[UPDATE: 2:07 p.m.] Mother and Child Still Missing After Crash North of Leggett; Family Asks for Help

Trinity and child

A mother and child are still missing after a crash north of Leggett 24 hours ago. The woman, Trinity Bray, was driving a vehicle that struck a tree south of Confusion Hill at mile marker 98.3. The adult male passenger received major injuries.

The 34-year-old McKinleyville woman and her 3-year-old child, Anthony, left to get help. They were seen walking northbound on Hwy 101, but they haven’t been seen since.

According to Trinity’s adopted mom, Julie, “Anytime she has ever gotten into an issue she calls me. I tried to call her, but [the phone] keeps going right to voice mail. All I can think that she’s unconscious in the woods.”

Julie believes Trinity would have tried to come home if she could because “she was supposed to be signing a rental agreement yesterday; she was going to be getting her own place.”

Yesterday, Julie, began searching alongside Hwy 101 on foot. She went out looking again today. “If I’m yelling for her and she can actually hear me, she’ll probably come out,” Julie told us.

If anyone has time to help, Julie said, “We need some assistance. It is just me and two of my girlfriends.

If anyone has any information, they are asked to please contact the Garberville CHP Office at (707) 923-2155.

UPDATE 2:05 p.m.: Press release from the CHP:

On 11/30/2020, at approximately 1150 hours, a 2011 Toyota Sienna traveling northbound on US-101, south of Confusion Hill, collided with a tree along the east road edge, for reasons still under investigation. Officers from the Garberville CHP area were called at 1200 hours, responded to the scene and arrived at approximately 1218 hours. One of the occupants identified as Steven Gutierrez, sustained major injuries and was transported from the scene for medical care. Two other occupants, a white female adult identified as Trinity Leigh Bray, and a male juvenile identified as Anthony Florentine-Perez, voluntarily walked away from the scene prior to CHP arrival. Bray and Florentine-Perez were reported walking northbound along US-101 and did not appear to be injured as a result of the collision. Officers searched the surrounding area and businesses and were unable to locate Bray or Florentine-Perez upon arrival.

CHP Garberville was notified by friends and family of Bray’s, she had not made contact nor been seen since the accident. Officers were dispatched to all known current and prior addresses of Bray’s to confirm her and the child’s welfare. A welfare, “Be On the Look Out” was broadcast to adjacent and neighboring law enforcement agencies. CHP Air Operations, officers from the Garberville CHP, and Leggett Valley Fire Department conducted a coordinated air and foot search of the area surrounding the collision scene and were unsuccessful in locating either party. The investigating officer attempted contact with Bray at all known prior contacts and a cellular phone locating ping was initiated to attempt to locate Bray. All attempts were also unsuccessful.

If anyone has any further information regarding the whereabouts of Trinity Bray and/or Anthony Florentine-Perez please contact the Garberville CHP area office at (707) 923-2155.

UPDATE: Searchers Looked Yesterday for Missing Mother and Child and Will Look Again Today

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  • Where is the sheriffs department. They should be searching for her and the baby

    • Right?

      Doesn’t HCSO maintain a posse for just this sort of thing?

    • Sorry so little help

      They dont do anything unless theres a way to line their pockets.
      Tell them you think she may have gone to a grow nearby and then theyll show up. Lots of things to steal i mean seize there.
      Best to contact our local volunteer search and rescue teams, they are hands down the best!!!

      Can cel carrier tell family where phone pinged last?
      Does trinity have a find my phone feature usually used when phone is stolen?
      Id say its worth a call to her carrier and ask. Thats where the chp can come in handy to verify the accident, find the responding officers contact info.

      They could have been picked up by someone on side of hwy.

      Hoping theyre found safe asap!!!

      • What about those 2 lil girls up in Benbow didn’t they look for them for like 3 days? I don’t understand why she had to walk away there is no town up there the 101 was busy I’m sure after a big holiday weekend. It doesn’t add up. Seems strange

      • They have been looking, They brought in Search and Rescue today, I pray they are ok

    • You would think

    • It’s in Mendo county not Humboldt

    • A concerned friend

      Please everyone do all possible to find trinity and her sweet boy. Send search parties now! Hoping they are ok

    • Call her phone and the sheriff can contact her cell phone provider to see which cell tower her cell phone is pinging off of and even maybe able to triangulate the call. Are people sure the lady and son were definitely in the car? Since theres a missing child involved leos should do everything they can .

      • That’s what I was thinking. Are they trying to track the pings from her cell phone?!? I sure hope these two are ok. My heart has been breaking since reading they walked away.

  • Trinity Bray

    If anyone has any information or can help please reach out

  • Hoping they are both found safe and sound. This is heartbreaking, and having been in a bad vehicle accident myself once, I know how confused one can become if they have a concussion, or just from being in shock. I hope they are found quickly, it has been getting cold at night. Has the sheriff’s department also started a search?

  • That is pretty bizarre. Someone could have picked them up so hopefully the police are searching are looking farther afield. Scary with the injuries and missing child. I hope they are found son.

  • Is this in Mendocino or Humboldt, the line is the bridge just south of Reggae on the River.
    California Highway Patrol: Whats going on???? Has there been a formidable search party looking for a possibly injured mother and child? If this were a prominent citizen of a prominent family you can bet the bloodhounds would be up here from the South. CHP , WHAT IS GOING ON? Freezing conditions last night, this is not good to hear, hope these two are found safe and warm.

  • Not trying to be tasteless here or add insult to injury. Has anyone searched below the bridge, then down river a bit. Sometimes it happens, you never know. Best of luck and wishes!

  • Thankfully it`s good weather.

  • Strange circumstances in a strange area.

  • It wasn’t long ago two little girls went missing in the woods near legget. It seemed as though every agency threw every available resource on the search mission Including helicopters. Where is all the help now? They should be combing those hills like they did for the two missing girls who by the way we’re found a few miles from their home. Prayers for these two missing people!

  • I hope they just don’t know people are looking for them. Scary.

  • There have been so many disappearances this year…. I blame bigfoot that crypto kleptomaniac!!!

  • I wonder what the facts are to what really happened.

  • Macaroni Macarena

    The mother and two of her friends are the only ones looking??? Why aren’t there search parties??

  • It doesn’t matter what the facts are, a small child is missing. I hope for a good outcome especially when innocent children are involved.

  • I don’t see a name given for the mother. Does anyone know how to contact her? She is asking for help and has no contact info.

    • Did you find out how to contact her mother Julie?

      • Trinity, if you see this or hear about this, please contact Steve’s mom. You are not in trouble with the law. This was an unfortunate accident. Steve needs to know you guys are ok and safe. We are here for you and Anthony. Please make contact to us.

        Julie, if you see this please respond so I can be there to help you search.

  • I hope they’re looking at the vary last person that said they saw them

  • The problem is, law enforcement mercilessly throws the book at too many people. Especially CHP. I suspect she crashed and is rightfully afraid of the consequences.

  • I want to know who is this Gutierrez guy is to her…was he the driver….. Was he mad because the baby’s last name is perez..where were they going…was she even in the van when it crashed?????

  • Most likely, some one picked them up, a pretty girl with a baby, one would feel obligated too. best outcome is that someone picked her up and she is safe and resting
    or they got ran over (seriously happens alot).
    or she is in lost, injured, unconscious. freezing. hungry or dead or kidnapped…. she looks like a nice person. I hope she is okay and found soon.
    911, would hopefully organize a search party quickly and hopefully she is smart enough to reach out.

  • My question us who saw her walking away with her son? How did he have major injuries and she had none? And why walking away? If it was me personally I would flag over the next car I saw coming. A lot of cars pass through there. Just a few of my questions

    • My stepmother was killed in a car wreck. Neighbor identified her because she was injured so bad. My dad walked away with a scratch on his arm.

      My 19 year old neighbor was killed…thrown out the windshield and back in. We identified her. Her boyfriend, the driver who was drunk, had zero injuries.

  • Little fishy to me but has anyone looked into her an the kid even being there at all worse case which I’m good at thinking the worst was they were never there he did something to them somewhere else then ran himself into a tree? Just feel if they were alive they would be found already?

    • This comment brought something to mind that I saw a while back. I’m curious when this woman and her child were actually seen last. I believe there were teeth found a few months back that were presumed to belong to a mother and child. Although my mind tends to think the worst also, I hope for the best outcome ofcourse.

    • I’m wondering if you could be right. Your comment brought to mind something that I saw posted a while back. I’m curious when the last time she and her son were actually seen or heard from. My mind tends to think the worst also, but ofcourse hoping for the best outcome. Also Kym Kemp, if you delete my comment again, can you tell me why you are deleting it please? Thank you

      • You weren’t deleted. Because you have never commented with this name before, my website holds your comment until I have time to check it out and make sure it isn’t spam.

  • Please be safe or found. This breaks my heart so deeply. Poor baby. It is literally gut wrenching thinking of him out there scared

  • Bigfoot my homie!! Right here in the Emerald triangle!!!!!!

  • How do we contact Julie to help? Can someone let me know pls.

  • Steph and Sam,
    Yes, I’d very much like to know if any witnesses other than the injured male passenger had seen her and the toddler walking away. I do hope Trinity and her boy are safe and unharmed.

  • Concerned Citizen

    No updates?

  • What is the status of the injured passenger and what info can He give?
    Where were they going?
    What caused the accident?

    Is he able to give info?

  • If I read correctly it took authorities approx 1/2hr after accident to arrive so Trinity & Anthony couldn’t have gotten to far on foot, right? If Trinity stayed on 101 no reason to leave the road.
    I agree, ping her phone or how about an amber alert for missing child?
    When anything having to do with a child happens I feel the Authorities never do enough but what do I know. I want to stay positive so Maybe they’re doing more than we know.
    All I do know is I hope they are warm/safe & reach out so they can return home.
    Prayers for the safe return of Trinity & Anthony 🙏 🙏🙏 Strength for the family
    I do believe in happy endings
    Let’s stay positive ♥️

  • I’m so happy Trinity/Anthony are safe
    What a blessing! 🙏🙏🙏

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