    • The property for the new hospital is in escrow. There’s plans lined up to expand the assisted living into the old hospital space. The CT scanner is crucial in diagnosing numerous situations that would otherwise go undetected or treatment be delayed while transferring to other hospitals. All those nightmare Gville ER stories could have had different outcomes had they had access to a CT scanner before. It should be up and running in a month. I’ve seen nothing but improvements there, & I’ve met nothing but nice folks there. Are you sure you didn’t just wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I look forward to seeing a new hospital. See ya there, oh wait you wont, since your too busy playing keyboard warrior.

      • groba dude osnt trustafarian

        Hey, how does the kool-aid taste?

        You seem to be simultaneously well and poorly informed, but it IS Garberville, after all…

        CAT scanners are ONE diagnostic tool, but they don’t CURE anything. If you are having a PE, well you need to be in a better hospital, quick. If you are having DIC or DVT, pretty much, you need to go elsewhere. In fact there are few diagnoses that having a CT in Garberville will cause you to receive improved care, not to mention that the level of care and experience of the nursing staff and providers at JPH are two things you shouldn’t leave to chance!

        Having that CAT scanner will mostly just be a focus for more attempts to extort money from the taxpayers for continued poor quality services, administered in secret, in a back room somewhere, in the dark, by the same old dishonest cast of local characters…

        And, if SHCHD has property in escrow, they are doing a damn good job of concealing the fact from the public that they are supposed to be serving!

        It sounds to me like you have had a large serving of the garbage that SHCHD dishes up every election.


        AND, if they want to have an election, maybe we could ELECT some board members…

        • groba dude osnt trustafarian

          And my mood towards SHCHD doesn’t really ever change from year to year, while SHCHD itself never changes, period. It stays steadfastly with corrupt, incompetent, mismanaged, and crooked.

          Jerold Phelps Hospital is not the worst District hospital that’s not yet in bankruptcy, but then, it is a very close contest…

    • I for one will be voting yes on Measure F. $ 10.00 and change a month to continue to have an E.R. is a rare bargain in today’s world. I notice that some of the “anti” posts are coming from disgruntled ex employees. I wish the district were at liberty to discuss the reasons for their terminations but that isn’t allowed. We are indeed fortunate to have a hospital in a small community like ours. The dedication of the long term staff we have been lucky enough to retain over the years is touching. I remember back in the 90s a savvy local observer told us that the district was doomed we would never weather the storm but thanks to a lot of dedicated community members and caring staff we are still here. Here’s hoping that this wonderful institution will long endure. Vote as if you and yours lives depend on it. VOTE YES ON MEASURE F.

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        The reasons for terminations, in Garberville, is almost always because someone didn’t “like” them… Harry Jasper created literally hundreds of local ex-employees who now oppose the hospital district. This is reality, a reality faced by the knuckleheads at SHCHD currently, and by the “former board members” like Dave Kirby, who still think they “know something”, when they just don’t know anything at all.

        Please stop calling me disgruntled, when actually what I am is disgusted. Disgusted that nothing ever changes at SHCHD, except the faces of the exploited, underpaid, harassed and gas-lighted employees, which change over at something like a steady 60%/year.

        The reasons you talk about, are simple: A steady cast of incompetent, dishonest leaders, unqualified board members, and the parochial, provincial, paranoid, and prevailing particularly xenophobic bent of the town, in general, not to mention the steady influences of certain churches…

        You are too strange and charming to run a public hospital in the modern world! It is supposed to be a public agency, not a little show financed by payers and the property owners, for the entertainment and sustinance of long-time “locals”, and to make you feel good about your stinker of a “town”.

        And, when you invite people to your community, and call on them to “join the family”, you should tell them out front, that the community barely exists in a cohesive way, and that the family is deeply dysfunctional.

        Until you throw out the oldest cast members, elect qualified board members, learn to fund-raise and make some significant changes, stop lying about everything, and quit acting like YOU are still in charge, you can count on me to be opposed to SHCHD!


        It just isn’t good enough!

      • Here is the KMUD News report about this same MCC BOD Meeting; you can hear Barb Truitt representing SHCHD, which sounds more like fear mongering, propaganda and logical fallacies than actual facts. Why can’t public agencies just state the facts, seems they only want to scare the public into their private agenda, i.e. just like she did with the Community Park…

        I can see what the MCC and SHCHD Foundation have in common, they are both 501c3 and delinquent with the State AG’s office…

        • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

          Thanks Ed!

          I wonder who thinks that having Mrs Truitt babble more nonsense
          will help sell a new tax.

          The SHCHD will undoubtably continue to lie and attempt to scare the public into giving them more money, for the foreseeable future.

          For now, just


          Vote no on F!

  • Kudos to the Mateel Board, RHBB, Kelly Lincoln, and to other media, for offering accountings of the recent public MCC Board meetings. I believe this Board is committed to transparency, and that they support sharing with the public, details of the important process they are undergoing.
    While the Board uncovers and changes old patterns that led us to this place of debt, we now must work TOGETHER to resolve the $$$ problem, find ways to MOVE FORWARD to insure this can never happen again. The MCC IS IMPORTANT to support the heart of our community/culture!
    I too am angry that the Community Center we built and made successful was (often, from naivety) mismanaged. But I/we cannot change the past. So. Now! While not repeating the past, and taking measures to prevent that, let’s MOVE FORWARD! I hope YOU will join me in thanking Board members, and the core volunteers who are NOW working so hard to help us retain this INVALUABLE INSTITUTION.
    WE are the Whole Mateel!

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      How’s that working out for you?

      Cheerleaders are one thing, careful, sober, honest competent management is quite another…

      • “How’s it working”? – Step by step, my friend!
        – The MCC has been brought in a Consultant to help them make choices about the debt, and to reorganize the institution.
        – The MCC membership wisely elected a new Board member in 2018 with vast accounting experience.
        – The Board is finding creative ways to gain MCC income.
        – I understand that the Board has cut expenses by about 75%!
        – The Board have kept the doors open and the organization functioning.
        – The Board are bringing in people and programs committed to helping raise funds/ retire debts.
        – The Board was pragmatic and saved ROTR.
        – The Board (and other core volunteers) are meeting weekly (giving more of their free time!), rather than just monthly, as is the norm.

        Honest ‘Cheer-leaders’ are one part to play, to support the Board (and the “careful, sober, honest competent management” you endorse) during the challenging processes our good volunteers must endure (remember, the Board are ALL volunteers too!).
        I chose to stay positive, and ENCOURAGE OTHER COMMUNITY MEMBERS TO RISE ABOVE THE NEGATIVITY. For our chances for success are greatly increased by doing so!

        • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

          Let’s see,

          Consultant- check

          Accountant- check

          Cuts – check

          Lots of talk – check

          Good luck!

          Wait- is the MCC actually PART of SHCHD?

        • “Whole Mateel”, how many Volunteer tickets or Volunteer wristbands did the Mateel sell during 2017?

          At either $20 or $25 a pop, it adds up quick, somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 to $50,000 if they sold 2000 Volunteer tickets, did they sell more?

          I still don’t understand: The Board said the Conditional Use Permit is in mid-term review. Hughston explained, “We are in a renewal year which means that we need to follow renewal guidelines that are set forth by the county. And we are hopping right along.”

          How can you be in a “mid-term review” of a 5 year Conditional Use Permit that was approved from 2013 to 2017, sure you don’t mean a renewal application process? It makes no sense to me, maybe it’s not supposed to make sense, if you keep repeating the same misinformation over and over and over it must be true, right?

          And by “hopping right along”, you mean getting the backroom process rubber stamped before the public process begins!

          So much for becoming more transparent…

  • Have they ever released to the public what the deal with High Times entails?

    I assume they are getting some money up front and a cut of the profits, if any.

    • They wouldn’t yet say. The Board said there’s suppose to be a press release this week about this and about the consultant’s recommendations.

  • Still Discrimination

    Remember the hatred and dissent that came towards the first community center, the anti-canna-humbuldt Rednecks burned down the community center like the ku klux klan does in the South… Humboldt sheriffs never investigated or solved the arson… in the 60’s – 90’s hatred and us vs them mentality ran high in the corporate ran towns up and down 101 corridor… many towns like Willits still hold these discrimnatory attitudes, tides and times are slowly turning. Long live the Matteel community center, overthrow thr uptight redneck mentality!

  • Thats headliners for summer arts? Uh no thanks! Not at the prices to get in! I didnt see one headliner!

  • Six standard non emergency x-rays taken during normal business hours at SHCHD. Cost $3600. Voting NO for anything these thieves ask for? Priceless.

    • Constructive critiques of most hospitals, especially how much MOST dare to charge us, is fair. Yet, there is some irony in you, “Life is good” dissing our local hospital, which may save your life one day.

      • Or cost u your life …Poor Kathy epling knew she wasn’t well they sent her home saying low potassium levels eat a banana .. correct me if I’m wrong but I think she had major coronary and passed the following morning . God bless her for everything she did for others she deserved better . Always going north for ER care . Or bay area !! lol

      • groba dude osnt trustafarian

        Sorry, Ben: The chances that I would allow someone at SHCHD to try to “save my life” are slim to none at all. If I was dying, I think I would rather die on the road to Howard Hospital than in Humboldt County…

        Don’t take a chance like this, they can sew up a cut or prescribe penicillin, but your ER visit will cost $5000 and the ER is a filthy poorly equipped mess, staffed by the incompetent, who work for an organization that believes in: no training, cheapest available help, regardless of qualifications, and which fails again and again to follow it’s own policies.

        Fail is what SHCHD does best. SHCHD consistently fails to serve the public, fails to act like a public agency, and fails to be administered in the interests of the community!

        It’s not a private business. Run it out in the open, or hand it over to a company that can.


    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Thank you, “Life is good”.

      I was going to say, “poor quality AND high cost services”…

      “Gang of thieves”. I like it! What else? Yes, they refuse to change, and they hate outsiders, and anyone competent. Welcome to Garberville, and if you don’t like it, leave!


    • Not very long ago I had a friend go in who had an infection in his toe they gave him some painkillers and told him to go home by the time he got to a real hospital they had to amputate his toes there used to be a good caring doctor the son of the original doctor Phelps who the name of the hospital came from they throw him out as I remember it Daryl try to pension to keep Phelps but some of the staff and doctors had a different idea and I do believe that Daryl was the one that got their last tax funding mostly by using KMUD as a platform to reach out to the community the escrow that is ongoing is for the property that used to be the school in Garberville over a million dollars so I guess they have some money anyhow we might be able to use a good Hospital in this town but I don’t know if they can ever be the clinic only has certain things that they could get done 1 real doctor and some really good staff

      • groba dude osnt trustafarian

        Remember, Joe, they don’t really want your $10/month. What they want is the PROMISE of $10,000,000 income in the future, so that they can float more loans, and purchase the CR property, which is not even big enough for the proposed needs.

        So what it is: another crazy plan, from the minds of Matt Rees and Kent Scown, to sew up a major new tax, and make a lot of promises that will never be kept.

        They still can’t hold onto medical staff, still don’t have sensible employment policies, still don’t operate profitably, and still don’t have any regard for the needs of the public. AND, the community does not generally support SHCHD.

        It seems incredible to me, that ANYONE at SHCHD would think that a new parcel tax proposal would generate the votes of two thirds of the people, property owners or not! It is my perception that few people in SoHum care two figs about SHCHD, and most don’t use it, at all.

        The only way they have to gain support, is to continue to attempt to deceive the public, and to have Barbara Truitt babble more nonsense!


        • You sound pretty well studied on this matter and I have to agree I was talking about the Redway Clinic when I said that there was a good doctor and staff but it will be overburdened and it can only do certain things just paid my reach air support if you need help in this area you might need to be flown out that’s a good idea

          • Taurus Ballzhoff

            Great idea, Joe! Vote no on F and then use the tax savings to buy helicopter ambulance insurance!

            Think of it this way: SHCHD is buying you the insurance by a reduced tax rate. Great!


  • What does “bodily fluid” mean to you? Is it what goes into the porta-potties? That is hauled off-site and treated by wastewater treatment plants. What goes into the engineered and certified leach field, which is not below the ordinary high water mark, is sink and shower water.

    • “What does “bodily fluid” mean to you?”

      i.e. blood, feces, urine, vomit, saliva, semen, vaginal secretions or any other fluids that originate from a human body!

      “What goes into the engineered and certified leach field, which is not below the ordinary high water mark, is sink and shower water.”

      “Certified” and tested by whom? The onsite leachfields at Reggae are located 220 and 400 ft (respectively) from the active summertime channel of the South Fork Eel (according to the County sitemap submitted by the MCC) and approx 500 ft below the Fema Floodplain. In other words, the onsite leachfields are closer to the South Fork Eel (by distance and elevation) than the concert bowl area. The onsite leachfields are located below the established line of vegetation, which is also considered the ordinary high water mark.

      Unless the shower wastewater is tested, you cannot claim it’s just “shower water”, which is the vast majority of wastewater discharged into the onsite Reggae leachfields (estimated 4000 to 5000 people per day taking showers = approx 44,000 gallons septic wastewater) and no flow meter.

      However, there’s this documented fact; an increased level (3 times) of E Coli in the sufacewater (South Fork Eel) only during and after Reggae, not before. You don’t get to have your cake and eat it to (no pun), at the expense of the river, wildlife habitat or public health!

      Why can’t the MCC have their Reggae wastewater “hauled off-site and treated by wastewater treatment plants” like Northern Night Music Festival does?

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