Eureka Man Missing Since December 14

Troy Dean Wigington,

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department.

The Eureka Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a missing person. Troy Dean Wigington, 43 of Eureka, was reported as missing on December 14, 2018.

Wigington was last seen leaving his residence on foot on December 11, 2018 around 8:30 a.m. near the 3400 block of F Street in Eureka. Wigington is described as a white male, 6’3”, 230 lbs., brown hair with goatee, and green eyes. He was last seen wearing a green jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes.

Anyone with information on Wigington’s whereabouts is asked to call Detective Bise at (707) 441-4109. Case #18-008435.



  • Wonder what our missing person, murder, and thievery stats are for a county as big as some states with a population of a city?

    Good luck family members on his safe return

  • Hope you fine him in good shape. Good luck.

  • Kym why is the arrest disclaimer at the top of an article on a missing person?

  • Hope he's found soon!!!

    Many missing folks are swept away by water, be it river or ocean.
    Having been in multiple sneaker wave situations over the years, its really easy to be swept away real quick. Same with rivers right now.

    Its consistently surprising how out of touch with the rest of the country folks are here. Chicago has weekends where 50-60 people get shot.
    And if you are concerned about murders then pls get involved with groups helping domestic violence victims safely get away from their attackers as the majority of murders last year were due to men killing their partner. Like all the adult mass shooters, every one had history dom abuse.

    To family of missing loved one, i so hope he is found soon, im sure you know to contact so hum search and rescue, diana tottens the best hands down.
    Please let us know if you need volunteers to go out and search.
    Many blessings to you and yours, hoping for best outcome possible. 💗

    • I only remember two murders involving domestic abuse victims and one of those was the lovely lady killed when she tried to help a victim rather than was a domestic abuse victim herself.

      And I would question saying that Humboldt Co is better off than Chicago as evidence of much of anything good. I suspect most murders in our area involve drug use indirectly if not directly. A comparison to the national rate of about 5 out of 100000 is more telling.

      • Most of the murders in our area that are drug/cannibis related are most likely thieves. People who arent used to being arround the abundance. Letting their jealousy, envy, or addiction get the best of them.

    • You may want to check your sources on that “fact”.

    • please at least try to hide your hate for males. females are more likely to physcialy assult their male partners, the differance is that females tend to get more responce and tend to get get hurt worse when a male has had enough. my point is assult is assult abuse is abuse a slap on the face is just as much assult as a punch that breaks bones.
      thank you

      • There is plenty of hate in this response, not in the original post. Assault is not all just the same as you point out with your example of a slap versus broken bones. No one should go to physical violence (or assault) for any reason other than defense. But when battery occurs, the knowledge that a male is much more likely to inflict serious damage to a female makes his act less defensible. In most cases where there is no weapon involved, he knows that he can defend himself successfully whereas she is quite aware that he can easily kill her no matter what she does. She can very reasonable assert self defense in cases he would be unreasonble to do so. It is the same judgement that would apply between a child and an adult woman- those capable of greater harm have a corresponding great responsibility to avoid it. So you just don’t do it.

        • Do you think it’s ok for a dog to be a biter as long as it’s small?

          I don’t want to be assaulted by anyone, regardless of their gender.

          I agree with your statement that no one should go to physical violence for any reason other than defense. It’s the “But…” part where I take issue.

  • Bodymore, Murderland’s homicide rate is 56 per 100,000. If HumCo had the same murder rate, there would by about 65 or 70 murders annually.

  • Would’ve been a lot better to have been informed of this on 12/14 rather than 1/3. That being said, I hope that he’s ok 😢

  • Chicago has a population of 2,687,682 Humboldt County has a population of 136,754 so you are comparing apples to brocoli. If all the missing persons were actually investigated and some turned into murder (which surely some are) you might get up to that 50-70 number , which is sorely bad math anyway. Humboldt has 19.7% of Chicago population and 15 REPORTED murders (23 in 2016). If you know how to do math, 40 REPORTED murders in Humboldt=988 in Chicago, way off from the 561 that actually occurred. 561 murders in Chicago equates to 28 in Humboldt….And does it make you sleep better at night to talk about someone else’s hometown when things go wrong in yours? FYI the unfortunate violence that happens in Chicago is in a small part of the city. Most neighborhoods are very very safe. And I am sure nobody in Chicago is bad mouthing Humboldt when a murder does happen there. You love your county and that is great-stop bad mouthing others..

  • Propaganda humboldts whole economy is so done…an real locals are over the place good luck to the losers staying with the cops who have hard ons an the snitches

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    Agreed playerpubs this place is looking ruined due to bad politics and treasonous politicians!!! These county ELECTED representatives of the people have desimated our economy!!! Can’t steal all the money from the people and give it to corporations and expect a good outcome. Elections are coming just try to hang in there people!!! Are day is coming just be careful the next batch isn’t wolf’s in sheep clothing!!!

  • I’m so sad about this making the news so late.he was my really good friend,good person,great husband ,and a awesome father.this is truly horrible.

  • Kym, this is the person I was telling you about. Thank you so much for posting this.

  • [edit] this is not about politics or beliefs.this is my friend and he needs to be located shut up with your political bullshit and help locating my friend.[edit]

    • We need more info. Where was he walking to?

    • Kym , is a threat suitable for editing? Not to mention threatening people for doing things that irritate will not encourage getting them to help.

      • Jd, I am so sorry you and your family are going through this horrific situation. Then on top of it all the horrible post that are not helping. May he been found safe and sound and soon.
        As for the Guest 1/4/19 8:19. Obviously you are not putting yourself in this person shoes. How would you feel if an article is supposed to help find your love but instead you get political jargon. You just might feel like they did when the posted was sent. Read the bottom of that “threat” it says it all.
        I pray Jd that you are reunited soon, for all involved. God bless you and your children.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    I hope homeboy is found safe and sound,. Good vibes to his friends and family!!!!!

  • Hi there, the family is has suspicions of foul play and the police have passed his case off to several different investigators. If anyone has any info on where he was last seen, please call the authorities. It just feels like they don’t care that he is missing and if he was a young pretty female it would be a different story.

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