Snow in The Northern California Hills

The National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advisory for today. Snow could drop to 2000 feet in some areas overnight.

Currently, there is snow in the hills now and some roads are affected. Below, Caltrans cameras show that Hwy 299 at Berry Summit is a winter wonderland but not so much fun to drive.

On the California Highway Patrol Incident page, “snow and slushy roads” are reported on Hwy 36 in the Narrows around mile marker 26.

Kneeland is reporting snow, too.

Reports and photos from Hwy 96 show lots of snow!

Drive carefully if you are heading into the higher elevations.



  • if the snow dont freeze the car or your nards off , the wind will blow you away
    very windy at times in clearlake . tree fell on vacant lot next door and dropped power service to the ground . PG&E was here and gone in 30 minutes

  • It stopped raining for about half an hour. The silence was so loud, it woke me up! Must be snow up there in the mountains behind me because it’s very foggy and mystical-looking up there. I didn’t get to see if any snow had hit the ground before it started raining again. If this didn’t mean I need to put on some waders to get through my leaking mudroom, I’d go out and sit on the steps, spend an hour or two gazing at the beautiful world from there. As it is, maybe a wetsuit would work….

  • My sweetie went over the Pratt Mountain shoulder on the Alderpoint road (where the Harris/Bell Springs paved road joins the Alderpoint road near the high point of the grade) and said at about 1pm that there was a iight snow on the ground. It has grown colder here in Alderpoint, some 2500 feet lower, and I imagine there will be enough snow tonight to warrant the snow plows in the morning. I am staying home, but if you are going over the mountain tonight or tomorrow morning it would be best if you were 4×4 or had snow tires, I imagine. Unfortunately other than reports from travelers there is no way to know the current conditions up there.

  • Please everyone be safe and if your traveling,take water,chains blankets,etc just to be on the safe side,because you never know!!burrrr baby its cold outside

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