City of Fortuna Council Meeting This Monday

City of Fortuna BlurThe next Fortuna City Council meeting is this Monday, September 19th, at 6PM.  Items on the business agenda include:

A. Approval of an Agreement for Interim City Manager Services
with Randal J. Mendosa
B. Declaring the Existence of a Nuisance and to Require the Abatement of Weeds on Private Property Located at APN 203-011-016 (2560 May Street); Resolution 2016-41
C. Public Hearing: Amendment of Fortuna Municipal Code Replacing Section 17.06.190; Traffic Impact Fees, of Chapter 17.06 of Title 17: Zoning to Establish the Authority And Procedure For Adopting A Traffic Impact Fee. Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance 2016-727; Adoption of Resolution 2016-37, Adopting a Traffic Impact Fee



  • All these nitpicky little issues are what helps make California the most REGULATED political entity on earth. Weeds? Traffic impact fees?
    Does ANYONE remember the CONCEPT of a free society?
    The unaddressed issue is the elephant in the room, the 500 pound gorilla: OVERPOPULATION. Quit having babies for a couple of generations (one is ENOUGH) and we can return to a more civil existance. Keep having those big families and consuming all they require & we will be extinct in 100 years. Good riddance IMO

  • More sheep= More sheep to fleece!

  • Traffic impact fees usually signifies regional control, not local.
    Bankrupting america, one city at a time.

    Follow the leads on this topic and you will find what’s really up & how the funds(your tax dollars) are really being spent.
    Big lights, big cities, ..

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