Trinity CO and US Forest Service’s Criminal Interdiction Operation Sweeps Up Lots of Pot

Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

TCSOOn various dates in November and December of 2015 the Trinity County Narcotics Task Force and the United States Forest Service led a county wide Criminal Interdiction Operation with assistance from approximately fifteen Law Enforcement Officers from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management [ BLM ] and Department of Justice.

The operation(s) produced the following statistical data: Total Arrests and/or citations: 59

Total Warrant Arrests: 8 (Including 2 wanted attempted homicide suspects) Total Processed Marijuana: 1,470 pounds

Total Growing Marijuana Plants: 50 Total Methamphetamine: 4 ounces Total Cocaine: 10 grams

Total Heroin: 3 grams

Total Illegal Liquid Substance (Steroids): 60 ML Total Illegally Possessed Pills: 611

Total US Currency Seized: $17,300

Total Firearms Recovered/Seized: 2 (Stolen)

Agency’s involved:

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office United States Forest Service Bureau of Land Management Department of Justice



  • Humboldt , del snort , mendo , all next on the natzi list

  • Lots of bad stuff off of the streets. Being a pot grower does not cover a multitude of sins, per say. Those other drugs destroy people’s lives. Stolen guns, implies that theft may be a part of their makeup.
    Attempted murder, though we don’t have that whole story, but it doesn’t sound good.
    So, it doesn’t seem these eight are victims of the law enforcement who arrested them. At any rate, it is good that the hard, dangerous drugs are off of the streets.

  • So interdiction means? Under covers, marked and unmarked patrols profiling? Pulling anybody and everybody over that looks suspect searching with dogs like they do on the interstates?

  • I’d like to know the (our) total bill for these services. af

  • Is it silly to think the steroids were really 3000 ml before they were checked into evidence?
    Years back in Hayfork, one could see stalks, but never buds burned at the fairgrounds.

  • I love being pulled over for traffic violations by federal law enforcement when I’m driving on state roads in my community. Seems like a great use of resources

    • Ha! Try living on a forest service road…..Hell when I see them I just pull over and wait…..

    • It takes 2 sheriffs and 3 twig pigs to pull one person over these days… seems excessive.. Ive been dog searched, harassed, ticked for bs traffic violations like… wreckless driving because he couldn’t keep up with my evo in his chevy tahoe on 36… these cops are a joke…. and 17k seized hahaha nice score

    • Some roadblocks aren’t really real.because they change their hats.right in the middle of their investigation.makes one wonder.

  • Wow 15 different law inforcement agency’s for these guys geeze,we’re they being hunted or something,seems like alot of cops.

  • There is never a financial accounting for these raids… How much is it costing the taxpayer…? Just try to get an accounting…

  • No. You may not search my car.
    No. I will not wait for the canine unit.
    Am I being detained?
    Am I free to go?

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