The Family of Klamath’s Shooting Victim Needs Help


Sunni Jo Grant and her son Justin

Sunni and her son, Justin, when he graduated from one class into another.

Early yesterday, like so many other mornings, Justin was supposed to be getting ready for his school. Instead, his home would echo with the sound of the gunshot that tore his mother from his life. Justin’s mom, Sunni Jo Grant, was shot and killed in the home they shared with a large extended family.

“The whole household was present,” a family member explained. “They woke up to get ready for school.” Then, according to a GoFundMe, “Sunni was responding to trespassers through the window when she was shot in the chest.” (Read more about Sunni Grant’s death here.)

Sunni Grant had always wanted children, said her family member. Justin was her delight especially after another child died not long before birth. “He was her only surviving child,” the family member explained. “He really was her life.”

Justin’s teacher, Elsie Griffin-Wilder, wrote, “My first memory of Sunni were her tears of joy when she watched Justin [practising] his Christmas songs and how proud of him [she was] when he started reading.”

“[Sunni] was always so happy–nice and bright and funny,” the family member explained. “She could make a joke out of anything….She was the life of a party.”

She was also tough, the family member explained.  A  few years ago she was working at a gas station in McKinleyville. “She fought off the robbers,” said her family member. “The gas station did not get robbed.”

But this time, Sunni Grant did not survive her encounter with violence. Her son, Justin, no longer has a mom and can’t be in his own home right now so he’s staying with family members.

The family is raising money to bury Sunni and also take care of Justin if there is any left over. “We need funds for transportation of deceased, burial expenses and funeral services,” the GoFundMe page states. “We appreciate all your prayers and will be grateful for any amount you are able to donate.”

If you would like to help, please click this link.


The family asks that commenters to this post be kind. “It is really hard when people just say things and they don’t know,” one said. “It is hard for other family members to read… .”



  • I think it is strange there is no word about the why, the motive, did she know them, etc. Absolutely nothing being said.
    These people were obviously not from around here.
    So what gives?
    Is there a reporter investigating this -?

    • Stormy, law enforcement sometimes asks family and witnesses not to tell reporters parts of the story that they feel needs to be kept quiet. That is the case here.

    • Its a need to know thing,for one.
      Why does the “why” matter, a loving family member was killed.
      Who cares why those people were there, what does it have to do with you? What will having that information accomplish besides food for mean commenters wanting to conjecture about possibilities or blame?

      The cops will issue a press release when all info collected, its an open case with suspects in custody.

      Honestly it seems most people use the “why” as a way to judge the situation.
      It really sux that the family has to ask that people not be mean in the comment section. We’re better than that. Lets see some love flow from these comment sections.

      Really take a minute to step back and think how you would feel if this was your family member. Its hard enough to process the grief without having the public all up in your business.
      Pray. Send love. Have compassion. Help them financially if you can. Do what you would want others to do for you if you were put in a tragic situation.

      • People know it is more to the story than what gets reported and the accused have a side also. You can ask for help but don’t take people kindness for weakness.

  • So very sad. I don’t know this family but my heart goes out to them. What a horrible thing to have happen. May you find the strenght to get past this.

  • Strength,hope, great platitudes. Back it up with some funds people. Put that shoe on your foot, uh huh, funds are what’s needed….

  • May justice be swift and may the family be given all the care, love and encouragement they need as face the loss of a much beloved daughter, sister, auntie and mother.

  • Please share this post.

  • A nice lady killed for no reason. What a shame. I hope her son can stay on a good path without his mom.

  • I am truly sorry for the little fellow sadly he is the one most affected .my condolence to all affected buy the loss of his mother.God needs to now hold that Lil boy in the palm of his hand.

  • May God bless this family.

  • My heart goes out to sonnys family and son and my prayers also

  • No matter why. That lill boy got his moms eyes & needs help carrying that smile into his futar. Please. Familly, remind him to smile when her stories are told. Will load some $💖on my card and send your way. Will also send word to the Fire chiefs that lacks in responce are bad. Are there VFD members needing funding in the mouth of klamath area? Suprised the casino doesn’t have at least a medical responce team. Our casinos get lots of medical calls, and their 20mins from ALS. Advanced life support. Guessing klamath is an hour for an ambulence, if thier not buisy in crecent chity. Anyway, many prayrs to creator for this family.

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