[UPDATE 2:36 p.m.: Two Dead by Violence] Two Males Unresponsive in Garage; Possible Violence

As of 2:20 p.m., medical is responding to a garage at a residence on Emerald Lane. Two males have been found unresponsive. Fortuna Fire, Fortuna Police Department, and an ambulance is on the way, according to scanner traffic.

“Possible violence,” reports emergency personnel from the scene.

UPDATE 2:36 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates that two are deceased and they appear to be the victims of violence.



  • Praying!

  • my gosh make it stop

    what the crap is going on in our town!?!??!?!

  • I wonder what happened?

  • Prior to that there was three cops on 14th Street. Don’t know what’s going on. The moon’s not full.

  • Geez…I was down there looking for yard sales around then. Didn’t see anything. Pray for peace.

  • No words. Prayers to these individuals and their friends & families. 💔

    It’s time to change things folks. We need to stand together and take back our neighborhoods and our town. We moved here a few decades ago, because here neighbors still talk to each other and look out & speak up, in their neighborhoods, when things look wrong. Over the years, that’s changing. Along with the MJ and all the nasty bedfellows that come with any illicitly sought after drug, the atmosphere is changing for the worse. I remember when murder in our area was far and few between… Now, we are looking st 3 in 3 weeks? Enough! 💔

    • Four. At least we know of. Countless murders in hayfork. Tim smith, these two in town, then weott. Lot’s more unreported.😞

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Countless? Granted the fork has always had a different edge, but countless isn’t the right word.
        Maybe more than twenty years ago, but it’s safer than a Bay Area suburb like Garberville.

    • Why do you not understand that the substance is not the problem. PROHIBITION….and lack of alternatives like treatment, jobs and a meaningful existance is the problem.
      Until y’all figure that out…nothing will change for the better. It will only get worse

  • Pray harder.

    • The invisible sky being might hear you. Sarcasm intended. I believe in God but I know she’s invisible. May the victims rest in peace.

  • 3 homicides in less than 24hrs? WTF is going on?

  • You all need to get your facts straight before you open your mouths. These people are close to my heart and my prayers are with them tonight. No family should ever have to go through something like this!!

    • I am so sorry for your loss. May your inner strength and your happy memories carry you through this difficult time.

  • Would like to know know the names, if not the names, their initials if anyone knows.

  • A straight shooter

    That’s so sad, I’m sad for the family. God Bless you , peace be yours one day at a time.

  • Wow ;here’s the problem Who rents to these people? landlords Property Owners please reevaluate your renters, lots of noise coming from that end of weott

  • Is the one deceased older man, Jerry the electrician ?

  • Did he work for Safeway Inc. ?

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