Why Don’t I Get Redheaded Blackbelt Posts on My Facebook Feed Anymore (An Answer and Some Suggestions)

deer on hill side

“Why aren’t you showing up on my FB feed,” a reader wrote us this morning. “I know [Facebook] changed something recently, but I’m following you and I’ve liked you, but no posts.” This reader isn’t the only one experiencing the problem. Others have complained to us, too. Facebook recently changed the way that news media (and other sites) show up

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Meeting on Proposed Respite Center for the Homeless in Redway Got Hot

Church in REdway

On Thursday, a heated debate broke out during a community meeting at the site of the proposed Respite Center in Redway. Paul Encimer, a homeless advocate, and other concerned residents propose to use a former church on Whitmore Avenue to provide food and clothing to those with low-incomes and the unhoused. And, to judge from those who showed up at

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