Apple Harvest Festival in Fortuna: A Quintessential Small Town Celebration

Fortuna by Dennis Finley

Fortuna [All photos by Dennis Finley]

Neighbors gathering and greeting each other on the streets. Flags flying and music playing. Humboldt’s small town celebrations cheer the heart.

Yesterday, Fortuna had its annual apple harvest festival.

Small town parade Fortuna by Dennis Finley
Main Street was closed to vehicle traffic (except hay rides) while people wandered by various booths selling everything from apple pies to crafts to a sprongy good time in a bounce house.  Flag by Dennis Finley
And, of course, the afternoon had to be topped off with an apple dessert!Dessert at a small town festival Fortuna by Dennis Finley




  • I have yet be able to finish one of those apple dumplings. Not because they don’t taste good, but because it gives my body sugar shock. They are darn tasty!!!

  • Thank you, Kym, for featuring Fortuna as a nice slice of Americana. Humboldt County has many different
    cultural aspects to offer and to explore if one is just willing to take on the adventure. We are all not the same, but we all have to live together.

    And next Saturday in Fortuna, it’s Boots & Birkenstocks! Isn’t Humboldt just dandy……

    (Join other lovers of the land for the Northcoast Regional Land Trust’s Annual Celebration Dinner & Auction on October 8th at the River Lodge in Fortuna. Named “Boots & Birkenstocks” by the local community, this event represents the diversity of people that work to conserve wild and working places in our region.)

  • A welcome distraction from the events in Fortuna of last week!!!

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