Dog Reportedly Bites Woman in the Face in Eureka

Emergency personnel at the scene

Emergency personnel at the scene of the accident. [Photos from Mark McKenna]

Multiple emergency personnel are in the road near the intersection of Allard and Little Fairfield in south Eureka after a dog bite about 7:15 p.m. The first reports are that a 65-year-old woman was bitten by a dog in the face.

According to Humboldt Bay Fire Battalion Chief Chris Emmons, the patient has significant injuries.

Emergency personnel rush to patient’s side.

Multiple people work on the patient.

Deputy takes a witness's statement

A Sheriff’s deputy takes a statement from a neighbor.

UPDATE: Sheriff’s Department Takes Custody of Pit Bull Responsible for Friday Night Dog Attack



  • Do they know who owns the dog?

    • I wonder why this dog got aggressive
      And why it went after her thats sad did animal control take the dog away it does not mentioned if they were called to the site the owner is at fault though why was the dog not inside the house how did it get outside interesting is the lady ok we have a dog a puppy he’s a labador but is mixed but he’s a puppy why would a dog attack a person for no reason weird just saying but the owner needs to be held responsible that’s all I’m saying

    • Blah blah blah, sometimes dogs bite people. Just like there are crazy people, there are crazy dogs. Sometimes they turn on their own masters. This isnt a big deal or a surprise. Its absolutely natural and sometimes happens. So suck up your emotions and accept the fact that some dogs bite. They really are beasts of instinct underneath their domesticated persona. Unless there is gross negligence nobody is responsible except the dog and the woman who got bit.

  • 3rd dog bite in a week, one incident a womans’ legs were eaten. This is insane. I pray this woman is Ok.

    • Get yo facts straight

      Actually a womens legs were not eaten she lost a foot yet her legs no

      • She lost it above the knee…so ya

      • Her calf was really mangled so kind of her leg

      • Actually the reports were that the calf of at least one leg was completely severed and eaten. And the other lower leg was terribly mangled and bitten. So they did get their facts straight. If you’re interested in the facts, read the report on this site.

      • Good one. [edit] She was nearly mauled to death. And you gotta bring up a technicality, which is totally incorrect? What a thing to minimalize

      • Actually, it was reported that the dog had eaten part of her calf. The “foot” amputation you refer to starts 4″ below the knee ..

      • Seems like it would of been EPD responding to the situation, Strange the SHERRIFF dept. Responded. Didn’t say what kind of dog whose dog or why, just leads me too believe maybe it was EPD k9 unit maybe. I dont know why I think that, just a thought. Hope the woman is okay and not mutilated. Hope it wasn’t my sister. She was admitted to the hospital today. Unclear to me why at the moment though.

        • Parts of what we think of is in Eureka is in the County’s (the Sheriff’s Department’s) area of responsibility. And no, the dog belonged to a resident there. It had been confined in a home after the attack.

          • Why isn’t it at the pound? You’d think that biting a person’s face would mean taking it into custody at least.

          • It’s believed the dog is a resident of an RV that’s been illegally camped/parked on the county side of the street for months. There have been compliants about the RV’s shady activity with no resolve. Very unfortunate an innocent person was attacked

        • Darius McLaughlin

          Little Fairfield & Allard is County jurisdiction

      • It’s appropriate to say the pit bulls ate her legs off. The surgeons really had to work diligently to save one leg. The other is gone. This is actually the fifth reported pit bull attack in the area in the last 2 months.

    • 5th bite this year 2 people in Covelo, 5 year old in the face, this woman, and the lady that lost a foot. Even dogs are sick of this crap.

  • Time for some common sense dog laws! o wait we already have them? And they don’t work? Sstrrannge

  • Ever since Candices life was so tragically changed, I carry a BIG knife and spray while walking my baby girl. Any dog that threatens my baby will be gut like a fish! Please keep all of the,”Tough Guy,” comments to yourselves.

    • You really don’t have much of a choice. Bear spray gets them a little farther away though.

    • Not a bad idea. But of course you know she was attacked on the property where the dogs lived, while the owner was not home.

      • Actually, the resident was there, and let the dogs get out the trailer door and go after Candace. After they dragged her under the trailer, where they gnawed off her foot and fed on her calves, the owner ignored them and walked away from the scene. To get help, he says.

      • Hmm, think before you speak (comment). You know the owner of the dogs that mauled Candis was home and was told to keep his dogs in his trailer while Candis helped start a generator. Fact check yourself before you make yourself sound like an idiot.
        I hope this lady will be ok and recover fully.

      • I lived in the Allard and Little Fairfield area of Eureka for over twenty years. I am trying to learn the identity of the recent pit bull attack victim because it may be someone I know. I pray it isn’t my former neighbor. Is the victims name Theresa Davis, Theresa Counts or Theresa Volpe?

    • I am with ya Joe

  • Was it a pit bull? If it was then why not report it? Selective journalism just like cnn. Report the whole story!

  • Yep I just went and bought myself a kershaw hunting blade and mase to take with me on my daily walk. Any pit bull approaches me and they are meeting their MF maker.

    • If you attack a random dog that is not attacking you (for example, simply approaching you), you will be guilty of many things, and have a good chance of being attacked by the dog’s owner, which you will deserve.

      • Dogs and cats are GMO’s, unnatural, created by humans. Not God’s creatures. Enough with this pet obsession. Rid the world of all fighting dogs for good. And for goodness sake get over your animal slave obsession. Wildlife needs our help. Billions spent on pets every year. So sick. Just like the flu obsession. Get over it, sheeple.

        • Human beings are GMO’s, unnatural, created by humans. Not God’s creatures. Enough with your human obsession. Rid the world of all fighting humans for good. And for goodness sake get over your human slave obsession. The world needs our help. Billions spent on humans every year. So sick. Just like the flu obsession. Animals aren’t getting it.

      • Better to be judged by an owner than eaten by their dog… Sheesh! Get real- a dog should not be “simply approaching” anyone. It should be on a lead or under voice control and not be approaching anyone.

    • Good for you. Im sick seeing incompetent owners of these dangerous dogs, oblivious to the power and horror of an unprovoked attack. “Oh, he’d never do anything like THAT”
      That’s what they all say….

    • There you guys go again with “pit bull” commits shut that shit down it’s always how that person raised there dog

      • NOT!
        Put bulls are like loaded guns.
        All large dogs are dangerous .
        Those pushing bulls on the public are at fault here.police have allowed their of dogs to maul non resisting people . I seen it on youtube.
        I used to love pd dogs because they protected our officers but not anymore .
        This dog is about to stop

      • Your type blindness can be cured, seek help immediately.

  • “S/he’s friendly…”

  • Good comment namer, Famous last words: he , she doesn’t bite.

  • Just wondering if anyone knows: Does bear spray work effectively on attacking dogs. Or is another type of spray more effective? What do postal carriers use?

    • I’m pretty sure a bear spray would work. It’s about the strongest stuff you can get.
      Go on google and type ‘dog pepper spray’.

      • Thank you for this information. I will have bear spray. And if that doesn’t stop them, another alternative.

        • Bear spray will absolutely work, regular mace will also. One problem with bear mace is you are likely to experience some unpleasant side effects yourself, that stuff is kinda strong and has a way of getting everywhere. I have a friend who after exhausting all avenues decided to use mace on the neighbors dogs who chased her while she was jogging. It trained them well, all the other neighbors thanked her as the dogs were less threatening from then on and the cops ignored it just like they ignored her complaints about the dogs chasing her.

    • Putting dogs in pain without killing it, might make a fight or attack worse. Don’t “grab their balls”. Better to embarrass them. “Stick your finger up their butt!” Is what I yell. As I walk away.
      Hose water in the face. Gotta let go to breath.

    • My dog got sprayed and it barely slowed her down .
      I would NOT trust bear spray

    • Bear spray did NOT even slow my dog down.
      I didn’t even know my dog got sprayed til after when the person told me they sprayed my dog with bear dog an American Cattle dog also known as a Queensland Blue Heeler.
      More prone to snap at the heels but smart enough to know when protection s needed

  • Bear spray is effective enough. Lead spray even more effective but with consequences.

    • Yeah- bear spray. Like what Rex Bohn’s son sprayed on peoples’ faces in their own homes when he was retrieving his weed. Y’know- before Rex was supervisor and put his son in charge of setting up legal permit distribution. And before those charges disappeared forever….Bear Spray Bohn!!

    • What is lead spray? Oh! I think I get it…

  • Bear spray will definitely stop any dog except pit bulls. It has sometimes stopped pit bulls, but is not reliable. People here are discussing how much of a woman’s legs were removed by a pit bull and then still saying – could have been any kind of dog. lol. maulings requiring amputation are the sole purview of the pit bull. they need to be regulated.

    • Naw. Learn about new creepy breeds. Read the news. Not many reported on the CRAZY backstory about the lawyers in SF whose two apartment-bound Pressa Canarrios killed their neighbor in their hallway. The full story involved the lawyer couple adopting adult Pelican Bay inmates, a dog breeding scene around Hyampom, and other insanity. The full story, after a trial, is so often left behind after an initial headline.
      Anyway there are way bigger, crazier dogs; they are more rare,expensive,and less charming than most “Pit Bulls”/ “English Nannies” /”Staffordshire Terriers”

      • LOL, sure the rare dangerous breeds won’t be stopped by bear spray either, but “rare’ is an operative term here. People aren’t being dismembered and attacked on the street going to the store by “rare’ breeds. They’re being attacked by pit bulls. And bear spray won’t reliably stop pit bulls. I know all about Diane Whipple and you had to go back 2 decades to find an example of the “Naw, creepy breeds” presa canario attack.

    • Regulated like they regulate loaded guns.

  • DOG REPORTEDLY BITES WOMAN IN THE FACE IN EUREKA headline should actually read:


    • As far I read, there have been no details as to how the woman was attacked. It could be she was viciously attacked by a random dog or it could be it was her own dog that she grabbed by the ears or anything in between. We don’t know enough to get so judgy or defensive.

    • Regulated like they regulate loaded guns.

  • Maybe she shouldn’t of been in the middle of the road and the dog wouldn’t of bite her in the face and caused significant damage.

  • We know the dog bit her face, that’s all I need to know.
    Dogs are subordinate to humans last time I checked.
    Once again, the dog owner must face at least a charge of assault if we really expect to stop these residential maulings.
    Since that will never happen in our lax and degenerated society, then it is necessary for quiet, introspective cat owners to tool up for defense on neighborhood walks, and start fighting back against barking dogs and their self righteous owners.

  • I wonder what this dog got aggressive
    And why it went after her thanks s sad did animal control take the dog away it does not mentioned if they were called to the site the owner is at fault though why was the dog not inside the house how did it get outside interesting is the lady ok I hope so if not that sad

  • I was attracted by a pit bull a couple of years back ,I have to say I was there last night when the poor woman was attacked I will never forget this I heart goes out to the woman and her family

    • I am so sorry. The description I was given was horrific.

      • Why not more details given in article…about how it happened? Not necessarily the horrific part though probably good to know what is possible out there. She was walking across the street and out of the blue a dog came running at her? Or was she running from the dog and that is why she was in the street?

        Decades ago (pre-dog whisperer) in the dim light just after dawn I was jogging near Sequoia park when a stalky muscular big-jowled dog come charging directly at me, growling with spittle flying. I thought, “Oh, this is where I die, if I turn around its going to bite me, I’ll drop and it will maul me” so I stopped and stood my ground and faced it, my voice firmly in command (but not barking at him) said “Bad dog, you go home” figuring my only chance was to act like I knew it’s parents and it was busted by someone who knew it, like a child caught by a neighbor who says I know you you’re supposed to be home after dark. I don’t know how I managed it but the dog looked surprised, confused and then turned around and trotted back from where it came.

        • Sometimes, we can’t get anyone to talk to us.

        • Me too.
          Dog grabbed the back of my neck and I turned and threw him off with my left arm while swinging around and yelling Get down!
          The biggest police dog I’ve ever seen. It had a 6 foot leather leash and I turned my back on him while trying him to a tree.

    • Yes once bitten or watch someone else get attacked it makes me have a panic attack .
      Dogs and humans are dangerous untrustworthy beasts

  • Hey Far Fetched: Are you an idiot? Why is an attack guard dog loose in the streets? The woman had every right to cross the street. You must use meth, right…

    I would have done everything I could to smoke that dog into the ether. CCC here.

  • I’m a 70 year old woman and have had dogs as family members all my life! I have 2 small dogs now .
    TinkerBell and Rambo.

    Fur babies bring something very precious adorable and special into our lives that is indescribable and must be felt at least once in your life! 🥰👵🏻💞


    Dog bite
    On my leg
    Not right
    Supposed to beg
    Daily to the filling station
    Underwater navigation

  • Something we can do...

    Ok so anyone who is upset and concerned about these events, lets be productive.
    Right now get on your phone or email and contact your county supervisor to ask that funding for animal control and the shelter be increased by at least double. And keep doing it.

    There are 30 spots for dogs at our shelter.
    The shelter is at the far northern part of our county.
    Last i checked there is one animal control vehicle&deputy for the entire county.
    Think how long it takes to drive northern mckinleyville to say harris and back.
    The county owns the acreage around the current shelter, why not at the least expand?

    We need and deserve a functioning shelter in the southern part of our county as well as the current one.
    Relying on local vet offices to pick up the slack is not fair.
    The dogs at the shelter get walks and interactions only because of the tireless acts of an amazing group of volunteers who also remove potential “problem” dogs to their kennels for observation. The reason so many dogs have positive adoptions is directly due to these amazing folks.
    The county will not pay for a behavioral specialist to be employed at the shelter.
    We need one.

    Personally i think some of the taxes on pot ought to be delegated to animal control. Really gotta wonder where all those millions are going.

    Who cares if the county should be on it or whatever; at this point theyre dropping the ball big time so its on us to demand a better situation. Sheriff Honsal needs to hear that we want deputies to actually show up&issue citations when scary dogs are roaming.
    We need a DA who will agressively prosecute these matters.
    Neither had anyone run against them in the last election. Honsal was placed not elected in the first place. Lets get someone who listens to the folks paying their salaries.
    Im not a big fan of the system on the whole, but these are the pathways we have to attempt to create change or at least a wider discussion.
    So instead of spending time writing in comment sections,lets spend time contacting the people who can actually change things. Remember,democracy is not a spectator sport.

    Just fyi to folks talking breeds, yes pitbulls are scary. German and dutch shepherds are even worse, thats why the nazis did and police now do use them. Dobermans too.
    In fact i know someone who got torn up by a small dog.
    Behavioral evaluations are a better determining factor.
    And a long umbrella with a pointy end is a good tool against an approaching aggressive animal. I take one on my walks. A mtn lion will run if you lift it over your head and open it, and the pointy end jabbed into the face of a dog makes it think twice.
    Pepper spray works, but thing about its use in any attack is whether you have time to deploy it so that it doesnt end up just blowing into your own face.

    • How many people did dobermans kill last year….. None. Border collies? None. Chihuahuas none. Pitbulls 52!!!! Humans dead in the US. All other breeds COMBINED did not kill 52 humans. Pit bulls were designed to take down bulls and bears. To fight to the death. No other breed was designed to kill specifically. Are there good ones that don’t kill humans….. Yes, but what they were designed for is the real problem. Dobermans were designed to guard not kill. Border collies, shepherds and herding dogs… To herd and protect animals. Instinct is bred into them.

    • Here are some real statistics.

      • Just a thing to note, “Pit Bull” is actually not a breed. It is a term used to lump together about 20 “bully” breeds. Were those breeds broken down and listed individually, which would be the correct and accurate way to make such a list, the results would be drastically different. Of course when you lump that many breeds together they have a higher number. So if you want to show us all some “real statistics”, let’s see a chart that actually differentiates the breeds correctly and shows accurate results.

      • I’ve commented on lists like that before. Those real statistics actually show pitbulls are relatively safe. That is, a random pitbull has a much _lower_ chance of biting someone than many other breeds. There are, for example, a lot more than six times as many pitbulls as rottweilers – yet rottweilers kill a sixth as many people. No, you can’t use the AKC’s stats for determining the relative population of each breed, as they don’t track the vast majority of pitbulls. And, while harder to put in exact numbers, many separate breeds (and many entirely unrelated breeds) get lumped in under “pit bull”, with the news (and often police) just calling anything with a square head a pitbull.

        Any site that shows the number of bites or kills, without also showing the relative population of each breed, and then claims they show how a specific breed is more dangerous, is intentionally using bad math to mislead you. Same with any site that uses AKC data, although that’s sneaky misleading instead of easy blatant misleading, which is more work, and thus less common.

        • So do you think pit bulls are 2/3 of all dogs? Seems like a stretch.

          • No, the last statistic I saw was about 20%. But, this places them around the bottom of the top 10 list of dangerous breeds, not at the top – and the difference is huge (a factor of 7) between them and the top breed. Even if they only made up 3% of all dogs, they’d still not make the top of the list. The exact ordering of the list depends on whose table you look at – some have german shepherds a lot higher on the list, for example – because of different sources for dog breed populations. Whichever statistics you use, pitbulls are never at the top. But we don’t hear any cries to ban malamutes and chowchows…

            Much of making the top of the dangerous dog list is simply the size and strength of the dog… Dachshunds are actually the most aggressive and bite-prone according to several studies, for example, but unless you have a few dozen of them attacking at once, their attacks are rarely fatal.

            • Whoopee! A really reliable source., one of the largest supplier for free articles for media sources on the cheap. The data used to make this chart is from a JAMA article that says “In contrast to what has been reported in the news media, the data from this study
              CANNOT be used to infer any breed-specific risk for dog bite fatalities (e.g.,
              neither pit bull-type dogs nor Rottweilers can be said to be more “dangerous” than
              any other breed based on this study). To obtain such risk information it would be
              necessary to know the numbers of each breed currently residing in the United States.
              Such information is not available.” Not available to anyone but apparently this organization. Then, if you access the actual article, you will see that pit bulls are listed as significantly higher for fatal attacks when the breed is clear and equal to German shepherd cross breeds when the involved dog is a crossbreed.

        • WRONG! Pits are responsible for 2/3’s of all fatal attacks. They do not represent 2/3 of the canine population.

  • I had pitbulls as pets for 30 years. One was agressive with humans she didn’t know. That dog was never off her chain unless she was in the house. (Before you start, the chain was on a 60ft cable in a fenced back yard). One of my dogs was aggresive towards animals so I simply never let her see any. She had a tightly fenced yard and a happy life. All my other pitbulls were lovely gentle friendly dogs.
    Dogs who attack have usually shown their colors before someone is killed or injured, the humans who own them are obligated to provide a safe place for the dogs so they do no harm.
    I am too old for an 80 lb dog now, but I do love the bullies. I have a frenchton, hilarious, friendly & 25 lbs.

  • Criminally prosecute the dog owners. These attacks need to stop and if “it’s the owner, not the breed” well then, those owners lead the way and be PROSECUTED. These people end up permanently ruining other people’s lives with these dog attacks – effectively taking away people’s lives, so now they need to go to prison. And of course, the dogs put down. You want a pit bull as a pet? Sure… welcome to personal responsibility for YOUR choices.

  • So so sad. Any update on how she is?

  • The guy with his hands on his head dressed in dark clothing standing in front of the white emergency vehicle looks traumatized. 🙁

  • Bear spray might work if it is the gel type and your aim is great but grabbing the dog by its back legs is the way I’ve read if most reliable and I’ve tested to get a dog to let go of another dog. That only works if your not the victim …just if you are trying to help someone and then of course there is a chance you’ll be next.

    Would be good if more trainings offered..even free or sliding scale training for basic obedience and safety cause someone shouldn’t have to be wealth to have a dog access to how to responsibly handle it. It is easy for people not to realize how times have changed since the days of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin (now a days lots more opportunity for close contact and dogs being confined therefore more need for training) and/or to think cause they have seen Dog Whisper videos they have done their due diligence.

  • A friend of mine who was in the army was trained to kill dogs if attacked. If you have the time and the strength when a vicious dog is obviously rushing to attack you, give it a good straight solid kick square on it’s nose, in a line with the muzzle and skull. Try to hit just the upper jaw if possible- more impact. If you kick hard and straight back it will break the bones in it’s upper muzzle behind the nose and maim the dog enough that it will stop. That spot is vulnerable. The other way he was trained was for smaller shepherds- he was trained to lift the dog and break it’s back over his knee.

    I wouldn’t recommend either except as a last resort and unless you are strong enough and quick enough to pull it off. And I hesitated to mention it. You could get seriously hurt trying it. Bear spray is better I think. But since there’s been 5 vicious dog attacks recently I think it’s appropriate. I’m a short woman and not that strong anymore but I could probably do the kick thing on a good day if my life depended on it.

    “HEY! .. BAD dog!!” in a *very low firm voice* has worked in the past for me. Also, going towards the dog rather than away. Dogs are attracted to you when you run or back off.

    • Telling a dog that it is a bad dog has always had a negative effect for me. I started using “good dog, go home”. It works best. Being a repairman has given me some experience with dogs.

      Some years ago the garboligist (Polite term for garbage collector) in Southern Humboldt carried bones with him. Every dog on his route got a bone, and every dog looked forward to garbage day with wagging tails.

  • I hope the woman is going to be OK.

  • LovesDogs;notpits

    First , a pit bulls jaw works like the tool, Vise Grip pliers . When clamped down on It is 650 lb.s of pressure & to get pit to disengage from a human or animal is hard , sometimes they cannot let go. They only let go if the prey (?) Is unmoving & perceived dead. Second, if you want to disengage a pit Stick a full-on hose into nose & mouth , it has to open mouth to breathe . But be ready , it will continue attack after taking a breath & taking prey (?) away can make you a target. The other way is to grab hind legs & lift up high until it releases. Both these techniques work better with someone to take prey (?) away & someone to take pit out. I will never trust a pit bull.

  • All large dogs are dangerous and has super strong jaws enough to kill.
    Research shows that too many times these dogs have killed sleeping babies .
    I hate violence !

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