Friends of Missing Woman Ask the Community to Help

Chelsey Israel has been missing since February. Friends and family are asking everyone to reach out with any clues they might have to where the woman might be. She is described as a white female, age 27, 5 feet 8 inches tall, 180 pounds, with blue eyes, glasses and shoulder length, dirty blonde hair.

If you do have information, please call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 445-7251 or (707)268-3644.Chelsey Israel Missing person reward posters

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  • Things that make you go hmm

    Did she ever reach her destination, to see her children?

  • Really? I feel for this woman that her life is such that no one has bothered to “look” for her since February. Does any one else find it odd that law enforcement and the local media rarely report or give updates on missing women. Five months have passed since the first and only report of this woman’s disappearance. Does anyone else think it strange that she fits the description of the tens of women who have been murdered or are missing along the northcoast? Why isn’t LE more involved or are they involved? Meanwhile, a family in Serbia is numbing their way through a bleak summer, missing their 23 year daughter of same description (fair haired slender light eyes) following her suspicious death after she was dumped off of 101 in Fortuna nearly dead. This was on April 11. Surely the toxicology reports have been released giving clues to her death. Today is July 8. So FOUR months have passed since anyone in the public, or any news media have reported on that woman’s suspicious death. When is this community going to dig a little deeper and uncover the human trafficking that is going on in Humboldt. Will the soroptomists get involved? They passed a resolution with the BOS last month acknowledging there is a problem here. Who in high places are these drugged women being passed around to? Kym, have ya had a minute to ask Fortuna Police for the Tox reports on Dragana?

  • More updates would be nice. Is there any clues besides walking to her kids house? Where should people be searching?

  • They will not even ask them not to be interested in them. They are not their daughter or sister. An unknown girl. It’s easier to say that they have been drug users themselves. If they hurt themselves. That they were gone. No one cares. Until such a tragedy is encountered. Only three comments. There are hundreds for the stupidity that posts the comment. Are we really free of feelings?
    If we had feelings somewhere, there would have been some clue about these girls. We need to be embarrassed.

    • No. We need to be more careful in the direction of our society. But that runs afoul of the empathy police too.

      If all people are required to be outraged or upset at every single instance of misery, no one would have a life at all. There are way too many of these things in our area to be so self indulgent. I keep remembering the Serbian woman who died. Or the older persons with dementia who vanish. Too many.

  • They tend to mot give out info on open investigations. For one thing if they sus pect someone they dont want them to disappear. I canmot even imagine being her family.

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