Illegal Butane Hash Oil Lab Discovered at Legal Cannabis Business, Says EPD

BHO hash butane lab extractionThis is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 3/09/17, at about 12:50 PM, detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP), assisted by City of Eureka Code Enforcement officials, special agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, and the Humboldt Bay Fire Department, served a search warrant at a cannabis- related business near 4th/A Streets, Eureka. The warrant was in response to information EPD received concerning the presence of a suspected unpermitted and illegal BHO (Butane Hash Oil) lab at the location.

In July 2016, the City of Eureka had approved a cannabis-related business license for the company, Lost Coast Research LLC, under the ownership of CEO David Bridge. Bridge’s company was permitted to conduct “Ag Testing, Bioinformatics, and Cannabis Testing” at the premises. However, the license for a cannabis testing lab did not allow the site to have any volatile extraction equipment, butane in any volume, or to manufacture hash via that process.

Bridge was not present at the time the search warrant was initially executed. Upon forcing entry into the locked business, investigators confirmed the presence of a complete “closed-loop” BHO extraction system inside. The system was pressurized, functional and set up to manufacture hash, but it was not currently in operation. Marijuana “shake” (cannabis material) was located in the system’s attached extraction tube. BHO hash butane lab extractionAdditionally, 5 large garbage bags containing an estimated 100 pounds of cannabis shake were found nearby along with a 120 pound tank containing approximately 65 more pounds of butane.

An active grow room containing approximately 380 marijuana plants in various stages of growth was also located inside the building. BHO hash butane lab extractionWhile it appears the business’ license allowed limited cultivation for testing purposes, the modifications to the interior space was a violation of the Building Code. The City had not received or approved a building permit application for the site.

While detectives were still processing the scene, Bridge arrived and was subsequently interviewed about his company’s activities and the BHO extraction system.

BHO hash butane lab extractionThe BHO extraction system was dismantled and removed from the site along with the butane tanks. Bridge was cited and released for a violation of Eureka Municipal Code Section 92.10 (Regulation of the Sale, Purchase, and Possession of Butane). Additional sanctions may follow for other code violations that were also discovered. EPD will be forwarding a felony criminal case to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office for review and possible prosecution of Bridge for Health and Safety Code 11379.6(a) – Manufacture of a controlled substance by chemical extraction.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Just the beginning! 90% of “permitted” grows will be doing this same thing or worse will plenty of funding to eradicate them haha idiots. They better yank this jokers permit too!

    • Sleepy Alligator

      I really doubt that 90% of people, who invested tens of thousands of dollars and endured the exhausting process it takes to be granted a legal permit, will be dumb enough to do what this guy allegedly did.

      • Stopping research has been the goal since Day 1. Get used to it. I would sue POP, and the county for false detention and permitting. Throw in the amount of your lease, and have all employees sue for lost wages. This is basically a lab permit. Lots of industries use butane and other volitile solvents. 92.10 is relatively new correct?

        • Patriot in Willits

          Making butane hash isn’t “research”, unless they are conducting a scientific study to see how much money they can make…

          • I get your sarcasm… But you are actually stupid enough to be right on point. Hash is a colloquial term. Extract or solute is the proper terminology with regards to “Ag Testing, Bioinformatics, and Cannabis Testing”. Let me put it in retard terms for ya. When a non permitted idividual is cookin meth in the dessert. Itsa gall dern meth lab. When yer manufacterin ridalin inna purrmitted labratory… Its called industry.
            Now, if they are out sellin dabs on the street corner, thats hash. If you are returning the solutes to the customer who paid for analysis, that could be part of your business plan.
            Furthermore, no “hash” to be found. No cash, no hash, no case. At most… Intent to violate code. Tons of mmj laboratories have been through this in CA. Multiple small claims lawsuits will get this figured out.

          • Just wondering… Would you have the same opinion if super critical CO2 was used in the process? If so, why do you hate states’ rights so much? If so, why do you love industry regulation and oversight so much? What if acetylene was the particular hydrocarbon which efficiently extracted cannabinoids? Nobody can weld on their ranch anymore…. Only heliarcs from now on. [edit]

      • You sure about that? They were dumb enough to sign up in the first place

        • also real talk

          • Dumb or genius?….. This could be lawyered up genius. If those tanks have propane, and there was actually 99.9 lbs of trim in those bags….. Maybe a realistic precedent could be set in the city/county. This smells like someone wanting to go to court. No product, no cash, no bust. This is complete dogma.
            Let’s look at the obvious. High potency weed is lets say 22.5% cannabinoid. We will add another 2.5% extractable turpines and waxes. This means 25% extractable solute from trimmed smokeable nuggz. Well…. This is trim. The finest trim has at most 33% the extractable content by weight as trimmed flowers.
            So….. 100lbs trim x .25 x .33 = 9.9 lbs of solute (if it is the BEST EVER). Now this is 5 separate samples. Lets say each of those 5 tagged up bags weighs 20 lbs each (VERY strange that POP in humboldt doesnt have an accurate system of weighing weed or trim) (VERY VERY strange their estimate is a mandatory fed. minimum of 100lbs)
            So 5 – 20 lbs sample garbage bags. Id guess those machines run 10 lbs at a time. That would be two seperate tests per sample of an even ten pounds.
            That might sound like a lot to the idiots blowin shatter in their apt. , but for analysis, for 5 different samples….. This seems way too calculated. They are right on point for being under fed levels with all the intent of giving good analysis to independant clients. Shit…. As a lab, this place should have the right to operate business 24/7 for as many clients as possible.
            But I reiterate… If they are slangin dabs on tha blocc…. That is a completely different story.
            Furthermore, as a permitted industry in an “R and D” phase testing equipment they should probably run 1000 lbs and send it off to a secondary lab or process, just to callibrate the equipment.

            • Wow we know what throttlebro does in his spare time 😝
              I have to say, quite a contrast to the tone of his usual comments.

              • Ha! Im just gettin started! These A holes know nothin bout zero. This has been the BS side of Cannabis since the beginning….. If you cant test and get data, you cant prove something is clinically benificial. Ive been running studies since 1986 (hiv) and you know it. Tell the folks how old I am 😉

            • Sleepy Alligator

              If you’re talking g about the minimum amount of weed busted for the feds to consider taking over a case (doesn’t mean they always do) isn’t it 100 kilos, not 100lbs.?

        • Sleepy Alligator

          No I’m not sure about it, but I do hope that people who invest so much to go legal would also invest in legal counsel to insure their operation stayed within legal boundaries of their permit. I won’t be surprised if this bust turns out to be bogus.

      • So the other businesses in the area have to go to work each day wondering if they will get blown up?

    • 90 percent?
      Cash me ouside bruh, how bou dah!

  • I am so surprised (not) that dope growers broke the law. Gasp!

    What are we to do? I know lets have a lot more druggies open up similar businesses!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Good, honest people aren’t involved with dope growing.

    If convicted, this guy should be deported to Mexico, instead of rotting in jail.

    Once the wall is complete, Mexico can be used as a prison instead of paying for convicts. Deportation is a savings and Mexico will love it.

    • Good, honest people don’t drink alcoholic beverages.
      Good, honest people don’t own firearms.
      Good, honest people don’t read the wrong books.
      Good, honest people don’t protest the government.
      Good, honest people do not deviate from whatever the government declares is normal behavior.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      HBC I’d like to nominate you for the author of the most ridiculous comment today award.

    • You’ve never been to Mexico. Real Mexico. Not the LA slums along the border… please DON”T!!!!!!!!!
      The rest of us are having a blast thank you!

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Yeah we’re all heathens destined for hell there HBC under your own Shariah laws. We know you exist just to troll for responses, but hey, guess what, you get to come with us at the end!

      • If I’m going to Hell when I die, an extremely LARGE if, I certainly won’t be lonesome!!! Most of the population will be jopining me including a LOT of So Called Christians!!! Who go to church on Sunday then practice Hate & Discontent on minorities etc the rest of the week!!!

    • [edit] Mexico exports criminals to the US they do not import them! No pathetic attempt at building a wall will change that, unless it is built like the old East German wall and that would cost trillions.

  • Good job, now bust the “Redcrest Industrial Park”

  • Was permitted to conduct “Ag Testing, Bioinformatics, and Cannabis Testing” at the premise. Sounds like they were well within their legal boundaries. Solvents were the first and are still a very cost effective means of testing and extraction. Hydrogen is used for highly precise measurements in a gas chromatograph. I would want to know if there was any trace Thc. Especially if I was using Cbd cannabis to treat a childs siezures. Last time I checked H2 is a pretty big boom. Honestly, how could you do any testing without the use of solvents. Actually seems like a pretty compliant setup. Ive been in high school chemistry classes, industrial manufacturing sites, gas stations and kitchens that looked more dangerous. This is a code violation if anything. Not a crime.

    • Patriot in Willits

      Not a crime, except for the butane hash lab part. Please , explain away the 100 lbs of shake. Don’ be shy Throttlebro, go right ahead…

      • Well 100 lbs of shake might be a federal crime (mandatory minimum 10yrs 100lbs), but this is POP, not the Feds. This process is used in many other industries. Lets talk about hop resin extraction. Humulus Lupulus Cannabaceae (Hops), the other member of the Cannabaceae family, has been extracted using solvents including butane for decades. Solvent separates the lupulin glands from plant matter the same way cannabis resins are separated. You are just ignorant of science, lab and process technology. Nice cat though.

        • Patriot in Willits

          Glad you like the cat. His name was Red. He died a couple of years ago. Really great cat. He never called anyone an idiot, or stupid, or ignorant. More than I can say for some humans I can think of…

  • Ha Ha! Here’s a hint of a clue for anybody that cares- almost every permitted business is breaking the law in some way. And nearly all of those permits for “medical” grows that the county issued? Yeah- all that weed will be sold underground to be shipped out of state. The willful blindness and corruption around here is stupendous and ludicrous. Attorney General Sessions should have a team come directly to Humboldt and seriously knock some heads, seize property and confiscate many assets. It’s a house of cards leaning on a couple obvious lies.

    • “House of cards leaning on a couple obvious lies”

      Obviously your talking about AG Sessions, Don Chump, and Red Coat Flynn.

      They might feel quite at home in our North State with the Bulgarian and Russian Green Rushers.

      Why do you think idiots will fix dumb?

      Nevermind, why do I ask dumb to be smart?

      • Get the Mexican cartel, the Russian and Bulgarian Mafias out of this business. Honestly, get rid of this business (black market). Do the Russian mafia and Bulgarian shit turds set up distilleries in Lynchburg? No. Because bootleggin is barely illegal anymore (unless you believe the Discovery channel). Jeff Sessions hates weed, and is a strict liner on law. If weed was descheduled (which will happen exactly 3 years from now) Sessions would not pursue. And the Don Chump you speak of is just holding this weed card up his sleeve. Also….. Flynn…. A Red Coat? Yea… He got all thems shiny medals, stars, n bars, just in the hopes that a Trump would come along. Then he could help the Russkies. Remember the Billions of dollars he gave to Iran last year. The billions of dollars of weapons he sold the Saudi Arabs…

        • The business will leave rural areas within a decade. I can’t wait.

          Sessions being a “strict liner of law” is probably a real big reach considering his recent perjury.

          If your gonna mention the Saudis, I’ll have to add;

          They got us big time on 9/11 – and Cheney McBush covered it all up. Why?

          Why did Lee Hamilton and Thomas Keen say “we were set up to fail” regarding the 9/11 Commission?

          Why did Max Cleland quit the Commission calling it a “whitwash”?

          Why are 28 pages of Saudi financing 9/11 related materials from Congressional reports held back from the public?

          Why can’t 9/11 family members sue anyone from Saudi arbia?

          Why was the son of the Prince of Saudi Arabia, also ambassador to US, named “Bandar Bush”?

          Frikin idiots we are. And no surprise, idiot supreme is now president.

          • Bush is not Trump. Bush is a domestic terrorist just like Obama and Hilldoe. Trump called for the 28 pages. And where is the perjury (Sessions)? If he actually perjured wouldnt Pelossi and Gaemy Schumer be calling for an actual investigation?
            P.S….. Cant wait for “the business” to leave either.

            • 80% agreement is good enough. Cheers. However,

              Chump has not done squat for the 28 pages.

              Furthermore he is buddy buddy with Rudy Guilliani and Larry Silverstien.

              If you know about the 28 pages, you know those are no friends keep.

              • Yessir…. Hard to do these days.
                But look into this L.A. election. The turnout with measure S on the ballot and a Jewish CA mayoral candidate that latinos can prenounce on the ballot. Love me some Jews, socal Mexicans, Catholic Itallians; Im pretty much all of the above. Although, I would love to see a verbal USC poll asking if Garcetti was any or neither. With womens march on Wed, Dems have to be very worried about how many (quantitative) came out to vote.
                Nobody wants to talk about it (cuz its rassist). But where are the protesters and activists in L.A. voting? 350,000 showed up for the womens march on Wednesday but only 562000 total voted on the only countywide measure (H).
                Hmmmmmmm….. Sounds like some people either didnt care, or were scared to go vote.

                • Generally a lot of people travel to cities from surrounding smaller towns for marches, rallies, etc.

                  I wouldn’t read into that too much.

              • (response to 80% brian) ….
                Trump has been using some of these bastards to get elected. Giulianni, the fat NJ slob with the biggest frown on inaug night. His motto is yer fired. I know lame. But is very resonant if one actually has to make nice to play the same swamp bastards. We aint seen nothin yet. Wait till next congress elecs. Its takes a little time.

  • Maybe their permit for extraction/concentrates haven’t gone through yet. It’s a very confusing permitting process. A closed loop system like that is as safe as it gets for solvent extraction. Wouldn’t you rather it be done there and like that, than in some highschool kids garage with a PVC pipe?. That’s where the explosions come from, not this place. I see 10k +- of laboratory equipment designed to do that. These people will only get a code enforcement fine, move on.

    • I run a closed loop system similar to this one at home and it’s as safe as it gets, for sure. A MINIMAL amount of professionalism can keep a solvent extraction system safe enough to laugh at. Guys like this aren’t the ones ending up on the news when an explosion flattens a trailer park, and I don’t think he should be prosecuted accordingly. From the looks of it that’s a Bhogart system that probably ran him $10-20k and each one of those big recovery pumps cost $3k+, not to mention the $900 tank full of butane AND a small fortune in warehouse space and successful permits. This guy was not an amateur and not a threat to anybody; he was a professional and there are photos of his set-up right there to back that up. I think Gale Boetticher from Breaking Bad said it best (to paraphrase): “consenting adults will do what they want to do, so I make sure it gets done professionally and to the highest standards.”

      I implore everyone to remember from time to time that on paper, Humboldt County is legendarily poor and always has been (poorest county in the state at times). Logging is long gone and the fishing is laughable, and the weed industry is what puts books in the schools. Without it they go away, as do the trendy businesses, HSU, Dodge dealerships, you name it. We get all hot and bothered about these lab busts but when we prosecute guys like this–guys who have followed all the rules and demonstrated exemplary safety and professionalism–we’re left with the dumbasses blasting through PVC in their trailers and destroying neighborhoods, and nobody should be left with that.

      • He didn’t have a permit for what he was engaged in. Get it?
        Anyone who produces and sells BHO is a merchant of poison.

      • “Puts books in schools”

        I think that’s a load of u know what.

        The majority of big grow green rushers in North state are out-of-staters (and country) that come for as little time as possible.

        Why do u think hmongs, russians, east coasters and all just buy your kids books? Total bs.

        Maybe your local dirt seller has a bigger house, but the schools are not bursting with grow funds, and the local environment is poisoned.

        Where do u get this idea the north state will die without weed?

        I look forward to poor rural quiet living, minus all the weed crime and idiots

    • Ya and im sure the harbor freight pittsburgh vacuum pumps in the pics are rated for combustible gases….

  • I wonder if these idiot POPs actually checked what was in that tank. Wouldnt it be funny if that was a propane tank? Im sure they had an onsite test. That tank sure doesnt look like butane. Butane tanks usually have yellow tops. One can condense flatulence into a tank like that given enough effart.

  • Why wasn’t he arrested and booked on those charges like everyone else is when caught committing a felony

  • No dispensary will touch BHO. The industry standard is CO2. This was for the black market. Any other explanation is bullshit.

    • You are absolutely 100% wrong. Just read weedmap menus or go to any dispensary. This is lab analysis anyways.

    • Industry standard is CO2…. You might be a bigger idiot than the Willits Patriot. Or just know the almost non existant humboldt med. Industry

    • I agree with your flagrant intent somewhat….. Personally, I wouldnt smoke bho… If I ever smoke, Id rather hit a dubee.
      But this is a “lab”… Someone gave them a permit!
      Here is the Hierarchy from the bottom up:
      4. Idiots in a shack or kitchen using the shittiest grade butane from lighter refill tanks. Yea putting every neighbor in imminent danger. Bad dudes.
      3. Idiots in a garage or apartment running sophisticated (closed loop) systems with poor ventilation and toxic chinese butane.
      2. Kinda idiots running closed loop systems with appropriate facilities medical grade american butane and selling it on the market “black, white or grey”
      1. Almost idiots, just dumb enough to do lab analysis, collect data and try to set standards.

      Now there are some 1.5s and some 4.9s, but THIS case seems legit if there is no evidence of black market sales or gross negligence.

    • Chumpsucksbuttcrack

      So theres plenty of dispensaries that still sell bho extracts. Fact. Today. So easy there big lips

  • You can’t live, drive a car or do just about anything in this country with out breaking a law. that’s why we have so many lawyers.

  • Damn! They kicked his door in for a compliance check. HAHAHAHA WOW

  • I’m in awe of the level of technology and law that is occurring. I’m an elder and have grown and smoked for almost 50 years, indoors and out. But, I’m a simple man.
    I wish to hearten our pioneers. Thank you all for our fight for freedom. And, don’t diss the cops, they serve as well, not always right, but protect us from idiots. A thank you goes a long way. This might be a bad bust, waste of good time, but it will all pass in time.

    • BTW, I was busted growing roof top garden in olde town Eureka 35 years ago, not prosecuted 🙂 Startcky n Hutch was good cops! Pissed we distracted ’em from meth dealers down the hall with our Hawaiian bud traffic in the Union Hotel. HA! We were back in business that week, love that landlord and my friends.
      In some way we’re all on the same side. Blessed be!

    • Great picture. Thanks for your psychedelic service. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. No not just for some, but for everyone.

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