Fortuna City Council Meeting Tomorrow

City of Fortuna BlurThe Fortuna City Council meeting will be held tomorrow, Monday October 3rd, at 6PM in the Fortuna City Council Chambers.  Items on the business agenda include:

A. Public Hearing to Authorize the Public Works Department to Abate Weeds on Residential Property and Hear any Objections Pertaining to this Action.

B. Declaring the existence of a Nuisance and to require the Abatement of Weeds on private property by adoption of Resolution 2016-42

C. Determine the Succession Method to Fill City Council Vacancy due to the Death of Council Member Linda Gardner and Provide Direction to the Interim City Manager

The Council will also be having a moment of silence for in honor of Council Member Linda Gardner and for the fallen Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department Captain Tim Smith.





  • seen it and seen it

    What are they proposing as the ‘due process’ by which the state/county workers invade private property and make decisions about my vegetation?

    How quickly will this be neighbor vs neighbor via county workers as proxies?

  • weed abatement is for the land/homeowner to assume responsibility for their litter/brush/combustibles that is/may/will cause fire damage to the adjacent neighbors fences/structures/homes. This is a proactive policy and if land owners aren’t willing to be responsible in a timely allotted timeline, then the City will pass a resolution and resolve the problem. Once completed the City will publicly provide the cost accrued at a Council meeting and place this amount on the immediate year’s property tax bill. In these 2 cases, it won’t show up until 2017/2018.

    • seen it and seen it

      is/may/will cause fire damage

      responsible in a timely allotted timeline

      ….sounds very open to interpretation there.

      it also sounds like a ‘complaint based system as well where neighborhood cranks use the government to attack and harass neighbors over just about any pretense.

      Make sure the complaining party is identifiable.
      In some cases like this a neighborhood crank sometimes is responsible for a barrage of complaints about people throughout the neighborhood…besieged officials and are sometimes used in these cases…no matter how high minded the process sounds.

      • google address- 2560 May St. Fortuna, Ca. And after you see this crappy property, perhaps you’ll rethink your comments about the City’s abatement policy. Maybe you’d like to live next door???

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